How to Spend 7 Days in Switzerland


Planning our one week Switzerland itinerary and wondering how to spend 7 days in Switzerland? Then read on because you will find out how to spend one week in Switzerland – where to go and what to see plus many travel tips for Switzerland.

As a regular Switzerland visitor who often stays in the country for weeks and even months at a time, I have a million favorite places. There are so many cute little villages and towns, breathtaking sceneries (including the most beautiful lakes and mountains), and fun cities that I could easily stay there for years without getting bored.

This one week in Switzerland itinerary will help you to discover the most beautiful places in a short amount of time.  But the itinerary is busy. But I want you to see as much as possible, but I tried to don’t pack it too full so you are not totally stressing out.

I have to say that creating this 7-day Switzerland itinerary was tough, but I am pretty sure that it turned out great (if I do say so myself), and by using this carefully created list, you can enjoy the best of Switzerland in one week.

Before jumping to the itinerary, here are some things I’d like to mention first.

If you stay less than 7 days in Switzerland you can read my 5-day itinerary (which, btw, is also super awesome).

It also depends on where you fly into. For this itinerary, I would suggest starting and ending your trip in Zurich, Switzerland´s biggest city (though it isn’t the capital).

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In this 7-day Switzerland itinerary post you will find out:

  • How to get around in one week in Switzerland
  • Best time to visit Switzerland
  • Places to visit in 7 days in Switzerland and things to do


Okay, before talking about places to see in one week in Switzerland, here are some important travel tips.

How to Get Around Switzerland in 7 Days

By Car

For the last three years, I have been road tripping Switzerland and loving it. I came in my own car and bought a toll sticker (around $45) so that I could use all of the streets.

I stay for several weeks and it was worth every penny. You could use only side streets to avoid buying such a sticker, but sometimes you cannot avoid motorways. So, if you bring your own car, invest in a sticker (you can buy toll stickers wherever you enter the country).

If you rent a car, a toll sticker is normally included in the rental price.

Driving in Switzerland is fun and safe. The streets are well paved, and normally the traffic isn’t too bad – whether you use highways or country roads, they are not extremely busy. Of course, this doesn’t pertain to main city centers, which may be busier.

There are many gas stations along the way. Gas is, like everything else in Switzerland, not a bargain, but Switzerland isn’t really known for being a budget destination.

Parking in cities can be tough and expensive, which brings me to another awesome means of transportation.

Click here to get the best rates for renting a car

Public Transportation

I love public transportation in Switzerland. It is super convenient, reliable, on time, clean, and safe… but expensive. That’s Switzerland for you.

For seven full days in Switzerland, I recommend this great 8-day Swiss Travel Pass (only available to non-Swiss inhabitants). It is perfect for getting around – you can use it for buses, trains, visiting certain museums, and getting discounts on cable cars, etc.

And train travel in Switzerland is just fun – like really, really fun. Here, the journey is the reward. While train riding sounds like a punishment in Germany to me (at least sometimes) it is a treat for the eye in Switzerland.

If you are in one week Switzerland you can get an 8-day Swiss Travel Pass that will get you anywhere.

Money / Currency

Switzerland is not part of the European Union and does not have the euro (€). They use Swiss Francs.

While euros are widely accepted, the exchange rate is terrible, so I recommend exchanging money at home or withdrawing money from an ATM (if you don’t have to pay fees or withdraw money just once to avoid paying fees several times).

Credit cards are widely accepted (especially Visa and Mastercard), but I recommend always having cash on you for the smaller things you need to pay for (and especially in smaller towns and shops).

As mentioned, the country is not known as a backpacker’s paradise, mostly because accommodations are extremely expensive. Also, food is not cheap (though, here the quality is often better than in other European countries).

Ideally, you can save money by reducing your meat, alcohol, and cigarette consumption for those seven days – and find out more budget tips here.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland For 7 Days

Switzerland is great to visit at any time of the year.

For winter sports lovers, the best time is obviously in winter; for others, any time is good. Prices for accommodations really depend on the season though.

So, if you want to avoid the tourist crowds and save some money on hotels, then from March to June and September to October would be the best time to visit Switzerland.

Since there is never a guarantee on the weather, I would suggest trying those months if you stay one week in Switzerland.

These are probably the most important things to know for you “Switzerland itinerary 7 days” – in a nutshell. Let´s talk about the


Hopefully, above mentioned travel tips will help you plan your itinerary – now it is time to talk about the best places to visit in 7 days in Switzerland.

Day 1 in Switzerland

The first day of your one-week Switzerland itinerary could start in a not very well-known but extremely beautiful little town in the northern part of Switzerland.

Stein am Rhine

As promised, this Switzerland itinerary has it all – mountains, waterfalls, lakes, cities, towns, and villages. And this itinerary has a great mix of mountains, waterfalls, lakes, cities, towns…and so on.

Places to visit in Switzerland

So, here is probably the most beautiful town in Switzerland: Stein am Rhine. The picture doesn’t do any justice, but after visiting so many places I felt it was the place with the most distinctive architecture.

This little town in the northern part of Switzerland is like a fairy tale come true. The most distinctive facades and buildings are surrounded by more picture-perfect buildings.

If you stroll outside the town center, you will also find a lovely river to walk along, though I probably would focus on the town center as you only have a few hours (maybe have lunch in one of the restaurants here).

So, if you are in Switzerland for one week and do not visit, you will miss out.

After some time in the town, it is time for nature. So head to the impressive waterfalls.

Rhine Falls

The biggest waterfalls in Europe aren’t in Iceland, they are actually in Switzerland. Right next to the German border, to be precise.

The astonishing waterfalls near the town of Schaffhausen know how to impress. Whether you get to the platform or take a boat ride, the waterfalls are one of the best places to see if you have a week in Switzerland.

Rhine Falls where are the

This is an especially great place to start if you come from Zurich (by train) or if you come by car from countries like Germany or France, or probably even Austria.

Click here to find the best accommodation near the waterfalls.

Day 2 in Switzerland

Time to talk about the second day in the country!


Zurich is my favorite city in Switzerland. It just has more to see and do than other cities, and it is laid back (by Swiss standards) and easy-going.

Where to go in Zurich Switzerland

I think Zurich should be on any Switzerland itinerary. Whether you visit for 3 days or 5 days – this is one of the must-visit places in Switzerland.

If you only have one day in Zurich, I recommend strolling the old town and Bahnhofstrasse (which is the most expensive street in the world).

Though it does not look spectacular, this street beats New York’s 5th Avenue when it comes to renting prices (have I mentioned that Switzerland is expensive?). It is conveniently located by Lake Zurich and the Old Town, so you should not skip it when visiting Switzerland.

The shopping street and strolling (and maybe lunch in the old town) takes about half a day, max. Personally, I think that there is no better way to end a day in Zurich than at Lake Zurich.

This is especially true on summer days when the street musicians are playing lovely music and people just gather around the lake. It feels cosmopolitan, friendly, and laid back.

If you have a Swiss Travel Pass you can not only use public transportation in Zurich without any extra charge, you can also use boats (with a surcharge of 5 CHF for Lake Zurich though).

Here are my tips for the best places to stay in Zurich (for all budgets) and best places to see in Zurich

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Day 3 in Switzerland

Another day in Switzerland, more georgeous places to visit.


Arrive early in the morning in Lucerne and store your luggage at the hotel before exploring this lovely city – and its astonishing scenery.

I recommend heading to one of the mountains first. Lucerne has two impressive mountains, which are easily accessible via cable cars/cogwheel trains.

Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi

Both of the mountains are amazing places to visit. Mount Pilatus takes about a full day to get up, explore, and discover. You could do it in 5-6 hours, but it would be a waste of money (getting up there is not cheap)  as there is a lot to do.

Things to do up Mount Pilatus

The views from there are astonishing, so if you are willing to limit your time in the city center of Lucerne to 2 or 3 hours, it is the best day trip option.

Tip: With a Swiss Travel Pass you have a 50% discount on the ride up (and can do stunning Lake Lucerne boat cruises for free).

Mount Rigi is a beautiful mountain that offers drop-dead gorgeous views over Lake Lucerne, but I spent much less time up there. Getting up takes less time, and there is less to do. However, the views are one of a kind and they are absolutely worth it.

Mount Rigi with the Swiss Travel Pass

You could also hike some stations, but if you take the cable car, it takes about 3-4 hours in total.

Tip: In 2018 you can get up for free Mount Rigi with your Swiss Travel Pass.

Lucerne City Center

The city center is cute, but I recommend exploring the scenery of the canton (state) rather than the city center only, as there are more beautiful, unique cities and town centers in Switzerland (e.g. Stein am Rhine). I actually advice planning in a few hours to see the Chapel Bridge and stroll the lake.

Chapel Bridge 2016 in Lucerne - Can you spot me and Puppygak on th bridge?

If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, you get a 50% discount on the mountain activities, and boat cruises are included without any extra costs! How awesome is that? I know, it is one of the best features of the Swiss Travel Pass.

So, if you don’t want to go up one of the mountains, you could do a boat cruise (btw, both mountains are also best reached via boat, but of course, you can also get there by public transportation or car).

Here are my tips on the best places to stay in Lucerne – and here is my full Lucerne guide

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Day 4 and 5

WIth 7 days in Switzerland, 2 days in the stunning region of Berne Oberland is a must.

Region of Interlaken

When I talk about Interlaken, I actually mean the region of Interlaken and Jungfrau and not just the town of Interlaken.

Either way, if you have ever read my Switzerland posts (and I have a lot of posts on Switzerland), you know that this is probably my favorite area in Switzerland… or maybe even in the world!

The scenery is beyond beautiful and it takes my breath away every single time I visit. You will find a few activities that you can do in two days – actually, there are more than a few, but see which ones you’d like to visit during your 2-day stay.


This is probably the most popular day trip activity in Switzerland – a trip to Jungfraujoch. The highest train station in Europe attracts tons of visitors each day.

top of europe Jungfraujoch - things to know.

It is great to visit at any time of the year – you will always find snow! Snow tubing, a bit of skiing, or playing in the snow is possible throughout the year. But there is more to see and do. The views are amazing (with an altitude of more than 3000 meters, this is no surprise).

Prices for this exceptional day trip are admittedly high, but with your Swiss Travel Pass, you get a 25% discount (Find out more about a Jungfraujoch day trip with a Swiss Travel Pass.

But of course you can get up the Jungfraujoch even without a Swiss Travel Pass – more info here).

If you start your journey early (around 8 am), you could do something in the evening, like explore the gorgeous town of Thun, for example).


Surprisingly, I often overlooked this town or just passed it whenever I was in the region, but when I finally visited, I totally loved it.

Thun, most beautiful town in Interlaken

Thun is such a beautiful town (as a town prettier than Interlaken) with the lovely Aare River flowing through it (the Aare River is probably the most beautiful river, in my opinion, and strolling along it is just a lovely, laid-back activity).

Spending time at Lake Thun, checking out the cute streets of the town, and exploring the castles (there are several really, really charming ones to marvel at) were just a few of the things to do.

If you want to take it more slowly, you could enjoy a full day here. If you would like to explore more of this gorgeous piece of Earth called Interlaken, I figure that half a day is enough.

From Schloss Thun, you also have one of the best views – overlooking Lake Thun and the town is one of my favorite views (that isn’t from a mountain peak).

Tip: with your Swiss Travel Pass you get free access to all the castles. If you stay at an official accommodation in the region, you can a little discount.

St. Beatus Caves, Sigriswill Suspension Bridge, and Grabenmühle

Here are three of my most favorite places in the region, which you can do all at once – well, not really, but almost.

St. Beatus Caves

First, head to gorgeous St. Beatus Caves. Even if you don’t buy a ticket to enter the caves, the trip will be worth it. You can get there by car or public transportation, and after a few minutes’ hike, you will have one of the best views – ever, ever, ever. Though the view from the restaurant is not the highest vantage point, it is one of a kind.

Ten days in Switzerland Itinerary

From there, you could keep hiking to the other side and have another amazing view of Lake Thun.

I would, depending on if you do a guided tour inside the caves or not, plan between 1.5 and 4 hours for this activity.

Sigriswill Suspension Bridge and Grabenmühle

From St. Beatus Caves, you can enjoy a lovely drive up (by bus or car) to Sigrswil Suspension Bridge and the hidden gem of Grabenmühle in Sigriswil. This is something more unique for your 7-day Switzerland itinerary and a hidden gem.

Interlaken best activities

These places are still not as well known, and so I love the serenity and tranquility there. For about 5€, you can pass the bridge and enjoy this perfect view of Lake Thun. Afterward, the ticket from the bridge is your entry ticket for Grabenmühle.

Grabenmühle best place to visit

Grabenmühle was recommended to me by a local, and this really weird, but incredibly beautiful, place won my heart within minutes.

I cannot even classify what this place is. It is a little garden with a cafe and animals. And great views. Whatever it is, it is so worth the visit.

Time: As always, it depends on how long you will spend on each place, but taking driving time into consideration, I estimate that all activities (including St. Beatus Caves) will take about 5-9 hours.

So, for the evening, you could head to one of the cute towns or villages to end your day.

If I had to pick one of my favorite places to stay – it would be around Lake Thun. It is not very budget-friendly. but worth the money. Especially the sunset around Lake Thun are spectacular. Click here to find the best accommodation around Lake Thun

Here are more tips on things to do around Lake Thun


Lauterbrunnen is located in the Alps and is one of the most popular places for extreme outdoor sports lovers – extreme sports like base jumping, etc. are extremely popular here. T

hough I do not want to promote these kinds of sports (there are deaths reported regularly in Lauterbrunnen), the place is great to visit even if you aren’t into them – so another place to add to your one-week Switzerland itinerary.

where to visit in Switzerland

The village is also known for being surrounded by thundering waterfalls – 72, to be precise. The Staubbach Falls is one of them, but for more impressive falls, get a ticket and visit Trümmelbach Waterfalls. You will not regret it (tip: if you visit after a rainy day, bring your rain jacket as the waterfalls tend to be even heavier and you get wet).

Brienzer Rothorn

One of my travel highlights was my ride up Brienzer Rothorn. I will never forget the day that I took the one-hour ride up in an old stream loc. The ride was the most impressive I have ever had in Switzerland because the scenery was the most diverse and impressive.

Interlaken points of interests

The best way to arrive at Brienzer Rothorn station is via boat (which means you will take a cruise on Lake Brienz, my favorite lake in the world).

Boat tours on Lake Brienz are included in the Swiss Travel Pass, and there is a discount for the ride to Brienzer Rothorn with a STP.

Click here to find out more about my tips on where to stay in Interlaken

Oeschinensee and Blausee

Both of these lakes are not situated in the region of Interlaken (or Jungfrau), but in Kandersteg; however, they are close by and absolutely amazing!

You could visit both in one day, either by car or public transportation.

There is an entrance fee for the Blausee National Park which is a few €. The park is small but lovely.

Bucket list places in Switzerland Blausee

For Oeschinensee, you can go up and spend a full day hiking. The weather tends to be bad in this area, but that should not stop you.

If you aren’t much into hiking (welcome to my world), you can take a cable car up. F

rom there, you can hike for 20 minutes or so and have the best, most amazing view over Lake Oeschinen and discover the area by yourself (for the very lazy, you can take a bus shuttle that even drives you to the lake for an extra payment of 5€, if I remember correctly).

Best Interlaken attractions

With the Swiss Travel Pass, you get a 50% discount on the cable car ride.


This lovely village is a popular place for outdoorsy people who enjoy winter sports. With the many skiing options in winter, it attracts a large number of winter sports fans, but there are also many activities to do at other times.

The 300-kilometer walking trailds in summer and the unique walk of Grindelwald First are popular day trip activities.

Okay, for day 6 and 7, I have two itineraries and you can see which one suits your interests best.

Day 6 and 7 in Switzerland

Here are some more ideas on how to spend a week in Switzerland.


Zermatt is a very well-known winter destination and popular for winter sports lovers, but it is actually lovely to visit year round and so you have to add it to your 7 days in Switzerland trip.

Best cities to visit in Switzerland

While the town is small and the fast travelers could probably be done exploring in one day (without doing any winter sports activities), it is a bit trickier to get there, and also time consuming, so you should plan in about two days.

The town itself is perfect for nice strolls along the Vispa River, luxury watch shopping, and enjoying the car-free town (only electric cars and buses are allowed) – always with the Matterhorn Mountain in front of you!

The mountain is probably one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Its weird and unique shape make it a destination for any bucket list.

You can visit the Klein Matterhorn and enjoy the best views from there.

But be aware that going up almost 4000 meters above sea level can cause headaches for those who aren’t used to the altitude (of course, for most of us, it is only possible via cable car).

By the way, here is my Zermatt guide for the winter.

Getting to Zermatt

As mentioned, Zermatt is car-free and, thus, a bit time-consuming to get to.

From Interlaken, it takes about 2.5-3 hours. With your Swiss Travel Pass, you will have to change buses/trains a few times. If you get there by car, you need to leave your car in a parking garage in Taesch (which comes with parking fees of about 13€ for 24 hours) and take a train to Zermatt.

From Zermatt, it is time to head to the airport of your departure.

Here are my tips on where to stay in Zermatt.

Click here to get the best rates for your stay in Zermatt

Looking for more things to do on your 7 day trip to Switzerland?


Here are three day trip ideas from Zurich for the last two days of your one-week stay in Switzerland. I have several options for you (it is just so hard to name one, so I want to give you some ideas of my favorite places in the country).

If you are in Switzerland for longer than a week – eight or nine days, you can visit all these places. Does not that sound that great? Yes, I know it does and I am actually a bit jealous because no matter how often these places, I never tire.


From Interlaken, Bern is not far away and would make a perfect sixth day in Switzerland.

What to do in 10 days in Switzerland

Bern is the beautiful capital of Switzerland, one that is not only full of history and politics but also  lovely gardens (Rosen Garten), bears (yes, there are some bears in the city center… ok, there is a fence and they have privacy, but Bern also has bears), and great views.

It is all about strolling the most beautiful river in the world (as mentioned earlier, the most stunning one is the Aare River), discovering the old town of Bern, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and more.

This capital is worth a trip! Here is a more detailed Bern itinerary.

If you do want to stay overnight in Bern you can check out prices for accommodation here.


Looking at this 7-day Switzerland itinerary, all stops are in the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, and while there are some extremely gorgeous places in the French- and Italian-speaking parts (like Montreux and Valle Verzasca), it might get very busy trying to visit all of the areas in just one week.

Though the country is geographically small, there are so many places worth visiting that it is hard to see everything with a 7-day Switzerland.  However, one week in Switzerland should be a minimum and it will allow you to see quite some place -ideally you will have 10 days.

Stay safe!

Safe Travels, Arzo

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