Fun and Best Things to do in Montreux, Switzerland


Montreux is so extremely pretty and beautiful that you should add it to your Switzerland itinerary.

And if you are planning your Montreux itinerary, then you will find out about the best things to do in Montreux in this post. Here is where to go and what to see and many more travel tips (incl. where to stay, how to get around, and more).

Beautiful Montreux on a sunny day

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Montreux probably has the most beautiful promenade in all of Switzerland, and there are many great things to do in Montreux!

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, with the stunning Alps in the background, Montreux is one of Switzerland’s most charming places I have visited so far. Ad I have seen traveling to Switzerland regularly in the last 11 years, that is why you can find many more posts on Switzerland here.

If you have been to Montreux, then you probably agree with me. I am sure that the charm of this cute town (it actually is quite small) will make you fall head over heels in love with Montreux. At least, I was smitten within the first two minutes.

I was close to skipping Montreux this time because I thought the accommodation prices were out of line. Luckily, I did not, and I ended up staying not one but two nights in the gorgeous region of Montreux-Vevey.

Montreal Promenade What to see in Montreux in a weekend

How to Get to Montreux

Arriving in Montreux by Train

I arrived by train and took the famous panorama train, “Golden Pass Line,“ from Lucerne via Interlaken, Zweisimmen to Montreux. This is probably one of the nicest ways to arrive, as you pass rolling hills, pristine lakes, and cute little Swiss towns before you come upon the vineyards of the region.

Window view, train ride from Zweisimmen to Montreux - things to do in Montreux Switzerland

Another beautiful way to arrive in Montreux would be by boat, either via Lausanne or Vevey. It is no less spectacular, and you´ll see that boat cruising is on the itinerary as well.

Montreux is not a car-free town, so driving there in your own car, or with a rented one, is also a good way to arrive. However, parking is always the trickiest part of driving in Switzerland. If your hotel does not have parking spaces and is located in the “town center,“ you might have to pay a little fortune for parking.

Where to Stay in Montreux

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the beginning, you cannot expect to get a bargain sleeping in Montreux. I paid about 200€ for a 4-star accommodation (picture below), though the Montreux Jazz Festival was over (for jazz fans, the first two weeks of July might be the best time to visit; for anybody else, I would advise skipping these weeks).

Here are a few well-rated hotels in Montreux:

Luxury Hotels in Montreux: For one of the most luxurious experiences in Montreux, check out Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. This 5-star hotel has a great location and is best known amongst those who like to indulge. From romantic hotels to design hotels. Here are the most luxurious places.

Mid-Range Hotels in Montreux: As mentioned above, I stayed at the lovely 4-star hotel Eurotel which you can check out here – I was more than happy with my choice.

Budget Hotels in Montreux: Okay, there are not really budget-friendly hotels in Montreux – accommodation around Lake Geneva is just pretty expensive. But here are the best budget hotels that are well-rated. Find out about the best budget hotels in Montreux.

Budget accommodation: 2* hotels are almost as expensive as the 3* hotels in Montreux, but if you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you can check out Airbnb, and if you use my link, you can save $$$ on your first stay or if you are mobile you can book an accommodation a bit further away).

Whichever hotel you opt for, I would strongly suggest a hotel close to the promenade – ideally, with a lake view, or (admittedly, it is more expensive) you can find cheaper hotels close by Montreux.

How to Get Around

Montreux itself is pretty small, so it is easy to get around by walking. Also, Montreux – as it is in most parts of Switzerland – has superb public transportation, which makes it easy to get from one place to another.

This includes trains, buses, and boats (you can easily get to places like Geneva, Lausanne, or Vevey by boat.

It might take a while (Lake Geneva is one of the biggest lakes in Europe), but it is also a great way to see places from another angle.


Okay, let’s get started with the best activities in Montreux.

Montreux Promenade

I estimate that Montreux consists of 50% flowers and 40% promenade (I have neglected Lake Geneva in this calculation), and the rest of Montreux makes about 10%. Though this is probably exaggerated, it is not exaggerated to say that the Montreux promenade is full of flowers at a certain time of the year.

What to do in Montreux - things to do in Montreux Switzerland Strolling the promenade

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers are lined up along the promenade in all different shapes and colors. The clear water of Lake Geneva and the picturesque mountains make Montreux pretty perfect to me!

Since the promenade is so pretty, I recommend starting the day with a stroll along the promenade (though it is even more charming in the evening). 

Parks along the promenade in Montreux - Montreux things to do

Lake Geneva

The region of Montreux makes it pretty easy for people to swim in Lake Geneva. There are so many spots that allow you to jump into the lake. Sometimes there are even some loungers provided to the people for free. Plan for some time to rest, swim, and enjoy this lovely atmosphere.

Enough places to swim and rest - Switzerland Montreux attractions

Freddy Mercure Statue

Walking along the promenade will also lead you to some of Montreux´s points of interest. You´ll stumble upon the famous Freddy Mercury statue, which is located right next to the water.

Montreux Switzerland things to do

The mountains in the background make a great photo, and it is one of the main Montreux attractions. After all these years, he still seems to have loyal fans, as I saw fresh flowers by the statue.

However, strolling along the promenade, you’ll find more interesting statues, so look at both sides of the promenade.

P.S. Freddy Mercury was not the only prominent person in love with Montreux – Charlie Chaplin was another superstar who lived in Montreux. If you are a Charlie Chaplin fan, you are probably interested in visiting Chaplin´s World, which you can check out here.

Planning a day trip to another beautiful place? Then find out more about which you can check out here, near Montreux.

Chateau de Chillon

Once you have strolled and rested at the promenade, you can visit the lovely Chateau de Chillon, which is one of the most popular sights in Montreux.

 - what to see in Montreux Chateau de Chilon what to see in Montreux Points of Interest

Chateau de Chillon is visible from the Montreux promenade, and there are plenty of signs to direct you.

You can walk or take the boat from the boat station (right next to the tourism office of Montreux). I seriously recommend walking, as it is only about 3 kilometers and you´ll be walking on the promenade, which makes it a great walk.

There are enough seating options and reasons to take photos along the way, so even though it is only about 3km, it took me more than an hour to get there.

The chateau was quite busy when I visited, which did not come as a surprise given its fame and the very good weather. Dogs are not allowed inside, so my dog and I just stayed outside (admission is about 12€ for adults, group tickets available).

Since the castle is pretty nice from the outside, I was not too sad, and I enjoyed walking around and resting. If you plan to visit the castle, you might plan for about an hour to see it.

Right next to the castle is a pier, which brings you back to Montreux – but there are also buses and trains going back, or you can walk.

Chateaux de Chilean on the shore of Lake Geneva - Montreux what to do

A castle with a view and a great Instagram spot in Montreux - things to see in Montreux Switzerland

Boat Tour

Switzerland has so many amazing lakes, and without a doubt, Lake Geneva is the queen (to me). Not only, mist mostly because of its size. After all, it is one of the biggest lakes in Europe, and its color never ceases to amaze me.

So the fun part of getting to Vevey is to hop on a boat very “early” in the morning and, from there, see the vineyards and Vevey. Boats start operation around 9, or 10 am.

A boat tour on Lake Geneva - Things to do in Montreuxl - a boat tour on Lake Geneva

Personally, I would end that first day by having dinner at the promenade in Montreux. The following tips are for day 2 in Montreux.


Between Lausanne, Ouchy, and Chateau de Chillon are several routes overlooking Lake Geneva and the vineyards at the same time. I had only a few hours for the vineyards, so here is what I did:

I arrived in Vevey by boat (it is also easy to get there by train or bus) and got out, walked a few hundred meters to the train station, and took a train to Chexbres, where I got out.

It depends on how much time you have and how much effort you want to put into it. Yes, hiking there can be quite exhausting, but you have to make sure to add the vineyard to your Montreux itinerary.

Vineyards in the Chexbres region - best places to visit in Montreux

I did not have too much time, so I decided to walk to the first viewing point, Dezaley (though I am not 100% sure if I actually made it all the way there).

There are some signs along the way, though they are a bit irregular, so I was not the only one feeling a bit lost.

From the Chexbres train station, it takes about 20-30 minutes, and the views are amazing. If you keep walking, you´ll head towards Eposes, where you´ll probably have more gorgeous views – I did not make it there, though.

However, I was pretty happy with the views that I did catch along the way and headed back to the train (I had about 80 minutes in between).

There are enough seating options to enjoy the views (and free fountains with fresh drinking water). You could also go for a wine tasting. For that, ask at the tourism office in Montreux or Vevey (the tourist office in Chexbres was closed when I arrived in the afternoon).

Do not miss out on seeing the vineyards.

Vineyards of Montreux - what to do in montreux in 2 days

Grapes for the wine - where to visit in Montreux


From the vineyards in Chexbres, I, then, headed back to Vevey by train. You could also walk down from Chexbres, which should take about 1.5 hours.

Vevey is a small village by Lake Geneva, and it offers some beautiful spots to rest, chill, or swim. So after visiting the vineyards, it is the perfect place to continue your Montreux sightseeing tour.

Fevey Places to visit n 2 days - Vevey or Montreux ?

You´ll find enough restaurants/cafes to have lunch in Vevey. Vevey is a tiny town which can be discovered. It is worth spending about 1/2 day in Vevey (including some chilling time).

If you are with kids and it is warm, you will love the free pools for kids. (Where else will you find free pools for kids right next to a lake that is so clear that you could swim there, too?)

Vevey also has a beautiful, old town, which is worth checking out, and some other attractions as well. I try to avoid Nestle products for several reasons, but Nestle has their main office here, which you can visit.

The famous fork – Fork of Vevey – is also located in Vevey, so plan for at least half a day to see this cute town.

I took a boat back to Montreux (about 20 minutes) and recommend having dinner there because evenings in Montreux are just lovely.

What to do at Lake Geneva - Places to Visit in Montreux and Best Things to do in Montreux - Arzo Travels

Things to do in Vevey-Walking along the promenade

Rochers de Naye

If you have some more time, you could visit the famous Rochers de Naye – another popular Montreux tourist attraction in the region.

On my last day in the region, the weather was lovely, but I could see the clouds up in the air.

So I decided not to go up, though I am a fan of getting up the mountains. The best part is that, for the lazier ones, Switzerland has ways to get up the mountain without hiking (a.k.a. there is a funicular that gets you up).

Montreux Jazz Festival

Okay, this is an extra. Montreux is extremely famous for its Jazz festival. It is held annually in early July in Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline. It is actually the second-largest annual jazz festival in the world (just after Canada’s Montreal International Jazz Festival).

During that time, it gets jam-packed (and, of course, even more expensive), and it is probably the best thing to do in Montreux in summer. However, if you aren’t into jazz (like me), then you probably had never heard of it before.

Just keep that in mind when planning your Montreux trip!


Though Montreux is not the first destination that comes to people’s minds when thinking about Switzerland, it is an absolutely amazing place. I hope you have gotten some travel inspiration for Montreux.

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Safe Travels, Arzo

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