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I’m Arzo, a full-time teacher with a passion for travel. As a solo female traveler from Germany, I share my adventures to inspire anyone who loves exploring new places and experiences.

While I do enjoy splurging occasionally, my blog offers practical guides focused on more than just luxury accommodations or Instagram-worthy spots.

My goal is to inspire your travels and help you plan your trips. Here, you’ll find practical tips, detailed itineraries, and comprehensive packing guides for Europe and beyond.

Though I mostly travel solo, I sometimes have the company of family or friends, and before my dog died in 2023 he also joined me often. Regardless of who I’m with, my travels are always unforgettable, and I want to help you have similar experiences.

I love exploring different parts of the world, but Switzerland has been holding a special place in my heart ever since my first visit about 15 years ago. I’ve spent around two years there and aim to discover every nook and cranny of the country. Beyond Switzerland, I’m also passionate about exploring Europe and other continents as well. But Switzerland will probably always be my number 1 place to visit.

I also have started offering my customized itinerary planning services for Switzerland.

For more travel tips and to learn more about me, visit my “About Me” page.

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