Which Places Have you Already Visited?

Which Places Have you Already Visited?

I am asked very often which places I have already visited and I always forget to count. But I like the idea of having my own map, reminding me of the beautiful countries I have been to. I sat down and wrote down places, I have visited.

Where have you been already?

North America

  • USA – New York (see blog post), Niagara Falls. Las Vegas (see blog post), San Fransico, Los Angeles, and surroundings, Grand Canyon
  • Canada – Toronto,  Niagara Falls, 1001 Island


Switzerland what to visit

Discovering Annecy with Puppygak

The Middle East 

Dubai in 7 days

Dubai Mall at night


Hong Kong ad me- I could never get enough of that skyline

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur in 3 Days
Water Dancing in front of KLCC – the nicest I have seen so far!


  • South Africa (Cape Town and road trip)


  • Australia – Melbourne (lived in Melbourne for a year), and Sydney several times, Gold Coast, Swan Hill)

I have been to 37 countries so far (I count Wales, England, and Scotland as three different countries and not as one 🙂 and according to that generated map I have seen about almost 14% of all states. That means to me that are so many countries and places I still have to travel to.

There also other maps where you can put in more specifically in which places you have been to. Though I have only seen a little tiny part of the Canadian East Coast the whole country is marked red- however, it is a nice tool which gives you a nice overview.

Do I have any favorite places?

Well, I am a big Switzerland fan and that would be a place I could see myself living in. Melbourne is special to me because I have been there 3 times and I also lived there for a year. South Africa was one of the most beautiful countries I have been to. I am a big UK fan and I love South East Asia, though I can’t imagine living there. Well, I think I could never name one favorite place but I am happy that I have been able to always collect good memories – everywhere.

I have never been to South America – that needs to be changed and I would love seeing more of Africa.

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