If you’re looking for the best tours in Switzerland, you have come to the right place. With so much to offer, tours of Switzerland are an absolute treat – be sure to add some of the best Switzerland tours to your list of top tours to take part in.

Switzerland has it all – well, almost. What is has for sure: Breathtaking sceneries including mountains, lakes, waterfalls, as well as beautiful cities, towns, and villages. You might feel overwhelmed by all the tours offered and all the activities to do (and you do not have an endless amount of time to spend) in Switzerland. So, this post sums up information on the best tours in Switzerland.

If you are a new reader of my blog, I have good news for you. As I regularly visit Switzerland, I have much content on this beautiful country with much insider knowledge and tips.


While buying a Switzerland tour package will help you plan out tours and transport, you can also rent a car and visit the places independently.

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 If you use public transportation, I recommend using a Swiss Travel Pass (using unlimited public transportation, free access to museums, and boat cruises). You also get a few cable car rides for free, and to many others, you get 25% or even 50% off).

You can choose between 4, 6, 8, or 15-day travel passes, as well as having access to discounted rates for youths.

How to Book Tours in Switzerland

Most of these tours are guided tours in Switzerland, which you can book. If available, I normally book via GetYourGuide. I love GetYourGuide because you can normally cancel tours and activities up to 24 hours in advance without any cancellation fee.

I love this option, as we never know what might happen (that is out of our control). And you normally do not have this option when booking with tour agencies directly – not even when you book with the best tour companies in Switzerland. And to be honest, some of the tours are very expensive, and if I could cancel for free, I automatically feel better.

However, GetYourGuide does not always offer all the top Switzerland trips. So, sometimes some tours need to be booked directly, or you do them independently.

Top Tours in Switzerland

Whether you’re looking for a 1 day Switzerland tour or a few smaller Switzerland excursions, there’s sure to be a great tour below that’s sure to tickle your fancy. 


How could I not list a trip to the “Top of Europe” first? Visiting the highest train station in Europe is on the bucket list of many Switzerland visitors, and after visiting myself – twice – I can clearly see why.

top of europe Jungfraujoch - things to know.

Standing on the Jungfraujoch (3,454 meters above sea level), you will have incredible views from the Plateau or the Sphinx Observation Deck of the Alps but also of the longest glacier there – the Aletsch Glacier. 

Visit the Alpine Sensation (a corridor where a lot of information about the creation of the train station is displayed), the Ice Palace (with ice tunnel and ice creatures), or enjoy some snow activities in the snow fun park (which are even available in summer, as there is always snow up there).

Even the way up (which takes about two hours) is an event in itself. Several short stops allow you to get out of the train and enjoy fantastic views, like the one from Eismeer station (3,160 meters above sea level). Check out my post “A day trip to Jungfraujoch“.


It is probably no surprise that the top two first recommendations are mountain excursions. For those who are not interested in enjoying the views above, some other tours are coming later in this post.

Switzerland what to visit

The trip to Mount Pilatus is one of the most memorable excursions I have been on so far. Located in Lucerne’s region and set on the shores of beautiful Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), a trip to the summit of Mount Pilatus can quickly become one of the highlights of your Switzerland vacation.

There are several tours available, and it is easily reachable from destinations like Zurich, Interlaken, and Bern. While it takes a bit longer from towns like Montreux and Geneva, it is still possible to do a day trip from there.

The most scenic way to arrive at Mount Pilatus is via boat. This tour (known as the Golden Tour) includes a boat ticket from Lucerne to Mount Pilatus (and a return), and you can get up via the cogwheel – quite an impressive way to get to the summit. There is so much to see and do up there that you will probably spend a few hours before heading down by cable car on the other side.


What is the most beautiful town in Switzerland? I would say Stein am Rhine. This extremely picturesque and gorgeous town close to the German border knows how to impress the most interesting facades and buildings.

Places to visit in Switzerland

It is a tiny town, so with a day tour, you also get to visit the Rhine Falls – the impressive nearby waterfalls.

Rhine Falls where are the

The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe (yes, that is right, though it refers to the number of liters falling down each second) and a great place to visit at any time (even on a rainy day, as the waterfall gets more powerful).

The combination of these two places is great, as you can see two different sides of Switzerland – a charming town and a spectacle of nature!


Lucerne has basically two impressive mountains that are perfect for a visit. While Mount Pilatus is so crowded, busy, and makes a full day trip, Mount Rigi is a quieter and smaller mountain, and getting to the summit is a beautiful experience.

Getting up Mount Rigi - a must-do activity in Lucerne

If you book a tour to Mount Rigi, you have the chance to enjoy stunning views of Lake Lucerne, the Alps, and the surroundings – surely something to remember!

Best tours on Switzerland

Personally, planning a few hours for this trip is enough, so the tour that includes a trip to Lucerne’s city center is perfect.

Lucerne is a lovely city on the shores of Lake Lucerne, and if it is not your base (due to its central location, it would be though), I think that a few hours is enough to see the most interesting places (including the Chapel Bridge and a stroll through the old town).


Even though Annecy is not located in Switzerland, it is a perfect tour from Switzerland, especially from Geneva.

Switzerland best tours in Switzerland

This French town near the Swiss border is one of the cutest and most picture-perfect you can ask for. Annecy is a bit like Venice – maybe it would be an exaggeration to say it is even more charming (maybe not!). Colorful houses, a stunning lake (which is almost as nice as the Swiss lakes), and the canals make it a perfect excursion from Switzerland.

It takes less than an hour to get to Annecy from Geneva, and in Annecy, you will have a short city walk before you can explore this place on your own. Here are my Annecy travel tips for this cute town.

Make sure to stroll the old town, walk to the lake, cross at least a dozen of the tiny brides, say hello to the swans, and snap pictures wherever you go.


Bern is a magnificent and lovely city. The capital of Switzerland should not be overlooked, and when you are in Lucerne or Zurich (or anywhere for that matter), I recommend a tour that will show you the beauty of the city in a nutshell.

What to do in 10 days in Switzerland

Bern city is known, among other things, as a UNESCO World Heritage Protected Old Town. But it is also known for the bears and the Aare River (the prettiest river in the world), which adds even more beauty to it.

The tours available from Lucerne or Zurich will allow you to see the city (including the beautiful old town) and still have some free time to discover things on your own before heading off to taste cheese (well, I am not so into cheese, but I heard rumors that cheese in Switzerland is delicious).

You can also easily get to Bern via train or car – connections are easy and fast.


It is no secret that I am in love with the region of Interlaken. If you happen to stay in that area, you have made a fantastic decision; and if you don’t, no need to worry, as a day trip to Grindelwald and Interlaken will give you a good glimpse of the scenery.

What tours in Switzerland

Grindelwald is a very charming little town and also has a stunning mountain you should get up to – Grindelwald First. From there, you have great views of the Swiss Skyline (which includes the mountains Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau), and you can walk the famous “Cliff Walk”, hike to beautiful Bachalpsee or do some adventures at Grindelwald First. Here is more about the gorgeous village of Grindelwald and what to do there.


Okay, it took me a while to finally visit myself – but the wait was worth it: Mount Titlis is a fun experience and a great tour in Switzerland.

Mount Titlis Best tours in Switzerland

From Lucerne, you get to Engelberg, a lovely town from which the tour heads to the Mount Titlis summit (3,020 meters above sea level).

Getting up by cable car must be an extremely awe-inspiring time. The views and the activities up there (visiting the Glacier Cave, hopping on the rotating gondola to enjoy panoramic views, enjoying even more dramatic views from the Ice Flyer chairlift, or going snow tubing) are reasons enough to add it to the Switzerland bucket list.

Final Thoughts on Amazing Day Trips in Switzerland

As you can see, Switzerland has some amazing places to visit, and there is so much to see. Yes, doing all the tours independently as possible. You can road trip Switzerland and visit all places mentioned above on your own. However, you can also book tours to see these amazing places. 

The above-mentioned tours are some of the best tours in Switzerland you can take. I hope the post has helped you find the best tour that is perfect for you (and your travel companions).

Safe Travels, Arzo

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