Things to do in Lucerne in the Winter

Best Winter Activities in Lucerne

Lucerne is often considered the most beautiful city in Switzerland. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, this small city has a lot to offer its visitors. And Lucerne in winter is not less stunning than Lucerne in summer.

If I had to name a European city with the most stunning scenery, it would be… Lucerne!  The scenery is definitely impressive, but the city/town center also holds a few impressive attractions and places to visit, and Lucerne in winter is one of a kind.

While many of the following tips can be done at any time of the year, there are a few things you can only do in the winter. And to be honest, winter has its own special charm.

After several visits in the summer, I visited this winter and squeezed in many winter attractions in Lucerne. There is just so much to do and see in Lucerne that I did not want to miss out on any of the fun things in the winter.

So, while I have a post about the best things to do in Lucerne in the summer (and fall and spring), this is your Lucerne winter travel guide – which includes general Lucerne travel tips (e.g., where to stay and how to get around) as well as the best activities in Lucerne in the winter. 

Lucerne Light Festival in January

Travel Tips For Lucerne in Winter

Let´s start with some tips for your Lucerne winter trip.

How to Get To Lucerne in Winter

If you fly into Switzerland, Zurich Airport or Basel Airport would be the best choices. From there, it takes about one hour (by car or train) to get to Lucerne.

For your winter trip, I recommend getting around public transportation. It will allow you to get an excellent impression of this country, and even in the winter months, public transportation in Switzerland is superb.

How to Get Around in Winter


If you stay in an official accommodation in Lucerne, you will get a Visitor Card. 

  • The visitor card allows you to use public transportation in the city of Lucerne for free.
  • Lucerne itself is small, and you can easily walk, but sometimes being able to hop on a bus and take advantage of the excellent Swiss public transportation comes in handy. 
  • Public transportation in Lucerne is fast, reliable, and on time.
  • However, the Lucerne Visitor Card is only for Lucerne’s city.
  • You cannot use it to get to some of the places I mention here.
  • In those cases, you need to buy a ticket. So, please check the validity of the card for each location.

If you are a non-Swiss resident, you might want to look into a Swiss Travel Pass. I often, even if I road trip, buy them and use them for long distances, my boat cruises (I might have a slight obsession with boat rides), and even mountain rides.

  • You have unlimited bus, train, and boat rides with the Swiss Travel Pass.
  • The Swiss Travel Pass gives you a 50% discount on most of the mountain excursions and the Mount Rigi train ride is even included. 
  • Check out prices for a Swiss Travel Pass here.


Driving is also a good option because there are some scenic streets. However, parking in the town center will make your travel costs explode. If you stay in the center of town, free parking is available outside the city center. 

Also, many winter activities mentioned here are within the town center of Lucerne, so a car might be unnessary. 

Also, keep in mind that driving in the snow might be challenging. While there will be hardly any snow in Lucerne, it might be different if you visit places like Engelberg.

Best Time to Visit Lucerne in Winter

Personally, I think Lucerne is almost always a good idea. I love the summer months when I can actually swim in the lake, as well as early fall or late spring.

After my recent visit, I can actually recommend visiting Lucerne in the winter months, too. So, if you are eyeing winter as your season to visit, here are my tips for that time of year.

  • I haven’t visited Lucerne´s Christmas markets, but I heard about how beautiful they were, so for this reason alone, December in Lucerne would be a good choice.
  • If you are interested in visiting the Light Festival (LILU), then mid-January in Lucerne is a perfect time. It was when I visited the city, and it was perfect because January really is off-season. 

Hardly anyone is around (unlike the summer months when Lucerne is crowded), accommodation prices are significantly lower than in the summer months. The Light Festival is another beautiful attraction worth a visit (more on that later).

Disclaimer: I was invited to discover Lucerne in the winter by Lucerne Tourism and My Switzerland, but as always views and opinions are my own. Also some links might include affiliate links – which means if you make a qualified purchase (or book a tour/hotel) I might earn a small commission. There are no extra costs for for. More about it here

Where to Stay in Lucerne in the Winter

Lucerne is quite pricey, especially in the town center, but it is worth a visit.

Luxury Hotels in Lucerne

  • Schweizerhof Luzern is a beautiful and fun 5* hotel located at Lake Lucerne’s shores and a few hundred meters from the old town and main tourist attractions (if you can, book a room with a lake view).
  • Park Hotel Vitznau This is the most expensive hotel in the region. Dogs are not allowed, so I have not had the chance to check it out. However, it looks absolutely gorgeous and is located in a very quiet area but with Lake Lucerne’s view.

Mid-Range Hotels in Lucerne

  • There is not much in that area, as even 3 or 4-star hotels cost quite a bit. If you are on a budget, you can check out prices close to Lucerne, but on my last trip, I stayed at Hotel des Alpes which came with amazing room views. It is located close to the Chapel Bridge. Check out prices here.

Budget Hotels in Lucerne

The best option is to look for Airbnb accommodation if you are on a budget. The prices are slightly better, so this might be another option. First-time Airbnb user? Save on your next stay with Airbnb

If you are still unsure where to stay in Lucerne, you can check out my full accommodation guide on the best places to stay in Lucerne here.

What to do in Winter in Lucerne

Okay, enough talking, let‘s talk about the best winter activities in Lucerne.

Discover the Old Town 

I have been to Lucerne quite often, but I admit that I had missed several beautiful houses. I just overlooked them. However, the old town is lovely, and in the winter months (except for December probably), it is much more fun to stroll around. 

Old town in Lucerne in winter

Lucerne in the winter guide

With fewer people around, you actually get to see the buildings. You will find many painted houses with interesting facades and also painted water fountains. Yes, you can enjoy the delicious and freshwater that comes from Mount Pilatus.

Depending on your speed, I suggest planning in at least about two hours for the old town.

Chapel Bridge

Okay, I know I was lucky. There is not often snow on Lucerne´s most famous attraction – the Chapel Bridge. But you might be lucky, too. Doesn’t the Chapel Bridge look lovely in the winter? 

Lucerne with the Chapel Bridge, Jesuit Church and Mount Pilatus
The flower pots are gone, though (which you will find in the summer months), but looking at the snow-capped roof of the bridge with Mount Pilatus in the background is charming. 

But even without the snow, you cannot (should not) skip the Chapel Bridge. Luckily, it is located close to the train station and the old town.

In the winter months, it is less busy, and you can enjoy crossing the bridge in a more relaxed way. The wooden bridge, spanning the Reuss River, was originally built in the 14th century before being partly burnt down in 1993 and then quickly rebuilt. 

If you visit Lucerne in December, this is where the magic happens…Kind of. Imagine this place in times of Christmas Markets.

Tip: Do not look only to the right and left (to enjoy the beautiful scenery and pretty houses lined up along the promenade), but also look up and enjoy the paintings that are hung on the ceiling.

Jesuit Church

The Jesuit Church, a Catholic Church built in the 17th century, can be visited at any time of the year – but in the winter times, it is probably even more special. This attraction is worth seeing even if you are not religious.

Jesuit Church in Lucerne seen from Chapel Bridge

Jesuit Church in Lucerne in winter
Since I mostly travel with my dog in Switzerland, I never managed to visit it, but it always attracted my attention since it is easy to spot from the Chapel Bridge. When I finally visited this time, I was surprised by its baroque style! I did not expect so much fanciness in Switzerland, and the outside appearance did not give me any clue about its inner beauty.

Despite its beauty, it did not take me long to go through, so it is probably easy to squeeze into your Lucerne winter itinerary.

Chocolate Tasting

We all know that Switzerland is the home of amazing chocolate. It is actually my favorite Swiss “food, “ and I have always been impressed by Lindt chocolate. If you prefer something more exotic and exclusive, then you can book a chocolate tasting at Max Chocolatier near Chapel Bridge.

There is also a story behind this chocolate manufacturer: The owners’ son has Down’s Syndrome, and he loves chocolate. So, his parents decided to produce their own chocolate and let him taste their products.

There is another smaller shop in Zurich as well, but only in Lucerne can you book your own chocolate workshop and make your own chocolate. I made my own chocolate in Interlaken once, but it was not very fancy.

The chocolate is actually unique. I had to get used to such chocolate, but I am sure if you prefer chocolates other than simple milk chocolate, this is for you!

Light Festival

If you visit Lucerne in January, then the Light Festival might be perfect to see.

In January 2019, the first Lucerne Light Festival (LILU) took place, and it will most likely become an annual festival. Sound romantic? It actually was. There are around 17 special places/installations/projects lit up from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Lichtfestival in Lucerne in Switzerland in the winter
 This is a free Lucerne winter activity. You will find some informational signs on each piece to find out about the artists and the ideas behind them. 

You can walk around the city, see all the art pieces, and join some free guided tours (reservations required).

Seeing all the installments probably takes a few hours. While it is very romantic to experience with your loved one, it is also nice for families with kids or people of any age.

Lichtfestival in Switzerland in the winter

The highlight of the LILU festival was probably the concert in the Hofkirche. There is an entry fee (it takes about 20 minutes), and I highly recommend buying tickets in advance because most shows sold out quickly. The show takes place several times each evening, and you can actually lie on the church floor and watch this exciting light show accompanied by music.

Please check when the LILU will take place in 2022.

Christmas Market 

The Swiss love their Christmas Markets. I have only visited the Christmas Market in Basel, but at the end of November until Christmas, Lucerne also has its Christmas Markets at Franziskanerplatz.

If you want to experience this special time in Switzerland, add the Christmas Market to your list.

Boat Tour

If you have read my other Lucerne post (about the best things to do in the summer in Lucerne), then you know I am obsessed with boat riding. Lake Lucerne is amazing – I can´t remember how many times I have done a Lake Lucerne boat trip.

And this time, I hopped on a boat after my Mount Rigi trip, and it was dark, so I did not see much. However, a boat cruise in the winter is a perfect activity with its picture-perfect scenery! Also, I have been asked many times about the most romantic city/town in Switzerland, and I have two answers: one of them is Lucerne.

If you do the evening cruise, you will experience the romantic side of Lucerne in the winter!

Winter Sports in Lucerne in the Winter

Are you wondering where to do winter sports in Lucerne? 

Lucerne’s town center does not offer many winter sports activities, but yes, winter sports lovers will love the area of Lucerne, too! There are just so many winter activities to do in Lucerne, and here are some tips! 

Mount Pilatus

I visited Mount Pilatus in the summer – and totally loved it! It became one of my favorite mountain peaks in Switzerland, and so I could not wait to visit again in the winter.

Mount Pilatus in the winter

Mount Pliatus in winter activities in Lucerne
Of course, Mount Pilatus is completely different in the winter months from what I had known before.

The views are still great (in the winter months, the cogwheel train ride is not available, so you can only go up via cable car), but you can experience a completely different world up here.

So, whether you want to enjoy the fantastic views or prefer to do winter sports, Mount Pilatus is the perfect place.

Skiing, snowshoe hiking, snowboarding, and sledding – you can do all this in the region of Lucerne, and especially on Mount Pilatus.

  • Tip: You will get a discount with your Swiss Travel Pass.

Read more: Find out about the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis is one of the very few famous mountain peaks that I haven’t visited in the summer. My trip in the winter was fun, though.

Titlis in Switzerland in the winter
Winter Guide for Lucerne, Switzerland

To enjoy a day (I would plan in a full day or at least 8 hours for these activities) at Mount Titlis, hop on a train at Lucerne train station, and head to Engelberg train station. 

The train ride gets scenic towards the end! You can either walk to the Mount Titlis cable car station or take the free bus shuttle from the train station.

And then, there is a lot to do at Mount Titlis in the winter: You can go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe hiking, sledding, and more.

What I really loved is that you can rent tubes and a minibus or balancer without any extra charge at Trübsee Alpine Lodge and then go whizzing down the piste.

While I saw many kids sliding down fast (which included some falling), I opted for the safer activity. Tubing. It really isn’t scary, but still fun.

But it is not only about the views and winter sports. You can also walk in the Glacier Cave (a 150-meter-long walkway below the glacier’s surface) or enjoy a walk over the Titlis Cliff Walk (a suspension bridge that is 3,041 meters above sea level). 

  • Tip: You will get a discount with your Swiss Travel Pass.

Mount Rigi

Beautiful, beautiful Mount Rigi. I was impressed visiting in the summer (I have been up there a few times), but visiting in the winter was mind-blowing!

What to do in the winter at Mount Rigi_

Switzerland in winter, best sunset Mount Rigi
I would say that going up before sunset was one of the travel highlights, and the pictures do not do it any justice.

The thing is, when going up to a mountain peak, other than for winter sports, you see it at its best when the sky is clear.

I had such a busy schedule, but when I realized that the sky was clear and sunny, I squeezed in a trip to Mount Rigi. And, man, was that amazing!  Mount Rigi is actually one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset. The colorful sunset against the white snow… it was drop-dead gorgeous!

Reminder to myself: Add it to my Switzerland in the winter guide because it was just impressive (check out that winter guide here).

I did not have time to get off the train, but the ride alone was worth it. The train I took had a compartment with open windows. Yes, it was cold, and my hands froze (it takes about 1 hour to get up and down), but I seriously recommend sitting in that compartment, if possible, and bring your gloves and bundle up!

But you could also go sledding or do other winter sports, like snowshoe hiking, here as well. 

  • Tip: Free with your Swiss Travel Pass (bonus tip: start your trip from Vitznau Station – get to Vitznau either via boat or bus).


Spending a few days in Lucerne in the winter is a great idea! There is so much to do and see that you will be busy admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fun activities. Winter in Lucerne is just magical.

So, hopefully, this guide helps you find out about the best things to do and see in the winter, whether you visit in December, January, or February, and how to enjoy a beautiful winter break in Lucerne that is not just about winter sports!

Safe Travels, Arzo


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