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Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Should I Buy Travel Insurance? – Wondering, if you need a travel insurance? My short answer is: Yes, you need travel insurance if you travel. Why? Better safe rather than being sorry. A travel insurance is not only for nomads or those traveling several months a year. There are many different insurances for all kind of travelers/tourists. Well, I am German and we love to have insurance, it is something we Germans have in our genes. I am not only a fan of health insurance, I have several other insurances (even my dog has some insurances!) so that I...

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13 Hottest Summer Destinations in Europe

13 Hottest Summer Destinations in Europe To many Europe is the perfect continent for a summer trip. Europe has it all (well almost)! Gorgeous beaches, stunning sceneries, fairy-tale towns and villages and vibrant cities. Though it is sunny and warm, it is not as hot as in many other parts of the world. We have some fantastic cities in Europe which are just made for a summer vacation. It does not matter if you are a budget traveler or prefer indulging yourself in luxury on your trip, Europe will cover it all.  Ready to get some inspiration for your...

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What to Do in Interlaken – 50 Ideas for Things to Do in Interlaken

What to Do in Interlaken, Switzerland – 50 Ideas for Things to Do “Interlaken, you are so ridiculous – so ridiculously beautiful that I probably will never get enough of you.” If you know my Instagram or check out my blog regularly, you know how obsessed I am with Switzerland – and in particular with the the region of Interlaken/Jungfrau. I personally think it is one of the most beautiful regions of the world:  gorgeous lakes, perfect mountains, stunning sceneries and cute towns all around. I can truly say, that this part of Switzerland has stolen my heart. Though...

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5 Getaways on the South Coast of England

5 Getaways on the South Coast of England Visiting England was one of my first international trips- it took me from Bremen (Germany) to London and I can say it: it was love at first sight. Over the time I have been to England, or in the UK in general, regularly. It is not only London I love – I love this beautiful and friendly, though admittedly somehow weird, country. For the last three years in a row, and soon for the fourth time, I visited the south coast of England. So I would love to introduce you to some...

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What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach It is the time of the year again – summer is coming (at least in some parts of the world). Though I have not planned a beach trip in the near future,  my summer will include some days at the beach. I admit, that I am not the person who can stay at the beach all day – I prefer staying there for a few hours before heading somewhere else. However, I have realized how much you guys love lists, and so I did not want to keep my “beach...

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Travel Tips for a Perfect Road Trip

Travel Tips for a Perfect Road Trip For years, driving seemed to be a necessary evil to me- I drove to get from Point a –> Point b. Well, now, this way of thinking about road trips has totally changed. Road trips can be freaking awesome, and they are one of the best ways to explore a destination- you´ll probably end up seeing places you never would see if you traveled by plane and public transport only. Use these road trip travel tips to have a fantastic trip as well, and I am sure you´ll enjoy yours as much as...

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