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Best Places to Visit in Northern Ireland and Top Things to do

Northern Ireland has a troubled history and for some time I, and you too, probably heard about it only in the news when they talked about violence and conflict.  Violence dominated the news, but now, Northern Ireland has stabilized and can now show how beautiful and amazing it is! My fellow travel bloggers have shared their top recommendations for the best places to visit in Northern Ireland and the best things to do in Northern Ireland.  Best Places to Visit in Northern Ireland and Top Things to do Okay, here they are the best places to visit and the top things to do. Belfast  By Rashmi and Chalukya from...

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Most Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Australia – Arzo Travels

Without a doubt, Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is on most traveler’s bucket lists and Australia’s amazing scenery, beautiful beaches, outback and stunning vibrant cities are the reason why! There is a lot to see and do in Australia, so if you are planning a trip down under and you are not sure which are the best places to visit in Australia, here are some top tips for your visit Oz. Best Places to Visit in Australia Ready to find out about the very best places in Australia? Here are the top...

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Things to do Near Zurich – Best Day Trips from Zurich

Things to do Near Zurich – Best Day Trips from Zurich If you are planning to make Zurich your base for your Switzerland vacation (good choice by the way) you have tons of options for day trips from Zurich – find my favorite day trips from Zurich and see what else there is to do near Zurich. If you scroll through my travel blog you´ll see that my blog is basically full of Switzerland posts. I have tips on what to do and see in Zurich, Lucerne, Montreux, Interlaken and so on, but I have never gotten to the...

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Switzerland Mountains – Best Mountain Views in Switzerland

Switzerland´s Mountains Best Mountain View Without Hiking Switzerland has breathtaking scenery ranging from lakes and rivers to forests and mountains. Hardly any other country can claim to have Switzerland’s density of stunning mountains. Hiking or not hiking in Switzerland? While Switzerland is a paradise for hikers, it is also true that many of the mountains can be reached without any hiking at all. This sounds like awesome news, right? At least for the not-so-sporty ones among us (aka me and since you are here, also you) this can make or break a trip. Looking at it from an objective...

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Best Places to Visit in Switzerland – Best Towns to Visit in Switzerland

If you are wondering about the most beautiful places in Switzerland you will find your answer here. I have compiled a list of my favorite towns and villages in Switzerland – so if you are looking for travel inspiration and Switzerland destinations to visit you will surely be inspired after finding about about the cutest villages and towns in Switzerland. P.S. Even if you are not a budget travel, read my budget travel tips for Switzerland – after all, Switzerland is extremely pricey and saving money won’t do you any harm :). Most people think of breathtaking scenery when...

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Best Places to Visit in Sweden – Best Things to do in Sweden

Sweden, without a doubt, is a beauty. Not only is their royal family the most attractive in all of Europe, but the scenery, cities, and towns are exceptionally picturesque and well worth a visit. While I have been to Stockholm a few times, I have not yet seen much of what Sweden has to offer to tell you about where to go in Sweden and so I asked a few other travel bloggers to tell us about their favorites to see what they think are Sweden’s must-visit locations! Gothenburg By Jonathan from Everybody Hates a Tourist If you’re looking...

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