Best Things to Do in Porto Venere, Italy


Looking for one of the most beautiful places in Liguria? Then you should visit Porto Venere! It is like a little dream come true. And if you are wondering about the best things to do in Portovenere you will find your answer here – along with travel tips for your trip to this gorgeous place.

One of the prettiest places I have ever stumbled upon in the Italian Riveria, on the Ligurian Coast, is Porto Venere (or Portovenere). Personally, I had not heard of it before I arrived in Liguria, but I don’t think that it is a real hidden gem anymore.

People have found out that this town is one of the most beautiful places in Italy…Yes, you read that right. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy!

Porto Venere Travel Tips

If you ask me, Porto Venere is the best day trip from Cinque Terre.  So, this post will help you plan your trip to Porto Venere from Cinque Terre.

Find out how to get to Porto Venere, what to do, plus some more travel tips for this beautiful gem on the Italian Riveria – one of the most underrated places in all of Italy.

Before talking about the best things to do, here are some tips for your trip to this gorgeous place.

Where is Porto Venere?

Porto Venere is located on Italy’s Ligurian coastline in the northwest part of Italy. It is 14 kilometers south of La Spezia, about 90 kilometers north of Pisa, and 126 kilometers southeast of Genoa.

How to Get to Porto Venere

To reach Porto Venere, you have a few options:  

  • BUS: You can take the train from Cinque Terre (from any of the five villages) to La Spezia. There, you will find a bus station (about 300 meters from the train station). Buy your tickets from the tobacco shop. A round trip is 5€. If you buy them from the bus driver, they are more expensive. It takes less than 30 minutes to reach Porto Venere by bus – along the way, you will have nice views. 
  • CAR: You can also drive to Porto Venere from La Spezia or any other place. Keep in mind that parking might be difficult in the summer months (and expensive), and the streets are narrow.
  • BOAT:  You can arrive at Porto Venere by boat (probably the most scenic way) from either La Spezia or any of the Cinque Terre towns (except Corniglia). 
  • HIKE: You can also hike from Riomaggiore (the village closest to Porto Venere). At least for one way, this could be an option (takes about 5+ hours) because it is about 25 kilometers (15 miles) one way.


Where to Stay in Porto Venere

I visited Portovenere for a day only – what a pity! If you are into hiking and want to escape the crowds of Cinque Terre, then book a hotel here in Porto Venere. There are not many hotels so, booking in advance might be the best decision.

More Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes. There will be some short and steeper walks on the cobblestone streets of Porto Venere.
  • If you want to hike, bring your hiking shoes.
  • Water fountains are providing fresh water, so bring your refillable water bottle.

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Porto Venere in Liguria, the prettiest places in Italy. A great day trip from Cinque Terre, Italy

Best Things to Do in Porto Venere in One Day

First of all, Porto Venere is quite small, so one day (or even half a day) is enough. However, I truly loved it and would not have minded staying overnight!

So, here is your list of what to do and see in a few hours. The sights are kind of located in a circle/square, so you can do the itinerary as it is or vice versa and start the other way around.


The first thing you will see is the harbor with many colorful houses. Liguria´s towns and villages are all colorful, but what makes Porto Venere special is that it is a bit bigger than the other villages. This means the promenade is bigger and, thus, a bit more impressive, too. 

Best hidden gems in Italy, PortoVenere

I would probably wait to stroll the harbor and do it at the end of the day, so you can have lunch/dinner there. However, it might also be a good way to start your day with an espresso, as there are several cafes and restaurants lined up!

Porta del Borgo and Old Town

I would start with a walk through the Porto del Borgo. Walk through the old city gate that is directly behind the promenade. The entrance to the historical center of Porto Venere leads to its main street – Via Capellini – and was built in the 12th century.

Old town of Porto Venere

Streets of Porto Venere in the old town

Here you have the typical narrow streets and old houses, including many little shops and more cafes and restaurants. Though you can just walk along the street towards the Church of Saint Peter, I recommend looking to your left and taking some detours to discover the side streets.

Towards the end of the old town, you will see more beautiful places. Eventually, you will get to Lord Byron´s Grotto.

Lord Byron’s Grotto

Before you arrive at St. Peter Church, you will see Lord Byron´s Grotto to the right.

Grotta di Lord Bayron in Porto Venere with a boat

This area was named the Bay of Poets because English poets loved it. When Lord Byron visited, he would often swim across the bay to see Percy Bysshe Shelley, another poet in residence. These days, it is a great place to sail, dive, and yes, swim (though the currents are tricky).

Boat tours are bringing you to the grotto (not all, so double-check if you book your tour).

Church of Saint Peter

The San Pietro Church (Chiesa di San Pietro) stands tall and proud on a hill. I said that this town is so special – and so is this church. 

Church on a rock in Porto Venere_

Church St. Peter seen from the way to Doria Castle

So, the exterior is impressive, but so is the interior white, but not overly full of glitz and glamour that we know from other Italian churches. It is really special, so make sure to have a quick peek.

Walk around the building and enjoy the gorgeous views and scenery – it is not only about the church here. 

Church of San Lorenzo

Your next main stop will be Doria Castle but before that, you will see another church.

Right next to Doria Castle, you can find the Church of San Lorenzo. This church was built in the 12th century after Porto Venere had become part of the Gulf of Genoa. It has undergone several restorations over time.

San Lorenzo church in Porto Venere_

The interior of this church is well worth a quick look, but if you are short on time, the view from the outside is beautiful, too.

Doria Castle

Situated on a rocky plateau with a towering structure, Doria Castle is one of the highlights in Porto Venere. It was built as a typical Genoese military structure and dates back to the 12th-14th centuries.

You can visit it, but you will have to climb some steps to get there – though if you have been in Italy for a while you are probably used to climbing stairs.

San Lorenzo church from Doria Castle

The view is the best part! To be honest, the view alone is worth the 5€ entrance fee.

I was so overwhelmed by the view that I did not even pay attention to the castle itselfYou can get a little leaflet with more info on the castle since you might also be distracted by the view of the water and San Lorenzo Church.

More Things to Do in Porto Venere

With the above mentioned tips, you will probably not fill a full day in Porto Venere. So, here are a few more suggestions.

Porto Venere Regional Natural Park

The island is well known for its hiking trails, with a lot of nature trails. If I had had more time and had planned better, I would have made sure to add some hiking to my Porto Venere itinerary, as it must have been breathtaking.

Walking along the coast in Porto Venere_

If you are in Riomaggiore, the closest town of the five villages of Cinque Terre, you will even find signs for the coastal walk. It takes five+ hours, but I can just imagine how great it must be.

Porto Venere Cemetery

I don’t have an obsession with cemeteries, however, I visited the cemetery of Porto Venere on my way to the Doria Castle – and it was beautiful!

Cemetary in Porto Venere_

Boat TripPalmaria, Tino, and Tinetto

If you have more time, you can do a boat excursion around these three famous islands -Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto. There are different boat tours available (different times, lengths, and prices, starting from 8€). You can ask at the ticket shops at the harbor about prices and timetables.


Porto Venere has a small beach section. It is nothing spectacular, but if you like to hop into the water at the end of the day, then bring your swimming clothes with you.

Beach in Porto Venere

Swim in Porto Venere rocks

Le Grazie & La Chiaglia

While sitting on the bus, I wish that I had gotten out at Le Grazie, a fun and busy-looking town on the coast, just a few kilometers from Porto Venere. Since my dog and I were exhausted from the previous days of our trip, I did not get out.

However, on my way back from Porto Venere to La Spezia, I walked to the next town, La Chiaglia. This was a lovely stop with an even nicer beach section. So, if you want to take a break and enjoy some beach time, you can add this to your trip!


I would have loved to stay overnight in Porto Venere to watch the sunset or sunrise and soak in the special atmosphere. You can easily do the main attractions in a few hours, but staying overnight does not sound like a bad idea to me!

I would definitely want to come back and am so happy that I did not leave this place out of my itinerary. Porto Venere is a beauty! I hope, this post about the best things to do in Portovenere has inspired and helped you plan your trip!

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