Hi, and Welcome to my Blog Arzo Travels!

Welcome to my “baby” – my blog “Arzo Travels“. I am happy you found your way and visit my page among many travel blogs out there. It seems the travel bug has bitten more than a decade ago and so I travel whenever possible.

Arzo Travels

Hi, I am Arzo from Arzo Travels and this is my blog…

About Me

I am Arzo, the German solo female travel and lifestyle blogger focused on luxury travel.

Well, I am not really German since my parents are both Afghans and I was born in Afghanistan and I came to Germany when I was six months old. I am also not always a solo female traveler, sometimes I travel with friends or family – or with my puppy called Puppygak.

But, yes, that is me, Arzo: the German solo female traveler with a focus on luxury travel.

I love luxury travels, but the reality is, that my passion for traveling is bigger than for luxury. So, if I am on a budget, I am also fine to have a budget vacation. I just say, hello reality. Luckily, I am done with hostel accommodation though.

I refuse to travel, write or think from inside a box. I like the way I travel, it is always different and never the same. However, it is always very interesting. 

@cocoetfraise and I experienced our own "restaurantgate" here at @corinthialondon but this is a different story and I might tell you later about it – we definitely had a great time, after all, and I experienced a vegan menu at #Massimo – their Italian restaurant. It was the first time I saw a fine dining restaurant in a luxury hotel having an own menu card just for vegans – definitely a must try for everyone interested in healthy and vegan options in #London. #fashion #fashionblogger #louisvuitton #jimmychoo #visitlondon #ootd #beautyblogger #lifestyleblogger #corinthiahotels #blogger_de #corinthialondon #luxuryhotels #fakeleatherskirt #vegan #veganmenu #veganish #massimorestaurant #ad

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Travel – My Addiction and Passion

I am a part-time traveler (and part-time teacher in Germany) and I try my best to discover new places, but I also enjoy visiting places I have already fallen in love with. One of those places is Switzerland because I am a huuuge Switzerland fan, but so is Dubai and several other destinations.

Sometimes I feel like a Dubai- or a Switzerland blogger: not surprisingly many followers/readers think first that I am either from Dubai or living somewhere in a paradise called Switzerland.

Though, these two places feel a bit like home, I enjoy exploring new, wonderful spots and I am amazed by the beauty of our world. Talking to people from other places or about other countries and new places is just extremely interesting to me.

I am a big city girl but there is nothing that amazes me more than a beautiful scenery. My biggest reward of traveling might be to enjoying great views.

Not surprisingly, I can’t get enough of traveling. Traveling also allows me to broaden my horizon, and, as I like to share my travel experience, it seemed almost natural to me, to start my blog “Arzo Travels“.

This website should encourage people, girls and boys, female and men, to travel and enjoy the beautiful moments in life. This blog is meant as a travel inspiration for destinations or hotels – it should encourage you to go out and travel the world. Reagrdless of your budget.

Food – Another Addiction

Travel is my one passion, but I also have an addiction to chocolate (unfortunately) and most sweet desserts – but I also love good vegetarian food. That is why I love cooking, ideally with organic, local, and vegetarian (or even vegan) products, and if the food is a fair trade product I am even happier.

Fashion – Another Passion

Oh, I also spend too much money on clothes. That is another passion of mine, and though I do not call myself a fashionista, I like to dress up as well, as wear my comfy clothes as long as it looks good. My loyal followers might know about my faible for nice bathrobes :).

Eat well, dress up, and travel!

“Eat well, dress up, and travel!” is a blog, where you will find pictures from and information about places I have been to. These are all my personal recommendations, based on my own opinion, and I am more than happy to share them with you.

If you are looking for beautiful pictures, travel advice, and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and stores, you might have found the right blog :-).

Hope, you will enjoy the blog! If you like what you see sign up for my newsletter and follow me on my social media: Instagram

German solo female travel and lifestyle blogger focused on luxury traveling 🙂 

Safe Travels, Arzo

My first blog post is about my trip to Las Vegas –> Las Vegas rocks!

For more pictures check out –> Instagram