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Hi, and Welcome to my Blog Arzo Travels!

Welcome to “Arzo Travels“. I am happy you found your way here. 

Where to stay in Switzerland
My dog Puppygak and me Iseltwald near Interlaken in the summer

About Me

I’m Arzo, a German solo female travel blogger, originally born in Afghanistan and raised in Germany.

What do I do? I work full-time as a middle-school teacher and travel whenever I can, whether it’s for a few days or several weeks and months. Most often, I travel solo, and I absolutely love it.

Despite often traveling alone, I embrace a diverse and open-minded approach to travel. My adventures are always unique and fascinating, never confined to a single style or perspective. This blog is for all travelers, especially women, seeking motivation and inspiration.

Iceland glacier beach in 5 days in Iceland with arzo travels

Travel – My Addiction and Passion

I’m a part-time traveler and full-time teacher in Germany. I strive to discover new places while also revisiting the ones I love. I spend half my life in my comfort zone and the other half exploring beyond it.

Though I’m a city girl at heart, nothing amazes me more than beautiful scenery. One of my biggest rewards in traveling is enjoying breathtaking views, and I have a special love for lakes. Swiss lakes in particular but also gorgeous lakes in general.

It’s no surprise that I can’t get enough of traveling. It broadens my horizons, and sharing my experiences led me to start my blog, “Arzo Travels.”

Whether you’re looking for destination inspiration or hotel recommendations, regardless of your budget or travel style, I aim to encourage you to explore the world. Traveling isn’t about being brave; it’s about finding joy in unexpected moments.

If you’re searching for beautiful pictures, travel advice, and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and shops, you’ve come to the right place.

Hope, you will enjoy the blog!

Your solo travel blogger!

Travel solo in Seychelles, Arzo Travels


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