10 Reasons to Love England – and 2 Reasons Why not to

10 Reasons to Love England – and 2 Reasons Why not to

Yes, I love England, actually, it is one of my favorite places in Europe. I wish, I could drive on the left side, so I could finally go on the road trip and travel with my dog and discover the country on my own (this is seriously a bucket list thing for me). 

Well, until I feel comfortable enough driving on the left I will just travel by train or plane in this lovely country (p.s. I also visited Wales and Scotland and absolutely loved them and yet have to visit Ireland and Ireland).

London Eye at night - what a beauty.

But I do not want to leave this statement without any comment :).

Find out why I love England, as always there are several reasons to fall in love with tho island, but there are also a few things I dislike. But let´s start with the positive things. I love England because:

  1. England has beautiful scenery. Though it might not be able to keep up with countries it is pretty nice to view the ocean in places like Eastbourne (read about some beautiful places to visit near London).
  2. Small and cute towns like Canterbury, Chester and Hastings have their own charm.
  3. England is full of history, old castles and churches can fascinate even those who are not interested in history.
  4. England is the country with one of the friendliest inhabitants I can imagine. I remember so many situations I was standing in the streets of England feeling lost and being approached by English people asking if I needed help. Also, I love saying and hearing “thank you” and “please” 🙂
  5. England is a real melting pot (though probably not in the very rural areas) where all cultures and religions can be found. Nobody cares if you wear your Indian dress, wear your traditional African clothes or don’t wear much at all. I haven’t experienced that kind of multiculturalism in Germany or in other European countries.
  6. Compared to other (Western) European countries, England offers good value for money. Though, it isn’t as cheap as in Eastern European countries it still doesn’t eat into your budget (I say that as a German).
  7. I love England´s big cities, like Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool (as a “water” person I am especially attracted to Liverpool with its big harbor).
  8. English is spoken 🙂 British English is spoken. The accent is appealing and after all, this is the real English 🙂
  9. Borders many beautiful places like Wales, Scotland, France etc. I always appreciate countries that border other countries and allow a quick get-a-away.
  10. Last but not least: England “has” London <3 London does not require many words, it is just beautiful, fun and interesting, so make sure to add it to your England itinerary (read my tips for things to do in London on a budget).

Still not convinced? Then read about the beautiful places to in London – or check out my 7-day England itinerary

What didn’t I really like in England? Well, not much but there are actually two things I disliked and also one thing that leaves me, at least, a little speechless.

  1. They speak British English. Though this accent sounds really nice, it sometimes is hard to understand.
  2. They drive on the left side. I would love doing a road trip, but since I get confused with left and right, this has actually stopped me from driving a car by myself.

I don´t want to say I say I disliked it but I am always wondering when I see English women dressed. No matter how cold it is, English people will make you feel you are in the Caribbean.

As a German, wearing a warm winter jacket in winter I always kind of stood out in the crowd. This is something I might never understand and explanations are very welcome 🙂 

Who is also such an England fan as I am? Leave your comment and tell us about your England experiences.

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Safe Travels, Arzo

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