If you are planning a trip to London or are in London already but like to leave the hustle and bustle for a day, you´ll find 5 great day trips from London, all located on the South coast of England.

Visiting England was one of my first international trips- it took me to London, and I can say it: it was love at first sight.

Over time I have been to England, or the UK in general, regularly. It is not only London I love – I love this beautiful and friendly, though admittedly somehow weird, country.

For the last few years in a row, I visited the south coast of England. So I would love to introduce you to some beautiful places on the south coast of England, which make great destinations for outdoor lovers and fans of small charming, and cute towns.

Okay, some nice places are perfect for day trips west of London like Stonehenge and Bath, but this post focuses on the south of London.

If you are looking for perfect getaways from London (or any other place), these might be the perfect choices for you.

To find out more about my love for England, check out a previous post of mine in which I mentioned England´s charming towns and cities and friendly people – but now, I like to go into more detail about some beautiful places in the south coast that make for a great weekend away from the Big Smoke!

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Female Travel Tips: I often travel solo and so also in England. I visited some of the places here, not solo, though. However, I think these places are great to travel solo. I also think that the UK is a great place to visit if you have not traveled a lot. The country makes it easy for “beginner travelers” due to its friendly people and easy public transportation system. It is also quite safe, so if you are new to traveling, why not visit England?

A Day Trip From London to Hastings

Beautiful Hastings - Coast of Hastings
Beautiful Hastings – Coast of Hastings

Whenever we visit the south coast, we stay in Hastings, so this is the place I know best.

This beautiful town of Hastings is one of the most historical places in the country! It was the place William the Conqueror built his first castle, and the Battle of Hastings was fought here in 1066. This small town prides itself on its historical heritage, and I recommend indulging in every aspect of it.

Heading to the market town of Battle a short distance north of Hastings, you’ll find the castle (that is now owned by the English Heritage, a charity dedicated to preserving England’s past). Here they have lots of interactive exhibits about the battle that shaped the history of England.

The abbey here commemorates the battle, and it’s well worth a visit. From there, you also have some beautiful views over Hastings and the coast, so even if you do not visit the exhibit, I recommend going up there.

For those less interested in history, Battle and Hastings still have a lot to offer in art galleries and installations, cafes, and shops. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The narrow medieval streets hold a treasure trove of antique shops just begging to be explored!

Coming out of Battle and back into Hastings gives you a chance to explore the beautiful unspoiled coastline. It’s a perfect place to bring the children as there are plenty of activities offered for kids, with small cafes offering ice cream and traditional cream teas.

Though I prefer sand beaches over pebble beaches, it is a great place to escape the heat in summer (which also exists in modesty in England) and surely a great place for kids and adults – the new pier is just awesome, so make sure to check that out as well.

Hastings Beach Points of Interest
Hastings Beach

A Day Trip from London to Dover

Chalk Cliffs in Dover - The White Cliffs of Dover
Chalk Cliffs in Dover – The White Cliffs of Dover

When people think of Dover, I find their mind wandering straight to thinking of ferry ports and trips to France, forgetting the beautiful town itself! Like many places in England, Dover also boasts a long and illustrious history. Being the closest point in the country to France, it has always been at the forefront of many invasions.

My favorite place to visit in Dover is the castle. You can immerse yourself in 2000 years of history there, from the construction of the castle up to it being repurposed as a wartime hospital and a base to organize the soldiers’ rescue in Dunkirk. One of the things I loved the most about this beautiful castle is the gorgeous view (I have a thing with views, click here to read more about my trip to Dover Castle).

Of course, if you’re more of an outdoors type, Dover will not disappoint. It has miles of beautiful coastline with activities for every type of adventurer. There are frequent fishing trips as well as places to hire water sports equipment. Ride horses in the surf or even take in a few rounds of golf. There’ll be something here for everyone!

However, a trip to Dover would not be complete without seeing the stunning white cliffs. There are many coastal paths for the walkers amongst you to trek along and see some of England’s most iconic sights. Stop by the National Trust visitor center to learn about the local history and the rare flora and fauna that grow on the beautiful chalk cliffs.

Combine your Dover day trip with a trip to Canterbury

Dover Castle @shutterstock

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A Day Trip From London to Eastbourne

Stunning Cliffs in Eastbourne

I seriously love Eastbourne. This town is much more a ‘traditional English seaside town and perfect for bringing the family to. It boasts a stunning pier built in the 1800s, which, despite a fire in 2014, is still going strong with plenty of attractions along its length. Perfect for those Instagram shots!

Beachy Head is a cliff face used in many famous TV shows and movies, including Harry Potter, so it is great to bring the children to and re-live a piece of movie history. This is definitely an amazing area I cannot get enough of visiting.

There are several adventure parks to also bring the children to. I thought the miniature railway was a perfect addition to any visit here for children and adults alike. There is nearly a mile of a train track with a scale model steam train running.

Take the kids on a walk around the stunning lake to see the wildlife in its natural habitat, then stop off at an award-winning café for an afternoon cream tea.

Again there are many castles and forts to explore, as with much of the British coastlines, but Eastbourne also is home to a science museum with many hands-on exhibits to get a little mind curious about the world around them and how everything works.

However, if you need time away from the little ones, why not take a trip to the winery to enjoy a tasting session of their wines and some fine dining?

Click here to read more about the Seven Sisters Cliffs Hike.

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A Day Trip from London to Canterbury

Canterbury Town Center in England
Canterbury Town Center in England

Another medieval city on the south coast, but any trip here would not be complete without a visit to the stunning Canterbury Cathedral – tip: it’s worth paying for the audio guides as well, to learn about the history.

It has been a pilgrimage place for centuries, and the stunning architecture is well worth the visit here. I find this city is one of the best to relax in.

There are riverboat tours and planned walks, gardens to explore, and chapels, and old historic buildings to lose yourself in with their sense of peace and tranquility. If you want to come away from the peace, you can always go on one of the city’s ghost tours!

See the beautiful old city lit up at night and hear some of the humorous, dark tales Canterbury has to offer. Don’t worry. The guide ensures no harm will come to you while you tour with him!

Click here to find out more about tours in Canterbury


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A Day Trip From London to Brighton

Things to do in Brighton Pier @Dan Breckwoldt
Things to do in Brighton Pier @Dan Breckwoldt

Okay, Brighton is actually still on my bucket list! I try to encourage my colleagues to do a day trip to Brighton each year we visit, but I have not been successful, so I hope to visit by myself anytime soon.

This place is better for the young or the young at heart. It is a vibrant city, and the nightlife is something the city prides itself on.

The clubs are open during the small hours and accommodate every possible kind of taste in music. With Fat Boy Slim as a resident here, nothing is lacking about the scene.

If clubbing the night away isn’t your taste, then the comedy scene might well be. With loads of clubs to choose from, I can’t wait to come here and explore all the fun and exciting things Brighton has to offer!

Things to see in Brighton
Things to see in Brighton @shutterstock

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Since I have traveled to London and these areas with kids the last few times (aka with my students), I loved the post on what to do in London with kids.

I hope this post has inspired you to visit other places in England and discover England’s beautiful south coast.

P.S. If you are looking for nice accommodation, click here to read about 5 great hotels in South England.


London Getaways - 5 ideas to escape London and explore the beautiful southern coast of England

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