Create a Perfect 7 Days in Paris and London Itinerary

Epic 7-Days Paris and London Itinerary

Here is my Paris and London itinerary for your trip to these two exciting cities.

I totally get why Europe is so intriguing for many Americans, but also for people from all over the world and from Europe, too. Europeans love to travel within Europe, and if you have never been to Europe before, you will quickly understand why it is so popular.

I mean, we all know about the world-famous destinations like Paris, London, and Barcelona; about the stunning islands like Santorini and Mallorca; and let’s not forget about the breathtaking scenery of Central Europe. But 

And the good news is that it is also quite easy to travel within Europe. Train and flight connections are generally good, sometimes even very good, and you can easily travel within countries.

So, if you plan to visit the two main cities in Europe, London, and Paris, this one-week itinerary will help you figure out how to organize your trip. Whether you want to stay seven days or more, there are lots of things to do and see.

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Here are some tips that will help you plan your trip before discussing your actual Paris and London itinerary.

How to Plan your London – Paris Trip

With this itinerary, I also share my travel tips – not only for the two cities but also how I book and travel around the world.

Booking Accommodation in Paris and London

For hotels, I mostly use because I am a very spontaneous person and want to be flexible. Most of the time, you can cancel accommodations without any cost up to 24 hours before your stay. The rates are also most often the best.

Keep in mind, tha both cities are extremely expensive when it comes to accommodation. If you stay outside the city center you can find better deals and public transportation is pretty good, so you could get back to the hotel by metro/tube.

Sometimes I stay in Airbnb. It really depends on the city and the prices for accommodations, so it is worth it to check out Airbnb (especially if you want to stay with locals, or if you like to book a whole apartment for yourself if you travel with several people). If you enjoy an Airbnb accommodation just click here (first-time users can save $$$ by using my link)

Booking Tours in France and London

When I book my tours, I mostly use GetYourGuide because of their generous cancellation policy – and in case something comes up, I know they have my back (like the day I was not picked up for a tour even though the tour operator confirmed the trip. I got my money back from GetYourGuide after the tour operator did not return my messages).

Airports in London and Paris

If you come from abroad, you will most likely fly into London or Paris. If you are from European countries like Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands (or any other country close by), then getting to London or Paris by train would probably be a good choice. However, both cities are well connected to airports from all over the world.

Airports in London:

These airports include London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, and London Stansted. Some are quite far from the city center, but all airports are well-connected to the city center of London and have regular shuttle buses.

Airports in Paris:

There are three main airports in Paris for visitors: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport, and Beauvais-Tillé Airport. The first two airports are well-served by public transport. The latter one is a lot farther from the city and getting to the city requires a longer and more expensive transfer.

Best Time to Visit London and Paris

I have visited both cities many times, and while I almost always had great weather in Paris, the weather in London was… grayish.

Both cities are great to visit in December (for all the Christmas lights and shopping), but if you can freely book your trip, I suggest visiting in May, June, or September.

While I normally never recommend visiting a place during the high season, which for Europe is most often in July and August, I would probably visit London during those two months – just because the weather might be better.

Prices go up significantly at that time. Both cities also host many events, like the Tour de France and Fashion Weeks, which make prices for accommodations even more expensive. So, if you aren’t visiting for one of those events, try avoiding those times.

How to Get From London to Paris or From Paris to London

You can, of course, fly from one city to the other, but the easiest way to get from Paris to London is by train. It takes less than three hours and there are regular train connections.

Normally, the earlier you book, the cheaper it gets.


You can start your trip with London first and do it the other way around, it’s up to you.

Paris in 3,5 Days

Paris…there are not many cities in the world that are as popular, famous, and appealing as this quite small European city. Everyone knows Paris and almost everyone has added Paris to their bucket list – while I did not fall in love with Paris immediately, after about 8 trips or so, I can say that the city has grown on me.

Best Places to Stay in Paris

You can find all kinds of accommodations in Paris – however, the standard of accommodation is not very high (a 3-star hotel can be quite shabby), so I would probably pay a few $ more to not end up in a very shady place.

To check out accommodation rates for different hotels just click on each link

Paris itinerary

You should know what to expect – while it is often called the most romantic city in the world, truth is that it can be a bit disappointing first. It is dirty, there is a lot of tourist scam but it is also extremely beautiful and special. While I am often in my hotel after sunset, I try to experience Paris at night.

Because Paris is the City of Lightsand the illuminated Eiffel Tower is just one fantastic sight to see after sunset – and it wears its best dress at night.

However, there is also a lot to do and see during the day

Where to go in Paris
Paris is not only a great destination for love birds -it is a heaven for shopping addicts, for architect lovers, for people who enjoy nice strolls, for history nerds….to make it short: Paris is great!

Before jumping to your days in Paris, here are a few more travel tips. Depending on the time of your arrival, I suggest planning in about 3-5 days for Paris. While the city is small, there is a lot to do.

Montmartre and Sacre Couer - where to visit in Paris, Frane

Paris is best explored on foot. 

The city is geographically small, and many tourist attractions are quite close to one another. Public transportation is also pretty great. So, hop on the metro or bus to get around, if needed. It is easy, fast, and affordable.

There is no Oyster Card in Paris, unlike in London, so you could either buy single tickets or plan in advance and buy multi-tickets to save a bit of money.

Hop-on and hop-off buses are also a great option, and you get a discount on several popular tourist attractions in Paris.

I hate to say it, but Parisians are not the nicest people – and they do not even bother to speak English. So, you really should pick up some French words and not take it personally. However, I also realized that the people were becoming nicer day by day, but still… Download a translation app, if needed.

Notre Dame in Paris - things to do in fours days Paris

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower
  • Stroll the Seine
  • Admire the Bridges
  • Picnic by the Seine
  • See Notre Dame
  • Explore the Louvre
  • Rest at Jardin des Tuileries
  • Explore Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur
  • Rest at Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Visit Versailles

I have a very detailed Paris post where you can find out more about the best activities and an ideal 4-day Paris itinerary and also a post about the best day trips from Paris.

Millennium Birdge and where to see in London - Louvre
Then, it is time to head to England´s capital, lovely and moody London.

London in 3,5 Days

London is another fun capital in Europe – London is a bit hipper and personally, I think younger people (especially if you travel with teenagers) will enjoy London more than Paris. However, this does not mean I suggest skipping Paris. Like Paris, I have visited London numerous times, and I always find new cute places and great spots.

Since the UK has left the European Union, things have changed a bit and this might also be true for crossing borders. I haven’t been in England in 2020 yet – so, I cannot say how much you will be controlled when crossing borders. 

Where to Stay in London

Here are some of the best-rated hotels for each budget:

  • Luxury Hotels in London – London is home to numerous luxury hotels – if you find something easily it is luxury accommodation in London.
  • Ritz-Carlton is one of the top hotels – it is also conveniently located in the city center and quite close to Buckingham Palace. Click here for the best rates and more info.
  • Draycott  Hotel is a small luxury boutique hotel I actually stayed at one night. It is definitely, a good choice if you prefer smaller and more unique places. Click here for more info and the best rates.
  • Mid-Range Hotels in London – If you are looking for nice but more budget-friendly hotels that are located in the center of London, then check out the following hotels:
  • 3-star hotel Hampton by Hilton Waterloo – find out more about this hotel and get the best rates here.
  • Budget Hotels in London – London is expensive but you might find a good deal
  • This hostel is well-rated, conveniently located and if you book a bed in a dorm you can actually get a bargain. Click here to get the best rates for YHA London Central

London Eye at night - what a beauty.

London is a must on any England itinerary but since it is quite easy to get from London to Paris, this Paris/London itinerary is also fun.

London is as rainy as rumors say and so, don’t forget your umbrella – with this in the back of your head, be ready to explore one of the most exciting and diverse cities in Europe. There is so much history – so many historic and important buildings, so many new and modern buildings, so many great Instagrammable spots, so many artists…Do not forget all the pubs and friendly people…

Before discussing the main things to do in London, here is some information for your days in London.


Though many sights are within walking distance, you might need to take the bus or underground once in a while. It is bigger than other European cities, like Paris, and I always use public transportation in addition to the many miles I walk.

Oxford Street in London @shutterstock

The underground in London works fine (I still prefer taking buses though). It gets extremely busy, especially at rush hour. So, I really recommend not taking the underground or bus at those times.

It works fine and is quite cheap and fast.

Oyster Card:  Buying an Oyster Card makes sense if you use public transportation often. You can load it up with credit and just swipe it in/out at every bus and underground station. In the end, it finds the best rates and calculates the cheapest tickets (handy, right?). You can now also use your credit card and pay contactless.

Some of the red double-decker buses are actually regular buses and not sightseeing buses, which is pretty cool and I recommend using them at least once. Hop-on and hop-off buses are also popular and great for seeing London from a different perspective.

You can rent bikes for free at many bike stations – the first 30 minutes are free, then you would have to pay. I normally just ride around for 30 minutes and then bring it back to a rental station. There are quite a few rental station in the city center.

While the black cabs are very popular and iconic, I have never used them and don’t think you really need a cap if you book your hotel in a central location.

London what to see - Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)

  • Hyde Park and Speaker´s Corner
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • St. James´ Park
  • Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)
  • Tower of London
  • St. Paul‘s Cathedral
  • Nottinghill
  • Oxford Street or Regent´s Street

If you visit in winter check out my London winter travel guide.

These are just a few tips – For more tips and more detailed info on all of the places to see, head to my detailed London 4-day itinerary.

If you are on a budget, then take out my London budget guide.

Millennium Birdge and where to see in London

London Eye at night - what a beauty.
Check out my England itinerary if you want to stay a bit longer in England – click here to find out more.

If you only have one week in Europe and want to experience the main hot spots of the continent, then you will find them (at least some of the hotspots) in these two capitals and so I hope that this 7 days Paris and London itinerary will help you plan your trip!

Safe Travels, Arzo

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