Epic and Fun Things to Do in Mallorca, Spain

Planning your Mallorca trip and wondering about the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain? Then read on – this post is for you.

So, you are one of the people who has heard about the beauty the island has to offer and who wants to find out about the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain? Then this post s perfect for you – here you´ll find out about fun things to do in Majorca (how it is called in English) and more travel tips for your first trip to the Balearic Island.

With more than four million tourists from Germany each year, Mallorca (or in English Majorca) is definitely not a hidden gem to Germans (aka me).  In most other parts of the world however, many people have never heard of the Balearic Island belonging to Spain.  

Despite its little-known status there are many reasons to put Mallorca on your bucket list and if you are wondering about things like “where to go in Mallorca” or “what to do in Mallorca” “main sights of Mallorca” or questions like “how to get around” you will find all the answers in this post!

Although Mallorca has a bad reputation because of cheap parties and clubbing there are many other things to see and do and while I visited Mallorca as a solo female traveler I enjoyed a wonderful week without clubbing at all. 

I am sure if I had visited Mallorca in my early twenties I would have focused on other aspects than I did when I just recently visited Mallorca. Some of my friends who visited Mallorca a few years ago never got to see what I saw in Mallorca. It is true though, that the government in Mallorca tries to stop this extreme form of party-tourism in Mallorca…given the fact that Mallorca has a lot to offer, this should not be too tough.

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Important Travel Tips for Mallorca

Here are some of the most important travel tips for Mallorca.

How to Get to Mallorca

With Mallorca having its own airport and many budget airlines as well as wellknown airlines flying there this is one of the easiest options.  Alternatively, there is a ferry from Barcelona to Mallorca but it does take seven to eight hours.  

Where to Stay in Mallorca

Here are some tips for accommodations in Mallorca.


Mallorca is well known for all-inclusive hotels including the one where I stayed: A 4-star hotel called Globales America in Cales de Mallorca (great location, bad food).

And though it is not as fancy as staying in a medieval castle, I absolutely loved the area and would book it again if I wanted to just relax since it is a bit quieter and quite far from Palma de Mallorca (the capital) or the airport and public transportation is not great.

If I booked another trip to Mallorca I would probably choose the West Coast of Mallorca this time – but definitely not in the party area of EL-Arenal.

Despite staying in of the All-Inclusive Resorts myself, I do not necessarily recommend booking All-Inclusive.

In order to make the most of your Mallorca trip, it is important to walk around, dine outside and not be tied to your hotel (although booking all-inclusive often is not much more expensive than just booking a room with breakfast only.)

Find the best prices for accommodation in Mallorca

Tip: One of the top hotels in Mallorca is the Jumeirah hotel in Soller – if you like to indulge in luxury, then this is probably the best pick for you.

How to Get Around in Mallorca

Public transportation or car?

I seriously suggest getting around by car – if you want to get around in Palma, then check out the hop-on and hop-off bus tickets.

Rent a Car in Mallorca

Another thing to consider when booking your travel is that if staying in Cales de Mallorca, for example, you will definitely need a rental car in order to get around and enjoy your trip to the fullest extent. 

I booked a rental car once I was there and I paid about €35 for the smallest model (a day) which personally I think was quite expensive.  

You may also wish to double check that there is no self-participation in case of accidents in your car hire insurance document. Though it was advertised with no self-participation my contract said differently and needed to be removed by the salesperson.   

There are only very few streets where you have to pay a toll – I drove around avoiding those toll streets (which was not difficult because are not many) and tolls are quite cheap anyhow.

Renting a car? Then compare prices and get the best price for your rental car here.

Public Transportation

If you want to stay outside of Palma, the capitalpublic transportation can be a little tricky and although there is a bus that travels from the East coast to Palma it is not easy to just hop on as they only leave a couple of times a day.   

Remember these important tips for your trip to Mallorca and you’ll be all set to make the most of everything the island has to offer. 

Security Tips for Solo Female Traveler

I visited Mallorca as a solo female traveler and felt safe. Always use your common sense and avoid side streets at night – keep your purse close to your body. I never left my stuff unattended (unless on the boat), and if you are staying at the beach and want to take a swim, bring your towel and stuff close to the water so you can have an eye on it.


In general, only take things with you that you will actually need and leave some money at the hotel. Pick-pocketing is not so uncommon in Mallorca.

I have to admit that I did not go out at night and avoided the area around El Arenal, but if you are fine to be hit on my drunken men, then you can surely visit those areas as well. So, these activities I mention here are great to do solo in Mallorca – so I did them all by myself and I was fine and felt good. So, Mallorca is a great solo travel destination in my eyes.

All in all, Mallorca is a great place to visit solo and I can definitely recommend visiting Majorca as a solo female traveler. While I cannot wait to visit more Spanish islands, like Tenerife for example, this place has won me over.

How Long to Stay on Mallorca

Mallorca has a lot to see – and then it is also a great place to relax. While it really depends on what kind of traveler you are, I suggest visiting Mallorca for one week. 7-8 days is probably a good time – you will be able to see a lot and also have time to chill without getting bored at all. You could do a 5-day Mallorca trip but since Mallorca is also about relaxing, I guess you should not rush too much.

Best Things to do in Mallorca

Find out about the most fun things to do in Mallorca and some special tips for Mallorca for you…and only for you 🙂

Explore Many Different “Calas”

I think the most fun thing to do in Mallorca is to visit the coves aka “calas” and so my tip for the best things to see in Mallorca, Spain.


Mallorca has some of the most beautiful calas in Europe and you will not believe how crystal clear and colorful the water is! According to the locals I met, the calas on the east coast are the prettiest and this is where I stayed: Cales de Mallorca.  

I  got to see quite a few as I made visiting calas a priority of my Mallorca trip and my favorite was the Cala Mondragó which is also situated on the east coast


The Cala Mondragó is located within a national park, Mondragó Natural Park, and can be reached by a car journey and a short walk.  There are stunning beaches so you can easily go from one section to the other and checking out several calas is one of the top things to do in Mallorca.

The area is (understandably) very popular given its beauty and range of restaurants to choose from but please read on for hidden gems that Mallorca holds. 

Do a Boat Trip

In my opinion, a must do activity in Mallorca is to go on a boat cruise.


You can either do a speed boat trip, or as I did, book a boat tour which shows you around the east coast and takes about half a day. I booked my tour just in front of my hotel, but if you like to be better organized you can check the best rates for boat tours here.

The great thing about the boat trips is that they have a couple of stops, starting from Calas de Mallorca, or boat tour stopped at Cala Millor where I had a stopover of about 90 minutes or so


In addition, they have a short stop for half an hour where you can leap into the pristine water so I definitely recommend it, but if you prefer, you can do a speedboat tour to see Mallorca from the water.  

Relax at the Beach

In addition to Mallorca’s calas, there are also some gorgeous beaches which are, of course, quite popular and crowded.  Cala Millor for example, on the east coast, is a great beach to relax and unwind where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.  


Palma de Mallorca is extremely beautiful and has a nice beach but honestly all around the coast, you will always find some beaches (though not always sandy and white)

Planning some time for relaxing and chilling at the beach is one of the top things to do in Mallorca.

Stroll Along the Ports

There are many cute ports which wait for you to be discovered – so add that activity to your Mallorca itinerary.


Another top thing to do in Majorca is to visit some ports or ports. 

I must honestly say that I prefer the calls and the beaches to the ports – however, they are very cute.  Most of them are nice and you should see at least one of them, for example: Porto Colom, Porto Cristo or Porto Andratx which is a little bit bigger and on the west coast.  

You can also do a lot of sightseeing there along with visiting restaurants and cafes.  Overall, the ports provide a great place to chill and relax and so you have to add them to your Mallorca itinerary.

Get Lost in Beautiful Towns

Mallorca has some incredible towns and you have to visit the most beautiful towns in Mallorca.


One of my absolute favorite places in Mallorca was actually Valldemossa, a little town west of Mallorca- it is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca and a must-see spot.

Valldemossa is about twentyminutes drive from Palma de Mallorca into the Tramuntana mountains and it is one of the most famous of Mallorca’s towns and probably one of the most stunning! 

There you can get lost in the little cobblestoned streetshave a coffee, enjoy life and take in wonderful views of MallorcaIt is extremely picturesque and a mustsee place but don’t miss out on other places/towns you should see like Sóller – another gorgeous town close to Valldemossa.

Deià is another beautiful town that is so close by so that you can visit all three places in one day! 

If you don’t just want the quiet life and want to be close to a bustling city, Valldemossa is also close to the capital, Palma de Mallorca. Visiting Mallorca’s charming towns is only one of the many things that you should do during your visit. 


Visit Palma de Mallorca

Well, you should definitely check out Palma de Mallorca which is the capital city of Mallorca and located in west/south of Mallorca.


It is a very beautiful city boasting the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palmacommonly known as LSeu. 

Palma has a delightful little old town featuring interesting architecture, great shopping and a heavenly beach to watch the sunset from.

I would plan in at least a day for discovering Mallorca´s capital, including relaxing time at the beach and there are many things to do in Palma de Mallorca. I most often opt for self-guided tours and get lost (sometimes literally) but if you prefer guided tours click here.

Hunt Flowers

Okay, this might seem weird but I have a thing for flowers…Seeing colorful flowers in particular and Mallorca was like heaven.



Luckily, you do not have to search for long to find them, but will stumble onto them.

Just drive along the scenic roads and you will see gorgeous little houses with flowers hanging all around.  It is wonderfully quaint and the bright colors against the cobble stoned houses are really worth taking the time to snap some pictures. 

Enjoy Great Views of Mallorca

As Mallorca has mountains great views come naturally, however, there are some places to visit in Mallorca that offer the best views.


While we’re talking about eye candy, one of the best views that you will find and that is definitely a point of interest is the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador in Spain which is close to Felanitx in the eastern part of Mallorca close to Manacor

Here you can either cycle, drive or hike up to the top of the hill where you will find amazing views. It is definitely worth a visit and somehow a more unique thing to do in Mallorca.


Road Tripping  – Serra de Tramontana

Another must do that I mentioned at the beginning is getting around by car. It is one of the best things to do in Majorcaa road trip is actually more than a necessity, its fun! 


See the most beautiful places in Mallorca when road tripping Mallorca.

Driving along the coast and the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range which is almost 90km long and is a UNESCO World Heritage site is just amazingThat said, you do need to be careful, because in Spain people sometimes drive a little carelessly (so do not be surprised to see all the cars having scratches and damages at some point).

The drive along the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is on the west coast of Spain starting closely after Palma de Mallorca and beats out by far, the less scenic areas in central Mallorca.  

So, if driving you should definitely venture through Valldemossa and the west coast to enjoy great views for a must do activity in Spain.   


Enjoy the Sunsets in Mallorca

Many of the above-mentioned activities in Mallorca are free – and so is this tip for Mallorca.


No doubt, to top off your holiday you’ll find yourself enjoying one of Mallorca’s many spectacular sunsets.  I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of them and they are well worth staying outside for and enjoying.  

If you are staying in Mallorca for 4 or 5 days you will probably not be able to see and do much more. But in case you stay longer or have extra time on your hand, you can visit more beautiful places in Majorca.

Go Wine Tasting in Mallorca

Another thing to do in Mallorca is to visit a winery to try wine tasting (I am not a wine person so I skipped it but it seems to be hot and very popular). Find out more about wine tours here.

Admire Caves

Mallorca also offers great opportunities for cycling, foot tours or even cave visits!  The Cuevas del Drach cave iPorto Cristo is a famous cave located on the east coastnot too far from Cales de Mallorca.  You have to purchase your ticket in advance and being spontaneous I, unfortunately, couldn’t do it but apparently it is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions

You can check out prices for visiting the Caves of Hams here.

Party Hard

I visited Palma de Mallorca as a solo female traveler and I didn’t party – might sound boring but it was not.

Not all of Mallorca is a party island but there is one place called El Arenal close to Palma which is a very popular place for parties, and especially the Ballermann there is infamous for drunk party people (especially the British and Germans love it there).   

If you want to party, if you want to see crazy people or drunk people and maybe want to get drunk as well, this is where you should head to.  

Curious if Mallorca has made it in the top list of places to visit in Spain? Click here to find out.

Hope, you enjoy Mallorca as much as I did! If I have missed some fun things to do let us know.


I hope you have gotten some inspiration for visiting this gorgeous island and now know about the best things to do in Mallorca – whether you stay 5 days or longer, it surely will not get boring. 

Safe Travels, Arzo

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