Have you ever thought about road tripping through beautiful Canada and seeing the best places driving along East Canada?

Then, find out about the best places to visit in Canada when doing an east Canada road trip.

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Why do an East Canada Road Trip?

Driving in Canada is easy. Also, driving on your own gives you much more freedom than public transport, and you get to not only visit lovely destinations on your own schedule, but you can also see all the areas along the way.

If you plan to visit Canada from the US’s eastern side, you would drive north first into Niagara Falls and start there, followed by Toronto and Kingston, and finish your Canada destinations with Montreal.

If you are flying in from another country and getting a rental car in Canada, you would want to start with Toronto and then follow it with Kingston, Montreal, and then Niagara Falls so you can fly out from Toronto as well (which is only about 1 ½ hour from Niagara Falls).

Of course, within each area, there are places you have to see in Canada, so I include these here too, so you know what to be sure not to miss along the way!

Before discussing the best places to see in east Canada, you can find some important travel information for a road trip through Canada.

Travel Tips for East Canada Road Trip

Before heading to East Canada, road trip itinerary, let´s discuss some travel tips first.

Security as a Female

Canada is quite safe and very friendly. Simply exercising common sense will keep you out of trouble.

As always, when traveling out of your home country, be aware of your surroundings, don’t wander alone at night, and don’t leave your valuables out in plain sight.

How to Get Around East Canada

This is all about the road trip! So, your car will be your main transportation between points. You will most likely park the car and explore via foot, taxi, or bus within each area. This combination will give you one of the best trips in Canada.

In Niagara Falls, the WEGO bus system is the easiest way to get around amongst the attractions.

In most of the other cities getting around by foot is the easiest way if you stay central. Otherwise, taxis are quite easy to come by.

Things to Pack for Eastern Canada

This depends on the time of year you are traveling, but Canada doesn’t get very hot in general. In the summer, temperatures tend to average in the 70s and can be brisk at night.

Packing a mixture of clothing that you layer and a sweater or light jacket for the evenings may be best. I get cold easily and found myself chilly after dark.

You’ll also want earplugs to block out city noise, especially if you are not used to it.

Tap water is safe to drink, so I like to bring a reusable water bottle to fill in water fountains.

Here are tips on how to plan the perfect road trip.

Where to Stay in East Canada

Hotels in Canadian cities tend to be pricey for a good location and decent rooms. If you plan on staying more than a few nights in each location, you may want to opt for an Airbnb at some of your Canada holiday destinations to save some costs on accommodation.

There is a hotel tip for each of the places during your East Canada road trip.

Best Time to Visit Eastern Canada For A Road Trip

Summer – definitely! The winters can be quite harsh, so to enjoy the best of Canada (unless you are planning on heading north-west to the Yukon for a sighting of the Northern lights), you may want to avoid this time of year.

Also, snowstorms can make driving on the road trip quite treacherous. On another note, if you plan to visit just one of these spots during the winter and not do much driving (or perhaps you are accustomed to snowy winters from your hometown), it can be quite lovely to see some Christmas markets and the Niagara Falls frozen.

General Expenses

The Canadian dollar is pretty comparable to the US dollar, so that it can be a costly destination for many, especially within the cities and tourist hotspots.

Budgeting your meals is necessary, and keeping snacks on you and a refillable water bottle helps save some money.

I found the restaurants particularly overpriced in Niagara Falls, so come prepared. Bargaining is usually not an option here either, so be prepared to pay the ticket price and spend wisely!

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Best Places to Visit on an East Canada Road Trip

Okay, here are the best places to see when road-tripping this beautiful area.

Niagara Falls

An east Canada road trip wouldn’t be complete with a visit to Niagara Falls!

1) Horn-blower Cruise

Although this is a huge tourist attraction, it is also a must-see.

Where to visit in Estern Canada
Byelikova Oksana /

The best bet is to go in the early morning or late afternoon. Mid-day, it is unbelievably crowded with long lines as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada.

Once onboard, it is a lot of fun and worth catching!

Seeing the falls up close is an amazing experience. You get to hear, see and feel the power behind them. You will get wet, though! Be sure to wear non-slip sandals, and I recommend rolling up your pants or wearing shorts, so the bottom half of your legs (that stick out beyond the poncho) don’t get soaked!

2) White Water Walk

This is a much more laid-back (and less crowded) stop in Niagara Falls. But it is still one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Canada where to go

It is an old-fashioned boardwalk weaving along the river’s edge where you can walk right alongside the white-water rapids. It is a nice relaxing stop to see some gorgeous sights when Canada sightseeing.

3) Whirlpool Aero Car

This is a fun ride high above the Niagara whirlpool. It is one of Canada’s exciting places, and you get some amazing views of the area from above.

Canada where to visit

Personally, I am afraid of heights, so I had a little bit of panic getting started, but it was completely worth it! Also, it was another attraction that tends to have shorter lines worth considering when planning what to see in Canada.

4) Queen Victoria Park

The park is gorgeous and a nice Canadian tourist spot to relax in after trekking about all day!

Canada points of interest

Sometimes there are small festivals held here too. Besides making a stop here during the day for the gorgeous views, it’s also amazing to go here at night because you can see the falls all lit up.

Also, you can watch fireworks here on Friday nights, so it’s definitely one to include on your east Canada road trip itinerary!

5) Niagara on the Lake, Town, and Wineries

When you want some time outside of the tourist hustle and bustle of Niagara Falls, head 20 minutes out to Niagara on the Lake.  One of Canada’s cutest travel destinations, this cute 19th-century town is surrounded by vineyards and filled with boutique shops.

Definitely take some time to explore, even take a bike ride, or go on a wine tasting tour for some fun!

*Note that in Niagara Falls, the easiest way to get around is via the WEGO bus that functions as a hop-on-hop-off. You can also get passes that include entry into all the main attractions.

Heading out to Niagara on the Lake (about 20 minutes outside of the tourist center) is best done via your car. If you are at Niagara Falls with your loved one, check out ideas on romantic things to do.

Niagara Falls – Marriott on the Falls is a perfect accommodation that you should check out.

Tip: If you fancy something extraordinary, then a helicopter ride would be the perfect activity!


For the second of your cities in Canada to visit, try Toronto, home to some really cool places in Canada.

1) Casa Loma

To see why Toronto is one of Canada’s best vacation destinations, why not whet your appetite for the city with a visit to Casa Loma?

Tulips and Casa Loma in Midtown Toronto, Ontario

This is a gorgeous Gothic-style “castle” with gardens, right in central Toronto! Besides the architecture and gardens themselves, it has also been converted into a museum with preserved rooms to make you feel like you are stepping back in time.

2) Kensington Market

Kensington is a charming bohemian neighborhood, and the market is filled with everything from boutique shops and cafes to specialty grocery marts.

Canada Road Trip

Whether you are looking for a vintage dress, loose teas, or a day spent checking out art shows, you will find it here. In August you can also catch the Jazz Festival!

3) CN Tower

Another of the trendy places in Canada is the famous CN Tower. This was the world’s tallest tower all the way up until 2009!

Canada best cities to visit

In addition to visiting the lookout and getting some amazing views of the city, you can also eat at 360 Restaurant. This is a really great dinner plan if you are visiting Toronto, and it is beautiful to see the city from up there at night.

Lastly, if you are more daring and are looking for things to do in Canada to get your adrenaline pumping, you can try the “Edge Walk” where you get to walk the circumference of the tower from outside (of course strapped into a harness).

4) Distillery District

Filled with tons of Victorian-era industrial architecture, this is a really unique idea for visiting Canada. It’s a designated National Historic Site of Canada and features more than 40 heritage buildings!

Nowadays, you can hit these cobblestone streets for the Toronto Christmas Market in December or choose to explore indie hot spots, art shows, and specialty breweries during the rest of the year.

Things start to shut down around 8 PM, though, so it’s best to visit mid-day, and after a day of exploring markets and shops, grab some dinner and beers before heading back to your hotel.

5) Toronto Island

One of the Canadian Islands to visit is this here: Also known as “The Island,” it is only a 13-minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto. While the island is small at only about 3 miles long, it is still one of the best places to see in Canada.

Renting a bicycle is an easy way to get around and explore the various beaches on the island. Spending the day on the island is a nice way to get outside the city and relax for a bit and if you’re there in the summer, enjoy the beach time and a swim!

Toronto – Courtyard by Marriott is a great option – check out rates.


To visit more of the best places to visit in east Canada, make Kingston the third stop. Read on to find out more…

1) 1000 Islands Cruise

This is a relaxing way to see the beautiful islands of the St. Lawrence River. Opt for the longer 3-hour cruise so you can really see as much as possible.

There are over 1,800 islands in the river, and it’s definitely one of the places to go in Canada that you must-see. If you like variety, these islands are one of the best places to see in eastern Canada. Some of the islands are private, some are small spots of nature dotted in the middle of the river, and some are home to mansions or even castles (such as Boldt castle).

2) Fort Henry

If you’re craving some history and looking for some of the best travel sites in Canada, look no further than Fort Henry.

Built in the 1800s, Fort Henry is an interesting historical sight in Kingston. During most of the year, you can visit the site as a museum and explore the fort and see historical re-enactments. This can include shooting cannons, soldier parades, and more.

During October, it is transformed into “Fort Fright,” so if you like a fun scare, you may want to visit during this time.

3) Bellevue House

Another place to add to your road trip (especially for history buffs) is Bellevue House.

Bellevue House National Historic Site house, best Eastern Canada Road trip

Bellevue House is the historic home of Canada’s first prime minister and was built in the 1840s. It’s unique to Canada due to its Italian style architecture, and on top of that, it was also done in an asymmetrical design. It’s a beautiful and unique building in Kingston and has a perfectly preserved interior which is fun to explore.

The staff and guides also dress in period-correct outfits to complete the feel of stepping back in time.

4) Kingston Penitentiary

This is Canada’s oldest prison! It was actually closed to the public for 180 years but is now available to tour, and it an exciting attraction. In addition to being the oldest Canadian prison, it is also one of the most notorious.

It may seem like an odd thing to do during your travel to Canada, but it is worth it, the history is pretty fascinating!

5) The Waterfront Pathway

Then it is time to check out the Waterfront Pathway.

The Waterfront Pathway is a lovely walking path connecting downtown to Emma Martin Park. It is a really nice activity to explore the pathway and all the different places along the way.

The pathway connects to several parks and various historic sites, including the Bellevue House and Kingston penitentiary.

If you have the time, seeing everything via the Waterway Path is a nice leisurely way to enjoy the path itself as well as all the stops along it. Bring a picnic to lunch at one of the parks during midday!

Click here to find the best accommodation rates in Kingston– if you are looking for a great mid-range hotel, check out Downtown Kingston- Residence Inn Water’s Edge.


Then it is time to visit Montreal. Keep reading to find out why…

1) Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens here are amazing! They have several outdoor gardens as well as greenhouse gardens and multiple themed gardens.

Montreal Botanical Garden, what to see in Eastern Canada

Included are the Japanese Garden, a garden of indigenous Canadian plant life, and a poisonous plants garden. My personal favorite, though, is seeing their amazing plant sculptures.

2) Old Montreal

Old Montreal is the oldest part of the city, with some parts dating back to when the area was known as “New France.”

Most beautiful places in Canada

Old Montreal is full of attractions. In addition to the famed Basilica, Capel and City Hall, there is also a great market (Bonsecours) and some gorgeous historical mansions.

It’s effortless to get around on foot, and in addition to the sights of Old Montreal itself, there are several museums and galleries here worth visiting too.

3) St Louis Square

St. Louis Square is a historic square surrounded by Victorian row homes. Visiting this area is like stepping back in time!

The homes are lovely, and it’s great for an afternoon stroll. It has a French feel, and if you go in the evening, you can sometimes catch some street performers making music in the center.

4) Notre Dame Basilica

Located in Old Montreal, this is a stunning piece of architecture.

Canada best places to visit

It is done in the gothic revival style, and the interior is colorful and gorgeous. You can visit to explore (there is a small entry fee), or you can attend a mass or choir session to hear the talented singers.

In the evenings, they also do a cool light show called “And Then There was Light,” which is a different way to see the church and learn about its history.

5) Take a Food Tour

Of all the places to visit in Canada, Montreal is definitely known for its food! The city is a foodie’s paradise with tons of options, including their famed French restaurants. Take a food tour with a local guide to find the best-hidden spots and taste various options in one day- definitely worth it!

You can find various types of food tours on Viator.

*Note that if you have a chance to take a day trip up to Quebec City, voted “The Most European City in North America” and the only fortified city north of Mexico, definitely take the opportunity!

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I hope you have gotten some great inspiration here for the best places to see on an east Canada road trip – there are so many beautiful places that it is hard to choose from, but with the tips mentioned above, you are perfectly prepared for your trip!

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