What to Pack for Dubai  – The Stylish Way

What to pack for Dubai. The stylish way. United Arab Emirates. Fashion

What to pack for Dubai. The stylish way. United Arab Emirates. Fashion

Dubai is an interesting destination – not only as a layover destination. It has nice beaches, interesting indoor places (well, a lot of malls), gorgeous hotels, and much more to explore. Dubai is quite westernized (read my post about What to Wear in Dubai as a Woman) and you can wear most of the things you wear in western countries as well.

Find a packing list with things you will need in Dubai:




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It can get really, really, really hot in Dubai. Especially in summer – but even winter in Dubai is sometimes warmer than summers in Germany…. So my main advice is to wear bright, and light clothes mostly made from cotton. It can get chilly in the evenings (at least in winter), so some warmer jackets should be on your list. But before I say too much, better just check my list :).

P.S. As always I have looked to find ideas for all budgets.

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Most Important Items for Traveling to Dubai

Listed first because it might be the most important of all: Sun protection and after sun treatment. Apart from that, I do not have many toiletries (just my own basics).




Dubai is not a backpacker´s paradise – though you will find all kind of people and travelers, I hardly (never?) have seen any “obvious” backpacker, so you need real suitcases :=)



I normally always have an extra a carry-on luggage with me.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are the new must-items when it comes to traveling, they are very handy and the y also come in cool colors.


Passport Holder

I need a passport when I travel to Dubai (ID is not enough) so I need a bigger wallet (aka a passport holder) and I love the fun colors here.


Toiletry Kit

Forget all the different small bags for shampoo etc. – get them all packed in a toiletry kit.



hat is more than just an accessory in Dubai, so my must-have item for Dubai is a stylish hat.



Another must-have item in sunny Dubai: Sunglasses


I love jewelry but since I tend to lose stuff, I do not wear much. One exception are watches: I am totally addicted to watches. Though, there are rumors that people do not take time so seriously in the Arabian countries I could not survive without any. I added a Rolex and a Chanel watch – it is Dubai after all, and for more affordable watches click here.


What I really liked in Dubai is that you will see all kind of people with different styles. I did not feel uncomfortable wearing more expensive but also more affordable clothes and handbags.


Maxi Dresses

Dubai is made to wear maxi dresses, most of the time it is hot (warm) enough and it is also great for more conservative areas in Dubai. To get your own maxi dress click here.

Linen Trousers

Though I love maxi dresses, the best thing to wear when it is hot is probably linen trousers (which you can get here)-  combined with a cool tank top and nice flat sandals it can be super chic.


You can wear short skirts in most places, some shopping malls actually have dress codes and do not allow too short skirts or shorts (though many do not follow the rules).

Some long skirts should be on your list.



The more the merrier – my rule for hot destinations. I love skirts/trousers which I can wear with tops that are easy to change and are made from cottons are other light materials.


Some cute blouses should be on your list (for the evening, some places that do not allow naked arms, or for the winter).


Shorts are okay for most places – I love them especially for the beaches.

After the Sun Sets…

It can actually get chilly in Dubai – not only but also after the sun sets. Though this might not be the case in summer, it


At the Beach

It is totally fine to wear bikinis in Dubai (topless is not allowed) but I would not necessarily recommend to wearing the smallest bikini.

I looove kaftans and think, it is best to wear from the beach back to the hotel room etc. Luckily, they look super cool these days.

Dubai is super safe and I assume you could leave your expensive designer bag at the beach – however, I recommend one of the cool beach bags, which are light, affordable, and stylish.

Flip Flops are my must-have for beach days.

Girls Night Out in Dubai?

I am not much of a clubber (anymore), but I love dining in beautiful restaurants – Dubai is the place to dress up.


Dubai is the city of superlatives, so do not forget a camera to capture it with a camera. If your mobile takes good picture you do not need an extra camera, but if not, I recommend a different camera, I use the Nikon D5300 (it also comes with the wifi function 🙂

(also, do not forget a good and fast SD card, an extra battery and an extra camera bag to keep it safe).

For underwater or action pictures I recommend the GoPro 5 (it does not come with an SD card nor with a spare battery so you have to get them separately).

International Adapter – check if you need one.

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Safe travels! Arzo


What to pack when traveling to Dubai? United Arab Emirates, Packing guide Dubai and Abu Dhabi

What to pack when traveling to Dubai? United Arab Emirates, Packing guide Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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