Experience the sizzling excitement of Dubai’s sweltering summer! Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are those who absolutely adore the scorching thrill between April and October. So if you’re a heat enthusiast, summer in Dubai is the perfect adventure for you!

If you are spending a few days (or months) in Dubai in summer being located nearby, take advantage of this opportunity and figure out what entertainment to partake in! With so much potential fun around you, act quickly before it’s too late.

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Looking for exciting summer adventures in Dubai? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Despite a few closed spots, there’s still a plethora of amazing experiences waiting for you. So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into our ultimate summer activity list for the beautiful city of Dubai! 🌞🌴


Before mentioning the best things to do in the summer, here are some tips on what to pack for a summer vacation in Dubai and some more tips for your trip to Dubai in the summer:

What is the Weather Like in Dubai in Summer?

The weather in Dubai in the summer months is hot. This is the short answer – actually, it is not only hot but extremely hot.

Dubai only has two seasons – summer and winter. So, basically, this means hot and warm to hottish.

Summer starts at the beginning/mid of April and lasts until the end of October.

April is hot, and May is even hotter, June gets crazy, July and August are unbearably hot.

September gets a bit colder but is still hot, and October is the start of a better time – though it is still hot. Have I mentioned, it gets really hot during these months?

In June, it can get 40°C (104°F) – with no wind and hardly any rain. In July and August, the average temperature is above 40 degrees Celcius.

It does cool down after the sun sets, but you can expect around 30°C (86°F) during the night.

The ocean is also quite warm – and many consider it too hot to swim.

It starts getting cooler in September, but the temperature is still almost 40 degrees Celcius. It gets better in October. However, some restaurants and places are still closed (like the Miracle Garden) as it is still hot (around 35 degrees Celcius).

More Tips for Surviving Dubai in the Summer Months

While I am always up for a good walk and long strolls, the summer months are not great to walk a lot. Dubai´s streets do not offer loads of shadow, and walking is a terrible option to get around (and so is getting around by bike).

Unfortunately, taxis are the best way to get around as they have AC, and you do not have to rub shoulders with many others as you have in the metro.

However, the metros and the metro stations are quite cold and perfect to cool down if needed.

Hotel prices drop in the summer – and you can find great bargains. If you want to experience the amazing hotels in Dubai – then summer is the time to visit (make sure the hotel has at least one pool).

Drink water – a lot as being hydrated is one of the most important aspects to staying healthy in the summer months.

What to Pack for a Summer Vacation in Dubai

I recommend buying these things in advance – so you do not waste much time in Dubai buying them. Dubai is normally more expensive than the US or Germany.

  • Sunscreen and more sunscreen
  • Little umbrella – not to protect you from the rain, but from the sun
  • Portable fan
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Wet Wipes
  • Enough tops

Bright clothes, ideally covering your whole body (no, fewer clothes in summer do not mean less heat; pack airy and bright clothes).

Make sure to drink plenty of water (alcohol in summer is not the best idea) – so you stay healthy!

Good Hotels For a Dubai Summer Trip

I highly recommend staying in a hotel with some indoor attractions and some pools – and a nice spa area.

If you are looking for my personal recommendations for all budgets and areas, click here.

Jumeirah Palm is the best place to stay if you prefer to be at the beach.  Atlantis – the Palm is home to many attractions and restaurants – so many, that I did not even get out for a whole 48 hours. That has never happened to me in any other hotel. It might not be the most modern hotel anymore, but it is a great hotel for a summer vacation in Dubai.


JBR Walk is a lovely area with many restaurants and shops, most hotels have beach access. It is also close to Dubai Marina and Madinat Jumeirah. Check out the 4-star Resort: JA Ocean View Hotel Dubai.



Okay, after reading all about the heat you might be wondering, “what to do in Dubai in the summer months then?” Here are the best summer activities.

Spend Time in Shopping Malls

Hey there! Looking for a cool escape from Dubai’s sizzling summer heat? Well, guess what – shopping malls are your personal oasis! Trust us, chilling at these fancy malls is one of the most delightful experiences you can have in the city during the hot season! 

Things to do in summer Dubai

Escape the heat and treat yourself to a day of cool, climate-controlled adventure at the mall! Explore all those fascinating nooks and crannies you’ve been missing out on, guilt-free, knowing the great outdoors can wait for a day with nicer weather.

Experience the magic of Dubai during the summer months and enjoy some amazing deals! Take advantage of the incredible offers from April to October, and make your journey truly unforgettable!

Dubai Mall Aquarium from above Arzo Travels

Looking for famous shopping destinations? Don’t miss out on amazing hotspots like the dazzling Dubai Mall or the extravagant Mall of the Emirates!

Go Ice Skating

Escape the heat and embrace the chill on a sizzling summer day in Dubai by indulging in an exhilarating ice-skating adventure! Glide through the frosty air on the thrilling Snow Bullet, a zippy indoor zip line that soars above the rink.

Why not improve your skills with some lessons or even make some new feathery friends by meeting adorable penguins? Trust us, it’s a cool way to spend your time in the sweltering season!

Are you longing for winter fun? Good news! Thanks to Dubai’s ice rink, now everyone can experience some frosty excitement all year round. Get away from the scorching sun and take a refreshing spin on the ice with your friends or family – it’ll be an unforgettable day at the rink!

  • You can find the ice skating rink inside Dubai Mall. Check out prices for Dubai Ice Rink here.

Hit the Beach And Do Water Sports

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a trip to the beach! It the beach is not just there to get a tan. Fly-boarding and jet skiing are two of many fun activities that you can do in there. Avoiding direct sun exposure is also key – so make sure to take plenty of breaks under umbrellas or near shady spots during your cooling off session by the coast.

Best places in Dubai - La Mer beach

Just a quick suggestion for your beach adventure in summer – consider renting a cabana! It’ll shield you from the sun and add a touch of comfort to your day by the sea. Just remember, it won’t save you from the heat, so stay cool, my friend!

Imagine having the beach almost all to yourself! In the summer months, this is quite a very likely scenario. Just remember to bring an umbrella and sunscreen for a perfect, sun-kissed day.

Looking for a unique way to unwind? Immerse yourself in nature’s very own steamy spa! With water temperatures reaching a toasty 35°C (95°F), you’ll feel your tensions melt away in no time, creating a soothing whirlpool-like sensation – minus the actual whirl, of course. Dive in and enjoy this steam bath alternative!

JBR Walk - The Beach Dubai--9

Relax at the Pool

Isn’t it great that during Dubai’s summer season, you can enjoy lower accommodation prices?

Yup, those sky-high hotel rates take a little break, making it more budget-friendly as the number of visitors decreases. So go ahead and indulge in some summertime fun while keeping your wallet happy!

Things to do in summer in Dubai

Why not treat yourself to an amazing aquatic experience? Reserve your stay at a heavenly oasis with fantastic pools that will make your days by the water simply unforgettable!

Ask the service people to bring all available umbrellas to your lounge, so you are protected from the sun and then enjoy a day at the pool. Here is my full Dubai accommodation guide with the best areas to stay in Dubai.

Do a Speedboat Tour

Spending a day out on the water in Dubai can be truly rejuvenating, but to stay cool during the summer months you’ll need an extra boost of wind. Enjoying some speed-boating is sure to give your body and soul that much-needed refresher!

I actually think it is one of the best things to do in Dubai at any time of the year.

Where to stay in Dubai for all budgets - Atlantis

Looking for an awesome boat adventure that keeps you cool, while giving you an exciting tour? Then, hop aboard a speedboat ride! You’ll be able to enjoy refreshing breezes, explore breathtaking sights, and get double the fun – all in one thrilling experience!

Visit a Water Park

Looking for an exciting splash in Dubai? Check out the incredible Aquaventure at Atlantis – The Palm Hotel, or make a splash at Wild Wadi Water Park, situated right in front of the iconic Burj al Arab. You won’t be disappointed!

Wild Wali park with kids in Dubai

Discover the excitement of visiting these fantastic destinations during any season! Dive into the invigorating, cool waters and experience the thrill of numerous slides and versatile pools. Trust me, adults will find the adventure equally enjoyable and refreshing!

Don’t forget to pack your suncream and other beach essentials, as the local shops can be quite pricey. You can lounge in style with the available cabanas or sunbeds and umbrellas, perfect for a relaxing day under the sun!

Have a Drink at the Ice Lounge

Did you know that there’s a super cool hangout spot in the Middle East? Dubai is now home to the region’s first ice lounge, Time Out! Don’t worry if you’re not exactly dressed for the freezing temperatures – they’ll provide you with all the necessary thermal clothing. So come on in, grab a frosty drink, and enjoy the ultimate chill experience at this fascinating bar! ❄️

Explore Hotels

Discover the magic of Dubai’s awe-inspiring hotels, famed for their top-notch service and luxury! By grabbing a fantastic deal during the low season, you too can witness their splendor without breaking the bank. So, indulge yourself in the ultimate hotel experience and find out just why these gems have made Dubai world-famous!

Don’t worry if you’re not staying in a luxury hotel, you can still enjoy some hotel sightseeing! Many hotels are open to the public! These hotels have fantastic air conditioning, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable as you explore – just be prepared for a quick, warm dash from your taxi to the hotel entrance.

Atlantis - The Palm Dubai

You can explore most hotels in Dubai without actually staying the night. The only exception is the luxurious Burj al Arab, where you’ll need a reservation for their restaurant or spa. So, why not treat yourself to a splendid meal or some pampering?

I personally love to visit new hotels and often have a meal at their restaurants while doing some blogging work or buying day passed for the private beach sections. Take the opportunity to wander around and appreciate the incredible architecture of Dubai’s finest hotels – they’re truly breathtaking!

Go Skiing

One of the best summer activities in Dubai is actually a winter activity.

Hey there! Remember that incredible ice-skating experience in Dubai we talked about? Well, guess what? You can also ski there! Just make your way to the Mall of Emirates on a scorching hot day, grab a day ticket, and have an absolute blast at their air-conditioned ski hall. Talk about turning up the cool!

Skiing lessons await you, along with zipping down the massive Giant Ball run and gliding through tube slides. Plus, with a chairlift, it’ll feel just like hitting the slopes in the great outdoors!

If you’re looking to escape the heat during Dubai’s sweltering summer months, this lovely spot is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some indoor fun. Save the outdoor adventures for cooler seasons!


Dubai offers a multitude of exciting activities and attractions in the summertime – from an unforgettable ice-skating experience to thrilling waterslides and aqua parks. Enjoy exhilarating speedboat rides, take in the awe-inspiring architecture of luxury hotels and resorts, or escape to the refreshing temperatures at the Mall of Emirates’ ski hall!

Whatever you decide to do, Dubai has something for everyone. So come explore, and make your summer holiday unforgettable!

And you now know about the best things to do in Dubai in summer and how to survive it.

Safe Travels, Arzo

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