Visit Stunning St. Beatus Caves, Switzerland


A trip to St. Beatus Caves, Switzerland, should be on your Switzerland itinerary as it is one of the most beautiful places in the region of Interlaken.

Find all the information you need for your trip to St. Beatus Caves in this post – here is how to get to St. Beatus Caves, where to get tickets, what to do and see, and more tips.

Even if you don’t go inside the St. Beatus Caves (for whatever reason), it makes a great day trip (or half a day trip) and is fun to visit.

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St. Beatus Caves: General Information

Find out how to get to St. Beatus Caves, prices, opening hours, where to eat, and where to stay at St. Beatus.


  • Address: Seestrasse 30, 3800 Sundlauenen, Switzerland
  • The St. Beatus Caves are located close to Interlaken on the northern shore of Lake Thun.
  • You can easily combine it with a trip to other gorgeous places in the area like Sigriswil, Interlaken, or Thun

How to get to St. Beatus Caves

The St. Beatus Caves come with a great view of Lake Thun – one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

St. Beatus Caves in Switzerland, Arzo Travels boat arrival

  • CAR: There are several parking options just at St. Beatus Caves. And though I have visited several times, I always found a spot without problems (and always paid the parking fee that comes with it). Driving that street is scenic, by the way. Check out my Switzerland road trip guide for more scenic routes.
  • Parking is quite cheap by Switzerland standards (around two euros for four hours). HOWEVER, on bank holidays it can be busy, and it is recommended to use public transportation instead of driving.
  • BUS: Several buses are going to St. Beatus Caves (station: Beatushöhlen). It is located between Thun and Interlaken, so buses there run regularly.
  • BOAT: Another epic way to arrive at St. Beatus Caves is via boat. Combine it with a Lake Thun boat cruise and then get out at Beatushöhlen-Sundlauenen.
  • FOOT: You can get to St. Beatus Caves just by hiking from towns like Thun or Interlaken. It will take time but walking along the street, with a view of Lake Thun, is pretty motivating.

Regardless of how you arrive at the St. Beatus Caves – you will have to do an uphill hike (between 10-20 minutes to get to the caves).

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St. Beatus Caves in Interlaken, Switzerland. What to know before visiting this must.see place in the Bernese Overland.

St. Beatus Myth

If you are into myths, you´ll love St. Beatus Caves.

The St. Beatus myth says that a mythological dragon took shelter here until the 2nd century.

That dragon brought havoc upon the local population. At that time, an Irish monk (or a Scottish)- named Beatus – was living (around 100 AD) in the area and chose the caves to live there. However, the caves had a resident already. And that dragon resident was not happy about the new guest, and guess what happened?

Monk Beatus killed the creature. That simple! This brought peace, and thanks to him, the caves can now be visited! And even the local Swiss people can live without fear – what an amazing man!

And of course, such a brave man and heroic act can only mean one thing: they name the place after that person, so welcome to St. Beatus Caves.

If you are not into myths but appreciate stalactites and stalagmites, which have been formed by nature over millions of years, you will love them too. If you are just into beautiful scenery – then you’ll definitely love it!

What Are the St. Beatus Caves?

The St. Beatus Caves lead deep into the interior of the immense Niederhorn Massif. Nowadays, it is electrically lighted, allowing you to delve up to 1000 meters into the depths, passing roaring subterranean waterfalls, narrow passages, and grottos with stalactite stalagmite formations that have been formed by nature over millions of years.

St Beats Höhlen im Berner Oberland - Visit St. Beatus Caves Switzerland

Opening Hours at St. Beatus Caves

  • It is now open all year round.
  • In the winter season 1st November to 31st March, it is only open on the weekends – Saturday from 10 am – 6:30 pm – last admission 5:45 pm,  Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – last admission 16:15 p.m.
  • In the summer season, open daily from 9 am to 6 pm (last admission at 5 pm) – Fridays & Saturdays open until 9 pm (last admission at 8:15 pm)
  • Even if the caves are closed, you can head to the caves and just admire the stunning surroundings

Ticket Prices St. Beatus Caves

  • You only have to pay if you go inside the St. Beatus Caves – if you hike up and want to enjoy the view, it is free of charge (find Switzerland budget travel tips here).
  • Adults have to pay about 19 CHF to visit the cave itself, and the guided tour is included in this price, and so is the ticket for the museum.
  • Tickets for the museum only are CHF 6 (in case you do not want to visit the caves)
  • Children (6-16 years) pay about 8€ ($10) (10CHF).
  • Dogs 10 CHF
  • Adults (50 + years) 16 CHF 
  • You can get a small discount with a Bernese Oberland Visitor Card
  • Family tickets are available

Where to Stay in St. Beatus

I have stayed quite some time in the Interlaken region (though I think it is still not enough) and have written a full accommodation guide for Interlaken and the region.

More Things to Know

  • Photography and filming is allowed in the Caves, but no tripods
  • Inside the caves, the temperature remains between 8 and 10°C (bring warm clothes)
  • No smoking or eating inside the caves
  • It is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly

St. Beatus Höhle in Interlaken

Why Visit St. Beatus Caves?

There are many reasons to visit St. Beatus Caves. The caves are only one of them. On my way up, I got rewarded for my “efforts” – a view of Lake Thun and the waterfall (more on that a bit later).

Visiting the caves is not the only activity you can do there – here is my list of what to do in St. Beatus Caves.

Touring St. Beatus Caves, Switzerland

When you book your tour, you can choose the language.

The tour was in Swiss German, which I hardly understand (High German was also an option, but since everybody else in the group preferred Swiss German, I did not say anything, English guided tours are also available) – and so I did not understand much.

However, I still had fun, and as I absolutely have no idea about geology/geography, etc. I was happy to look at everything and read the information boxes which explained the most important facts. The tour, about 1km, took about 75 minutes and was well-lit, and the paths well-established.

S. Beatus Cave in Interlaken @shutterstock Visit St. Beatus Caves Switzerland
St. Beatus Caves in Interlaken @shutterstock

I can definitely recommend visiting the St. Beatus Caves – and not only on hot days when you want to experience some cold.

The caves themselves are fascinating and totally different from other activities I did in Switzerland. 

St Beatus Caves Restaurant

On my first trip, I just came for the pictures, and on my second trip, I enjoyed lunch at this beautiful restaurant with panorama views. 

Interlaken where to go
The kitchen serves hot meals, and I could not have asked for more at that moment. 
View from the panorama restaurant in St Beatus Caves

  • Click here to read about other things to do in Switzerland.


This almost goes without saying…plan some time to stroll around. St. Beatus really is a beauty inside and outside.

St. Beatus Caves in Switzerland from outside Arzo Travels_

Getting up St Beatus Caves

Hiking down to the viewpoint with Arzo Travels

St. Beatus Caves Museum

If you hold a ticket for the caves, you can also visit the St Beatus Caves Museum, which was completely renovated in 2013 and is great for ending the caves tour. 
You can find out more about the history of the caves, their discovery, and the story of their namesake. Also, you can find out about the type of rocks the caves are made of, and learn about the animals – both inside and outside the caves! 
  • TIP: If you do not want to visit the caves, you can get a ticket to the museum (which is much cheaper).


The waterfall in front of the caves is just beautiful.

St. Beatus Cave in Interlaken, Switzerland

Best Views of St. Beatus Caves

The restaurant’s views are pretty great, but there are more places with great views. Looking at Lake Thun is always a good idea that guarantees amazing views.

Views from St Beatus Caves

If you are looking for one of Switzerland’s best views, you can hike down the other side of the caves (just a short 10 minutes hike), and you have an amazing view of the Instafamous places in Interlaken.

Arzo Travels at St Beatus Caves

St. Beatus Caves With Kids

Depending on the age of your kids, I am pretty sure this is the perfect kid-friendly activity. Spending time in caves should be fun for many kids above 3 years old (or even younger). But running around St. Beatus Höhlen is fun – and if they do not like any of these activities, they can still enjoy some time at the playground.

Playground at St. Beatus Caves in Switzerland, Arzo Travels

St. Beatus Caves With Dogs

I visited the area 3 times (only been to the caves once) and was joined by my dog twice.

St. Beatus Caves are quite dog-friendly. They are allowed into the caves (but are charged CHF 10). I guess my dog enjoyed the time in the cold caves on that hot day.

Most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland - Lake Thun

Take your dog on a leash, and he/she can actually be with you at all times at Beatus Caves.

Though I visited St. Beatus Caves for the first time in 2017, I revisited a few more times. I got to eat in the restaurant, walked around, and love fell more in love every single time. It is a pretty place. A really, really pretty place that should be on your Switzerland itinerary as it really is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Have a great time at St. Beatus Caves. Safe travels, Arzo!

Safe Travels, Arzo


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