Sigriswil Suspension and Panorama Bridge

Sigriswil Suspension and Panorama Bridge

I think, my obsession with the region of Interlaken has become pretty clear and I have enjoyed all my activities there (read about my other activities in Switzerland).

So it does not come as a surprise that I am also very fond of the panorama bridge in Sigriswil.

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Sigriswil Suspension bridge, over the Gummi gorge, is located in Sigriswil in the region of Interlaken with views of stunning Lake Thun. It is 340 meters long and 180 meters above ground and one of the footbridges that allow a panorama view.

The bridge connects two villages – Aeschlen and Sigriswil. As the bridge is also used by locals (and school kids) you might encounter some kids when you are there before or after school. I was lucky that I had the bridge almost to myself and a really cool ranger there took a lot of pictures.

The views are very nice and it is so peaceful up there. The area around the bridge is very lovely and in case you do not hike I would recommend spending some time to explore the peaceful region. I wish I had not been in a rush so I would have walked around and stayed at the other side of the bridge as well.

How to get to Sigriswil Suspension Bridge

I got to Sigriswill by car (Interlaken – Sigriswil) and driving up there was already a beautiful experience because I had the views of the lake but also passed many small villages with lovely houses and stunning sceneries. My tip: If you have some spare time allow yourself to take more breaks, and enjoy the fantastic views. There are also buses going up, hiking would be another option.

So when I arrived at the bridge (free parking available) I left my dog in the car (he is not just comfortable with such grounds) and so I did not spend too much time on the bridge itself.

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Sigriswil Suspension Bridge with a view of Lake Thun in Interlaken, Switzerland
Sigriswil Suspension and Panorama Bridge
Sigriswil Suspension and Panorama Bridge
Sigriswil Suspension and Panorama Bridge

How Much Does Sigriswil Bridge Cost?

To cross the bridge you have to pay around 8€ (you also get a voucher for a drink at Hotel zum Bären which is close by), tickets can be brought there. If you visit in winter please double-check if the bridge is open.

Where to Eat – Lunch at Hotel zum Bären

After taking tons of pictures I also had the chance to eat at the 4* hotel Hotel zum Bären. The hotel has a nice patio where I enjoyed my lunch. It is located just 2 minutes from the panorama bridge and close to the bus station and I assume in the “village center”.

As a vegetarian, I had a salad with egg and seeds, followed by ravioli filled with fresh cheese and spinach before enjoying a Creme Brulee (just love Creme Brulee, had so many recently but never get tired of that dessert).

For dessert I changed my table and decided to chill at the lounge before I headed to Thun (driving to Thun was actually an experience since some roads were so small and tiny – if you have oncoming traffic – but that is another story and it was quite an adventure) which I ate at the couch with view to the street (it is very quiet there). Dining at Hotel zum Bären is definitely a good choice when you are in Sigriswil :).

Where to Stay

Of course, Hotel zum Bären would be a great place to stay, but here are more tips for your accommodation in Interlaken.

More Information:

More about travel tips for Switzerland here – you will not find only reviews about vegetarian dining, but also find travel tips for Switzerland and hotels review.

Safe Travels, Arzo

Disclaimer: I was invited by Interlaken Tourism and its partners, but, as always all pictures and opinions are my own.

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