Best Things to Do in Wurzburg, Germany

What to Do in Wurzburg in One Day

Are you planning your Wurzburg itinerary and wondering about the best things to do in Wurzburg? Then read on and find out what to do and see, plus more travel tips.

Wurzburg, located in the southern part of Germany, is probably not a place on everyone’s bucket list. While it is surely not as famous and exciting as Munich or other German cities, it is a beautiful, vibrant, and lovely city that you should add to your itinerary.

After visiting the prettiest town in Germany (Rothenburg ob der Tauber), I knew I wanted to do the whole “Romantic Road” road trip. Other places that you can visit along the road are, e.g., the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle. Wurzburg is the end or starting point on the more than 400 kilometers long Romantic Road. Here are a few more places in Bavaria I totally loved.

Is Wurzburg worth visiting? Yes, definitely. I was smitten by its castle, the friendliest people in Germany, its historic and pretty buildings, the town center, and its vibe. While I am also sure that, as a slow traveler, you could spend weeks in the city and always discover something new, I also think that one day in Wurzburg is enough to find out about the best things to do in Wurzburg. 

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Here are some quick trips for your Wurzburg trip.


  • In the state of Bavaria
  • About 1.5 hours from Frankfurt and three hours from Munich (or if you do the “Romantic Road” road trip, 50 minutes from Rothenburg ob der Tauber).
  • Click here if you like to do a guided tour from Frankfurt.

How to Get Around Wurzburg

  • Wurzburg (in German written as Würzburg) is quite compact, so many sights can be discovered on foot. You will not need a car or public transportation unless you cannot walk much. In this case, you might want to take the bus to the Marienburg Festung. 

Where to Stay in Wurzburg

I stayed outside the city center at an Airbnb. However, I actually suggest staying at the town center, especially if you are here only for one night, so you don’t waste time on traffic or driving.

Best Time to Visit Würzburg

  • I am not a fan of traveling in Europe in July or August. This is normally a high season when many locals are on holiday, so you mostly only deal with tourists. 
  • Also, it can be really hot in summer (even in Germany), and prices for accommodations can rise.
  • I suggest getting here in September or springtime (we can’t predict Germany’s weather, so while the weather can be bad or rainy, it would still be my preferred season to visit if I were flexible).


So, here are my tips for what to do in Wurzburg, what to see, which places to visit in one day, and a few more important travel tips.

Residenz Würzburg 

The Residence Palace -Residenz Würzburg in German – is a must-see in Wurzburg and a great place to start your Wurzburg trip.

  • The palace is located close to the city center, and you can easily get there on foot.  

The Residence Place was built in the 18th century and used to be the residence of the former Würzburg prince-bishop. It is one of Europe’s most well-known and important baroque palaces in Europe. Just walk around the pretty gardens (for free) and enjoy the lovely views.

In summer, it was wonderfully lush, and flowers bloomed everywhere. This is the best place for those who like to rest (thanks to the beautiful surroundings and the many benches along the way). You can also do guided tours and visit the inside (since I was traveling with my little dog, I had to skip that).

To enjoy the interior here is some information. 

Opening Hours & Prices

  • April-October: daily 9 am-6 pm (last entry: 5.30 pm)
    November-March: daily 10 am-4.30 pm (last entry: 4 pm)
  • Closed: The Residence is closed only on 1 January, Shrove Tuesday, and 24, 25, and 31 December.
  • The Court Garden is open daily until dusk (8 pm at the latest).
  • Tickets are around 9€, and children under 18 years can visit for free.

Old Town /Town Center

Then it is time to visit the Altstadt – the old town. Würzburg has a beautiful old town with many interesting buildings – so it does not come as a surprise it is one of the most beautiful places in Wurzburg.

Old Town, Wurzburg in 1 day itinerary

Wurzburg best places to see and best things to do
So, while there are a few buildings that you should stop by, I suggest just walking around and seeing where your feet take you. It is just a pretty town center with many shops, restaurants, and old and historic buildings.

A few places that are the main attractions in the old town of Wurzburg include the Falkenhaus, with its bright yellow rococo façade (which is home to the tourism office), the Marienkapelle (a church in gothic style from the 15th century), the Market Square, the Four Tubes Fountain, and the Wurzburg Cathedral.

Wurzburg best things to see in Wurzburg, Bavaria, Fountain Four Tubes

Julius Promenade

The Julius Promenade isn’t really picturesque but is perfect for a break. This street, in the city center, is the perfect spot for lunch. With many restaurants catering to every budget and taste, you will find something you like, and it is popular amongst locals and visitors.

Marienberg Festung 

Another main point of interest is the Marienberg Festung.

From the Julius promenade, you can head (by bus or on foot, if you enjoy some hiking) to the Marienberg Festung (Marienberg Fortress), which is located on the top of a hill with lovely views over the city. 

Festung, best things to see in Wurzburg, Bavaria, Fountain

Wurzburg best view from Festung
The first part was probably built in the 8th century, but the main part was constructed in the 12th century. From the 13th to the 18th century, it was the ruling seat of the Würzburg prince-bishops (before the Residence Palace became the prince-bishops’ seat).

You can walk along the walls and enjoy the views for free – and the views over Wurzburg are beautiful. If you want to see the Princes’ Building, you need to purchase a ticket (prices are around 4€).

Opening Hours for the Princes’ Building:

  • March 16th – October: from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm
  • Closed from November – March 15th

Marienbrücke (Brücke)

Well, if you are visiting on a warm day, Marienbrücke might be the perfect stop to end your day. This place is one of the best places to chill and do as the locals do. Grab, together with tons of other people, a drink from a cafe and enjoy it while standing on the pretty Marienbrücke Bridge. 

Marienbrücke, Wurzburg in 1 day itinerary
You might have seen it on your way to the Marienberg Fortress. From the bridge, you can see the fortress and look down the Main River. The bridge itself is special, so my tip is not only to focus on the drinks but also the details of the bridge.

Personally, this place makes Wurzburg even more special. Standing here on the Marienbrücke on a warm and sunny day, with or without a drink in your hands, will make you realize how pretty, friendly, and nice Germany – and Wurzburg – really is!


As you can see, in one day in Wurzburg, you can see quite a bit – Wurzburg is really a pretty city!

While there are a few more places I liked a lot, above mentioned activities are probably the best things to do in Wurzburg in one day. If you have more time, you can explore more, of course, but I think this is a busy but doable 1-day itinerary.

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