If you are planning a trip to Switzerland and want to visit gorgeous and unique mountain villages, you should definitely include Mürren in your Switzerland itinerary.  One of the cutest villages in Switzerland is the car-free Murren (Muerren or Mürren in German) in the Bernese Highlands.

Whether you travel in summer or winter, or the less crowded shoulder seasons, you will love Murren. It is just one of the amazing, tranquil little villages that are part of Switzerland´s charm. This is why I keep visiting Muerren, at least once or twice a year. Getting there is a treat for my eyes alone – but there is more to see.

This post is all about Muerren: Keep reading to find out useful information about Murren, how to get there, where to stay, the best things to see & do, and more travel tips. Also, you will find tips for activities in the winter in Murren as well as tips for your summer trip.

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Image: Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG

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Murren is composed of very few streets lined with cute houses, covered in snow in the winter, and decorated with colorful flowers in the summer. With those mountains in the background, Mürren is a perfect postcard of Switzerland!

Here are a few important things to know about Mürren.

  • Mürren is a village in the Bernese Highlands, which is more or less in the central part of Switzerland.
  • It is located at the foot of the Schilthorn peak, at 1638 meters above sea level. 
  • From Mürren you can enjoy wonderful views of the Swiss Skyline: the towering peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.
  • This precious Swiss village is car-free! Another reason that makes it a very popular destination for those who want to escape the hectic and look for some tranquility for some time.
  • While only 450 people live in Muerren, there are 2000 hotel beds!    
  • Because of its location on the edge of the mountain, it is hidden from view from the lower village of Lauterbrunnen and the nearby valley of Stechelberg. 

Murren village center


Though Murren is car-free, it is quite easily accessible.

You can reach it in approximately 30 minutes from Lauterbrunnen, 1 hour from Interlaken, and 2 hours from Bern. 


First, get to Lauterbrunnen by train. Lauterbrunnen is a small village below Mürren and reachable after a 20-minute train ride from Interlaken Ost.

Then take a gondola from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp (which is a train station at 1,500 meters above sea level). For this follow the sign “Seilbahn Grütschalp / Müurren”. The gondola departs several times an hour. It is just a 4-minute gondola ride.

From there, take a train to Mürren BLM station. It is another 15-minute train ride – but what a train ride! It is scenic and absolutely stunning. There is one stop along the way- do not get out there but stay on the train until you reach Mürren. This short train ride is one of my favorites in all of Switzerland (the country known for its stunning train rides).

Once you disembark at Mürren train station, walk for a couple of minutes until you reach the main street with the many restaurants and hotels. Do not worry though – this walk is extremely scenic and it will be fun!

TIP: This part of the gondola ride – from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp – and the train ride – from Grütschalp to Mürren – is included in your Swiss Travel Pass. 

View from train to Mürren


You can also get to Lauterbrunnen by car, but cannot get up all the way to Murren by car. 

Leave your car in the car park in Lauterbrunnen just at the Lauterbrunnen train station. Then take the gondola to Grütschalp and then take the train to Mürren train station.

Alternatively, do not park your car in Lauterbrunnen but drive for another 5 minutes to Stechelberg.  Stechelberg is a very small village near Lauterbrunnen that has a direct gondola connection to Murren. There you can leave your car in a big car park, and take the gondola up to Murren directly. 


If you use public transportation, I recommend getting a Swiss Travel Pass. I visit Switzerland often, and most of the time I get one – even if it’s a road trip. It is only for non-Swiss residents though and perfect if you visit Switzerland for 3 days or longer.

  • A Swiss Travel Pass allows you to use trains and buses without any extra costs (so you can get up all the way to Mürren with a Swiss Travel Pass – it includes the cable car ride to Grütschalp as well).
  • You can also do boat cruises without additional costs – including cruises on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz
  • It also gives you a 50% discount on most mountain rides (you can get up via cable car/funicular for half of the price). You can get up to Muerren via gondola via Stechelberg or gondola/train via Lauterbrunnen without any extra costs.

The initial prices for a Swiss Travel Pass are quite high – but it pays for itself if you get around via public transportation and are active in Switzerland for more than three or four days. So, check out prices for boats and trains and then calculate if it is a good option for you. 

For me, it usually makes sense as I am very active and use public transportation/mountain rides often (even if I road trip Switzerland).  I also love boat rides – which means many, many boat cruises for me whenever I have a Swiss Travel Pass. Book your Swiss Travel Pass here.

➡️ Check out prices for a Swiss Travel Pass here.


Here are some hotel recommendations in Mürren for each budget.

Right in the center of Mürren, this cute, family-run hotel – Hotel Blumental – is really close to the cable car and funicular. With its gorgeous views and great restaurant, it is perfect to experience traditional Swiss hospitality. ➡️ Check out prices for Hotel Blumental.

Have a look at the Sportchalet Mürren, which comes with stunning views. Some rooms have a shared bathroom, others ensuite, and there are also larger rooms for 3 and 5 people. ➡️ Find here the best prices for Sportchalet Mürren.

Not really budget, but definitely cheaper! The Sportlodge Mürren is located next to the sports center and its swimming pool. It has lovely views and a shared common area with a kitchen. The rooms are single or double, but the bathroom is shared. ➡️ Find out more about the Sportlodge Mürren.

Views in Murren, Switzerland


Though Mürren is quite small, it offers quite a lot of activities in and around Muerren.

Mürren is very popular for winter sports in the snowy season, as well as for hiking and climbing in the summer. Actually, you can do some hikes even in the winter. 

But Muerren is also about relaxing and just taking it easy, enjoying wonderful views, and having good food in one of the numerous restaurants. 


The first thing to do in Mürren is simply to soak in the gorgeous scenery and the traditional town. Stroll along the main street Im Ussren Dorf until the Mürren Viewpoint, then have lunch or coffee outdoors at one of the many cafés and restaurants. There are two churches, both small and picturesque.

Mürren in Switzerland - where to go in Switzerland

Mürren village

Church in Murren, Switzerland

There are not many attractions per se, but the whole village with its location is the main sight! I normally just stroll the village for an hour or so, with a break to just soak in the scenery in between.


From Mürren, take a gondola to Birg. Birg stands at 2677 meters above sea level, offering fantastic views of the Swiss Skyline.

Cable car to and from Birg Mountain in Lauterbrunnen

It is home to the Thrill Walk. This 200-meter-long walk leads down into the vertical walls of the imposing rock massif. At Birg, you will also find a restaurant and toilets.


Whenever you visit Murren, heading to Schilthorn Mountain is a must. Schilthorn is the highest mountain in the range lying north of the Sefinenfurgge Pass. It is 2,970 meters above sea level and lies above the village of Mürren, from where a cable car leads to its summit.

Swiss Alps in Lauterbrunnen

From Mürren, the gondola will bring you to Birg station first (see above). You can either change gondolas and get to Schilthorn straight away or get out here first. 

I have done this mountain excursion twice – once in the summer when it was a bit foggy, and once in winter when I had perfectly clear views, which made it an extremely amazing experience!

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria from cable car

At the top of Schilthorn you will find several attractions:

The main attraction is the incredible, incredible view of the Swiss Skyline. Wow, what a breathtaking view. 

Some might argue the best thing about Schilthorn is the famous Piz Gloria restaurant. Piz Gloria is a 360°revolving restaurant that rotates around its own axis in 45 minutes– offering great views and of course, food and drinks. Many people actually know Schilthorn and Piz Gloria because it was the filming location of the 007 movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Services“ in 1969. Inside Piz Gloria, you will find an interactive exhibition that is all about James Bond and the film.

Check out my more detailed Schilthorn guide for more information.

➡️ Check out ticket prices for the Schilthorn Mountain excursion – a 50% discount with a Swiss Travel Pass


At 1,907 meters above sea level, you will find Allmendhubel – also known as Lauterbrunnen´s local mountain. The area of Allmendhubel is perfect for families and kids. 

Murren to Allmendhubel funicular station

Around this funicular station overlooking the town of Murren, you will find a playground, a restaurant, and lots of easy trails with gorgeous views. 

In particular, the Flower Trail – a circular trail that takes just 20 minutes and is suitable even with strollers – is a nice and easy hike. This walk is a great introduction to alpine flowers and herbs. 

Those without kids will enjoy the benches on top of the nearby hill, perfect to relax and enjoy the panorama. 

You can reach Allmendhubel easily via funicular from the center of Murren in just 5 minutes.

  • The funicular operates from mid-June to mid-October and then again from mid-December to the beginning of April.


If you want to do an easy but extremely scenic hike – at any time of the year – hike from Grütschalp station to Mürren.

Hiking from Grütschalp to Murren

The path is wide, the incline not a lot, and the view: priceless. You will hike with a view of the Swiss Skyline – this is why you also should not do the hike the other way around but do it from Grütschalp to Mürren.

It takes about an hour/an hour and a half and though there is a slight uphill, it is a doable hike for almost all people of all ages. 

You can do this hike at any time of the year – also in winter. BUT the path might be closed if the snow gets icy and thus it is too slippery and dangerous. If the party is open, this is a beautiful winter hike in Mürren and one of my favorite easy hikes in Switzerland.


Close to Murren, is an even smaller place named Gimmelwald which is a tiny village at 1367 meters above sea level.

Gimmelwald village

And if you enjoy some easy yet scenic hiking, I recommend doing the easy hike from Mürren to Gimmelwald, which should take about 30-60 minutes down. There is not much to do but it is just lovely with a few traditional houses around.

Daring and expert hikers should consider the Nepal Bridge on the Via Ferrata Mürren-Gimmelwald! In German, Klettersteig means Via Ferrata so do not get confused when you see Klettersteg written everywhere.

The path is secure but difficult and sometimes dangerous, so hire a mountain guide. Those who make it will certainly enjoy the rush and the fantastic panorama. I am not a climber but even I am tempted to try it out one day.


Well, if you want to visit Murren there is almost no way around visiting Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen sits at about 800 meters above sea level and is known as the valley of 72 waterfalls. One of the most distinctive waterfalls is actually easily visible from the village center – the famous Staubbach Waterfall.

Lauterbrunnen Staubbach waterfall a top activity in Interlaken with Arzo Travels

The village center of Lauterbrunnen is quite small but still worth checking out – from the train station just get up the main street “Auf de Fuhren“, which is lined up with many hotels and restaurants. 

Enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfalls and the church from one of the numerous viewpoints. 

In the summer months, you can actually walk behind the Staubbach Waterfalls. Also, in the summer months, you can visit the Trümmelbach Waterfalls which are a series of ten glacier-fed waterfalls inside the mountain made accessible by a tunnel-funicular.


If you think the scenery in Murren is amazing, wait until you see it from the air! Tandem paragliding usually lasts only 15 minutes or a little more, but it’s enough to fly over the ski slopes of Schilthorn and down the valley to Stechelberg. It is just incredible to admire the gorgeous mountains and feel the fresh air from up there.

Depending on the launch area and the weather, you could also see some of the stunning waterfalls near Lauterbrunnen. It is not cheap, but it is definitely a special experience. 


Another expensive but mind-blowing experience is helicopter riding in Mürren. Flights start from the Lauterbrunnen heliport and can last from 15 to 60 minutes. Needless to say, the longer you fly, the more peaks you can admire!

You’ll get to see the Swiss skyline of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau for sure, plus the Schilthorn, but with a longer flight, you could also take a peek at the Matterhorn

This is an experience for a lifetime!


You should hop onto the train to Wengen and discover the village of Wengen which is more or less opposite of Mürren. Wengen, which sits at 1,274 meters above sea level (4,180 feet), is also car-free and easily accessible via train.

Wengen village near Lauterbrunnen

View from train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen, Switzerland, Green fields and famous touristic town with high waterfall in background,Lauterbrunnen,Bernese Oberland,Switzerland,Europe
Wengeralbbahn view

With the Wengernalpbahn, it is a short train ride from Lauterbrunnen train station and one of the most epic rides you can take. Also, the train station in Wengen is probably one of my favorite stations in the country – what an amazing view you have from there!

However, I found Mürren more interesting than Wengen but it is definitely a nice short trip.


Murren is also a paradise for winter sports. Whether it is about skiing, snowboarding, telegramming, sledding, or snowshoe hiking (and whatever winter sports exist).

The slopes on top of Schilthorn and at Birg are very difficult and great for experts. If you are looking for less difficult slopes, you will also find some great slopes.

Skiing in Murren

Experts will want to try the steepest slope in the Jungfrau Region: it has an 88% incline! The 400-meter-long “Direttissima” Run n.9 starts at Birg Station and takes you to Engetal. All the slopes on top of Schilthorn, which means around the Schilthorn Station and Birg Station, require excellent skills.

Intermediate skiers can head to the Schiltgrat area, which is served by a chairlift starting near the Schilthorn Gondola station.

Beginners instead will enjoy the gentle slopes served by the Maulerhubel and Winteregg chairlifts. You can even record your accomplishment at the Skimovie run, where you are filmed by two automatic cameras and your time is recorded! Also, snowboarders should try the Skyline Snowpark, with its setup of jibs, rails, and boxes.


Mürren is perfect for children to learn and practice skiing. Their area is Allmendhubel: on Lilly’s Magic Kidsslope, they have to pass by obstacles and over bumps. Kids as young as 3 years old can take classes at the Swiss Ski School Mürren for a couple of hours in the morning. Group and private lessons are available.

Ski schools in Murren

Actually, also adults can learn to ski and snowboard in Mürren. Private classes by the Swiss Ski School Mürren are available in the morning and in the afternoon, and teachers speak different languages.


What if you do not ski or snowboard? Don’t worry: you can go with a toboggan on the Apollo slope at Schiltgrat or on the Bob Run at Allmendhubel (some scenes of James Bond’s “In Her Majesty’s Service” were shot here in 1969!).

You can rent a sled at the Salomon Station, the main gondola to Birg and Schilthorn. 


If you’re looking for an incredible place to explore and take in breathtaking views, Murren, Switzerland is the perfect place! In the winter months, you can ski down the slopes of Schilthorn, and in the summer months, there are many hiking trails – always with a stunning backdrop!

There is a lot to do in Muerren, even though Murren is very small – it is one of the most fantastic places to visit in Switzerland. I often visit for a day or so, and combine it with many activities in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy and the above-mentioned activities are the best things to do in Murren.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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