Are you planning a trip to Switzerland in winter? First of all, this is an amazing choice. Switzerland in the winter months is a real winter wonderland.

Switzerland, a small country in central Europe, is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. Whether you visit in the spring, fall, or summer, the options for activities are endless. Of course, Switzerland in the winter is also perfect for visiting.

Switzerland in the winter months is a snow-covered paradise, where the majestic Swiss Alps rise majestically, offering a playground for skiing, snowboarding, and scenic hikes.

Picturesque villages with cozy chalets and warm firesides beckon, promising a blend of relaxation and adventure. The crisp air and sparkling landscapes create an enchanting atmosphere, perfect for exploring winter markets, indulging in rich chocolate, and embracing the serene beauty of this magical season.

As a Switzerland fan, I love exploring the country at any time, but I have to admit that I am not a winter sports fan. Actually, I have never skied in my life. I recently went on my first ski trip. Of course, it was in Switzerland – in Verbier to be more precise. What should I say? The scenery was amazing, everything was organized perfectly and professionally. Switzerland in winter was just stunning! 

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So, this post should help you find out about things to do in winter in Switzerland, but you will also find many travel tips for your Switzerland winter trip.

Best Places to Stay

When you visit Switzerland in the winter months, here are my tips on where to stay:

Jungfraujoch Region (including Interlaken) is a great place to stay – it is one of the best winter destinations, and you can reach places like Lucerne easily. Interlaken would be my top tip here.

LUXURY: VICTORIA JUNGFRAU GRAND HOTEL & SPA – The most luxurious hotel in Interlaken is the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa. I have not stayed there myself, so I can only repeat what I heard: This hotel is amazing. If you are looking for a fancy place in Interlaken, this is probably the best pick.

➡️ Book your stay at Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa here

MID-RANGE: HOTEL DU NORD – For your stay in Interlaken, I recommend this hotel – Hotel du Nord – which is centrally located and is quite nice. It is one of my favorite accommodations for your 5-day Swiss itinerary.

➡️ Book your stay at Hotel du Nord here

BUDGET: BACKPACKERS VILLA SONNENHOF – If you are on a budget, I recommend staying in Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof next to the Höhenmatte. It is not the cheapest hostel but definitely worth the money and one of my all-time favorite hostels.

➡️ Book your stay at Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof here

Zurich: If you are more into Christmas Markets, then I suggest staying in Zurich so that you can visit Basel and Lucerne easily – and have the nice Zurich Christmas Markets, too.

LUXURY: BAUR AU LAC: Zurich has some great luxury hotels that are amazing for getting spoiled and enjoying life. Baur au Lac is one of the best-rated luxury hotels close to the city center.

➡️ Book your stay at Baur au Lac here.

MID-RANGE: THE GLÄRNISCHHOF BY TRINITY This 4-star hotel – The Glärnischhof by TRINITY  is one of the best-rated mid-range hotels close to the city center, right next to the famous Bahnhofstrasse, 

➡️ Book your stay at The Glärnischhof by TRINITY here.

BUDGET: HOSTEL OTTER There are not many budget hotels in Zurich. This is a good-rated hostel in Zurich. I stayed here once and for a hostel, it actually was quite good for a hostel – especially because of its great location.

➡️ Book your stay at Oldtown Hostel Otter here.

Zermatt: Zermatt is an amazing place to stay in Switzerland in the winter. It is located a bit remotely and getting there is not as easy, but you have a beautiful town that offers plenty of winter sports and activities.

LXURY: HOTEL MONT CERVIN PALACE – Here is a hotel that defines luxury: Hotel Mont Cervin Palace. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel in Zermatt, this might be perfect for you because it has everything you could be asking for from luxury accommodation.

➡️ Book your stay at Hotel Mont Cervin Palace

MID-RANGE: MATTERHORN LODGE HOTEL & APPARTMENTS  – Hotel Matterhorn Lodge Hotel & Appartments, which opened in December 2012, is located in the heart of Zermatt’s historic center. Decorated in a classic Alpine style, it boasts a wellness area with three different saunas. The hotel is conveniently situated just a two-minute walk from a ski bus stop.

➡️ Book your stay at Matterhorn Lodge Hotel & Appartments

Click here to find my accommodation guide for Zermatt.

Weather & Climate in Winter 

Winters used to be consistently extremely cold and snowy, but in recent times, freezing temperatures and snowfall are no longer a given, particularly in lower-elevation areas.

Swiss winters are generally cold, but the average temperature varies depending on altitude and regional location. In the mountainous regions, temperatures often drop to a frosty -10°C (14°F).

On the northern plains, the average temperature ranges between -1 and -4°C (30-25°F), while in the central areas, it hovers around 0°C (32°F). The southern regions, known for being the warmest, typically experience average temperatures of about 4°C (39°F).

Switzerland in winter Bernina Express train ride

What to Pack for Switzerland in Winter

As it gets cold in Switzerland – and Switzerland is expensive – you might want to pack properly, so you do not have to go shopping in Switzerland. 

Especially if you head to the mountain peaks, it can get really cold. Dressing in layers is essential. But if you are well prepared and pack – and dress – accordingly, you will not mind the cold because it is the special Swiss winter trip you were expecting.

These are just a few items to pack.

✔️ A warm, waterproof jacket should be one of the first items you think to pack. Avoid choosing a bulky jacket that takes up a lot of space. This can make you feel uncomfortable when you have layers underneath. Instead, opt for a lightweight trench raincoat that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. 

✔️ A knitted beanie is a perfect solution for keeping the warmth in while you venture out. A hat will keep you toasty warm wherever you are.

✔️ A pair of gloves can do wonders for your mobility and comfort. When selecting your options, it’s worth investing in a pair that can dry quickly and are touch-screen compatible.

✔️ A warm scarf and/or turtleneck sweater are key items for keeping your neck covered. A turtleneck sweater is perfect as a garment to wear underneath your jacket, while the scarf can be removed easily. 

✔️ Leggings are an essential item to pack as you can dress them up or down. You can even wear them underneath your denim as an extra layer of warmth. 

✔️ When it comes to packing socks for your Switzerland winter trip – the thicker, the better. The chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors in the snow, and you’ll want your feet to be warm and cozy. 

✔️ My favorite winter clothes are thermals. A quality set of thermals is your key to enjoying the winter weather. You have to wear them on a cold day to believe what a wonderful invention it is!

✔️ Make sure you have a trusty pair of warm shoes. You’ll want your shoes to be as versatile as possible. Shoes that allow you to enjoy a variety of activities while keeping your feet warm and dry. 

If you go skiing/snowboarding, you will need all your ski equipment, including ski pants and thermal underwear (seriously, I just discovered them, and they are amazing and keep you so warm). If you want to do winter sports but do not/cannot bring your own equipment, then you can rent ski equipment in all ski destinations.

I have a detailed post with “Things to pack for Switzerland” where you will also find tips on what to bring.


TIP: If you travel by public transportation, you might want to check out a Swiss Travel Pass. I have bought several passes myself over the years and I LOVE it. You can use unlimited public transportation, do boat cruises on almost all lakes in the country, get free access to most museums and attractions, and get a discount on many mountain excursions (a few mountain excursions are even included in the Swiss Travel Pass). Check out prices here – most likely it will help you save a lot of money.


Okay, now it is time to talk about what to do in winter in Switzerland.

Helicopter Flight

Recommended by MSC Gerber

A helicopter flight in the Swiss Alps – even better, in the incredible Jungfrau Region – is one of the best things to do in Switzerland during winter! And it will even bring you to a remote glacier that you can’t reach otherwise.

Helikopterflug Jungfrau Region (4)
@MSC Gerber

It’s always an unbelievable feeling once you are up in the air with a helicopter! Yet, it’s even better when you fly around some of the most stunning peaks of the Alps. With the “Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau,” Mountains, the Jungfrau Region is simply a perfect spot for a helicopter adventure.

The prices of these flights are probably the only drawback. A 30-minute flight with a landing on a glacier costs around CHF 300 to 400 per person, which is quite pricey, but absolutely worth it.

Tip: If you are on a budget but would love to do a helicopter ride nevertheless, there are also more affordable tours available (they are much shorter, though).

Where to go in Switzerland in winter
@MSC Gerber

Christmas Market in Basel

So, if you are in Switzerland in December, visiting a Christmas Market in Switzerland is a must! The markets in Basel are probably some of the best ones to visit.

Basel, best actities in Switzerland in winter

You have three main lovely Christmas Markets: one at Münsterplatz, one at Barfüsserplatz, and the Adventsgass in Glaibasel. Each has its own charm – but you will always have mulled wine and some great snacks.

Get in the festive mood with all the lights and Christmas atmosphere – and does not the town hall look even more beautiful with the giant Christmas tree in front of it? Kids can also enjoy their time at the Fairy Takke Forest – or hop on the Christmas Tram or the Christmas Ferry. Here is my detailed Basel winter itinerary.

  • The Christmas Markets are open for about 4 weeks, often starting at the end of November and open until Christmas.

Ride a Velogemmel

Recommended by The World Pursuit

Dozens of ski resorts and villages worldwide all try to come up with interesting winter activities for the less ski/snowboard enthusiasts.

A mountain village in Switzerland is home to something unique. That’s where you find the Velogemmel in Grindelwald and where you probably will fall in love with the wooden bike.

Velogemmel in Switzerland winter activities_
@The World Pursuit

The Velogemmel was made in the small town of Grindelwald for the postman to deliver mail in the winter. It’s been around for over a hundred years, and the best way to describe it is a wooden bike with two small sled edges instead of tires.

You can try it any time of day, but for a real blast, take it to the sled trails at night after an evening fondue in a small mountain hut nearby.

The course they have set up can get quite intense and steep at times, but it quickly mellows out for a reliever. It is a great way for families to get away from skiing and snowboarding and try something just slightly different while in the Swiss Alps!

  • You can rent the wooden bikes for around 15 CHF from the train station in Grindelwald, which gives you access to hours of fun on the mountain if you want it. Check out the Grindelwald in winter guide for more travel tips.

Winter Kayaking in Lake Brienz

Recommended by Awara Diaries

Whether you’re on a romantic holiday or a family vacation, a perfect bonding activity for you can be Winter Kayaking. It is one of those off-beat experiences you can also enjoy in Switzerland during the winter period.

Winter Kayaking in Switzerland
@Aware Diaries

The snow-capped Swiss Alps look extremely beautiful in the winter, especially when you see their reflection fall on the clear waters of Lake Brienz. Winter Kayaking is an excellent group activity that gives you a chance to bond, have fun, and enjoy the Swiss Alps’ serene beauty.

You can take up Winter Kayaking by booking a High Tide Kayaking School tour in Boningen, about 30 minutes from Interlaken. On this tour, you can go kayaking in small groups across the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz.

In case you’re worried about freezing in the cold, the high-quality dry suits are extremely effective in keeping you warm and dry in the course of this activity.

Typically, the tour lasts for 3 hours, although it is advisable to dedicate half a day to this activity, including the travel and preparation time from Interlaken. 

Ski from Zermatt to Italy

Recommended by A Pair of Passports

Not only is Zermatt a great winter destination on its own, but it is connected to Breuil-Cervinia. This means that people can ski from Switzerland into Italy for the day. Buying an international ski pass in Zermatt allows skiers to use all lifts on both the mountain’s Swiss and Italian sides. 

Skiing in Switzerland in winter
@A Pair of Passports

Go to the top of the mountain, ski down into Italy, enjoy an Italian lunch, and then ski back to Switzerland at the end of the day.

There is more than one way to get to Italy, but the recommended way is to take the gondola from Zermatt up to Trockener Steg. From there, switch to the lift that goes up to Klein Matterhorn. Klein Matterhorn is at the very top, and there is a café there for any skiers that need a refreshment or a break before starting the journey to Italy! Exit Klein Matterhorn station and just start skiing, following the signs to the Italian side.

Once on the Breuil-Cervinia side of the mountain, it’s essential to stop and eat Italian food. Chalet Etoile is a very popular and picturesque spot with delicious pasta. Cervinia offers some stunning, wide pistes, which make for a great day out of skiing.

You can spend the day skiing on the Cervinia side, but keep an eye on the time not to miss the last lift back to Zermatt! After a long day of skiing in Cervinia and back to Zermatt, Zermatt offers a range of great après ski spots – Cervo, Hennu Stall, and Papperla are some of the best rated.

There are no passport stamps involved, but spending a ski day in two countries is a fun, unique thing to do in Switzerland in the winter!

Visiting the Jungfraujoch

Recommended by Arzo Travels

The Jungfraujoch, a saddle in the Alps connecting two four-thousander, is one of Switzerland’s main attractions. 

The Jungfraujoch, standing at 3,454 meters above sea level, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is fun for people of all ages. While there is snow at any time of the year (yes, even in the summer), winter is the perfect time to visit.

Jungfraujoch station view of Aletsch Glacier in April
Jungfraujoch – view of the Aletsch Glacier

Hop on a cogwheel train to visit the highest train station in Europe (thus it is also known as the Top of Europe), and spend a full day up in the mountains – enjoy the views of the stunning Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains at the Sphinx Observation Desk, stroll the Ice Palace, learn about the history of Jungfraujoch in Alpine Sensation, or just play in the snow high in the mountains.

Ice tunnel at Jungfraujoch

This place is full of activities and attractions, so it’s no surprise that it is such a popular place to visit. Of course, it is also one of the most popular areas to go skiing in the Grindelwald area and actually all of Switzerland.

You can book tickets from different train stations (hiking up there is almost impossible, regardless of the season) and access all of the mentioned places, like the Ice Palace.

While tickets aren’t cheap, it is an activity that keeps you busy the entire day and is such a unique experience. Read my post that includes much more details on Jungfraujoch.

READ MORE: More things to do in Jungfrau/Interlaken

Winter Hikes at Aletsch Glacier

The Aletsch Glacier, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is the largest glacier in the Alps. Stretching over 23 kilometers, it’s a majestic river of ice, constantly flowing and reshaping the landscape. Its massive size, estimated at about 11 billion tons of ice, makes it a spectacular sight.

Aletsch Glacier from Eggishorn

This glacier is not only a natural wonder but also a crucial indicator of climate change, as its gradual retreat over the years signals environmental shifts.

There are several vantage points to see this spectacular glacier – from Jungfraujoch you have great views but also from Eggishorn.

At the Eggishorn viewpoint in the Aletsch Arena, you’re treated to a panoramic spectacle: the entire 20-kilometer expanse of the Great Aletsch Glacier unfolds before you, along with the Konkordiaplatz and the iconic peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. You can even see the majestic Matterhorn Mountain from here.

Perched at the highest of the four viewpoints, 2,869 meters above sea level, this location also hosts the “Grand Tour of Switzerland” sign by Switzerland Tourism,

Once you get up to Eggishorn viewpoint via cable car, you can do some – more or less – easy winter hikes and enjoy the panoramas. And while it is also possible to do it during the summer months, the winter season makes the area even more amazing.

TIP: On my visit, the snow was quite deep (as is normal in the winter), and when I strayed from the path, I found myself sinking knee-deep into the snow. It’s important to be cautious and mindful of where you step in such conditions.

Visit the Arosa Gay Ski Week

Recommended by 2BT Travel

Each January, the Swiss Alps hosts one of the largest LGBT winter events in Europe. Arosa Gay Ski Week is now in its 15th year, and it offers a welcoming atmosphere for all LGBT people and allies in the gay-friendly village of Arosa. 

Fun things to do in winter in Switzerland, Arosa
@2BT Travel

Skiing and snowboarding might be the main draw for most attendees, but the amazing lineup of events and activities throughout the week makes for an unforgettable experience.

Besides the daily group skiing available, attendees can enjoy activities like classical concerts, ice skating, nighttime fondue, and sledding, plus the infamous drag ski race, where the fastest pair in the race wins an amazing all-expenses-paid trip. 

The event attracts guests from more than 30 countries, with 500+ people attending the all-inclusive event. Arosa is accessible by both car or train, with direct connections from all major Swiss cities, by making a quick transfer to the town of Chur. 

Visit Mount Pilatus

Recommended by The Invisible Tourist 

Mount Pilatus in winter is the perfect place for those who want to experience this iconic mountain towering over Lucerne – a place that takes away the breath! So, you must go during your winter visit, too!

Mount Pilatus in Switzerland in the winter

Mount Pilatus in the winter

Get up via a gondola – the gondola ride itself is amazing – this alone is worth the trip.

If you are lucky, you will even see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Striking snow-capped mountaintops are visible all the way to the horizon and their icy blankets are glistening in the sunlight. 

It might also be surprising to see icicles taller than people suspended from the roof! During winter at the summit, it’s possible to rug up and admire the view from Pilatus Kulm Hotel, dine at the Bellevue Restaurant, and see various ice sculptures (if the weather permits). It’s just another reason to visit Switzerland in the winter months!

Here are great tips on where to stay in Lucerne

Head Up Mount Titlis

By Wanderer Hubs

Of all the things to do in Switzerland in winter, indulging in snow activities at the popular Mount Titlis would be the best.

Ice Cave at Mount Titlis in Switzerland

You can enjoy pure winter fun and all sorts of snow activities whilst gawking at the panoramic valley views. The sturdy cableways will bring you in comfort to altitudes up to 3,020 meters above sea level. You can then uncover the snowcapped landscapes and a whole lot of winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, toboggan run, and scootering around the Titlis adventure park.

The excursion starts with you sitting in Europe’s first-ever rotating cable car, which is an experience. It rotates 360 degrees within a short span of a 5-minute journey. Just make sure you stand next to the window, so you do not miss out on scenic pictures.

Further on your glacier excursion, you can enter a glacier cave. Or try out the Ice Flyer chair lift or walk the cliff walk.

When you are done exploring the cave, simply hit the slopes. If skiing and snowboarding aren’t something that entices you much, sledding surely will.

Sleds can be used free of charge, so it is no wonder tourists are flocking here as it is one of the best places to visit in the winter.

Go Snowboarding in Portes du Soleil

Recommended by A World to Travel 

Portes du Soleil’s ski domain – which includes twelve resorts between Mont Blanc in France and Lake Geneva in Switzerland – is one of the best in that mountain range and the perfect one to enjoy the Swiss landscapes the country is famous for.

Switzerland what to do in winter
@A World to Travel

It is also especially good for snowboarding, where crowds (unless on public holidays) are non-existent and the runs are quite enough for a week of fun.

In fact, it has more than 650 km of marked pistes for all levels, 30 snowparks, 286 ski slopes, and 196 lifts in total, which make Portes du Soleil one of the largest ski areas in the world. Champéry, Champoussin, Morgins, Les Crosets, and Torgon, some of them with amazing views of the famous Dents du Midi (3257 meters) and Dents Blanches (2756 meters) are in the Swiss part.

It usually opens around mid-December until April. Getting there isn’t difficult if you fly to Geneva or via Zurich.

  • Prices can get significantly higher if you book a hotel room and choose busy dates like Christmas or Easter.

Explore St.Moritz – Where Winter Sports Started

The gorgeous Engadine Valley and its famous daughter St.Moritz is where it all started: Where the winter sports and tourism started.

Winter tourism traces its origins back to 1865, with St. Moritz as its cradle. It all started with winter sports like ice skating, curling, and sledding before skiing made its way to the Engadine.

Walking around Silser Lake in St. Moritz

The Chantarella cable car, connecting St. Moritz to the mountain, was inaugurated in 1913. Fast forward to 1928, St. Moritz hosted the first Winter Olympic Games, coinciding with the launch of the Corvigliabahn – a pioneering ski-exclusive lift of its era.

This innovation was soon followed by the establishment of the first Swiss Ski School Association in the village. Today, the Engadine Valley stands as a premier ski destination. From cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating in Lake Sils, and more – here you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views, White Christmas, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

So, if you miss out on St.Moritz in the winter, you truly miss out on one of the most beautiful Swiss winter destinations. Check out my guide on St.Moritz in the winter to find out why it is one of my all-time favorite winter holidays and why you should add it to your bucket list as well.

Visit Montreux Noel Christmas Market

Recommended by Simpler and Smarter

Montreux Noel should be top of your list if you visit at the end of November to Christmas and love some Christmas spirit.

This festival takes part in Montreux and its surroundings in the month leading up to Christmas. It’s easy to get to the center of Montreux via train, and you can walk to many of the attractions from there. The main event is the Christmas market! It spreads out along Lake Geneva, and there are tons of stalls, food, and drink. The best time to visit is in the evening when Santa also rides across the lake regularly – it makes for quite a sight!

There are also many other attractions and events, like celebrating a medieval Christmas at the UNESCO-listed Chillon Castle, learning some new crafts (like candle making) at the Elves Village, eating a lot, or having a hot drink at the Lumberjack Village. There is also a light show in the evenings at Fairmont le Montreux Palace.

One of our favorite parts of this festival was visiting Santa Claus’ house up Rochers-de-Naye. At 2,042 meters above sea level, his house is located in a grotto reached by train.

It’s a very scenic ride up and down, and there are some activities and food at the top. There is also a very good chance of snow at the top, so this is a fun occasion to get some snow play in if there isn’t snow further down.

Ski – at Rocher de Naye

Recommended by The Crowded Planet

Talking about Montreux! If you’re visiting in winter and like skiing, you shouldn’t miss heading to Rocher de Naye for a day on the slopes.

Top things to do in Switzerland in winter
@The Crowded Planet

Getting there is half the fun. The comfortable train heads straight to the ski resort from Montreux station.

It’s fun to sit on the little train as it heads further and further up, with stunning views the whole way and Lake Geneva getting smaller behind you until it reaches the Rocher de Naye station. Once you get there, just strap your skis on and… go! The slopes start right next to the train station, so you can spend the day skiing at will and then just head back down to Montreux by train when you’re tired. 

There are only a few slopes at Rocher de Naye, with two of them ideal for beginners, and there’s a chalet attached to the train station where it’s possible to get lunch or snacks, including lots of veggie options.

Have Fun (Night) Sledding 

During winter, one favorite activity for many, even those who don’t ski is: sledding. While daytime sledding offers its own charm, night sledding elevates the experience to extraordinary heights.

Switzerland boasts several spots for this thrilling activity, but the Eiger Run stands out as a premier sledding route. This track stretches 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) from Alpiglen to Brandegg, featuring a steep section with gradients reaching 36 percent.

Weather and snow conditions permitting, you can enjoy a more relaxed descent all the way to Grindelwald. Plus, the nighttime views of Grindelwald Village add to its allure.

This spot isn’t just ideal for sledding; it’s also perfect for a Velo Gemel ride. 

Night sledding Eiger Run in Grindelwald
©Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG

But of course, there are many more places to go sledding in Switzerland – especially the Preda-Bergün has become extremely popular by locals and visitors alike.

Embark on a legendary journey along the world-renowned railway tracks (part of the Bernina Express and Glacier Express train ride), leading to an exhilarating toboggan adventure.

It begins in Preda, where the pace starts off gently, then quickly transforms into a thrilling, winding descent. You’ll glide under viaducts and along the Alvra, eventually arriving smoothly in Bergün.

The toboggan ride, commencing at an altitude of 1,800 meters in Preda, takes you on a 400-meter vertical drop to Bergün. It’s an unforgettable tobogganing experience that etches itself into your memory.

INFO: For some of the sledding experiences, you have to buy extra tickets.

Enjoy an Epic Train Ride – Bernina Express

By Arzo Travels

I do not even try to hide my love for train riding in Switzerland. There are some epic train routes – and in Switzerland, the journey is indeed the reward if you take one of the “express train rides.”

Bernina Express in Switzerland in the winter, Valposchiavo

My favorite train ride in the winter – without question – is the Bernina Express train ride. It is pretty epic in summer…but in winter, it is even more mind-blowing.

The scenery is like a dream come true (while you stay warm), and the window views could not be any better.

The train ride takes quite long but the scenery is (almost) always stunning. My most favorite window views in winter are from Poschiavo to Ospizio Bernina...oh wait, I actually cannot really say what I liked the most because I was constantly overwhelmed.

  • With a Swiss Travel Pass, you can use public transportation for free. This includes the “Bernina Express. There is a reservation fee, though. However, if you use the local trains (that are exactly the same but have no panoramic windows which are a bit larger) you do not have to pay anything on top. Check out prices for the Swiss Travel Pass here.

Get Up Mount Rigi

By Arzo Travels

One of the most beautiful mountain views in winter is from Mount Rigi, on the shores of Lake Lucerne. This is the place to visit on a sunny winter day – the sunset from here is incredible.

Switzerland in winter, best sunset Mount Rigi

Compared to the other popular mountain in Lucerne, Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi is much quieter, and there are fewer activities. You could still do a few winter sports activities (like sledding or snowshoe hiking) and if you are in Lucerne and do not visit Mount Rigi, you are missing out! 

TIP: Do a scenic boat cruise from Lucerne to Vitznau and then take the cogwheel up to Mount Rigi. The ride itself is impressive – it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Switzerland. 

  • In 2023, you can use the cogwheel up to Mount Rigi without any extra costs if you are a Swiss Travel Pass holder. Even the boat cruise is included in the Swiss Travel Pass.
  • Check out my post with the most beautiful mountain views in Switzerland

Here are more travel tips for your trip to Switzerland:

Cozy Spa Time 

Explore the hidden treasures of Switzerland with its luxurious spas and thermal baths, nestled in locations ranging from quaint villages to vibrant cities. For a rejuvenating experience, the Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa is a must-visit.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting this spa. Although photography was not permitted, the views from the outdoor thermal pool were stunning, and the indoor pools provided the perfect respite from a chilly December day.

The vistas are truly breathtaking, a beauty I only discovered after years of missing out. Surprisingly, the entry fee is quite reasonable, starting at around CHF 36, less than I had anticipated. You can find more information about their pricing online.

For those seeking an even more luxurious experience, consider the Tamina Therme in Bad Ragaz. This spa combines traditional spa culture with a modern sauna landscape, offering an upscale and serene environment. 


Switzerland is perfect to visit at any time of the year – in summer, you can do gorgeous hikes that offer breathtaking views and picnics at one of the lakes and many more fun things, but winter in Switzerland is also an amazing time to visit. Whether you are into winter sports or not – there are tons to do in winter.

Switzerland’s winter landscape offers an enchanting mix of frosty mountain peaks, cozy alpine villages, and exhilarating winter sports. From the majestic Alps to the charming lowlands, each region presents its unique charm, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

It is a perfect winter destination for basically anyone who wants to experience snowy Europe at its best! We hope these tips have helped you find the perfect activities for your Switzerland winter trip! 

Safe Travels, Arzo

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