Zermatt where to stay. All budgets and best hotels for Zermatt

Where to Stay in Zermatt, Switzerland

Best Places to Stay in Zermatt for All Budgets

Zermatt is not only a popular winter destination but also one of the best areas (or towns) to visit throughout the year and if you plan to visit you are probably wondering about where to stay in Zermatt, Switzerland.

While it might be extremely busy during the winter in Zermatt (after all, the town is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Switzerland) it is less crowded in summer – though still not the cheapest destination. So, when you are looking for the best places to stay in Zermatt you might be a little shocked about the accommodation prices first.

But well, this is a premium destination in Switzerland and Switzerland is just expensive in general.

The good news about choosing a hotel in Zermatt is that the town is quite small, so you do not have to worry much about the best area to stay in Zermatt. Though it is car-free, you can easily get to many popular sights by foot, and if you want, you can always hop on a bus or an electronic taxi without breaking the bank, if your feet cannot carry you anymore.

I listed the best hotels in Zermatt for all budgets, so from luxury hotels to basic hotels, to the more affordable accommodations.

Switzerland in winter, Zermatt

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I am not sure which hotel is THE best hotel in Zermatt, but there are some incredible luxury hotels in Zermatt (which you will find out about in this post). While Zermatt is one of the best places to stay in Switzerland, the bad news is that even but even great mid-range and budget hotels in Zermatt are not overly cheap. However, Zermatt is pretty and so I think, it is worth it.

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So here are the best hotels in Zermatt for all budgets.

Luxury Hotels in Zermatt

Zermatt has some fantastic hotels if you are ready to spend a bit more in accommodations – splurge yourself when booking one of the luxury accommodations in Zermatt. Here are the best luxury hotels in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Mont Cervin Palace

The Mont Cervin Palace is probably the best hotel in Zermatt. With more than 150 years of experience in hosting guests, it knows how to spoil them.

Mont Cervin Hotel a luxury hotel in Zermatt- one of the best places to stay in Zermatt
Image: Mont Cervin Hotel

The property provides deluxe services and many dining options that serve international and regional dishes with the freshest ingredients. 

As a hotel guest, you can also enjoy free access to all spa facilities during their opening hours, as well as the fitness room.

Whether you book a room in Alpine or Chalet style (you can book family apartments as well), you will surely enjoy a unique stay at Mont Cervin Palace – ideally in a room with a view of the almighty Matterhorn.

Find the best rates for the Mont Cervin Palace in Zermatt

Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof is another luxury hotel, but it comes at a slightly cheaper rate for its accommodations, most of the time.

best places to stay in Zermatt Switzerland

Several fine dining restaurants leave nothing to be desired and the concierge service is happy to help you with any wishes you might have.

Whether you enjoy your stay in a small double room, a suite, or chalet suite (or any room type they have in between), you have a minibar from which you can help yourself to free water and soft drinks and a Nespresso coffee machine. 

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Mid-Range and Budget Hotels in Zermatt

Though Zermatt is quite small, there are plenty of hotels you can choose from. However, most hotels do not have many rooms and thus are quickly fully booked. 

To be very honest though, the choices of very affordable hotels are quite limited. The rooms that seem very good often come with a shared bathroom, which might not be very obvious at first sight.

However, there are some nicer accommodations that cost a bit less than the above-mentioned luxury accommodations in Zermatt. Here are the best accommodations – mid-rand and budget-friendly hotels.

Sunstar Style Hotel

You cannot go wrong if you book a stay at Sunstar Style Hotel. For a 4-star hotel, it is comparably quite basic, but nevertheless lovely with its rustic charm in its typical Swiss style.

Where to stay in Zermatt (1 von 1)
Room view: Sunstar Style Hotel in Zermatt

Though it is just a stone’s throw from the train station, you are offered a complimentary pick up by one of their electric cars.

While the free mini bar is great (soft drinks, juices, and water), the view of the Matterhorn is one of the main reasons to stay here. My advice: pay the few extra euros a night to have a nice view of it.

Enjoy the breakfast outdoors on their terrace or, in case you need some time to relax, you can use the indoor pool, the sauna, the steam bath, and the whirlpool.

Click here to get the best rates for the Sunstar Style Hotel in Zermatt

Walliserhof Zermatt

This 3-star property, Walliserhof Zermatt, has only 23 rooms, so book your room quickly, as they might fill up fast.

You have, amongst others, the option to book a double room, a family loft maisonette, or even a village suite, where up to six people can stay. 

Not all rooms have a Matterhorn view though, but the prices make up for that.

Hotel guests can use the fitness room or the mini spa. This is the perfect place for those who are out discovering Zermatt most of the time and just need a bit of relaxation in the hotel itself.

Click here to find the best prices when staying at Walliserhof Zermatt

Hotel Tannenhof Zermatt

The Hotel Tannenhof Zermatt, like almost all, is located in the center of Zermatt and is a well-rated 1-star hotel. Though it does not have many stars, you should expect to pay more than 100€ a night. 

You have some common areas, like the lounge and terrace, and about 23 rooms. Free wifi is available, as well as bottles of water and some fruits. 

There are not many more frills, but with a town as beautiful as this, you do not need much more than what this family-run hotel offers.

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So, while I did not list 20 or 30 accommodations in Zermatt, I think that you will find the best places to stay in Zermatt with the above-mentioned hotels.

Whether you are a looking for a budget-friendly place or want to splurge, hopefully, the list had helped you find out where to stay in Zermatt (either as a family, with your partner or friends or if you travel solo).

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Safe Travels, Arzo

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