Is Dubai Safe for Female Travelers? Solo Female Travel in Dubai UAE

Is Dubai Safe for Female Solo Travelers?

Is Dubai Safe for Female Solo Traveler?

In another post I wrote about a “dress code for women in Dubai” and this post should give you an insight about my experiences as a solo traveler in Dubai.

I’m not a person who gets easily frightened, but there are some places in the world where I would never go to as a female solo traveler.

However, Dubai is, I think, one of the safest places that I can think of and the best place to travel solo a female. 

The crime rate is extremely low, not only because there are serious punishes for a crime. It seems that the police are capable of doing their jobs efficiently. Though I am not sure by which means it makes people feel safe and so I can say that Dubai is safe for tourists.

I have been told by a person who lives there that even if something gets stolen, they will find it very quickly, and solve the crime. After few day in Dubai, I felt safe enough to leave my bag (unattended) at the table while going to the buffet and getting food. In Germany, it would be unbelievable to do so. I actually get very careless in Dubai because it seriously feels safe. This does not mean that you should be so careless, too :).

Based from a woman´s traveler perspective, the country is totally safe. Although people might think Arab countries might not be the most secure places, I cannot second that for Dubai.

Actually, since alcohol is not drunk that much in public, I felt much more secure at night than in many parts of Western countries where drunk people run around at the weekend and make me feel uncomfortable.

Security Tips for Tourists in Dubai

Some tips for solo female travelers in Dubai:

Though, there is no strict dress code for women, I feel safer when I do not reveal too much skin.

In taxis, I always felt 1000% safe – even in those not “pink taxis which are particularly for women”. But I always make sure, to sit in the back, more precise behind the passenger´s seat.

When I take the metro, I always go to the women department (which is clearly marked).

As a female traveler, I only sometimes felt a little bit uncomfortable. This normally always had some foreign workers involved who were mainly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, etc. Especially in places like Dubai Creek/Deira I did not feel totally comfortable.

However, I never felt unsafe. I heard some women don’t feel comfortable at all in that area, so they refrain from going there. Thus, I dress a bit differently in those areas. If you are unsure about how to dress as a female in Dubai read these recommendations here.

I feel fine strolling along popular places like Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai by night.


I think, Dubai is one of the most secure places to visit. This does not relate only as a female solo traveler, but also for any kind of travelers, tourists, inhabitants, etc. It is not only because of the absence of mugging, but also in the aspects of getting hit by men constantly.

The foreign workers I’ve spoken about before, they don’t “hit” or stare at you on you in places like malls or restaurants. They mainly do it in public places and so I think it’s actually the safest place that I’ve found as a female solo traveler. Apart from those few tips for female traveling to Dubai, I have not to take extra precautions.

Wondering what to wear in Dubai? Read the post to find out how to dress in the Muslimic city.

By the way: I have a thing for countries in the Middle East though I have not traveled much in that area, mostly because I do not know whether I could feel safe in the region (Lebanon is very high on my list). If you are also thinking about visiting Lebanon you can find how safe it is to travel Lebanon.

Is Dubai Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

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