Best Things to do at La Mer Dubai

Dubai´s newest and coolest hotspot that everyone will love (regardless age)

Dubai has a new, fun hotspot, and if you come see it, you will find out very quickly why La Mer is a great place to visit.

“The wind in your hair. The sand in your toes.” La Mer welcomes you with this lovely quote and it matches. 

On my recent trip, I could not help but visit La Mer several times. After all, it has a lot of different things to offer and quickly became one of my favorite spots – and I am not even a beach person!

Find out why you should add it to your Dubai itinerary and what to do at La Mer.

La Mer Dubai with Arzo Travels Graffiti

La Mer is a newly created area that just opened and will be one of the hotspots in 2018.

It is perfect if you just want to escape the craziness of Dubai Downtown (while still having a cool view on Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline), enjoy some beach time and water sports, go shopping, have a nice lunch/dinner, and if you like to see some really cool street art.

How to get there

La Mer is located in the Jumeirah area. I suggest getting there by car or cab (City Sightseeing buses stop at Jumeirah Mosque, which is just around the corner), and then starting your journey at La Mer – North Beach.

There is a complimentary shuttle bus from a few hotels in Dubai (though I could not figure out if they also offer the return transfer) that anybody can use.

What to do at La Mer Dubai

Extras/Services at La Mer

Free Wifi

Mobile charging boxes (though none of those worked when I was there and the staff could not figure out what the problem was)

Free parking


Complimentary shuttle buses to only a few hotels in Dubai 

Prayer room

Free showers and toilets

Baby changing facilities

Wheelchair accessible (many areas)

La Mer Dubai with Arzo Travels-

What to do in La Mer, Dubai

You can also start your journey at La Mer – South Beach or the North Beach.

Chill at the Beach at La Mer

Before you see the beachfront, you´ll get to see some restaurants, beautiful new walking paths, and a tiny artificial pond. But you do not have to walk for long to discover the coolest section of beach in all of Dubai.

La Mer Beach Dubai

Dubai´s beaches are not bad, but with all the city life, I get the feeling that a day at the beach is underrated.

However, not so at La Mer. This area has the coolest outdoor toilets ever (seriously, they are really stylish) and the absolute, most stylish (I probably have to use this adjective quite often when talking about La Mer) outdoor showers ever, as well as other fun details.

Things to do at La Mer Dubai

Best places in Dubai

You can rent sun lounges and umbrellas, or even your own cabana, but you can also budget and bring your own towels and umbrellas, and chill under the sun.

While the showers and toilets are free, you can also get the paid version (but even the free toilets are quite clean and okay to use).

Is La Mer worth going?

Toilets at La Mer Dubai

You can do all kinds of watersports – obviously those activities are not free, but probably worth it if you are into water activities.

The view from the beach is great, at least if you ask me. Surely, a secluded beach is also fantastic, but a day at the beach with such a view is unbeatable for a city girl like me.

Katersports at La Mer Dubai

Activities for kids at La Mer

Kid´s Heaven

Most kids love the beach, but there are more things for children to do at La Mer.

Places to see at La mer Dubai

Whether you visit a playground with them at La Mer or let them trampoline at Hawa Hawa, this is a kid’s heaven and your children – regardless of their age – will love this area.

What can kids do at La Mer

Lunch/ Dinner at La Mer Dubai

While many restaurants and cafes are open already, there are still many that are not. However, you will definitely find something that satisfies your cravings.

Restaurants at La Mer Dubai

While there is not really any budget food, you can find more affordable restaurants, as well as nicer and finer dining options. The restaurants are numerous and pretty stylish (here we have that word again).

There are healthy eating options, as well as hearty ones, and a lot of choices for dessert. 

I just loved the food/cuisine choices and the pretty interiors that made me want to stay in the restaurants forever.

Cafes at La Mer Dubai

Shopping at La Mer

While I like to shop in Germany, I do not in Dubai. It is more expensive and I would probably prefer a mall to the beachfront for shopping.

Shopping at La Mer Dubai

However, shopping addicts will find retail stores here to their heart´s content like Sephora.

Once the area is further established, I am sure that there will be even more shops open.

Check out Street Art / Architecture at La Mer

In a city that is, normally, all about glitter and gold, skyscrapers and modernity, La Mer is refreshingly different.

Street art at La Mer

Best art in Dubai

What to see at La Mer Dubai

I am not sure how to label this kind of style – but this retro, New Yorkian, fun style is so pretty and beautiful that it creates a perfect contrast to the skyline of Dubai, which you can see in the background.

The street art is awesome; not only the “habibi” graffiti, but each of the images is fun, friendly, and interesting.

The buildings and different elements are so pretty, and this whole retro style has been implemented perfectly. While I do love modernity, I am head over heels for this area and style. 

It shows a different side of Dubai and, okay, it might seem out of place to some, but I found it refreshing and interesting.

Gala Habibi Grafit in Dubai

Each detail is so cute at La Mer Dubai

If you visit Dubai anytime soon and skip La Mer, you will have definitely missed out.

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