Dubai is a place I often visit as a stopover when I visit Asian or African countries. And then I stay 3 or 4 days in Dubai. So, over the years I have come to spend quite some time in Dubai and figured out a great itinerary for 3 or 4 days in Dubai.

And if you are wondering about the best things to do in Dubai in 3 or 4 days, then this post is for you. This post will help you plan your Dubai itinerary.

3 days in Dubai is a good amount of time to see a bit more of the city. And 4 days is actually even better because there is a lot to do. 

I have four different day plans for you. You can skip around and change the dates, but I clustered the activities together to minimize the time spent in the car. The tips are a mix of my own personal favorite places and places that any Dubai visitor has to see at least once.


Dubai 3 or 4 days, Arzo Travels


Before discussing your Dubai itinerary, here are also some travel tips for your trip.

How Do Get to Dubai

Dubai, the emirate and city, located in the Middle East has two major international airports: Al Maktoum International (DWC) and Dubai International Airport (DXB International).

Most likely, you will fly into Dubai International Airport (DXB International)

From there, it takes about 10-15 minutes by taxi to get to the old town and about 20 minutes to get to Burj Khalifa. If you do not get stuck in traffic – the chances are actually quite high this happens. Don’t be surprised to be stuck in traffic even at night – it is always busy. 

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) is the second biggest airport in the United Arab Emirates.

If you fly with Etihad Airways, you will most likely fly into Abu Dhabi.  It takes about an hour’s drive to get to Dubai (about 50-70€ taxi fare). 

How to Get Around


If you are in Dubai for a few days, you could actually rent a car. But I do not recommend it.

Why? You should know that driving there, from my perspective, is a bit crazy. There is traffic almost all the time (the streets are busy even at night), the people drive fast, like to honk their horns, and are a “bit impatient.” You should have nerves of steel if you decide to drive, particularly around Downtown Dubai.

If you plan to rent a car, check out this site for the best deals.


ℹ️ If you plan to use public transportation, I recommend getting an NOL card for public transportation. There is a one-time fee for it, but you can then recharge it. Public transportation fees are cheaper this way than if you buy single tickets each time. A ticket costs a bit more than 1€ with the NOL card (about 1.60€ without).

ℹ️ However, public transportation here is not perfect. You can avoid the crazy traffic by taking the metro, which is great, but a) the metro lacks metro stops, so each stop is rather far from the last, b) the buses are not always well-connected for us travelers, so it is not easy to get from one popular station to another, and c) the metros can be stuffed with people.

ℹ️ While the air conditioning always works perfectly in the metro and the metro station, it is not the best feeling to be with so many people in such a small space, especially at peak times. I am, admittedly, a little claustrophobic, so if you are not, it should be fine.

ℹ️ I mostly take the metro for long distances. Especially for downtown. There is a lot of traffic, and getting around by cab can mean being stuck in it forever, so a metro ride can help you save time. Then I jump into a taxi for the shorter rides if there is no direct bus connection.


ℹ️ Hop-on and hop-off buses are a great way to get from one popular tourist attraction in Dubai to another – at least for some places (the ones I tested). They will not stop at each tourist attraction but at most.

ℹ️ There are two main sightseeing companies. They offer similar services, and there are just some minor differences.

ℹ️ The pass also includes a few cool attractions, so it saves money in addition to getting you from Point A to Point B.

Accommodations For 3 or 4 Nights / Days in Dubai

Accommodations are not cheap, but the standard is quite high. If you are wondering where to stay in Dubai for 3 or 4 days, I suggest staying close to Dubai Downtown or Marina. If you are a beach person, choose a hotel close to JBR – Walk. However, these areas are also some of the most expensive ones. 

If you are looking for my personal recommendations for all budgets and areas, click here.

Dubai Marina is the best place to stay if you prefer to be in a lively part of the city with the Marina and numerous restaurants & cafes close by, but the hotels do not have direct beach access. However, you are quite close to several attractions, including Palm Jumeirah. My favorite hotel in Marina is this 5-star Hotel: Grosvenor House in Dubai. ➡️ BOOK YOUR STAY AT GROSVENOR HOUSE HERE

JBR Walk is a lovely area with many restaurants and shops, most hotels have beach access. It is also close to Dubai Marina and Madinat Jumeirah. Check out the 4-star Resort: JA Ocean View Hotel Dubai. ➡️ BOOK YOUR STAY AT JA OCEAN VIEW HOTEL DUBAI HERE

A nice 3-star budget hotel is Ibis Al Barsha. Admittedly, it is not perfectly located as it is further from some of the best places to visit in Dubai, but it offers good value for money and is still quite close to Dubai Marina. ➡️ BOOK YOUR STAY AT  IBIS AL BARSHA HERE

Money Tips

The currency is Dirham. However, € and $ are sometimes also accepted. I mostly used credit cards and had some changes for smaller amounts and tips in Dirhams.

Do you tip in Dubai?: If you dine, the tip is often included in the bill (10%). Have a look at the receipt before you pay the bill. If the tip is not included, I always tip about 10%. I always make sure to tip taxi drivers and hotel housekeeping, too. Though it is an expensive destination, many foreigners, especially in the tourism sector, receive low wages and some tips can make a difference.

Is Dubai expensive? Yes, Dubai is expensive. Accommodation, for example, is costly. However, you can buy food in some malls (food courts) or small street shops and do affordable activities. Here is my budget travel guide to Dubai

Best Time to Visit

  • I do not recommend visiting during the summer (May – September). It gets really hot and unpleasant in the summer months. If you enjoy the heat, if you really, really enjoy the heat, visit Dubai between May and September. If you enjoy some warm months without the heat, then visit between late November and February, which is more or less the winter in Dubai.
  • Check also for the fasting time (Ramadan) because life is different during Ramadan when many activities cannot be done (also, alcohol is less available).

More Travel Tips


Let´s start with the 3-day Dubai itinerary. This is how I´d spend my time if I only had 72 hours in the city.

Day 1: Downtown Dubai and La Mer

Many of the places I mention for this day are actually the main tourist attractions and must-see places.

La Mer – Around 10 am

La Mer, located in the Jumeirah area, is a popular place in Dubai. It is a beachfront with many retail stores, stylish restaurants and cafes, the coolest bathhouses, and friendly, fun street art. And it is a great way to get adjusted to Dubai. 

Fun day at the beach

With so many restaurants to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options for an amazing meal!

Don’t forget your camera though – while exploring the area, be sure to capture some unique street art. Yes, the street art might be surprising here and not be authentic – it is still cool to see, though, and thus, you have different vibes here at the beachfront area.

With only 3 days in Dubai, I suggest staying at La Mer for just 2-3 hours.

HOW TO GET TO LA MER: You can get to La Mer via RTA Buses 9 and 88. Taking a taxi/Uber is another way to get here. If you arrive there by car, you have free underground parking. If you have a City Sightseeing hop-on and hop-off ticket, you can get off at Jumeirah Mosque and only have to walk two minutes to arrive at La Mer.

OPENING HOURS/PRICES: La Mer is open every day, and there is no entrance fee. The shops are normally open between 10 am to 10, 11 pm, or even 12 am.

Click here to read more about this fun part of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa – Around 1 pm

It doesn’t matter where you are in Dubai, you will always see it! The highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.

It stands at an impressive 828 meters (2,720 feet) and is the tallest structure in the world.  The uniquely shaped building is one of the main tourist magnets of the city.

And while you might think it is enough to see it from a distance, I recommend getting very close to it. Actually, I suggest getting to the top of Burj Khalifa. 

Dubai in 2 days

7 days in Dubai - best vintage points
From the top (levels 124 & 125, and level 148), you have the most unique panorama. On the one hand, you will see the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall underneath you. On the other hand, the view will remind you that Dubai is surrounded by desert – actually, a long time ago, Dubai was a desert itself.

While I truly recommend visiting the top of Burj Khalifa, I also suggest buying tickets in advance. I have been to the top several times and was happy that I had bought my tickets online beforehand. The lines to buy a ticket were crazy.

But even with an online ticket, you have to queue for some time. But that will be nothing compared to how long you have to wait in line if you buy a ticket that day. Also, tickets may sell out during the busy times of the high season.

  • The trip should take between 2-4 hours.

Get your tickets here (I normally buy tickets via GYG because of their generous cancellation policy).

➡️ Get the best prices for levels 124 & 125

➡️ Skip lines and get the best price for levels 124 & 125 and level 148

➡️ Check out rates for levels 124 & 125 and a fancy lunch/dinner afterward

HOW TO GET TO BURJ KHALIFA: You have to go to Dubai Mall. Some signs lead you to “At the top of Burj Khalifa.” The ticket center/entrance is located on the Lower Ground Level of Dubai Mall. You cannot enter Burj Khalifa from outside the mall (unless you live/work there).

OPENING HOURS/  TICKETS: “At the Top of Burj Khalifa” opens around 10 a.m., and the last admission is at 9 or 10 p.m. (depending on the day).

Dubai Mall – Around 4 PM

I am not that into shopping, but Dubai Mall is really something. You should add this mall to your 3-day Dubai itinerary. Dubai Mall is crazy, it is unreal, and it is busy. 

It boasts over 1,200 stores and a wide array of dining options. With the largest coverage area in the world, you can easily explore the mall’s many levels and find whatever you need (or do not need).

From designer clothing to art galleries and entertainment centers, there is something for everyone – including an underwater zoo. With so much to see and do, the Dubai Mall is a must-see for any visitor!

What attractions in Dubai Mall

My favorite area is Fashion Avenue, the luxury department section of the mall. It is less crowded and very fancy. And the public restrooms are the most luxurious I have ever seen. I’m not talking about restrooms in luxury hotels, these are public toilets for anyone to use. 

If you prefer more casual toilets and shops, there are also more affordable shops and stores (and restaurants).

The food court has the cheapest food options in the mall.

The mall is fun but I would not spend more than 2-3 hours there.

Try to avoid Dubai Mall on a Friday. Especially in the afternoons, it gets unbelievably busy.

HOW TO GET TO DUBAI MALL: You can get to Dubai Mall by metro/bus. If you get off at “Dubai Mall Metro Station,” either take another bus that drops you off at the mall or walk about one more kilometer to get into Dubai Mall.  Sightseeing buses also stop in front of Dubai Mall.

OPENING HOURS / PRICES: Dubai Mall is open from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Restaurants and the food court are open until 2 a.m. There is no entrance fee for the mall itself, but you have to pay for certain activities like ice skating, etc.

Dubai Fountain – Around 6 pm

The Dubai Fountain is located just next to Dubai Mall and in front of Burj Khalifa. It looks like a giant pool with water that I´d like to jump into – but laws are strict here, so it’s better to only look.

Water Fountain Show in front of Dubai Mall @shutterstock

There are free dancing water shows daily for you to enjoy. Be warned: There are always crowds.

If you can, try to get a good view from the Apple Store in Dubai Mall. This is a popular spot and, thus, many want to enjoy the view from there, but there is a limited number of people allowed on the balcony. Be prepared to wait in line. 

The bridge to the souk is another popular spot to watch the dancing water show, but you can also stand next to the mall or see it from one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. You can also book an abra ride (water taxi) and enjoy the water show without all the crowds.

In the evenings, there are often LED shows on Burj Khalifa. THIS is spectacular. However, I haven’t found a reliable schedule for the light shows, but you will be amazed if you are lucky and get to witness one.

Each show just takes about 2-4 minutes. Shows take place every 30 minutes after 6 pm. Check out the times here.

HOW TO GET TO DUBAI FOUNTAIN: There is a metro station (Dubai Mall station), and many buses go there. You could reach the fountain even without entering Dubai Mall (e.g., coming from Dubai Opera), but if you are at the all, you will see signs that lead you to the fountain as well.

Stroll Downtown – After 9 pm

Downtown is a busy district with a lot of (luxury) shops, (luxury) hotels, and weird little things I have never really understood, like the bananas and other statues. However, it is beautiful – especially when it gets dark and everything is illuminated!

Dubai evenings are long – so even after 9 p.m., everything is open and busy!

Day 2 in Dubai – Souk and Desert Safari

This day is the perfect get a complete picture of the city as you visit the old part of the city. Deira is the ideal place to explore souks (markets) – it is a must-see in 3 days in Dubai and whether you make it your first, second, or third day in Dubai, I highly suggest spending at least a few hours in Old Dubai.

Gold and Spice Souk – Around 10 am

Have you heard of the famous gold souks? You will find them here, and yes, it is true: There is gold…a lot of gold! Besides the gold, you can buy souvenirs, (traditional) clothes, rugs, and more in this part of Dubai for a much lower price than in the malls. 

With hundreds of shops selling spices, gold, silver, and jewelry, this souk is a colorful and vibrant shopping experience. Here you can find everything from dried fruits and nuts to unique pieces of jewelry crafted from gold or silver.

Before you buy anything: be aware of scammers. Just buy from shops that have excellent reviews and once you buy something, immediately open the bag and make sure they put in the right products.

Gold Souk in Dubai points of interest

Which place to visit - Abu Dhabi or Dubai

Where to buy cheap things in Dubai
You should also take the opportunity to ride an abra – a typical water taxi that gets you from one side of the creek to the other (for just 0.25€). This is a traditional and local way of exploring the city. 

Make sure to stop at the Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Fort (one of the oldest buildings in Dubai). It is an interesting but often crowded museum that illustrates Dubai’s history in an engaging way and if you want to learn more about Dubai and its history, I recommend visiting Dubai Museum.

HOW TO GET TO THE GOLD/SPICE SOUK: Catch a metro and get to Burjuman and then change metro lines and get to Al Ras, and then you just have to walk for a few minutes. You can also take a taxi/Uber or use the hop-on and hop-off sightseeing buses, which drop you off at the souks.

OPENING HOURS / TICKETS: It is free to visit the souks and you could visit at any time. However, most shops are open every day from around 9:30-10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. On Fridays, the shops open after 4 p.m. and are open until around 9:30 p.m. Entrance fees are just about 1€, and it is probably the best museum in Dubai.

This is a fun but stressful first few hours of the day. So, I recommend heading back to your hotel to get ready for another Dubai highlight! A desert safari which includes some dune bashing and more.

Desert Safari – Around 3 pm

A desert safari is an amazing way to discover the desert and one of the most fun outdoor activities if you ask me. Strolling the sand dunes, enjoying some wild dune bashing, and having a nice BBQ under the sky are just in total contrast to the rest of the itinerary.

I am sure you will enjoy it, too, because it is one of the best activities for your 3-day Dubai itinerary.

Dubai desert safari
If you book the evening safari tour, you will be picked up around 3 p.m. from your hotel before heading out to the desert. The tours vary slightly, but most include wild dune-bashing in the desert, then heading to a recreated traditional camp.

Dining in the desert while watching the stars and a belly dancing show is one of the most unique and best experiences. If someone told me they stayed in Dubai for three or four days and had not taken such a tour, I would assume they were crazy.

If you are on a budget and only spend money on one activity, I would spend it here. 

This is probably the best way to spend time away from all the modern parts of Dubai.

Find the best desert safari tour for your trip.

Day 3 in Dubai – Madinat Jumeirah, Marina, and JBR Walk 

This day (whether it is your first, second, third, or fourth day) can be all about the new and modern parts. This is the beautiful thing: there are so many different areas and neighborhoods that you will not get bored in 3 days in Dubai.

If you only have time to see one for whatever reason, I suggest visiting Marina. However, it is even better if you can visit all three of them.

Morning in Madinat Jumeirah. Later that day at JBR Walk. And the evening in Dubai Marina.

Madinat Jumeirah – Around 10 am

You can start with Madinat Jumeirah, a recreational area of traditional Dubai. You cannot compare it with the old town and its souks – this one is way fancier and less authentic. However, I still love it. 

Madinat Jumeirah is a luxurious and vibrant resort located in the heart of Dubai. It features world-class restaurants, stunning architecture, and a variety of attractions, including Gold souks and more.

From the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah Souk to the Wild Wadi Waterpark – whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed family vacation, Madinat Jumeirah has something special for everyone.

What to do in Dubai on a layover

If you stroll the souk and then the canal, with the many palm trees all around, you will have a view of Burj al-Arab, the most famous luxury hotel in the world. What a view it is! 

However, if you want to get into Burj al Arab, you have to be an overnight guest or have a written reservation for one of the restaurants/spas. But that should not stop you from visiting the area – there are plenty of other attractions.

HOW TO GET TO MADINAT JUMEIRAH: Madinat Jumeirah is close to the man-made island of Jumeirah Palm. You can take a bus from several places in Downtown. Sightseeing buses also stop here. There is no metro stop near Madinat Jumeirah.

OPENING HOURS: Shops are open from 10:00 a.m. to 11 p.m., and restaurants are open from 08:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m.

JBR Walk – Around 12 pm

In between Madinat Jumeirah and Dubai Marina is JBR The Walk. This is a fun place, especially for beach lovers and families, and one of the best ways to spend some time at the beach.

The Walk at JBR is an iconic shopping and dining promenade, offering visitors a vibrant mix of upscale entertainment, leisure, and hospitality. Located in the heart of Dubai Marina, it is a 1.6 km long pedestrian walkway that takes you on an outdoor stroll filled with unique experiences.

Walk along the wooden pier and admire the views of the Arabian Gulf, or shop in its wide array of international stores. There is also an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars for visitors to enjoy throughout their visit.

JBR Walk - The Beach Dubai--3
The free, public beach is perfect for water activities – adults and kids alike will love it. Also, there are some activities, like the Flying Cup, and playgrounds. This is actually a great place for the daytime – it is busy, fun, and enjoyable.

Close by you will also find a Ferris wheel to enjoy nice views from. You can bring your own picnic or enjoy lunch/dinner in one of the numerous restaurants or cafes. 

HOW TO GET TO JBR: Take the metro – JLT Metro Station or Dubai Marina Metro Station are the closest metro stations. From there, either walk or take the tram to get to JBR.

OPENING HOURS / PRICES: Shops normally open around 10 a.m. and are open until 10 p.m. Restaurants usually close later. 

So, personally, all three places are good to visit either during the day or night, so I can‘t make the final decision which one to visit when, but this might be a great solution.

Dubai Marina – Around 6 pm

As mentioned, if you don’t have time to explore all of these areas, don’t skip the Marina. This is a wonderful example of the modern part of Dubai. 

The area boasts a range of high-end restaurants, cafés, and bars offering a great culinary experience. In the evenings, the scene comes alive with live music and street performances as locals and tourists alike enjoy a night out. 

Dubai Marina at nigt from Pier 7
The density of skyscrapers is insane. Walk along the promenade, and you might have neck pain after a while because you will have to look up all the time. If you enjoy fancy yacht trips, this is also the place to be.

Though I have never been to Florida, the Marina reminds me of it. There are a ton of restaurants and bars. For a great view, I recommend having dinner/lunch in one of the restaurants on Pier 7.

HOW TO GET TO DUBAI MARINA: Take the metro – Dubai Marina Metro Station is the closest metro station. If you get there by taxi, just the driver to drop you off at Marina Mall

OPENING HOURS / PRICES: It is open 24/7, but shops normally open around 10 a.m. and are open until 10 p.m. Restaurants normally close later. 


Here are more places to see in Dubai in 4 days.

Day 4 in Dubai: Abu Dhabi, Oman, or Theme Park

I suggest a day trip to one of the places below. Of course, you could also squeeze it into your 3-day itinerary, but if you have 4 days in Dubai, it will be more relaxed to do so.

TIP: If you leave on day 4, do the day trip on day 2 or 3. It can always happen that you will be stuck for some unforeseeable reasons. Especially if your plane leaves early, you want to be 100% to be on time at the airport.

Abu Dhabi – Start Around 7:30 – 8 am

For a 4-day Dubai itinerary, I recommend doing a day trip.

I have a few ideas, and the first is to visit the beautiful capital of the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city full of unique attractions, from stunning mosques and skyscrapers to vibrant markets and cultural events. From the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, there’s something for everyone.

most beautiful place in Abu Dhabi
The city is located about 100 km from Dubai and makes for a great day trip. You can get there by bus (though it is tricky and complicated to use this mode of transportation), taxi, rent a car, or take a guided tour. 

One of the most beautiful places is the Grand Zayed Mosque. This mosque is synonymous with beauty, symmetry, and perfection. I have never seen a more beautiful building than this.

For non-Muslims, Fridays are not a good day to visit the Grand Zayed Mosque, and neither are Islamic bank holidays. You have to dress very conservatively. Women should wear a scarf over their heads and fully cover their bodies, men with their legs and shoulders covered when visiting the mosque. Check out my post on the Grand Mosque for more info.

After a visit, you will have time to head to the Emirates Palace or the Corniche, the beautiful promenade in Abu Dhabi with beach access. For the city’s best views, head to the Emirates Towers and see Abu Dhabi from above.

This will be a fun day trip from Dubai, and you will have a great third or fourth day in the Emirates. Check out my more detailed guide on what to do in Abu Dhabi in one day.

➡️ Find the best day trip to Abu Dhabi here

Theme Parks – Start Around 9 am

Dubai is home to many theme parks. Given its size, there are quite some amusement parks and people seem to love it! 

Personally, I would opt for a day trip to Abu Dhabi or Oman, but of course, taste differs, especially if you visit with younger ones – or if you love theme parks and roller coasters yourself, the theme parks might be a better way for you to spend a day in Dubai.

So, here are some of the most popular amusement parks for your itinerary.

➡️ Find out more about the Motiongate

➡️ Find out more about LEGOLAND


Dubai offers a nice mix of modernity and tradition. You can make it as luxurious as you want but also travel on a budget. Check out my Dubai budget post for more info! 

Whatever budget you have – with a couple of days, you can explore this unique destination and this perfect itinerary has shown you some of the best opportunities to discover it.

So, whenever I have the chance to stop in Dubai for a few days, I take it and explore the city.

As you can see, there are many different things to do and see. So, whether you stay 3 days in Dubai or 4 days in Dubai, hopefully, this post has helped plan your 3- or 4-day Dubai itinerary. I hope you will have a wonderful trip!

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