Dubai Mall Quick Guide

Dubai Mall Quick Guide

Dubai Mall: A quick guide gives you an overview what to expect at the biggest mall in the world.

If you like records you will love Dubai and if you love shopping you will adore the Dubai Mall. As a regular Dubai visitor I often visit Dubai Mall – even if though I am not shopping a lot…but there is just so much to do around it and in it as well. Find our more about the biggest shopping mall in Dubai. Or well, actually the biggest one in the world.

If you like shopping as well as hustle and bustle you will love Dubai Mall. It is not only the biggest mall in the world but also the most visited. But even if you prefer quieter places, the mall is still worth a stop (as there are some the main Dubai attractions located next and inside of the mall).
With more than 1200 stores, an extensive food court and many beauty salons on four levels, this “guide” gives you a quick overview of the mall. 

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The mall opened in 2009, and still growing and plans to expand and become even bigger. It is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. or midnight, so you plenty of time to spend discovering the area. I was surprised it opened more than seven years ago, because it still looks like so new and the whole mall is spotlessly clean.


The mall offers free Wi-Fi. Several information points offer help and there are leaflets for orientation. You can rent strollers, power banks (free of charge btw) or use the concierge service (e.g. leave your shopping bags etc.).

It doesn’t really feel like a regular mall – not only because of the size but everything that comes with it.

Clean and free (as a German this is not standard for me) toilets are everywhere to be found at Dubai Mall.

Behaviour / Rules at Dubai Mall
Though there are many who wear whatever they want, Dubai Mall has a dress code which forbids too short of skirts and pants. The Dubai Mall Courtesy Policy also does not allow pets or weapons and asks people to keep intimate moments for the privacy of their home. 

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Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

How to get there to Dubai Mall 

Dubai Mall is located next to the Burj Khalifa, so it is almost impossible to miss.

A taxi is the quickest option. In fact, when leaving the mall, taking a taxi is quite an experience. It is an awesome system that shows how well organized the city has become, but however, I would go for public transport, you know the environment 🙂

A metro “stops” at the mall. Even though the station is called Dubai Mall, it will take an additional ten minutes walk to reach the mall. However, there is a bus at the metro exit that will take you directly to the mall entrance. Your metro ticket is valid for both. 

Hop-on-and-off buses also stop at the mall and many of the larger hotel chains offer free shuttle rides there. 

Stores at Dubai Mall 

Dubai Mall Stores
Dubai Mall Stores

There is almost any shop outlet you can imagine at Dubai Mall. Everything from book stores and fashion to home furnishing stores, supermarkets, beauty salons, and souks. 

While there are multiple high-fashion labels you will also find more affordable brands too.

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall Stores

Fashion Stores at Dubai Mall  

No fashion brand can afford not to have a store at Dubai Mall. If you are looking for high fashion it is worth checking out Stella McCartney on the ground floor. She has become a well-known designer and is one of the very few fashion labels that rejects the idea of working with fur and leather.

Though I do not own any of her products yet, I love the idea of cruelty-free products. If I am to get a new luxury bag, it will be one of her bags.

You´ll also find my favorite label which is Oasis. This isn’t a sponsored post, it is just a brand I really love and I have been shopping here for at least a decade. The British brand has unfortunately closed its stores in Germany, so I was thrilled to find the store located on the first floor.  It offers affordable clothing and is not as mainstream as other labels like H&M and Zara, which of course can be found in the mall as well.

The Fashion Avenue is probably the most photogenic area in the mall – it is so pretty and exquisite that I recommend heading there, even if you are not into high-end luxury products – especially the restrooms are nice and probably one of the most elegant you will find in a big mall.

Dining Tips at Dubai Mall

The food court is extensive. Apart from the typical fast food restaurants, you will also find fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and international restaurants. 

Italian, Indian, Chinese, Arabian…..all kind of cuisines are at Dubai Mall, so you will be pleased to find there is something for everyone’s palate and budget with the many bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and takeaways. You can easily pay 5€ for one scoop of gelato or 8€ for a large scoop.

Dubai Mall Restaurant
Dubai Mall Restaurant

Beauty Salon Tips at Dubai Mall

One of my favorite places can be found on the lower ground. After an exhausting day, the best thing you can do is to spoil yourself with a spa or a beauty treatment. I decided to visit Sisters Beauty Lounge (they have several other stores all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi) on the lower ground lever next to the Center Management.

They offer many beauty and spa treatments as well as a hair salon. It is off the hustle and bustle of crazy Dubai Mall and allows you to relax on your way there. The staff is very friendly, the salon has a relaxing atmosphere and is spotlessly clean. I had a 1-hour body massage (it was awesome, I wish it had gone on for hours) and a Brazilian pedicure afterwards. 

Activities in and around Dubai Mall: 

There are several main attractions in and around Dubai Mall, which include: Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, an aquarium, ice rink, cinemas and several more. As I said, there is hardly a way to avoid Dubai Mall when you are in Dubai. Some luxury hotels are also attached to the shopping mall, so enjoy this experience of Dubai Mall. Here are more Dubai malls and read more about the best activities in Dubai or 

Disclaimer: Sister´s Beauty Lounge invited me to the treatments. As always, all opinions are my own.

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