Find out About the Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night 

(for non-party people)

Dubai might be lovely during the day, especially at hotspots like Dubai Fountain and Miracle Garden, where tons of people can be found discovering their beauty, but it gets even more exciting and awesome in the evening. Some areas seem to be in a deep sleep and only awaken at night.

After the sun sets in the winter months, and even more so in summer (April/June-October) when it is too hot to spend the day outside, people get out their houses/hotels/malls in the evening time – ready to spend a fun night out.

While some beautiful areas are extremely sleepy during the day, they fill with life at night and things get exciting.

So, if you are wondering about the best things to do in Dubai at night, you will find some inspiration here that will make your time in Dubai even better.

Find out about the best places to visit in Dubai at night- no clubbing, just places that are fun for people of all ages.

Disclaimer: Though I visited all these places at night (and totally loved them),I kind of suck at taking night shots most of the time, so while the pictures often do not justice you can trust my words 🙂

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Downtown Dubai

The classic! Downtown Dubai, home to many world-famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain, is busy during the day, but gets crazy at night.



The Dubai Fountain runs every 30 minutes between 6 pm-11pm, and it is not for those who do not like crowds. The amount of tourists in front of it can be insane – especially on a Friday night.

It is worth it though, and even if you prefer exploring more off-the-beaten-path places, you cannot visit Dubai without spending an evening here.

This is especially true of Burj Khalifa, which is even more beautiful when illuminated.

Other things to do in Downtown Dubai at night: The Dubai Mall is open until 10 or 11pm (though I recommend visiting in the daytime, especially on hot days), Burj Khalifa can be visited until midnight or you can head to one of the many rooftop bars to enjoy breathtaking views of the downtown area.

Dubai Mall at night

Dubai Downtown at night - things to see in Dubai at night

Make sure to walk around the mall and stroll along the streets, as downtown wears its prettiest dress at night (even the trees are illuminated).

Put Downtown Dubai on your itinerary in the evening – but try to avoid it on a Friday night. 

City Walk

Lovely but sleepy during the day, it is a fun and popular place to see “after dark.” 

Places to visit in Dubai at night

Whether you visit with children or without (there are some extra activities for kids in the evening), this place is great for enjoying a nice dinner or a quick stroll (the area is not really that big). The shops are open until 10pm, so it is also a good way to shop your way around Dubai.

As in many popular places, it is a lot about lights – and City Walk is no different!

Most Insta worth places in Dubai

La Mer

Within a few weeks, La Mer has become one of the most popular places in Dubai for locals and tourists alike. La Mer is located in the Jumeirah area with its own beach, and many retail stores, restaurants, and stylish cafes.

Places to visit in Dubai at night

While it is also busy during the day, unlike some other hotspots, it is even more beautiful at night.

It gets busier (but not to worry, it’s still not crowded) and there are so many restaurants and cafes that you’ll be sure to find something that suits your cravings.

La Mer at night with a sunset

You´ll have great views of Burj Khalifa from there, which is even prettier at night than it is during the day – and watching the sunset from there is a lovely and romantic way to start the night.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina was established in 2003 – in Dubai, this is practically old! The artificial marina boasts a number of skyscrapers and restaurants.

Dubai Marina at night - where to go in Dubai at night

Stroll along the three-kilometer-long stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline and do not forget to look up – the high buildings in this area are one of a kind, and you won’t take too many strolls in the world that will astound you with so many impressive buildings.

With all those skyscrapers, many of them illuminated in the evening, it is fun to walk around.

Dubai Marina at nigt from Pier 7

Some bars have loud music playing, but it is also very child-friendly and great for non-party people. The sunset is pretty from here, the walks easy, and the area is pedestrian-friendly. Enjoy great views from one of the restaurants or go on a dhow cruise in the evening (there are also dhow dinner cruises available).

Madinat Jumeirah

This extremely picturesque place is probably best known for its unique view of the iconic Burj al Arab hotel. With its many walkways, restaurants, and little shops, it is great to visit in the daytime, but even better in the evening.

At night where to go in Dubai - Madinat Jumeirah at night

A large number of the restaurants, many of which are part of the luxurious hotels that the Jumeirah group has opened here, offer great food with nice views. While it is one of the most romantic places to visit in Dubai at night, it is also extremely pretty for anyone who enjoys an evening stroll or dinner in a fine dining restaurant that looks better at night!

Dubai Desert

One of the things you have to do at night is to spend an evening (or even a whole night) in the desert of Dubai.

Desert safari on a layover

After going on a desert safari (that includes a ride on a 4×4 and normally some wildlife spotting), have a BBQ in the desert (you can even have great veggie options), enjoy a belly dancing show (sometimes even a xxx show), stay in a “traditional” Arabian camp, and enjoy the sunset and later stargaze. This is definitely one of the most beautiful memories you will have from your Dubai trip!

JBR Walk – The Beach

JBR Walk and the Beach are extremely popular during the day – and after sunset. 

DUBAI JBR at night activities


While most people enjoy going to the beach during the day, you can have an amazing time in the evening, too. Whether you are chilling at the beach, or exploring one of the numerous cafes and restaurants, this place is perfect for families, couples, and anyone who likes popular hotspots with different activities, street art, etc. 

Another evening activity for your itinerary!

JBR at night in DUbai

Wondering what else to do in Dubai at night? Well, here are some more tips:

The Frame

One of the newest attractions is the Frame. After sunset, you will see it illuminated in different colors, even from far.

Where are good places to visit in Dubai at night

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However, if you head there yourself, you will have the chance to get some stunning views of Burj Khalifa and other places in Dubai. Since the skyline of the city looks just amazing at night, this place is great to visit after spending a day at Zabeel Park.

Al Seef

Oh, Dubai. It seems that each month a new area pops up. One of the newest ones is Al Seef. 

While it is lovely, but extremely quiet, during the day, it is a popular place amongst locals in the evening – seems it is still a hidden gem!

Located in Deira, many restaurants have opened that are overlooking the Creek.

While you will find many modern buildings that host restaurants on one side, you will also find other restaurants that were built in traditional Arabian houses; but don’t let the look fool you. These were built just recently, but they still have a charm that modern buildings do not have.

Take your time while walking the 1.8 kilometers and seeing another, more unique and lesser known, part of Dubai in the evening.

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Safe Travels, Arzo