If the question of “where to stay in Lauterbrunnen” has been troubling you, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. This post will cover everything you need to know about the best places to stay in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. From luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hostels, keep reading to find the ideal hotel in Lauterbrunnen.

Lauterbrunnen is a lush green village tucked between dramatic mountains and roaring glacial waterfalls. Its picturesque landscapes belong in an art museum; it’s that breathtaking. It really is! Apart from filling your camera’s gallery, there are a slew of outdoorsy and quirky things to keep you busy.  But of course, you know this — that’s why you’re here. So start packing. Your accommodation in Lauterbrunnen Valley awaits. 

Lauterbrunnen in spring

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Before talking about the best places to stay in Lauterbrunnen, here are a few FAQs to help you plan your Lauterbrunnen itinerary.

Is Lauterbrunnen a Good Place to Stay?

To make it short: Yes, Lauterbrunnen is a great place to stay – Lauterbrunnen itself is home to several stunning attractions, including the Staubbach Waterfalls or the Trümmelbach Waterfalls. It is also close to other breathtaking Swiss sights – like Schilthorn Mountain, Wengen, Mürren, and also the world-famous Jungfraujoch.

Also, it is just a 30-minute train ride from the popular resort town of Interlaken – the capital town of adventure. In summer, you have endless hiking options (if you are not into hiking, then just take the cable cars/trains for great mountain views), and in winter some of the best ski resorts are close by. Check out my post with the top Lauterbrunnen activities to find out more.

However, Lauterbrunnen is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland – it gets busy, especially in the summer months, and this small valley can get jam-packed. So, if you plan to stay in Lauterbrunnen, book early if you have put your eyes on a specific hotel.

The question is not if to stay in Lauterbrunnen but rather where to stay in Lauterbrunnen – for this, we have listed some of the top hotels in Lauterbrunnen for you.

  • The biggest international airport in Switzerland,  Zurich Airport, is about 88 miles (142 km) from Lauterbrunnen – it takes about 2,5 hours to get there by train.
  • Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is about 70 km and it takes about 1,5 hours by train. 

Staubbach Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen

How Long to Stay in Lauterbrunnen?

If you’re planning a trip to Lauterbrunnen and the surrounding areas, I would recommend staying for at least 2-3 nights to fully experience the region. Here’s a suggested itinerary based on your preferences:

Day 1: Arrival in Lauterbrunnen

  • Spend the day exploring the town of Lauterbrunnen and its surroundings. Take a stroll along the Lauterbrunnen Valley Trail, which offers stunning views of the valley and waterfalls. You can also visit the Trummelbach Falls, a series of ten waterfalls inside a mountain.

Day 2: Mürren and Schilthorn

  • Take the cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren, a charming car-free village with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.
  • From Mürren, take the cable car up to the Schilthorn, where you can enjoy panoramic views of over 200 mountain peaks and see the famous revolving restaurant featured in the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

Day 3: Jungfraujoch and Wengen

  • Take the train from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe. The train journey itself is an experience, passing through tunnels and over bridges with stunning views of the mountains.
  • At Jungfraujoch, you can explore the Ice Palace, walk on the glacier, and take in the views from the Sphinx Observatory.
  • On your way back to Lauterbrunnen, stop in the picturesque village of Wengen and explore its charming streets.

Day 4: Grindelwald

  • Take the train or bus to Grindelwald, a bustling mountain village with plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and paragliding.
  • Take the cable car up to the top of Grindelwald First Mountain for panoramic views and outdoor activities such as the First Flyer zip line.

Overall, I would recommend staying for 3-4 nights in Lauterbrunnen to fully experience everything the region has to offer. However, if you only have limited time, you could do a condensed version of this itinerary in 2 nights.


Here are the top choices ranging from budget-friendly, luxury, and mid-range. 


So, let´s start with some luxurious apartments in Lauterbrunnen. They might not be as fancy and luxurious as accommodations in Dubai or Santorini, but they are some of the best places in Lauterbrunnen.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,8 miles (1,3 km) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.6 miles (1 km) from the property.

The Luxury Penthouse Apartment offers a tranquil escape surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Being so close to multiple ski resorts and lifts, it’s pretty convenient that there’s ski storage space available on-site.  While tucked away between mountains, you’ll feel warm and cozy in this penthouse apartment. That’s because the interior resembles a wooden cabin. 

It can host up to eight people and is perfect for either larger groups or for guests who like to self-cater as the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a fridge.

While it is good value for money and has fantastic views, the garage is small, and there’s no parking space outside the apartment. Also, keep in mind, that there is only one apartment – and it might be quickly booked. Check out prices here.

Breathtaking Waterfall Apartment

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,5 miles (750 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.25 miles (400 meters ) from the property.

The Breathtaking Waterfall Apartment is one of the most beautiful properties in Lauterbrunnen. The apartment is airy, with large windows opening up to stunning garden and mountain views. The terrace offers a chance to have breakfast while enjoying the serene scenery.  

Although on the pricey side, this luxurious apartment is open-plan, allowing plenty of movement. It features spacious rooms, modern furnishings, and a pristine bathroom. Unwind, catch up with your series in the inviting living space, and have a hearty meal at the large dining table. 

Also, there are many nearby lifts and hiking trails. The best feature of this property is waking up to a view of the Staubbach Falls rushing down the mountain. Check out prices here.

Lauterbrunnen in the summer
Lauterbrunnen in the summer


Let´s talk about mid-range hotels to stay in Lauterbrunnen.

Hotel Silberhorn

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,1 miles (300 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.6 miles (1 km) from the property.

Looking for a mid-range accommodation that’s still modern enough for a memorable experience? Look no further than Hotel Silberhorn. This hotel sits just off Lauterbrunnen’s main street, giving you quick access to the train station, skiing and hiking areas. 

You can relax in the light-flooded winter garden or admire the boisterous Staubbach Fall and sweeping green alpine pastures from the sun terrace. Each room feels vibrant and natural featuring solid wooden furniture and a private bathroom. 

Enjoy tantalizing Swiss specialties and breakfast courtesy of an Alpine-style restaurant. The restaurant only serves four-course meals from December to April if you want to dine on-site. Check out prices here.

Hotel Restaurant Jungfrau

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,3 miles (500 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.25 miles (400 meters) from the property.

The location of the Hotel Restaurant Jungfrau makes it an ideal choice for seclusion and skiing. Featuring a balcony with panoramic views of Staubbach Waterfall and the surrounding Alpine landscape, you can’t go wrong with this mid-range hotel. 

Apart from breathtaking views, the surrounding area is ideal for hiking and cycling, and then there are shopping facilities and a train station only a few meters away. You’ll have access to free private parking, ski storage, and a games room.

The wooden flooring and crisp bedding make the rooms inviting, with a fully equipped kitchen. Some guests haven’t had the best experience with management and staff members, noting they were unreachable or unresponsive, but shouldn’t hinder your experience at this magical property. Check out prices here.

Lauterbrunnen valley seen from Alpgrütsch gondola
Lauterbrunnen seen from gondola


Here are two popular places to stay if you are on a budget.

Hotel Staubbach

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,3 miles (500 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.4 miles (650 meters) from the property.

The historic Hotel Staubbach was one of the first hotels in Lauterbrunnen, built in the 1890s. Its budget-friendly price tag and family-run atmosphere might be why it’s still operating today. They offer free Wi-Fi and parking, and there are many nearby outdoor activities to enjoy. 

The rooms are simple and clean and feature private or shared bathrooms. While Hotel Staubbach may be less luxurious or modern, it quickly takes the winning spot for its location near restaurants and shops. 

Nearby are well-groomed slopes, numerous hiking paths, and 72 gorgeous waterfalls. Make sure not to book the attic room if you are claustrophobic. Check out prices here.


  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,1 miles (200 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.5 miles (750 meters) from the property.

At BASE Cafe, you can expect a humble stay and all the amenities that a budget-friendly hotel can afford. These amenities include a bar, ski storage, a shared kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and parking, so you’re getting a bang for your buck. 

Three ski lifts are an on-site restaurant available to guests. When your rumbling tummy won’t quiet, you can also pop in at the many cafes or bars and Silberhorn restaurant. The decor is just okay, and some guests have come across unclean conditions in certain areas. Check out prices here.

Lauterbrunnen village


If you have to watch your budget closely, then you have some more budget-friendly accommodations in Lauterbrunnen.

The Valley Hostel

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,2 miles (300 meters) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.4 miles (650 meters) from the property.

There are many hostels in Lauterbrunnen, but the Valley Hostel will leave quite the impression. That’s because they have good service, clean dormitories, and bathrooms, with many facilities. 

Some amenities to enjoy are the garden, shared kitchen, ski storage, and free parking. Guests particularly appreciate the continental breakfasts served every morning, and cycling and hiking opportunities are nearby. 

Some guests find certain rooms too small, but this will depend on your personal preference – and unfortunately, Switzerland is expensive so truth to be told, you will never get a spacious room for little money. Check out prices here.

Camping Jungfrau

  • Lauterbrunnen train station is about 0,75 miles (1,2 km) away
  • Staubbach Falls is 0.2 miles (300 meters) from the property.

At Camping Jungfrau, you can choose between a bungalow, cabin, and hostel at a reasonable price. Centrally located in the Jungfrau region, you can use this accommodation as a base for excursions and skiing adventures in the winter. 

You’ll have access to a restaurant serving traditional Swiss meals and a supermarket for convenience. If you’re not admiring the Staubbach waterfall, you can take up some hiking, cycling, mini-golfing, or a game of table tennis. 

With so many conveniences, friendly staff members, and fantastic amenities, there’s no reason not to embrace hostel life. Note that the bathroom is far from the rooms, making for an unpleasant nighttime bathroom run. Check out prices here.


Mürren is just above Lauterbrunnen – while it is not directly in Lauterbrunnen, it is easily reachable. First, get on a gondola and enjoy nice views before you hop on a train and enjoy a 20-minute – extremely – scenic – train ride. This journey is included in your Swiss Travel Pass.

Mürren itself is a beautiful mountain village – a great place to visit at any time of the year. In winter, it is a top spot for winter sports. 

Mürren train station

Murren village center in summer

Hotel Regina

Hotel Regina is the ideal quiet retreat to relax after a busy day exploring. The Art Nouveau-style hotel in Mürren doesn’t hold back on charm and elegance. And once you see the classy rooms, you wouldn’t want to leave. 

The rooms are bright and airy, with fresh white linen and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing ample light to pour in. Almost every area grants a beautiful perspective of the snowy mountains. Beyond this, you’ll enjoy the terrace that opens up blue skies and a breath of fresh air. 

Breakfast and dinner are available on-site, which include vegetarian options. The property is five minutes from the Schilthornbahn Cable Car and only 15 minutes from the railway station. Check out prices here.

Hotel Edelweiss Superior

Yet another charming property in Mürren is Hotel Edelweiss Superior. This hotel is superior for its scenic location, delicious food, and excellent service. Facing three prominent mountains, you can imagine how epic the panoramic views are. 

Not only that, but you’ll be near several ski lifts, making it the best area to stay in Lauterbrunnen in the winter if you’re skiing. Each room comes with an ensuite, TV, and gorgeous interior. To top it off, you’ll wake up to a rich buffet breakfast every morning. 

To indulge even more, head to the on-site restaurant presenting an à-la-carte traditional Swiss cuisine menu (yum). Relish a relaxing stroll through the picturesque village and then swing by the James Bond 007 museum which you can find at the stunning Schilthorn mountain – not too far from Mürren. Check out prices here.

Wrapping Up Where To Stay in Lauterbrunnen 

Lauterbrunnen is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland – and it can be crowded at times. Thus it is even nicer to stay overnight in Lauterbrunnen and enjoy the valley once many day visitors leave. 

This post has hopefully answered your question on where to stay in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland because these Lauterbrunnen hotels are some of the best in the valley – for each budget. Hopefully, you have found the best place to stay in Lauterbrunnen! 

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