Welcome to Lauterbrunnen, the most beautiful valley in the Swiss Alps! If you’re looking for an adventure-filled day trip, this is the place to be. From soaring peaks and majestic waterfalls to traditional Swiss chalets, there’s something here for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll through meadows and forests, a ride on one of Europe’s highest mountaintop railways, or just want to soak up the spectacular views, Lauterbrunnen has it all. So come and explore this little piece of paradise – you won’t regret it! Let’s get started planning your perfect one day in Lauterbrunnen.

I can’t help but come back to Lauterbrunnen again and again – it is, after all, one of the most impressive places in Switzerland. Every time I visit, I am taken aback by its sheer beauty, no matter if it’s during the winter or summer months.

Each new experience brings a newfound appreciation and a captivating feeling of awe. It’s this amazement that keeps me returning time and time again. Indeed, Lauterbrunnen is definitely worth the trips I make there 2-3 times a year.

Staubbach Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen


Before jumping to your 1-day Lauterbrunnen itinerary, here are a few things to know, because if you’re planning to visit Lauterbrunnen, it’s important to be prepared.

  • • Situated in the Bernese Oberland Region (Jungfrau Region) of Switzerland.
  • • It is known for its impressive 72 waterfalls, lush meadows, and steep cliff walls.
  • • The village of Lauterbrunnen itself lies along the valley floor at an elevation of 900 meters and is surrounded by alpine peaks.
  • The official language in Switzerland is German, so brush up on your German phrases before heading off! And if you don´t …no worries, people speak English, too.
  • Credit and debit cards are widely accepted across the country but some small restaurants or shops may require cash – so make sure to carry some Swiss Francs with you.
  • Lauterbrunnen also has a train station and several shops, restaurants, hotels, and rental car offices to help you get around during your stay. For those looking for more budget-friendly options, there are grocery stores in the area where you can buy food and supplies.
  • Finally, if you’re in need of some last-minute souvenirs, make sure to check out the local gift shops for some unique finds.

And that’s it! With a little bit of preparation and planning, you’ll be ready to explore one of Switzerland’s most spectacular valleys: Lauterbrunnen! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and


Lauterbrunnen is a bit remote, though still easily accessible – it just takes a bit longer than getting to destinations like Interlaken.


Driving to Lauterbrunnen is an easy journey of around 3 hours from Zurich. Follow the A12 motorway, then take the exit for Interlaken and head for the village of Lauterbrunnen.


Wherever you are, the best bet is to get to Interlaken Ost Station first and then take the train from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen. The journey takes around 20 minutes and is scenic!

Yes, it is that easy. From Zurich, it takes about 3 hours, but there are quite some scenic rides in between.


I highly, highly suggest using a Swiss Travel Pass for your travels (if you get around primarily by public transport). Here are some benefits of a Swiss Travel Pass:

  • Unlimited travel within Switzerland on trains, buses, lake boats & selected gondolas/funiculars – including scenic routes like the Glacier Express & Bernina Express & Mount Rigi
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  • Access to over 500 destinations across Switzerland, including all public transport and trains.
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  • Use it as a digital pass, or print it out
  • Instant activation if wanted- no need to wait in long lines at ticket machines or rail stations.
  • Save money on travel costs compared to buying individual tickets for each journey.
  • Enjoy stress-free and worry-free travel around Switzerland.

So don’t forget to get your Swiss Travel Pass before coming to Lauterbrunnen, it is worth it! 

DISCLAIMER: If you plan your Switzerland trip for the summer, you’ll have plenty of time to cross off that extra item on your itinerary! Lauterbrunnen’s long days will make sure you can add an extra activity to your Lauterbrunnen itinerary. Find out more about the best time to visit Switzerland.


Yes, Lauterbrunnen is definitely worth visiting. This small village, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is surrounded by stunning mountains, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque meadows. It is worth visiting for nature lovers, hikers, and adventure seekers, but also amazing to enjoy some tranquil time in the Swiss Alps.


Is a day in Lauterbrunnen enough? Though Lauterbrunnen is absolutely gorgeous, one day in Lauterbrunnen is enough to see the main sights and get a good idea of what the fuss is about.

You can explore the valley´s main attractions. If you have two days in Lauterbrunnen – or even longer – that would be even better but there are so many stunning places waiting for you in Switzerland, that Lauterbrunnen in a day is enough.


So let’s get started on your one day in this magical place! Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or simply want to experience the beauty of nature, Lauterbrunnen is sure to have something for you. So let’s start with the activities for your one day in Lauterbrunnen.


Start with the village of Lauterbrunnen.

The village is home to a variety of attractions, such as the Staubbach Falls. Once you get out of the train station/car, you will just walk towards the village center.

It is just a 3-minute walk before you see it! The Staubbach Falls drops almost 300 meters from a hanging valley (which is almost 1,000 feet). Those impressive falls which have left us visitors speechless for decades.

where to visit in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Staubbach waterfall a top activity in Interlaken with Arzo Travels

Take a stroll to the waterfall, and you’ll be graced with some beautiful Swiss chalets along the way. Capture all of their scenic charm by stopping at one or two viewpoints for those perfect photo moments!

Who’s up for a real Icelandic adventure? Take on the challenge of walking behind this stunning waterfall this summer! While there are lots to admire from afar, nothing quite beats experiencing the sheer power and beauty of standing right in its midst! 

Not to be a buzzkill, but summertime in Lauterbrunnen means lots of people! Don’t forget your best walking shoes as you tackle the 10-15 minute uphill trek. Whether you’re young or old, the trail’s well-maintained terrain can be explored by everyone. 

After a few days of heavy downpours venture behind the waterfall to experience an aquatic paradise. But if you visit after a week with no rain, you might actually be a bit disappointed: Prepare to stay dry as there won’t be much in terms of liquid falling over you then.

Walk behind Staubbach Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen activity

Once you’ve explored everything, take a pit stop at one of the yummy eateries in town for some tasty grub and refreshments. Guaranteed to refuel your energy so you can continue on with your day!

  • TIP: There are a couple of water fountains – bring a water bottle with you, and just refill it. Yes, you can drink that water. No, it is not dangerous. 


Ready for a journey? From Lauterbrunnen (just near the train station), hop onboard the jumbo-sized gondola and prepare to ascend up to Grütschalp Station! Don’t worry about running late – the gondola runs multiple times an hour so you’ll get there in no time.

Lauterbrunnen valley seen from Alpgrütsch gondola
Lauterbrunnen seen from gondola
  • TIP: You’ll be soaring up above Lauterbrunnen Valley with spectacular views, so make sure you stand on the right side of the gondola – it’s your ticket to some amazing sights.

Switzerland – always so punctual; The train is already waiting to whisk you away on your next adventure: Mürren here we come!!

Ready for a ride? I’m talking an absolute B-L-O-W O-U-T ride! The Grütschalp to Mürren is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. So prepare yourself: it’s going to be so good, you won’t even remember how much anxiety may have been here one second ago ;).

Mürren in sprig
Mürren in spring
Hiking from Grütschalp to Murren
Train ride Grütschalp to Mürren in summer

The Swiss Skyline is a stunning, panoramic view of the Swiss Alps – namely of the three mountain peaks of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau and during this train ride, you can see all these magnificent mountains perfectly framed.

After this magical 20-minute train ride, you’ll be almost disappointed when it’s over! Believe me – the trip is THAT good. Enjoy every second of it!!

  • TIP: Grab a seat and make it snappy, cause this one won’t linger – aim for the right side in your travels to get an optimal view.
  • TIP: Also, the windows are normally open, so it might not be bad to dress in layers.

From Mürren train station, it is just 10 minutes away is the charming village of Murren, but be prepared for your legs to work as you trek up slightly!

Murren is a picturesque mountain village located high up in the Swiss Alps, around 1,650 meters above sea level. The village is a popular destination amongst tourists and hikers due to its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Given the high altitude, you might experience a winter wonderland even in spring!

Explore quaint alleyways with traditional wooden chalets and take part in various outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding in the winter or hiking in the summer.


Mürren view point, vantage point with glaciers and waterfall in the background

Mürren is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and awe-inspiring views, but if you’re looking to switch things up on your next vacation there are still plenty of activities – which we will talk about later!

Now’s the perfect time to take a break and treat yourself – whether you want some gourmet grub at one of the local restaurants or make your own picnic, this backdrop will help turn it into an amazing experience!

It’s been 3-4 hours since you touched down in Lauterbrunnen and woah, what an experience it has been but it does not end here.

But how to continue your day in Lauterbrunnen? Why not check out some of these cool ideas I’ve got for how to spend your day? Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s make it happen!


Finally, no trip to Murren would be complete without a visit to the Schilthorn mountain peak!

Schilthorn is a 9,744-foot mountain peak located in the Swiss Alps and is known for its spectacular views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains.

Are you ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure? Get your thrills on the Schilthorn journey with a daring stop at Birg. Take in spectacular views from above as you bravely explore the Thrill Walk – its steel structure clinging to rock walls and wriggling under observation decks, topped off by awesome obstacles like rope crossings, tunnels, and glass floors! Don’t miss this heart-pounding experience!

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria from cable car

The Swiss Skyline in Lauterbrunnen

Then continue your journey to the top of Schilthorn. The summit also houses the famous “Piz Gloria” revolving restaurant – a unique experience that makes Schilthorn an unforgettable destination. Don’t miss out on all the James Bond fun! The Schilthorn cable car was featured in the 1969 movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and you can even visit the James Bond Walk of Fame, which is a museum dedicated to Mr. 007 himself. It also houses memorabilia from the film and offers an interactive tour of the mountain peak.

Swiss Panorama in Schilthorn

Activities include skiing, snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the surrounding trails, or simply taking in the incredible views!

You don’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind dining experience! Take in the breathtaking views while you indulge in some delicious food – what more could you ask for?


Ready to finish up your amazing adventure at Schilthorn? You have a couple of options! Hop on the gondolas for an incredible ride back down to Mürren. But why not choose something extra special and go with the alternative option – it’s guaranteed awesome too!

In the village center of Mürren, you’ll find another gondola. So, this time take yourself for an exciting ride with this alternative route straight over Stechelberg! The gondola views are – once again – awesome! 

Lauterbrunnen paragliding, Arzo Travels


Once in Stecherlberg, you don’t need your walking boots. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverside for 90 minutes or hop on the bus or and it will drop you off at Lauterbrunnen’s train station…or anywhere in between if that suits you better!

  • The walking path from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen is open all year round.


If you prefer a different activity than getting up the “James Bond mountain” and rather be more active, I recommend hiking from Mürren to Stechelberg via Gimmelwald.

One of the easiest, and yet most scenic hikes I have done in Switzerland was from Mürren to Stechelberg via Gimmelwald. This route is also extremely popular amongst climbers. The via ferrata (protected climbing route) from Mürren to Grimmelwald is one of the best-known routes.

Gimmelwald near Lauterbrunnen

Gimmelwald village

From Mürren, make your way down to the Gimmelwald and then work your way up on switchbacks across mountainsides. There are signs that will guide you! Nothing can beat scenic views of cows casually grazing around you as well as snow-capped peaks dotted with lush green valleys below! But the tiny village of Gimmelwald is also quite cute.

From Gimmelwald, continue walking down towards Stechelberg. Though it is an easy downhill hike, you’ve worked up a sweat and earned your bragging rights for the day! 

Duration about 3 hours. If you continue your walk from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen add an extra 90 minutes or so. Alternatively, you can also take the bus from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen.

Watertrail hike in Lauterbrunnen

The trail Gimmelwald-Stechelberg is open from the beginning of May to the end of October.

  • TIP: Ready to embark on your hiking journey? Before you lace up those boots, make sure the trail is open and ready for adventure. Mountain weather can be tricky – one minute it may seem sunny and warm, but soon enough a snowstorm might roll in! To stay safe (and dry!), equip yourself with rain gear and an extra layer of warmth just in case.


If you’re a waterfall enthusiast, here’s your chance to make all those #ChasingWaterfalls posts worthwhile! Lauterbrunnen is the perfect spot for any water worshiper with its many cascades and streams. Wrap up that day of exploring in style – it’ll be sure to take away your breath (in more ways than one)!

So, first, get down to Stechelberg (either via hike or gondola) from Mürren. From there, walk towards the Trümmelbachfälle (30 minutes) – or take a bus. 

Trummelbach Falls,Waterfall,Inside,The,Mountain

This incredible 10-tiered glacier waterfall cascades down the side of a mountain. It is the only glacier waterfall of its kind in Europe, and it is quite a sight to behold. The sheer power of the falls is awe-inspiring and there are plenty of great viewing spots for you to take some incredible photos!

In summer months, with its thunderous roar, Trümmelbachfälle is sure to take your breath away – in more ways than one! 

  • Just open from April until November (depending on the weather conditions).
  • The entrance fee for adults is 14 CHF, and 6 CHF for kids between the age of 6 and 16 years.


The possibilities are endless in Lauterbrunnen! From the jaw-dropping scenery of Schilthorn to the adventurous Thrill Walk, from gourmet restaurants to leisurely strolls, and from alternative mountain routes to quaint train journeys – this is one day trip you won’t soon forget.

So why not make your own unique adventure today and explore all that this magnificent valley has to offer? Lauterbrunnen awaits!

The only limit is your imagination! Happy travels!

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