Packing for Your Next Summer Trip

Summer is coming soon – at least, this is what I am hoping for. And in case it does not come to me, I will go and find it. Though I haven’t planned many trips yet, I already know what I will need for my upcoming trips.

Check out my list to see which things you should not forget to pack for your next trip. By the way: if you are still looking for travel inspiration, check out my post about 15 colorful cities in Europe, or my favorite top 10 cities in the world.

What should I pack for a summer trip? Find the ultimate summer packing list.

What should I pack for a summer trip? Find the ultimate summer packing list.

Things you should pack for your next summer trip!


As a traveler (or tourist, though I hate the debate a lot, feel addressed by either term 🙂 luggage is essential.

Depending on the part where you are traveling to and what kind of traveler you are, either a suitcase or a backpack is the better choice. Click on this link or in the pictures if you have not gotten yours yet.

A carry-on luggage (either in a way as a trolley or as a handbag) is also always part of my travels. I like my luggage to be handy and stylish (and colorful), so here are some of my ideas (click in the pictures).

Hand bags or small backpack – it really depends what kind of traveler you are. I love my hand bags, but actually have a backpack as well, when I do short hikes etc. Click here to see some more hand bags or here for some cool, stylish backpacks.

Cotton Bag – Cotton what? If you decide to travel in Europe (and particularly in Germany), you will notice that plastic bags most often cost money- for grocery or other kind of shopping. Actually, this is a great for the environment (and also for us travelers), though not very handy. So, some cotton bags are very cool and fun, so this is actually a good “investment” and you could also use it for the beach as well. Check out some cool cotton bags here.

Have you noticed that many people (aka bloggers) recommend packing cubes lately? It is because they are actually very handy, so get them before your next summer trip here.

Laundry bags are great if you travel for longer and don’t want your dirty and clean clothes mix up.

I constantly lose stuff (also jewelry) so probably I should put a small jewelry travel box on my list, so it does not happen anymore.

If you travel abroad you probably need your passport – my passport does not fit into my regular wallet, so I have a passport holder wallet which I take with me. This one comes in great, fun colors, too (p.s. talking about passport holders, your passport/ID is of course the most important item you have to take).

General / Electronics

If I travel for longer I get a travel guide – internet is not always guaranteed throughout the world, so this is actually great to have. Lonely Planet guides are more detailed guides, while Marco Polo ones are less comprehensive.

A fold-able, reusable water bottle is pretty handy, which you can get here. In countries like Switzerland there are fountains wth free clean water, which can save you money and it´s much better than plastic bottles.

You probably, not necessarily, need an adapter if you travel abroad which you can get here.

Portable battery chargers are,  as mentioned in another post, a must-have item, and this way my phone is always charged.

As you probably know, I am a huge GoPro fan. I just got one few months ago, but I was happy to take some underwater pictures and it is so small and easy to carry around. If you have to decide on one camera for your summer trip I would go with a Go Pro. It is also cool for hiking and other outdoor activities since you can do so much with it – and you don’t have to be scared to break it. To get your own GoPro, click here.

GoPro comes with a lot of accessorize. To be honest, I bought most of my stuff from third-party providers and am totally fine with it. Click here to check out what else you need for your Go Pro.

Well, since you are on holidays you might want to take better pictures than with a GoPro and probably need a different and additional extra camera.


When there is summer, there is the sun. When there is the sun you NEED sun protection and after sun treatment  (seriously, cannot emphasize the importance of it enough, good for your health and long-term beauty).

If there is water, there are mosquitos. So don’t forget the pack mosquito repellent and sanitizer does never harm, especially when it´s hot and bacteria can spread more easily.

Of course, you will also need a toothbrush, shampoo, etc. but I think these are essentials, so I do not to write those down in detail. But let´s face it: summer time means that we sweat more than usually, so pack your deo, and consider getting foot deodorizer.


As you have probably noticed from my Instagram pictures, I love beautiful dresses and clothes – and I like to be dressed nicely when I get my pictures taken. These pictures are everlasting memories and will help me reminder places and moments – in case I should forget them.

Here are some colorful and lovely dresses I found at Tahari – an Online-shop for women with clothes for all kind of women, starting from petite size to women´s plus. These are some items I have fallen in love with and which I would love to get for myself.

I had a yellow skirt with me on my last summer trip to Italy/Switzerland – I think, it was one of my most loved clothes by my followers. Summer means to wear bright colors, so pack a bright and fun skirt for sure.

Summer usually means more casual dressing, but it can never harm to have a lovely cocktail dress, like this dress, or?

Ohhh, my favorite part is to pack colorful skirts, tops, and dresses. White (or bright) tops and pants are essential – it seriously helps not to melt sometimes :).

Since I lose regularly lose jewelry (it is really awful) and thus mostly wear watches and bracelets, I love tops – that are so beautiful that no jewelry is required.

Summer in jeans can be horrible, I prefer lighter clothes – and again, I try to avoid black as much as possible (not always possible, I know) and prefer white pants.

I am not a hat addict. But when it is really hot and sunny a hat can be a lifesaver, so a hat should be in your bag even when you aren’t a huge fan.

To me sun glasses are more than an accessorize – it protects your eyes and can help you stay healthy. So invest in proper sun glasses which actually really protect your eyes from sun rays.

Summer time means flip-flop time – so don’t forget to pack at least one pair (or like I do several of them).

Sandals and flats should be on your list well, because as cool as flip-flops are (yes, I am a huge fan of them), they are sometimes inappropriate to wear.

Summer does not always mean sun and heat- at least not in Europe. In Europe (at least in the northern parts) summer can also mean some (or a lot) of rain once in a while and it can get chilly. So, do not forget a jacket, scarf, a rain jacket, rubber boots, trainers, and an umbrella – at least not if you headed in this direction. Though many people might expect rainy days in the UK, the truth is that even Switzerland and Germany (and other countries) experience (heavy) rain during summer. Also, the umbrella can also serve as sun protection (I wish, I had one back in Dubai – but that is a different story).


Of course you will also need underwear, some socks (probably?), pajamas, etc. but I think, I do not need to go into detail here :).

A Day at the Beach

Beach Bags – I love bags, it´s like a wonderful addiction. Beach bags are so cool, because they are light, big enough, and fun. So a day at the beach without a beach bag is only half as good, so click here to find your perfect one (or just click on the picture).

If you have a great hotel with a private beach section, you probably do not need a towel. If this is not the case not it should also be on your list. If you do not have any beach towel yet, click here to get your beach essential.

Do you prefer lying at the beach all day, or do you like to be more active? Though I do not that a lot of sports most of the time, beach sports is much more fun and if you agree, bring your beach ball (click here to get yours), or a floating unicorn. Unfortunately, this is not part of the essentials in most hotels yet, so you need to get them yourself.

Last but not least: A bikini, burkini, or any kind of swimsuits should not be missing on your packing list.

P.S. Don’t  forget to bring your sunscreen & co to the beach as well.

So, wherever you are headed – enjoy your trip and stay safe! Arzo

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What to pack for you next summer trip

What to pack for you next summer trip