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If it comes to beautiful colored towns and cities Europe has a lot to offer, and it is not only Italy that has amazing towns with houses as colorful as a painting book.

Who does not enjoy looking at colorful pictures that pop up in their Instagram feed? Most of us Instagrammers have a theme: my theme is very vivid and colorful –  so these places make perfect locations for my Instagram pictures.


15 Best Colorful Cities in Europe – For Instagrammers

Pretty colorful places can be found throughout Europe and here are my favorite cities and towns which spread joy and happiness. 

15. Sighisoara, Romania

Gone are the days I thought about Dracula and darkness when hearing “Transylvania” – Sighisoara is quite the opposite and proves that Transylvania is quite colorful.

Sighisoara, Romania. Stone paved old streets with colorful houses in Sighisoara fortress, Transylvania region of Europe
Sighisoara, Romania. Transylvania region of Europe @shutterstock

14. Positano, Italy

Though I mentioned at the beginning of my post that there are many colorful places in Europe I should have mentioned that Italian places are, however, dominating the list of the best colorful towns in Europe. Positano is actually still on my bucket list and I hope I can visit this colorful place soon.

Positano. Coast of Amalfi, Italy
Positano. Coast of Amalfi, Italy @shutterstock

13. Menton, France

The beautiful town Menton, close to Monaco, seems like a perfect colorful place on the Mediterranean Sea and has made it on my list of “places I want to visit in the near future”.

Ready for your Instagram shoot in Menton? 

Menton - town in south of Franc
Menton – Franc @shutterstock

12. Costa Nova, Portugal

Though each destination on this list is unique – this town in Portugal however, is pretty amazing with its striped houses.

Ready for your Instagram shoot in Costa Nova?

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Costa Nova, Portugal
Costa Nova, Portugal @shutterstock

11. Ascona, Switzerland

Ascona in Ticino, Switzerland is so close to Italy that the influence is clearly visible – the promenade is lovely and you´ll find lots of painted houses everywhere in Ascona. Find out what else to do in 48 hours in Ascona and Ticino.

Ready for your Instagram shoot in Ascona?


10. Colmar, France

The second French destination, Colmar, that has made it in my list of the cutest colorful places in Europe. It seems that Paris is not the only place that is worth a visit (I still need to visit myself).

Ready for your Instagram shoot in Colmar

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Colmar, France
Colmar, France @shutterstock

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Oh, pretty Lisbon. Though the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Lisbon is the great viewpoints, I also adore the colorful houses in all of Lisbon. To read more about Lisbon read my Lisbon travel tips.

Ready for your Instagram shoot in Lisbon? 

Rossi square in Lisbon @shutterstock
Rossi Square in Lisbon @shutterstock

8. Longyearbyen, Norway

When I think about Norway, these things come to my mind first: gorgeous sceneries and the northern lights. But it seems Norway also has some colorful spots to offer. Longyearbyen seems pretty colorful to me

Longyearbyen, Norway
Longyearbyen, Norway @shutterstock

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Probably one of the most, or actually the most, popular Instagram locations of Copenhagen is the colorful waterfront. Read about free things to do.

Scenic summer view of Nyhavn pier with color buildings, ships, yachts and other boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmar
View of Nyhavn pier in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark @shuttersock

6. Wroclaw, Poland

I visited Wroclaw about 9 years ago – little did I appreciate the colorful houses back then, though I remember how pretty Wroclaw was – my subconscious must have noticed these colorful houses. Also, it reminds me pretty much of my hometown Bremen (read my local Bremen travel guide here).

If you like to find out more about beautiful cities in Poland read the Krakow travel tips.

City centre, Market square tenements, Wroclaw Polan
Market Square Tenements, Wroclaw Poland @shuttersock

5. Schaffhausen, Switzerland

It seems that half of my posts on my blog are about Switzerland (I am a huuuge fan, and you can check them out here) but while I normally praise its scenery (especially the lakes and mountains) I would like to emphasise and send out a reminder: Switzerland has hands down some gorgeous colorful towns which you should visit (spoiler alert: there is another Swiss town still to come). Find a 24-hour itinerary for Schaffhausen here.

Schaffhausen´s City Center @shutterstock
Schaffhausen´s City Center @shutterstock

4. Cinque Terre, Italy

Pretty gorgeous Cinque Terre: you are very high on my bucket list. Can anyone blame me for views like this? Find out more about Cinque Terre.

Find out about the best places to visit in Italy.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre, Italy @shuttersock

3. Appenzell, Switzerland

I cannot believe that I hardly (or never?) see any Swiss towns in such lists-  these places are indeed very colorful and can easily compete with other colorful destinations in Europe. There might be more colorful cities but this town is the most underrated place in Switzerland.

Okay, I admit Appenzell town is really tiny – but also incredibly colorful. Beautiful old Swiss houses shape the small town – amidst beautiful scenery.

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Things to do in Appenzell Town

2. Procida, Italy

Colorful houses often make a place worth visiting – vivid houses in such amazing scenery are definitely reasons to visit. Procida – you are on my list.

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italian island procida is famous for its colorful marina, Italy
Italian island Procida, Italy @shutterstock

1. Burano, Italy

How could it be any different: Burano is probably the most colorful town in Europe. If you visit Venice, do not make the same mistake as me and skip Burano.

A few years ago, Burano was not that well known and now I have a reason to visit pretty (and also very colorful) Venice again :/ Read about my Venice trip here and add Burano to your Venice itinerary.

Burano- Italy
Burano – Italy @shutterstock

If you have posts on Instagram in one of the locations feel free to share the link below so we can all see those pretty pictures and if you think, I have missed a colorful place in Europe leave a comment and let us know about your top recommendations.

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15 Best Colorful Towns in Europe
15 Best Colorful Towns in Europe

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