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Are you planning your Appenzell trip and wondering about the best things to do in Appenzell or better Appenzellerland? Then this post is for you.

Appenzellerland is not the most famous place in Switzerland – however, this does not mean it has nothing to offer. Actually, there is quite a bit to see, and it is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful places. Appenzell is stunning!

Appenzellerland (consisting of Appenzell and the Alpstein mountains) is located in the north of Switzerland, close to Germany (the main language here is Swiss-German). It is one of Switzerland’s most original parts, with a beautiful tiny town center and incredible scenery. It is a paradise for any outdoor lover!

I have visited Appenzellerland twice – this is my recommended itinerary for 2 days in Appenzellerland. At the end, you´ll also find some quick travel tips.

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Let´s start the first day in Appenzell by visiting Ebenalp Mountain.


This part of the post focuses on how to get up Ebbenalp Mountain, plus all the things you can do at Ebenalp.

Switzerland makes it very easy to reach mountain peaks without much effort as there are many cable cars/funiculars etc. to get you up. This also goes for Ebenalp Mountain.

If you enjoy hiking, I would definitely recommend starting with hiking up Ebenalp (about 1,600 meters above sea level). If you are not much into hiking, then get up by cable car. Getting up Ebenalp Mountain is one of the most unique places in the country!

Start your trip at Wasserauen Station (868 meters above sea level) which is located is in the northeast of Switzerland. From Wasserauen Station, you can either hike up or get a cable car to get up Ebenalp Mountain.

  • It will take about 2 hours to get there from Zurich (you probably have to change trains in Gossau). 
  • From Appenzell town center, it is about a ten-minute drive (around 7km). You could also walk from the town center of Appenzell, but I suggest saving the energy for later.

Edenalp Wasserauen Cable Station in Appenzellerland
GET UP BY CABLE CAR: So, if you take the cable car, it will take about 6 minutes to get up (almost to the very top).  However, if you really want to get to the very top, you will have to do another 5-minute hike once you get off the cable car.
Puppygak is getting up Ebenalp Mountain via cable car

  • Using the Ebenalp cable car to get up costs around 30€ for a return ticket. You can save money with a Swiss Travel Pass (50%) or by hiking one way.

HIKING: You can also hike up – it is a moderate hike though quite steep. 

I have visited Ebenalp Mountain twice – the first time, I only used the cable car. The second time I got up by cable car and hiked down. Though the hike itself wasn’t very challenging, it was very foggy and steep, and quite scary at times. Depending on your speed, it should take about 2-3 hours to reach the peak of Ebenalp Mountain.

You will start at Wasserauen Station and then walk uphill through the forest to Bommen. Your first main stop would be the Aescher Guesthouse (other stops will be on the list later). However, if you take a different route, the stops will be in a different order.

Elevation: Wasserauen 876 meters to Ebenalp 1644 meters

There are different paths, so it can be a circular hike. If you hike, I suggest getting up and then on the hike down to Seealpsee (more on that later).

Hiking at Ebenalp Mountain in the fog, Switzerland

Ebenalp Mountain in Switzerland things to do Arzo Travels

Best Things to on Ebenalp Mountain in Appenzellerland

Okay, hiking is one of the best things to do in Appenzell, and regardless of whether you use the cable car or your foot, there is quite a lot to do.

Stop at Berggasthaus Ebenalp

On the top of Ebenalp, you will find a guest house, “Berggasthaus Ebenalp” at 1644 meters above sea level. It is the perfect place to sleep or, at least, to have a drink/lunch, etc., with great views. I stayed there for one night – it is a very simple yet great place to stay because the views are impressive.

You can overlook Lake Seealp, for example, or you can enjoy the Alpine garden by the guest house. After a coffee there, I would recommend hiking down.

Edenalp Guest House in Appenzell, Switzerland
Ebenalp Guest House in Appenzell, Switzerland

Ebenalp Mountain Guest House with Arzo Travels

Do Outdoor Sport On Ebenalp Mountain

To date, I visited Ebenalp and Appenzellerland twice. Both times, the weather was not perfectly clear. However, on my first trip, I was still kind of lucky with the weather and despite the fog I spotted many hang- and paragliders.

Paradise for Outdoorlovers in Ebenalp

Actually, it is not that surprising since it is a paradise for outdoor sports and is well known amongst outdoor lovers. If I had not been there with my dog, I would have made sure to book such a tandem flight as well.

Discover Ebenalp Wildkirchli

From the top of Ebenalp mountain, start hiking down. After about 10-15 minutes, Ebenalp Wildkirchli will be the next stop. 

Wirdkirchli on Ebenalp
Ebenalp Wildkirchli (about 1,500 meters above sea level) is a prehistoric cave and is free of entry charge. Just a small part is narrow, most of it is easy to pass, and it is just a short walk. 
Puppygak in church
There is some information (in German) that says that visitors were shown around in the 18th century. When the cable cars started operating in 1955, many religious people came to the church in fancy clothes. Since the entrance was tiny, the clothes would get dirty. So, they blasted the entry to make it a bit bigger and avoid angry visitors. 
Wildkirchhöhle Arzo Travels

Rest at Aescher Cliff Switzerland

Then continue your hike down. After another 20 minutes of walking – I finally saw it: The “world´s most interesting restaurant“ (Huffington Post) and probably the most prominent attraction in Appenzellerland. The Aescher!

Depending on your hiking route, the order of stops will be different. 

Aescher in Appenzeller Land Arzo Travels
The Aescher used to be a hostel, but nowadays, it is not possible to sleep there anymore.

However, you can still have drinks or eat typical Swiss food (as a vegetarian, there was little choice, but the Rösti is a good alternative). The inside of the Aescher is simple (with cool toilets though) but it is great to have a break and enjoy lunch with a view.

Arzo Travels in front of the Aescher, Switzerland

The Aescher Restaurant and Guest House
Oh, did I mention it was very foggy on my second trip? 
Aescher in the fog in Appenzellerland
If you walk behind the Aescher, you have a beautiful view of Lake Seealpsee.

Hike Down to Seealpsee

On my second trip, I hiked down to Lake Seealpsee (1141 meters above sea level) with a couple of friends. 

best things to do in Switzerland
It was totally cloudy and foggy. Even though it was hard to see much, the hike down was absolutely great. It was fun to meet cows along the way, and then, finally, arrive at the beautiful Lake Seealpsee, which looks much better from a close distance than if looking at it from above.

Best Things to Visit_Hike Down Seealpsee from the Aescher
Hiking from the Aescher to Seealpsse took more than an hour.  

Since it was foggy and wet, the hike was not very easy. I am sure it is much easier on a clearer day (and on a dry day) because it is a quite steep hike. However, it was definitely worth it, as Seealpsee is beautiful!


There are more restaurants to spoil yourself with some coffee/tea.

It takes another 20 minutes from Lake Seealpsee to the Wasserauen station/parking space, and though it is mostly a paved street, the hike is quite exhausting as it is very steep.


Definitely make sure to have your toenails shorten – it is quite steep, and if your toenails are not short… it is quite unpleasant. 

Bring enough water with you. There are restaurants where you can buy water/drinks but I cannot recall having seen a water fountain.

  • Depending on whether you hike (at all) or not, this trip to Ebenalp could take between 4-8 hours.


Here is what to do in the town center of this little place named Appenzell.

Visit the Appenzell Town Center

There are actually some free tours offered for the Appenzell town center but only on certain days, so check the website if you are interested in joining such a tour.

Appenzell, the most colorful town in Switzerland

For the second day in Appenzellerland, I definitely recommend exploring the town center, which is (very) small but charming. Appenzell is probably one of the most colorful and cutest towns, with perfect pretty houses still clearly influenced by Swiss tradition.

The “Hauptgasse“ is the main attraction here, and you can get lost here for a while, though I would also recommend a stroll by the river. I got a bit sick and wanted to get some medicine from the pharmacy – the town is so cute and small that the pharmacy was not open in the morning.

Things to do in Appenzell Town
I would recommend visiting one of the charming cafes and restaurants where you can watch, the definitely not hustle and bustle, but quiet town life of Appenzell. Coming from a “bigger” city in Germany, I am totally not used to this quiet and relaxed lifestyle, and it impresses me every time to see small and original places where it seems time has stopped and everything is so peaceful.
What to see in Appenzellerland

What to see in Appenzellerland, Appenzell

Appenzell town center Arzo Travels

Colorful house in Appenzell, Arzo Travels

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Stroll Along the River

The town center is pretty, but if you have energy left, I highly recommend leaving the pretty town center and go for nice walks along the river.

Appenzell  things to do

Appenzell in Switzerland things to do Arzo Travels


Here are some quick tips for your Appenzell trip.

Where to Stay in Appenzell / Appenzellerland

Gasthaus Hotel Hof in Appenzell Town Center

I enjoyed a night at Gasthaus Hotel Hof in Appenzell and 1 night at a guest house at Ebenalp. 

Gasthaus Hotel Hof in Appenzell
The Gasthaus Hotel Hof is perfectly located in the town center (with free parking space), and you are could hardly be located more closely to the market square. I arrived quite late and left quite early the next morning, so I did not spend a lot of time there, but if you are looking for a friendly, welcoming family-run hotel, this might be a perfect choice.

It is quite simple and basic but a good choice.

If you want something fancier, check out this 4-star hotel in Appenzell.

How to Get Around AppenzellerLand

Ebenalp Mountain, as well as Appenzell town, is easily accessible via car or public transportation.

Parking in Appenzell can be tricky when it is really busy. However, Appenzell itself is very tiny, so you can walk to explore the town center.

In Wasserauen (cable car station for Ebenalp Mountain) are parking spots, but if you want to be sure to get a good spot, get there early. It is also easy to get there by train.


  • I repeat myself when I say there is no reliability in the weather. It can be rainy and cold in the summer months and warm in spring or fall.
  • However, I think it is good to visit between May-September. This is also the season to hike on Ebenalp Mountain.
  • Appenzell also hosts many festivals – if you are interested in certain festivals, plan your trip accordingly.
  • Winter is also a popular time to visit – and great if you are into winter sports. 


If you are an experienced hiker, you know how to dress and what to pack. However, if you have not been to many mountain peaks yet, keep in mind to dress in layers.

Even if it seems warm and sunny, it might be chilly at the top. You’ll find a full packing list for Switzerland.

I always look out for water fountains and freshwater sources. As far as I can remember, I did not see any, but I might have just missed it. So, there is the Aescher and the Ebenalp Guesthouse and a restaurant at Seealpsee where you can buy drinks and snacks, but I still suggest packing enough water and snacks.

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