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Given the many skyscrapers (and rooftop bars) in Dubai, it is not difficult to see Dubai from above. Actually, seeing this super city from above is an amazing way to fall in love with the city. And while those rooftop bars offer indeed scenic views, here are some other ways to see Dubai from above.

Dubai best view points

At the Top – Burj Khalifa

The classic! Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is not only a popular site to photograph, but is also a popular place to take pictures from and offers perfect views from above.

7 days in Dubai - best vintage points

The view from level 124+125 (456 meters high) or level 148 (555 meters high) is the most iconic in Dubai, and you´ll get wonderful views of the city. 

You will see how much construction work is still going on, you´ll get to see the desert (which is very close to the city center), but you´ll also have some stunning views of Dubai Fountain.

Overlooking Dubai this way is indeed a unique experience. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only one who thinks that visiting the Top of Burj Khalifa is a good idea – it is quite busy at most time of the day, so booking tickets in advance can be quite helpful. 

Ticket prices depend on the time of the visit – its just a few € difference in ticket prices but if you don’t want to stand in line and also have access to level 148, you have to pay a few more extra €.

The building will not be the highest building for long – a new tower is going to break the record but for now, book yourself tickets for Burj Khalifa if you want to experience the taller building in the world.

Dubai Frame

One of Dubai´s newest attractions is the golden Frame, located close to Zabeel Park.

Views from Dubai Frame

It just opened in January of 2018, and this frame allows you to overlook the city and have great views of Burj Khalifa.

But you also have a unique view if you walk the glass floor – looking 100 meters down while casually strolling along. 

What to do in Dubai in 7 days

This place is as nice to visit at night as during the day, and the entrance fee of about 12€ is worth it.

Actually, the views from here are almost better than from Burj Khalifa – because you can see the tallest building. Also, it is a great alternative if you are on a budget or just want to have some adrenaline rush when walking on the glass and look down.

Helicopter Flight

While 15 minutes seem extremely short, it is enough to get some of the best views of Dubai.

Best view posts in Dubai

Flying over the beaches, the Palm, Burj al Arab, and Burj Khalifa, a helicopter ride gives you the chance to see all the iconic places of Dubai. You can book longer helicopter flights and even get to Abu Dhabi by helicopter – probably the fanciest way to get around in Dubai. 

Flying over Dubai was probably one of the best things to do – a unique experience I will never forget. Click here to read my review of a helicopter flight in Dubai.

Arzo Travels Heli Dubai Fligh

Flying Cup

The newest attraction in March of 2018 opened at JBR Walk. This fun Flying Cup definitely offers great views of JBR – The Walk and the Beach.

Places to see in Dubai in 7 days

You do not even need a drone to get amazing shots of the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf. Whether you do it by yourself or in a group, it is something different and, by Dubai standards, quite affordable (for about 20€, you can buy your ticket at the counter just in front of it). 

You get 40 meters above the ground and the capsule rotates, so you have a panoramic view.  Bring your camera to take these shots, and if you are feeling brave, get a drink and enjoy it up there while your feet are dangling in the air.

You do not have to be scared though – you are secured by a belt. The experience lasts about 10 minutes, and you can even book the whole capsule and have your birthday celebration up in the sky.  If you travel to Dubai with kids, you can either take them with your or let them enjoy JBR which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

One of the most beautiful rides you can take is a hot air balloon ride.

Sunrise perfect timing for hot air ballon rides

A balloon ride above Dubai´s desert is gorgeous and unique – seeing the sun rise in the desert (yes, it means waking up very early) while passing sand dunes is a very special way to experience Dubai.

High in the air-how to do a hot air balloon tour in Dubai

While there is no guarantee how high you will soar above the ground (as it depends on the weather conditions), it is a fun thing to do and one of the best views you will have from above. Duration: about 40 minutes but the whole trips takes a few hours including hotel pick-up etc. So if you have a few days in Dubai, add it to your itinerary.

Dinner in the Sky

The concept of having dinner in the sky (and we are not talking about plane flights), has arrived in Dubai as well. 

7 days in Dubai itinerary

Head to Dubai Marina and have a fun dinner (or lunch or afternoon tea) experience. There are some similarities to the Flying Cup, but in this case, you get up even higher (about 50 meters) and have a different view. 

You´ll overlook Dubai Marina, Zero Gravity – the hip beach club in Marina, and have views of the beach! Hold your cutlery and especially your camera tight, so you do not see it falling 50 meters down, as there is no ground under your feet.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai with Arzo Travels (8 von 24)

Oh, I should, of course, mention that food and drink are included (prices depend on the dining option, but the activities start from about 120€ for the afternoon tea, which includes sandwiches and snacks and some non-alcoholic drinks). Click here to read my review “Dinner in the Sky”

Seaplane flight

Something for the bucket list (even mine) is to see Dubai´s attractions from a seaplane.

Dubai - The Palm @shutterstock

The trip starts from the water and you´ll get to see Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah before landing back in the Persian Gulf.

Each of the passengers has a window to look out from, which gives you perfect views of the Dubai skyline. Though the views from a seaplane are supposed to be amazing I, myself still have to experience it, but as I have heard positive reviews, I have added it here for you.

Sky Dive

For the very brave ones, a unique way to overlook Dubai is from a jump from the plane. 

Best areas to stay in Dubai

At 120 miles per hour, you fall freely, and while you probably will not be able to enjoy the view at the beginning, you might do so once you are more relaxed and soaring rather than falling.

I am not that brave – are you? Apparently, the “crown prince” of Dubai is a fan of skydiving so you might even meet him up in the sky. Though chances are low, you can still enjoy incredible views that not many others do experience.

Dubai from above - best views in Dubai

Whether you decide to go on a tandem skydive or do it solo, skydiving allows you to see Dubai in a way only few have – so just do it (easy said as I would not, but maybe you are braver than me :).

Rooftop Bars

So, if you want to enjoy a drink while having great views, here are some rooftop bars that have some of the best views in Dubai (though I have not been t all myself, these are known to be the best bars that come with a view).

Level 43 Sky Lounge at Four Points by Sheraton

For 360-degree views of the city, head to this rooftop bar which is located 155 meters above ground.

Tomo at Raffles Hotel

This rooftop bar and Japanese restaurant is located at the 17th floor of Raffles Hotel in the older part of Dubai so you can enjoy the views of  the “new” skyline (which includes Burj Khalifa).

Shades at Address Dubai Marina

For beautiful views of Dubai Marina, head to this rooftop bar. It is open at day time, too and was a perfect choice for my lunch. But the views were even better than the food. I did not use the infinity pool there – but you can buy a day pass and enjoy these views while relaxing in the water.

Dubai accommodation in Dubai Marina IC Dubai Marina


There are some more amazing viewpoints in Dubai – many of the skyscrapers offers stunning views of the city and also Burj Khalifa. However, the above mentioned places are pretty great if you are looking for the ultimate, the best views in Dubai because each offer quite a unique experience.

Dubai is a fun city but to really understand the city, you have to see it from above – and if you pick a few of the places/activities mentioned in my post, you will get to see Dubai from its best side.



Safe Travels, Arzo


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