Review: Dinner in the Sky Dubai – Dining in 50 Meters Above Ground

Or the Best Afternoon Tea in Dubai

Best afternoon tea in Dubai

Seen Burj Khalifa? Spent a day at the new hotspot, La Mer? Done all the typical sightseeing things and now you are looking for something more unique to do in Dubai?

Then, it is time to enjoy a dinner in the sky! Dining in the sky, with your feet hanging 50 meters up in the air, is surely something special and you’ll have great views of Dubai Marina, too!

Dinner in the Sky Dubai with Arzo Travels

The big dinner table, which is lifted 50 meters up in the sky by a crane, can host up to 22 people (plus the staff that stands in the middle and serves food, entertains and mostly takes great pictures).

When I saw this activity for the first time (on GetYourGuide, I’m sure), I knew I had to do it – and so I did, on my recent trip to Dubai.

Dining in the Sky is a new invention and there are some places that offer the experience, but it is still unknown amongst many travelers. When I asked my followers on Instagram about whether I should opt for a helicopter ride or the dinner, it was a tie. 

However, most people were thrilled to hear about this activity, and if you are interested in having a lunch/dinner or afternoon tea in the sky, here are my impressions and some important information for this experience in the city of superlatives.

Review Dinner in the Sky Dubai

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How to Book Dinner in the Sky

I booked Dinner in the Sky via GetYourGuide – I often use this website (or Viator) and hardly ever book my tours directly. 

I know the cancellation policy is very generous (we never know what could happen, right?), and if something happens, they could help me.

So, GYG offers three different choices (the choices are the same on the website of the operator), but the prices are the same.

Check out prices at Viator for Dinner in the Sky (on Viator the activity is called On Air Dinner Adventure)

Check out prices at Get Your Guide for Dinner in the Sky

Book Dinner in the Sky

What to Book / How to Book 

You can either book lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner. Afternoon tea is the least expensive, while dinner is the most expensive.

Depending on the season, you can see the sunset from up there if you book an afternoon tea. Keep in mind that it could be quite hot if you book lunch in the warmer months.

I opted for the afternoon tea (I ended up booking the helicopter tour as well) and prices do vary greatly.

Also, the timing suited me better (starts around 4pm).

Things to Know

You have to be at least 1,20 meters to be allowed to take part.

There are lockers (without any charge) to stow your things you do not need (do not forget to take out your cameras and mobiles).


The activity lasts about 60 minutes (pus 15 minutes preparation time) and, personally, I found it to be neither too long nor too short.

It allows you to eat while also taking a lot of pictures from different angles and also have pictures taken of you (more on that later).


The activity is located in Dubai Marina, next to SkyDive Dubai and Zero Gravity. 

Where is Dinner in the Sky Dubai

I was in this area already, so I just walked from Dubai Marina. Public transportation does not drop you there directly, so either get to Habtoor Hotel (or close to Grosvenor House) and then walk (about 10 minutes), or take a taxi and ask to be driven to SkyDive or Zero Gravity.

If you have other activities like skydiving planned, or a day at the popular Zero Gravity, you can schedule dinner here around that.

Online tickets for dinner in the sky

Review: Dinner in the Sky Experiences Dubai

Okay, here are my impressions – things I liked and things I did not like when I had my afternoon tea.

I arrived early. There was no wifi and the toilets did not work, so I went to Zero Gravity for an hour to kill time.


Then, I found out that my request for vegetarian snacks did not go through. It was not a great start, but the staff managed to organize vegetarian food for me last-minute. The catering is by Westin, one of the best hotels in Dubai, so the food is great and of high quality.

Afternoon tea in the sky

For afternoon tea, you get some snacks, juices (not fresh, though it was written in the description), soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

It can easily replace a meal (you get some more than you see on the tablet here), so I recommend not having lunch right before or planning a big dinner afterwards.

The staff, especially onboard, is great. 

Friendly, fun, with great photography skills (not sure if it was only the person responsible for us, but they did take great pictures and put some effort into it).

Unique activities for Dubai

They did everything they could to make sure that we had a great time up there, including nice music that was perfect for a fun time.

With a crane, you get lifted 50 meters above the ground and the table rotates slowly, so you get amazing views from all angles.

I felt safer than I thought I would. Since you get moved to the table very closely, and have some arm support on the left and right side, it is not as scary as some people might expect and less thrilling as you might think.

However, if you are scared of heights or a faint-hearted this might be an extreme challenge though. But I am sure you (yes, you) will be able to handle it even if you think you will not.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai with Arzo Travels (8 von 24)

I was holding my glass, etc. with two hands though, and had my camera wrapped around my neck. I had a necklace/wrist strap that made me feel much more comfortable taking pictures.

How to book Dinner in the Sky Dubai

You can turn the chairs around, which is cool. Unfortunately, not 360 degrees, which is a pity, but it still allows you to enjoy better views and you can lean back.

Seeing the Marina skyline from this perspective is definitely unique and amazing. 

Seeing the beach underneath you and Zero Gravity while the sun is setting was a wonderful experience.

Where is Dinner in the Sky

Review of Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Fun things in Dubai


The experience was great and I am happy I went for it.

It is probably a great one-time experience and if you want to try something new, then this is a unique thing to do.

If you are looking for an extremely thrilling activity, then this is not for you – skydiving might be the better option, but it does not have to be extremely adventurous to have a great time, right?

I wished, the crane was positioned differently though, so the metal bar (sorry, I do not know the technical term) would not be in the way when taking pictures of the Dubai Eye.

However, it is fun and kind of nerve-wracking at the beginning, but the staff makes you feel safe, so even those who are normally terrified should try this out.

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