Beach Vacation Packing List – The Perfect Beach Packing List

It is the time of the year again – summer is coming (at least in some parts of the world). Though I have not planned a beach trip in the near future,  my summer will include some days at the beach, and if this is the case for you, you will need this ultimate beach vacation packing list.

I admit, that I am not the person who can stay at the beach all day – I prefer staying there for a few hours before heading somewhere else. However, I have realized how much you guys love lists, and so I did not want to keep my “beach essential list” to myself.

So here it is: here is my packing list for the beach.

I have a more detailed post about your summer vacation which you can find here, but this post is specifically for a day at the beach.

Beach Vacation Packing List -What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

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Find out about the most important travel essentials for the beach and how to pack for a day at the beach.

Essentials for a Beach Day

When it come sth luggage, I try to be look for the cheapest. Though pretty and more affordable bags/luggages are indeed appealing to me, I normally invest a few euros extra to have a product that lasts longer. My beach bag, however, is not the very expensive as it can get dirty quickly and I do not want to ruin an expensive bag, so I make differences how to invest my money.

  • Beach bag: A beach bag has many advantages: Beach bags are light, big enough, and fun. Also, a nice beach bag does not have to be expensive to look great and fulfill its duty. So a day at the beach without a beach bag is only half as good: find your perfect beach bag here. My tip: take one bag with a zipper to keep your items safe.
  • Check out some cotton bags here which you can take additionally to your beach bag (sometimes, one bag is just not enough) and since it is foldable it is pretty handy.
  • Clear toiletry bag – a plastic bag with a zipper for liquids (shampoo etc.) 
  • If you have a great hotel with a private beach section, you probably do not need a towel to lay down. If this is not the case not it should also be on your list. If you do not have any beach towel yet, click here to get your beach towel.
  • You probably also need an extra towel to dry yourself. Some towels are pretty lightweight and do not take a lot of space. 
  • Okay, I do not have that but it seems pretty fancy to have a portable beach umbrella,right?

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Entertainment /Tech Things to Pack for Your Day at the Beach

I admit that I am a bit paranoid and am scared to take expensive stuff with me when I travel alone (well, at least when I am planning to swim and do not have anyone to watch my belongings). So, I do not take all the items with me, but just take a few – if they get stolen, I do not lose everything.

If you are less paranoid, or if you travel with someone, this is the ideal list for entertainment and tech stuff to bring to the beach.

  • Do you prefer lying at the beach all day, or do you like to be more active? Beach sports is much more fun than normal sports and if you agree, bring your beach ball, or a floating unicorn. Unfortunately, this is not part of the essentials in most hotels yet, so you need to get them yourself.
  • As you probably know, I am addicted to listening to music. A day at the beach would not be perfect without my iPod, so this is a must-must-must have item for my beach day iPod.
  • A kindle, or in my case a “real” book is also an essential for a day at the beach.
  • A power charger– how long does your phone battery last? Not long? Neither does mine, so this  is an essential.
  • My smart phone– without doubt one of my most useful and important (travel) items ever.
  • A protection for my phone (especially if you are close to water or sand waterproof phone case
  • One of my most favorite travel items – GoPro HERO5 which is great for action shots, and selfies. I just got one a few months ago, but I was happy to take some underwater pictures and it is so small and easy to carry around. If you have to decide on one camera for your summer trip I would go with a Go Pro. It is also cool for hiking and other outdoor activities since you can do so much with it – and you don’t have to be scared to break it (and you do not have to take another camera with you).
  • GoPro comes with a lot of accessorize. To be honest, I bought most of my stuff from third-party providers and am totally fine with it. Check out what else you need for your Accessory kit for GoPro

Clothes to Pack for Your Day at the Beach

I recommend light and bright clothes for a beach trip – the best thing about packing for a summer vacation is that clothes do not take that much space and so you have more space for other things. 

Stupid reminder: If you get dressed for the beach at home (aka wear your swimsuit at home) do not forget to pack an underwear or the time after…Just saying as we all probably have experienced this somehow 🙂

  • I love kaftans – a perfect items for the beach, because I can easily cover up whenever I feel like it.
  • Swimsuit: A bikini, burkini, or any kind of swimsuit should not be missing on your packing list for some lazy days at the beach.
  • Sunglasses – my advice, invest in better sunglasses with a proper protection which protect your eyes actually.
  • Floppy hat – it is more than an accossory.
  • Flip flops – another great invention for a beach day.
  • A dress, short, etc.
  • Underwear

Toiletries to Pack for Your Day at the Beach

Hygiene is important – even at the beach, but beach time also means to relax and not to worry about make-up. A bit of tan normally makes most us look healthier – so, let the nature do its part and take only a minimum with you.

Mix to Pack for Your Day at the Beach

  • Foldable water bottle and water, water, water
  • First aid kit (band aids, a small scissor, and pain reliever)
  • I have dry eyes and so eye drops are a must for me
  • Tissues
  • Snacks
  • Chewing gums

What do you think? Do you have more items on your “beach vacation packing list”? If so, how does your perfect beach holiday packing list looks like?

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What to Pack for a Day at the Beach- Pin the Beach Vacation Checklist

What to pack for a day at the beach. Travel tips for a perfect day at the beach.

What to pack for a day at the beach. Travel tips for a perfect day at the beach.

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