Where to Stay in Stockholm – The Best Areas in Stockholm

Where to Stay in Stockholm – Best Areas in Stockholm

Stockholm is for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – stylish and elegant. Pretty and charming. Liberal and friendly. And pricey.

Though Stockholm is not the most budget-friendly destination in Europe, it is one of the best places to visit.

If you are planning a trip to this city, but are not sure about where to stay in Stockholm and wondering about the best places to stay in Stockholm then this guide will help you find the perfect area and hotel for your Stockholm vacation.

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Best Areas to Stay in Stockholm

Gamla Stan

Of course, the old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is one of the top places to stay. Nestled between the areas of Nödermalm and Södermalm, it is one of the main tourist spots.

Gamble Stan the old town in Stockholm @adobestock

The old town is very well-maintained, and when strolling the cobblestoned streets, passing colorful and beautiful buildings, you can’t help but fall in love with the city.

It is also home to other tourist attractions, like the beautiful Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum, and the Cathedral.

Royal Palace in Stockholm in Gamla Stan

Of course, accommodations and dining/drinking locations are not cheap here, and they can get filled up with tourists.

But this is the place to stay for those who enjoy the atmosphere of the old town and like to be close to main attractions, shopping opportunities, and the water.

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Normalm and Östermalm 

These two areas are some of my favorites to stay in. On both of my trips, I stayed in Normalm and did not regret it for a minute. Accommodations here are not cheap either, but the location is conveniently close to all the restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Stockholm where to stay in Ostermalm

Norrmalm is also home to the main shopping street, Drottninggatan, and its proximity to the waterfront and Gamla Stan makes it a pretty perfect place to stay.

It is also very easy to get around here – either walk around the nearby areas, hop on the sightseeing buses, or take the bus or metro to visit other parts of Stockholm.

Östermalm, just east of Norrmalm, is another popular district, but fancier and more elegant.

You´ll find many parks, museums, restaurants & bars, shops (not just luxury brands), and nightclubs.

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I am all about great views, so it is no surprise that I am in love with Södermalm. It is southcentral and you get a good view of Gamla Stan.

Stockholm Södermalm is one of the best areas to stay in Stockholm

While I love the view from up there the most, of course, there is more that makes this area extremely popular amongst locals and visitors.

This hip area is especially popular among the younger ones – the cool kids that chill in the cafes, bars, and art galleries.

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Djurgarden is probably the best choice when visiting with kids, since it is quiet, very green, and feels like a big island.

Skansen Open-Air Museum in the Stockholm Pass

Several Stockholm attractions are close by, like the Skansen museum, the ABBA Museum, and the cool Vasa Ship, not to mention the most famous amusement park, Gröna Lund.

Though there is no metro station, it is still easy to get around so that you are not stuck in this one area, and you can always head to other districts – after you have taken advantage of strolling this one.

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Vasatan is another district you can consider staying in when visiting the city.

Vasastan where to say in Stockholm

If you enjoy browsing antique shops, second-hand shopping, or cultural sightseeing (like at Gustav Vasa Church or the Stockholm Public Library), this area is a good choice for you.

It is a popular residential area, so it’s great if you like to get a more “local feel,” and you´ll find a lot of unique and interesting architecture here, too.

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Safe Travels, Arzo

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