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Sweden, without a doubt, is a beauty. Not only is their royal family the most attractive in all of Europe (in my humble opinion), but the scenery, cities, and towns are exceptionally picturesque and well worth a visit. And if you want to find out about the best places to visit in Sweden, read on because here you’ll get to know.

While I have been to Stockholm a few times, I have not yet seen much of what Sweden has to offer – so I asked a few other travel bloggers to tell us about their favorite places in Sweden! And here they are – find out where to go and what to see. 


By Jonathan from Everybody Hates a Tourist

If you’re looking for one of the best places to go in Sweden, look no further than Gothenburg.

best places to visit in Sweden

Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden about halfway between Copenhagen & Oslo, making it a perfect addition to any Scandinavian itinerary. As the second largest city in Sweden, it has plenty of great activities, culture, and important Sweden points of interest. The city truly comes to life in the summer months, as the long sunny days make you want to explore the city.

Within Gothenburg, there are several large parks & gardens including Slottsskogen, which also has a zoo, Kungsparken, which borders the canals winding around the historic city center Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

For those looking for a bit of an adventure with their outdoor time, the Liseberg amusement park is the place to go. It is not just one of the best places to visit in Sweden, it has been rated as one of the best amusement parks in the world.

Gothenburg grew due to its important location along the sea and is still a large port today. This area of coastal Sweden is dotted with thousands of islands, making it one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.

The Gothenburg archipelago is divided into two sections, the northern and the southern archipelago. Both are easily accessed from the city. The plentiful ferry schedules allow travelers to visit several islands in a single day. They are the perfect place for relaxing, hiking, and watching the plentiful birds & sea life.

Just to the north, Marstrand makes for an excellent day trip from Gothenburg. The views from the top of Carlstens Fastning are spectacular, and thousands of people flock to the city to watch some of the best sailors in the world compete in Match Cup Sweden each July.


By Arzo from Arzo Travels

A Sweden trip would not be complete without visiting Stockholm.

Gamble Stan the old town in Stockholm @adobestock

Sweden’s capital is an extremely beautiful city and reminds me very much of one of my most beloved cities, Hamburg in Northern Germany. It encompasses fourteen islands and with more than fifteen bridges it feels like a larger version of Venice.

Although I absolutely love the water, there is more to see in Stockholm than just the gorgeous waterways, for example, the old town Gamla Stan with its medieval character and plethora of churches and museums. 

Though I am not the biggest fan, I really enjoyed each of the museums I visited in Stockholm, and with seventy of them on offer I can’t think of a better place to enjoy some history. Here are my top tips for things to do in Stockholm. The Vasa Museum, Skansen Museum, Stockholm Palace, and Drottningholm Palace are just some of Stockholm’s cultural and historical highlights. 

Also, I loved the views from Södermalm! These places – and many more – should be on your list when you visit Stockholm as part of your Sweden itinerary.

Read this accommodation guide on the best areas to stay in Stockholm.


By Scott & Hayley from International Hot Dish

Sigtuna, which lies just to the North of Stockholm, is a beautiful place in Sweden to visit.

Sweden points of interest
Igor Grochev

With a population of only 8,500, it’s a destination for those of us who are saturated with city life. When you need to get out of the city for a while, Sigtuna is a chill town ready to woo you with its history and culture.

In terms of history, Sigtuna is loaded. It’s the oldest existing city in Sweden, having been founded in 980 making it one of the best Sweden tourist places.

First check out St. Lars’ church – not much is left but it’s amazing to think it’s been around for hundreds of years. Then stop by St. Olaf’s church ruins and marvel at the complete stone structures still standing. All it really needs is a roof.

No other place in the world has as many runic stones as Sigtuna. These historical carvings have been in Sigtuna since the 12th and 13th centuries. The city itself has upwards of 70!

To wind down your day, head to the Stora Gatan, the old main street, for supper or maybe just a coffee. It is the most picturesque Scandinavian main street you will ever see. It has beautiful shops and a small, quaint road.

If you’re staying in Stockholm and want a taste of what rural Swedish life is like, Sigtuna is not to be missed.

Swedish Lapland

By Miranda from The Common Wanderer

Swedish Lapland offers so many activities that you should not skip it.

Sweden Where to go in Sweden

Mention Swedish Lapland to most people, and chances are they have a vague idea of a wintry wonderland, dog sled rides, skiing, and a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Admittedly, before arriving in the area ourselves, that was pretty much all we knew too. And it’s true that winter here is enchanting – even the locals we met had a deep love of the icy months and all the outdoor activities they bring.

From racing expensive cars on frozen lakes and snowmobiling your way into nature to skiing or skating on the frozen lakes and enjoying a husky-sled ride – there’s something for everybody who wants some adventure in the winter months.

But what most people don’t realize, is that Lapland is actually a place that’s equally beautiful, and just as adventurous all year round too. In the warmer months, the mountains are bursting with color and there are thousands of beautiful hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking trails to explore.

It’s also a time of hunting and gathering for locals here, which means you can spend time out fishing on the lakes, or go wild berry or mushroom foraging in the forest.

The indigenous Sami people, who have roamed this region for thousands of years have an extremely unique and rich culture, which you can discover by spending a day at the Silver Museum in Arjeplog.

We spent a week road-tripping through the region, exploring the remote and pristine wilderness by day, and cozying up by the fire in a traditional log cabin at night – perfect!


By Sonja from Migrating Miss

When thinking about cities in Sweden you mustn’t forget about beautiful Luleå.

What to see in Sweden and where to go in Sweden
Credit: Migrating Miss

Luleå is located in the north of Sweden, in what is known as Swedish Lapland. However, don’t just think that means you should visit in winter. It does have all the epic Sweden attractions you would expect in Lapland in winter, like seeing the northern lights, driving on ice roads, dog sledding, snowmobiles, you name it! But it’s also a great summer destination.

This coastal city has an archipelago made up of thousands of islands, many of them with picturesque red houses often characteristic of Scandinavia. You can kayak around, take a boat, and try out activities like fat biking across the sand dunes and forest of the islands.

If you time your visit right, this far north you have the potential to see the Northern Lights, while kayaking under the stars! This also means at the height of summer the sun barely dips below the horizon, if at all, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sauna followed by a midnight swim in the sunlight.

What really makes this one of the best places is that you get to learn about the ‘Luleå Way’, which is the local culture, and enjoy the endless possibilities available to you in a place like this!

Stockholm Archipelago

By Stefania from Stefania van Lieshout

One of the great attractions of Sweden is the country’s vast area of wilderness, which starts right at the edges of Stockholm.

Sweden points of interest
image: Stefania van Lieshout

The best example of this is the breathtakingly beautiful Stockholm archipelago with thousands of wooded islands, rocky cliffs, and sandy beached islets. This wilderness area can be reached starting from the Swedish capital with a kayak, sailboat, or yacht in no time

Even though these islands are close to a major city, they still feel peacefully remote as most of them are uninhabited bar some wildlife, like snakes, birds of prey, seals, sheep, and martens. If need be you can stock up on the few inhabited islands like Sandhamn, and Utö Blidö where you will find hotels, restaurants and shops.  

The archipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia is an ideal active holiday destination, especially during those long summer days when the sun is surprisingly abundant in this northern territory. 

The blue endless skies continue till late at night and then when the sun finally dips in the sea, it leaves only traces of gold before darkness finally kicks in. The short nights only last a couple of hours, leaving you plenty of daylight to enjoy the next day.


By Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

Officially the sunniest town in Sweden, Karlskrona is on the south coast of Sweden, surrounded by blue waters of the Baltic Sea, and dozens of islands in the archipelago.

Image Credit: Tales of a Backpacker

You can hire bikes to cycle around the town or stroll around and explore on foot as most places are easily reachable.

Visit the renowned Naval Museu, home to HMS Neptun, a huge submarine, learn about the history of the Swedish Navy and other landmarks around town like the lighthouse, seafront complete with old cannons, and the town hall.

Hire a kayak and get out on the water to see the Brändaholm headland where Karlskrona’s allotment cottages from the 1920s are still in excellent condition, with red walls and grooves, and Swedish flags flying high, or fish to your heart’s content.

You could even take a speed boat out to an uninhabited island to snorkel with seals and have a traditional Swedish Fika in a lighthouse on the island.

The nearby town of Kristianopel is also worth a visit and makes a great day trip from Karlskrona, where you can still see the old city wall that used to provide a fortified border between Sweden and Denmark. Despite its small size, there is plenty to do in Karlskrona so don’t miss it!


By Michael from Time Travel Turtle

In summer, Smögen feels like a classy coastal drinks party. It’s known as one of Sweden’s liveliest summer towns but it is a sophisticated type of party.

Where to vacation in Sweden
Image Credit: Time Travel Turtle

While it’s always busy at the cafes, restaurants, and bars along the waterfront, you’re much more likely to see young professional families with grandparents in tow, than a group of tipsy students.

In the main town, the shops near the restaurants sell boutique clothes and handmade souvenirs. Clearly, Smögen is a tourist town, but that doesn’t take away from its charm.

Technically the population is only about 1,500 people but it always feels full in the summer, as people rent houses for a week-long holiday or pop up for the weekend from Gothenburg, which is about 90 minutes away. However, the great appeal of Smögen is not just the social life. It’s also a beautiful natural location.

Technically, it is an island, but it is so close to the mainland that a short road bridge connects it. But, being an island, Smögen has a lot of coastlines and it’s here that you can find stunning areas for walking or swimming. It doesn’t take long until you’re away from the restaurants and the houses and you have empty landscapes in every direction. There are rocks, cliffs, small inlets, and patches of greenery.

A short stay in Smögen offers you nightlife, great food, some natural beauty, and a typical Swedish holiday experience.


by Wendy from Empty Nesters

For a pretty unique arrival to Malmo, it is best to travel by train over the famous Öresund Bridge – the last 4 kilometers of the bridge are actually the world’s longest underwater tunnel.

Best cities to visit in Sweden

The primary purpose of many day-trippers from Copenhagen to Malmö is to see the old town (Gamla Staden). with its two squares, Stortorget and Lilla Torg. It is a lovely area defined by cobblestoned streets and buildings built between the 1600s and 1800s. There are even a few remaining buildings constructed of timber. Most timber buildings throughout Europe succumbed to fire and were rebuilt with fire-resistant materials, so these few buildings are very unique. There are plenty of interesting shops and restaurants to explore.

Maybe you arrive just in time for fika, the Swedish ritual of coffee and pastries late in the morning.

We spent more time exploring the old town and eventually arrived in the more modern Malmö Park.  You know you’ve left the old town when an H&M store appears. While the old town appeals to the tourists, the area around the park is clearly intended for locals, so it was a nice glimpse into local life.

There is much more to see and do in Malmö — ancient churches and castles, museums, and city hall to name just a few. But whatever your timeframe, Sweden’s third-largest city is definitely worth adding to your itinerary.


What do you think? Have you ever been to Sweden? What has been your favorite place in Sweden? Let us know, so we can get more inspiration.

Safe Travels, Arzo


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