Are you planning your winter trip to Verbier, Switzerland? Then you might be wondering about the best things to do in Verbier in winter- here you´ll find many essential travel tips for your Verbier trip.

Switzerland in the winter is impressive – and spending some days in winter in Verbier is a fantastic idea!

Verbier is located in the southwestern canton of Valais (Wallis) in Switzerland. It is the same canton where Zermatt lies – one of the most famous and popular winter destinations in the world. But Verbier is no less stunning. It is part of the 4 Vallees ski area (the other resorts are Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Thyon, La Tzoumaz, and Bruson), making it the biggest ski resort in Switzerland with 92 ski lifts and 412km of pistes to ski and snowboard.

Verbier town is situated at 1,500 meters above sea level – some ski lifts take you up to 3300 meters above sea level – you can see, there is quite a length is just coming down.

Verbier in Switzerland in the winter

Verbier is very well-known amongst winter sports fans – it is often considered one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland. Now,  after my visit, I can see why.

No, I am not a winter sports person – actually, I had never skied or snowboarded before. As someone who had never done any winter sports (except sledding and ice skating), I did not know much about Verbier. 

And I was not sure if I would really enjoy Verbier for my first real winter trip. But guess what? I had a blast! Have I mentioned that Verbier in winter is just awesome? Whether you are experienced in winter sports activities like skiing, or snowboarding, or you want to experience these things for the very first time: Verbier is probably the best choice for experienced as well as less experienced winter sportspeople (or wannabe winter sportspeople).

Switzerland in winter, Verbier snowshoe hiking

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Before talking about the best things to do in Verbier, here are some tips for your Verbier vacation.

How to Get to Verbier

Geneva is closer to Verbier than Zurich Airport. From the Geneva or Zurich Airport, take the train to Le Châble train station. From Geneva, it takes about 2 hours, and from Zurich Airport a bit less than 4 hours. If you can fly to Bern Airport, it is another good option to get to Verbier quite “fast” by train.

From Le Châble, either take the cable car up or take the bus to Verbier.

You can also rent a car, though I highly recommend using public transportation in the winter. A Swiss Travel Pass is perfect to get you around Switzerland.

Tip: In Switzerland, there are fast train routes, and there are scenic routes. If you are not in a rush to arrive at Verbier, I actually recommend taking the scenic train routes. It might take longer, but it is soooo worth it!

Best Time to Visit

  • The winter season starts at the end of November and lasts until about April.
  • During the holiday season (Christmas and New Year), it gets jam-packed, and during the school holidays in Switzerland (end of February to the beginning of March).
  • I visited in mid-January, and the timing was perfect. The weather was just right (though we never have a guarantee of that), and the slopes were not too busy.
  • If you are flexible, I would suggest visiting in early December, January (very cold though), the beginning of February (there are school holidays at the end of February), or the end of March/April.
  • In April, the days are longer, and it gets warmer (something to keep in mind).

Happy in Switzerland in the winter

Where to Stay/ Accommodation in Verbier

Verbier is a premium skiing destination in Switzerland – so there are some luxurious hotels for the most luxurious winter trip. However, there are also a few more affordable places to stay.

Luxury Hotels in Verbier

  • Chalet d’Adrien Verbier is a luxurious 5-star property located next to the Savoleyres Ski Lift with a spa and swimming pool that is the perfect choice for those who want to indulge in luxury. Click here for the best rates and more info.
  • W Verbier is another luxurious hotel in Verbier that offers a lot of luxury to its guests. Find the best rates and get more info by clicking here.

Mid-range Hotels in Verbier

Switzerland in winter, Verbier sunrise

How to Get Around Verbier

Many places are within walking distance in the town center.  If you need to hop on a bus, you will be pleased to find out that you can use the shuttle buses/public transportation for free in Verbier.  Those shuttles also bring you to the lift stations.

Verbier has two lift stations. Medran is the main one, which you can also get from Le Chable and Savoleyeres.

Where to Rent Ski Equipment

There are several rental shops where you can rent any equipment. Prices do not vary too much between the shops.

Rental in Verbier resort

Best Things to Do in Verbier in the Winter

Okay, let’s start with the fun things to do in Verbier in the winter:


This is probably the most prominent winter activity in Verbier – skiing. With many black, red, and blue slopes, Verbier is a ski paradise regardless of your skills. Since I have not gotten to ski the challenging slopes (yet), I did not manage to get great shots, but there are many slopes for anyone.

Best ski resort in Switzerland, Verbier resort

It is one of the biggest ski resorts in Switzerland – linked to three others. There is about 410km of pistes, so you will find plenty of different slopes on which to practice your skiing skills.

  • First Ski Experience: I did it in Verbier! I had my first ski experience, and if you have never been skiing either, this offer might be attractive to you.
  • You get a ski instructor, the complete kit, and a ski pass, all for a flat rate. Prices start at about $200.

I had the best instructor, and it was really a lot of fun to try skiing for the first time.

First ski experience in Verbier, Switzerland


Well, after skiing, snowboarding is the most popular sport here in Verbier.

Switzerland in winter, Verbier snowsboarden_

I haven’t gotten around to trying snowboarding yet, but one day. Apparently, Verbier is not only a top destination in Switzerland but also one of the best snowboard paradises in Europe.

The longest snowboard pist is about 15 km long! But apart from that, you will find anything from perfect groomers, a freshly shaped terrain park and world-quality off-piste terrain – here the heart of a snowboarder will just beat faster!

(Night) Sledding

I’ll be honest with you – sledding somehow scares me. After a minor accident with a sled as a child, I was skeptical, but the night sledding was one of the most fun experiences I had. While you cannot use the ski slopes during the day for sledding, there are plenty of pistes where you can sled. If you don’t want to pack heavy, you can borrow a sled from one rental service.

MY TIP: The night sledding tour from Restaurant Chez Dany, which sits on a hill, to Verbier town was a wonderful experience. Looking down at the gorgeous Verbier at night as I sledded down was fun and an exceptional experience.

Snowshoe Hiking

Another fun winter activity in Verbier I tried was hiking in the snow. I wore my insulated, waterproof hiking boots, had snowshoes and poles – and then enjoyed stunning views over Verbier. 

Best ski destination in Switzerland, verbier resort, snowshoe hiking

I also did some hiking in the snow without snowshoes (just my hiking boots) and poles. But if the snow is higher, then poles and snowshoes are recommended. Snowshoe hiking is a bit more challenging than regular hiking, but it was actually less challenging than expected. Also, it was worth the panoramas!

  • If you want to try snowshoe hiking first, you can rent them from rental stores. 

Piste Bully

You might have seen those giant, weird bullies that clean the slopes after busy ski times. And in Verbier, you have the chance to sit in one of them and use it instead of a taxi. I did not see those tours being actively promoted, but if you book a dinner at Restaurant Chez Dany (from where you can also do the night sledding), you can choose whether you want to hike up or be picked up at the bus station.

It was indeed a unique experience. And even though the piste bully wasn’t used to cleaning the slopes in this case, it was still an enjoyable winter activity.


Mont-Fort is one of the highest mountain peaks in Switzerland that you can reach easily by cable car. And if there are cable cars and mountain peaks with amazing views, you know I am not far.

Switzerland in winter,Mont Fort with a view of Mont Bland

Mont-Fort makes a perfect day trip. Tickets are around $60, and a ski pass is approximately $70. If you are a skiing or snowboarding fan, I am sure Mont-Fort will be on your itinerary.

But even for non-skiers, the trip to Mont-Fort is terrific. There is not much to do or see on Mont-Fort (as you might know from mountain peaks like Jungfraujoch), but the view from 3,300 meters above sea level is impressive. You can see Matterhorn Mountain from there (though from this angle, it might take a while to recognize it), and Mount Blanc.

  • There are several restaurants and cafes to relax at and enjoy a (hopefully) sunny day up there.

Explore the Town Center of Verbier

Verbier is a charming village with many pretty chalets. In winter, this village is probably one of the most beautiful around.

What does Switzerland look like in the winter?

Verbier town center in Verbier, in Switzerland

The village might be the biggest and most famous of the four valleys, but in the end, it is still tiny, and you might be “done” with sightseeing quickly. However, due to its location, there is sunshine all day long (when the sun is out), and there are many places to sit down and relax.

P.S. Yes, the Christmas Tree was still standing in the middle of the village center three weeks after Christmas (but is not it gorgeous?).

More Fun Things to Do in Verbier

There are a few things to do that I haven’t done myself, but I would have loved to had I had the chance. These include the following activities in Verbier:


As you probably know, I am a vegetarian and would not like testing or doing any activity that harms animals. But I genuinely believe the Huskies are well-treated and actually enjoy sledding in Verbier. I hope to enjoy this experience myself one day.  

Apres-Ski and Partying

As mentioned, Verbier is famous for partying and apres-ski. So, if you are not as dull as I am, you will probably have some fantastic nights in Verbier.

Switzerland in winter, Verbier skiing_


Though my Verbier trip had been my very first trip, where I tried out several winter activities. I can tell you: If you are a winter sport newbie, Verbier will take good care of you. If you are an expert in skiing and snowboarding, you are well aware of all Verbier has to offer – but it is also great for all the people in between.

The incredible scenery and lovely town center make this winter trip even more unique, and there is no shortage of fun things to do in Verbier. Though I would love to visit Verbier in summer one day, winter is a fantastic time to see Switzerland’s area.

So, whether you are a ski expert or a ski beginner, Verbier offers something for anyone! I had a great time as a former non-skier. Verbier is so much fun, and I consider it the perfect ski destination in Switzerland and Europe. 

Are you looking for more pictures from winter wonderland? Click here and have a look at my favorite images from Switzerland in the winter.

If you are looking for more information, please feel free to check Switzerland’s website or email them: if you have further questions.

Are you visiting Switzerland in the winter with your younger kids? Then Grächen – also in Valais – might be the perfect ski destination.


Safe Travels, Arzo

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