Best Day Trips From Strasbourg


Strasbourg is a beautiful city and probably one of the prettiest cities in France. So, after a day or two in Strasbourg, it is time for some fun day trips from Strasbourg.

Grand Ile France, Strasbourg

Here are some ideas for the best Strasbourg day trips.

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The well-preserved, medieval town of Riquewihr is one of the very best day trips to take from Strasbourg.

Alsace itinerary 3 days, Riquewihr

Alsace, France best places to see and go

Riquewihr is one of the most colorful villages in Alsace (if not all of France). It is like a fairytale town with its vivid facades that come in bright colors – the half-timbered houses could not be prettier.

Wander through its cobblestone streets, and pay a visit to the 13th-century Dolder Tower houses (one of which has a medieval weapons display). Also, stop by the 16th-century Maison de Vigneron with winemaking tools and a restored kitchen for you to see. 

While it is absolutely gorgeous, Riquewihr is quite small. So you can easily combine it with some wine tastings, as shortly after Riquewihr, you will be entering the heart of the vineyard region. 

Don’t hesitate to stop and explore, go winery-hopping, and taste the many wines the region is famous for, like Riesling, for example.

  • You can easily drive from Strasbourg to Riquewihr – it takes a bit less than one hour (70 km).
  • Or take a train to Colmar or Sélestat and from there take a bus to Riquewihr (about 75 minutes).


If you love small medieval villages, then Eguisheim is another fun day trip. Surrounded by lush green hills, it is one of the prettiest villages along the Alsace Wine Route.

Alsace, France best places to visit Eguisheim

Alsace, France best places to see Eguisheim

Stroll the narrow streets, admire the lovely architecture, and enjoy colorful flowers. 

See some historical fountains and visit the 13th-century church that displays the well-known “Opening Virgin” statue while you’re here. Since the village is very tiny, I highly suggest combining it with another village along the way.

You can also visit the Château du Hohlandsbourg or see the ruins of the three castles of Husseren-les-Châteaux close to Eguisheim.

In Eguisheim, you’ll also find quite a few wineries – so, more chances to enjoy a wine tasting. 

  • It is quite easy to reach by car (about one hour, 80 km)
  • Or take the train to Colmar. From there, get on a bus to the neighboring village of Wettolsheim, and from there, you have to walk to Eguisheim. However, this is quite a complicated way to get there because there are not many connections.
  • Or you can do a guided tour of the region.


If you only have one day for a day trip, then make sure to visit Colmar. It is like a real fairytale town and a perfect place for anyone who likes color and charming old town. 

Colmar best places to see, Old town

Colmar, Little Venice is the most beautiful place to visit in Colmar, France

Of course, you will find many cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses here.

There are quite a few exceptional buildings to see – so plan a full day for getting to and visiting Strasbourg. Explore Petite France or Ice Grande with the stunning Strasbourg Cathedral, and do a canal cruise afterward. Pretty Colmar doesn’t disappoint and makes the best day trip from Strasbourg.

Tip: Find out about how to spend 1 day in Colmar.


Kaysersberg is another place to visit in Alsace and can be done in combination with one of the places named above, or you can plan a full and relaxed day to spend just in Kaysersberg.

Alsace, France best things to do in 3-5 days, Kaysersberg

Kaysersberg is one of the best Day trip from

Visit the Fontaine Constantin, admire the half-timbered houses, and – here is where Keyserager is different from the other villages in Alsace – stroll along the Weiss riverfront.

If you are up for a hike, go up to the Château du Hohlandsbourg, a restored castle from the 13th century that also houses a museum and offers great views.

  • By car, it takes about one hour (8o km)
  • From Strasbourg, take the train to Colmar and then a local bus to Kaysersberg (buses don’t run often).


This cute little village is absolutely charming and another great trip from Strasbourg. Located along the Alsace Wine Route, there’s some to see here besides the vineyards.

Alsaces wine tour road trip, Ribeauville

Alsaces most beautiful villages, Ribeauville

Walking through Ribeauville is fun – colorful houses with flowers on display, medieval castles, churches, and historical monuments scattered throughout the old town but be warned. It is also another small village, so combine it with some more activities.

If you visit in the warmer months, also visit the vineyards – you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of the vines and the Alsace region.

In general, the Alsace region is beyond cute – and I believe that part of France should be on any France itinerary.

But of course, there are also other beautiful places to visit near Strasbourg that aren’t in Alsace.


Fancying a day trip to Germany? Then, what about Freiburg, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities?

Freiburg tour from Strasbourg

Freiburg as a day trip from Strasbourg, France

The university city of Freiburg is often named one of the favorite small cities in Germany – whether you visit the Freiburg Minster, the city’s Gothic cathedral (tip: climb up the tower for the best city views) or stroll the old town with its many beautiful buildings and cobblestone streets. 

What makes Freiburg stand out even more, is a little stream that runs through the old town. Check out my more detailed travel guide on Freiburg.

  • You can get to Freiburg by car – it takes a bit more than 1 hour (90 km).
  • By train, it will take about 70-120 minutes.


Another gorgeous little city to visit easily from Strasbourg is Heidelberg. This beautiful, hilly city is perfect for strolls and easy hikes.

Panoramic view medieval town Heidelberg, Germany, a fun day trip from Strasbourg
Old bridge in Heidelberg is best day tour from Strasbourg

Visit the market square in the old town. Discover the Heiliggeistkirche Church. By walking the Neckar River and crossing the Old Bridge, you can walk towards the Heidelberg Castle, where you can enjoy fantastic views. Whether you take the funicular up the hill or walk up – it is surely worth going.

Heidelberg is also a busy university city. This makes it a fun place to have a drink in one of the numerous cafes and bars after all the sightseeing.

  • Heidelberg is about 130 km from Strasburg – by car, it takes around 90 minutes to get there.
  • If you take the train, it will take about two hours (one way).


If you want to visit another country, why not visit Basel in Switzerland as a day trip? Basel is located in the very north of Switzerland – just next to the German and French border.

Basel is, unlike many other places in Switzerland, not the place for stunning scenery. Basel is the perfect day trip to take if you are into museums and art. It is worldwide known for its art museums.

Basel things to do on rainy days

There are so many museums that you will not be able to visit a fraction of them in a day.

The Foundation Beyeler is actually the most visited art museum in all of Switzerland. It is known to be one of the best in the world – as an art enthusiast, you might be well aware of that, but there are so many more museums like the Kunstmuseum or the Papiermühle.

Basel also has a beautiful old town, a stunning town hall, and great views are guaranteed from the Cathedral Tower.

  • By car, it will take you around 90 minutes to get to Basel (140 km)
  • There is also a direct train taking you to Basel (also about 90 minutes)


Strasbourg is beautiful, but so is its surroundings. So make sure to do a few day trips from Strasbourg to discover this part of Europe. Whether you visit Germany or stay in Alsace, it surely doesn’t get boring. Safe travels!

Safe Travels, Arzo

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