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Are you planning your Strasbourg itinerary and wondering about the best things to do in Strasbourg? Then this post is for you. Find out about what to do how to spend one day Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is one of my favorite cities in France – and if you love beautiful, colorful, half-timbered houses and the medieval feel of a city, I am sure you will love the city, too.

So, if you are you planning a trip are looking for the best 1-day Strasbourg itinerary that covers all the top things to do and see and must-see places and important travel tips for your trip then you have found the perfect post.

This Strasbourg in one day itinerary covers some of the best things to do in Strasbourg in one day – including the most beautiful places to visit and the best activities.

What to see in Strasbourg

Okay, before I spill the beans, just quick info, that at the end of this 1-day Strasbourg itinerary, you will also find the best travel tips for the city, so this post is not only about the best things to do and see but it is also a quick guide for Strasbourg.

While I think that Strasbourg is so pretty you could spend several days there, I know most of us only have one day in Strasbourg. So, I have created a one-day itinerary, but I also have more tips so that you can enjoy two days in Strasbourg if you like.

Okay, now it is time to talk about the best things to do in Strasbourg and about your 1-day Strasbourg itinerary (or two-day itinerary, if you are lucky enough to stay longer).

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Best Activities for One Day in Strasbourg 

Start your first day in Strasbourg quite early as the city quickly fills with visitors from all around the world and it can feel crowded easily.

Getting Lost in La Petite France

Ah, it is not only because of the “gram,“ but I admit this is what I have been seeing all over social media and what convinced me to book my hotel this year and not wait any longer…

Strasbourg Petite France

Strasbourg Petite France

The pretty, pretty houses in La Petite France, which date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, are a treat for the eyes. You can get wonderfully lost here and enjoy the gorgeous architecture.

Back then, fishermen, millers, and tanners lived and worked in this part of town where the streets were built level with the waterways – just adding more beauty to the lovely houses.

Besides wandering for two or three hours, I also recommend visiting Ponts Couverts and Barrage Vauban, which are also located in La Petite France.

Strasbourg, view from Barrage Vauban

From Barrage Vauban, the weird-shaped dam, you can also enjoy nicer views for free. Just climb about 50 steps and you can enjoy the views from the terrace. No, they are not as mesmerizing as the view from the Cathedral, but they are still nice – plus, fewer steps and no entry fee.

It really depends on your speed and how “lost“ you actually get, but I estimate that it will take you about 2 hours max. Even though there are a lot of shops and stores, I did not feel the need to spend more time there.

There is a vegan restaurantVelicious Bourger – where you can have vegan food (surely not the best vegan burger I have ever had, but definitely decent).

From there, I suggest taking a lovely walk.

Banks River – Walk Along the River III

This was actually one of my favorite activities in Strasbourg. While I was really lucky with the weather and it was sunny, but not hot, a lot of people flocked and “escaped“ the city to enjoy some “nature“ time. I use quotation marks because I don‘t really mean escape – the river is just in the city center.

And there is no real nature, but it felt like a beautiful getaway. It was busy, but not crowded – the opposite of the old parts of the city.

Strasbourg sights River III

Best thing to do in Strasbourg _ walk the river

My tip: Take a walk from Petite France all the way to Pont d`Auvergne (which is about 2 km), but do not stop at Grande Ile yet.

Along the way, you can make some nice stops and do as the locals do – enjoy some time out by the river. Then, slowly head to Grand Ile (which is about one km away). Again, it depends on your speed and the breaks you take, but I would plan in 45-90 minutes for this activity.

Grand Ile

Strasbourg is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island of Grande Ile, which is in the historic center of the city.

You will find more half-timbered houses here, the symbol of the city, and a few more landmarks – one of which is, of course, the cathedral (Münster).

Cathedral Square – Strasbourg Cathedral

Like so many cities and towns in Europe, Strasbourg also has a beautiful cathedral that is a main tourist attraction.

The cathedral is one of the most important monuments from the Middle Ages that still exists. It was completed in 1439 and reminds me so much of the Cologne Cathedral (except in Strasbourg, there is no crazy wind). 

Strasbourg Cathedral in one day

Grand Ile France, Strasbourg

Anyway, this Gothic masterpiece is mystical and impressive.

Also known as Notre-Dame of Strasbourg, it is a tourist magnet. Luckily, it is located in the center and by itself. Its size makes it unmissable, and it is easy to reach and easy to admire…

You can visit the cathedral and admire the beautiful interior, but you can also – you might know I have a thing for views – climb the tower and enjoy a view of Strasbourg from the top.

Climb the spiral staircase (332 steps) for the panoramic view from the top of the platform, overlooking the rooftops of Strasbourg. On clear days, you can even see the Black Forest in Germany.

Unfortunately, I did not get to do this because it was closed when I visited. As someone who is always on the hunt for great views, this was quite disappointing to discover at the tourism office.

Strasbourgs best tourist attrctions to see, one is the Cathedral

Tickets are around 4€ (there are reduced prices for groups, students, and people under 18 – kids under 6 are free), but do not forget that getting up there is a trek! 

You can also see the Astromomical Clock and buy tickets from Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday).

You cannot book in advance and need to buy and pick up the tickets from the cashier at the south doorway (11:30 am to 12:15 pm). Tickets are around 3€ (with reduced prices for groups and people between 6-18, younger kids are free).

Boat Tour – Batorama

Yes, I know I have a thing for boats and being on the water, so it’s not surprising that a boat tour in Strasbourg is also on my perfect 24 hours in Strasbourg itinerary.

Strasbourg, France things to do - Batorama boat tour

All year round, you can enjoy a 70-minute boat ride and see, among other things, the Petite France, the Covered Bridges, the Vauban Dam, the Neustadt imperial quarter, and the European institutions from the boat.

Guess what? Even though I am such a boat tour fan, I had to pass this time – just because dogs are not allowed on the boats. 

A boat tour is free with the Strasbourg Pass. Otherwise, tickets are between 10.30€ (for shorter tours) and 13.50€ (reductions for people 4-12, free for kids under 4 years).

You can buy tickets at the ticket shop near the cathedral (next to the Tourism Office). The tour starts near Cathedral Square.

From Grand Ile, it is time to visit another gorgeous and fantastic sight – The Neustadt District. But before heading there, you will pass a few more lovely, fun, and lively places in Strasbourg.

Place Gutenberg 

This Strasbourg itinerary will now lead to to a beautiful square. From the cathedral, head to Place Gutenberg first. It is just a few minutes walk and a main square in Strasbourg. Gutenberg invented the printing press and there is a statue in the middle of the square that honors him.

Gutenberg Place in Strasburg is a must see

The statue was built in the middle of the 19th century, and the French words on the paper in his hands say “and there was light.“

Place Kleber

From Place Gutenberg, it is just a stone‘s throw to the very lively and busy square – Place Kleber. The square seems gigantic given Strasbourg´s quite small size, with less than 300,000 inhabitants.

Strasbourg Place Kleber, best places to visit in Strasbourg in one day

Like in all of Grand Ile, many cafes and restaurants are lined up here, but there are also enough seating options for those who don’t want to sit in a restaurant. This is definitely a place for people-watching.

Place Broglie

From there, you will slowly walk toward “Neustadt“ via Place Broglie or the Hotel del Ville.

Hotel de Ville Strasbourg, France

Another lovely and underrated place to see is the Hotel de Ville. This town hall that is located at the Place Broglie looks lovely in the springtime. It was built in the 1730s and it is the seat of the mayor of Strasbourg.

The town hall itself is lovely – but so is the area, so this will be your route when heading to your next main stop.

Neustadt District 

This area was built after the German annexation (between 1917 and 1918) and is completely different from the other areas you visited before.  Though the old areas have their charm in spring, there are a few places that were absolutely gorgeous and highlights for me.

Place de la Republique 

Formerly named “Kaiserplatz,“ the Place de la Republique looks absolutely stunning in spring (and I am sure at any time of the year) with all the magnolia adding so much color to the area.

Strasbourg, best places to go, Place de Republique_

Strasbourg, Place de la Rebuplique

In the middle, you will find a memorial building (erected in 1936), and there are governmental and imperial buildings, like the University Library, the Palais du Thin, and the National Theater, too. 

This was the perfect place to relax and end the first day in Strasbourg before Puppygak and I headed back to the hotel (you can just lay down on the lawn and don’t have to sit on the numerous benches, so bring a little blanket, a book, and/or a drink to top off your day here).

More Things to do in Strabourg 

I think that day 1 in Strasbourg is already pretty great, but of course, if you have two days in Strasbourg, it is even better.  I have some tips on how I spent my second day and what I recommend, but I know that politics and political institutions are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, I have a few alternatives for you.

Visit the EU institutions

The political EU institutions are located northeast of Grande Ile (including a lovely park). If you want to take guided tours of these institutions, you need to book them in advance. I was traveling with my dog and knew I had no chance of any guided tour. There is free parking on the side streets on Sundays and in the evening/night).

More things to do in Strasbourg, France

Since it is located farther away, you can either drive or take the tram (tram E), which stops conveniently close to the EU institutions.

The area is lovely. Though I did not do any tour, this part of Strasbourg is so different from what I saw the first day. Here, there are so many important institutions that affect our lives. 

So, even without guided tours, you can just walk around (there is a lot of greenery everywhere, so it’s great for walking and resting) and see where important decisions for the European Union (and also for many other places in the world) are made.

For the end of the day, I suggest visiting the Orangerie Park (also located in the Neustadt District, but a bit farther).

Chill at Orangerie Park

Orangerie Park is also very popular with the locals – especially in the warm summer months. Even Empress Josephine flocked here once upon a time. Now, you can rent boats and enjoy time on the water, take strolls, watch the storks (there is also a little zoo), and end your second day in a relaxing way. There is also a big playground, so if you are with kids, you surely need to come here.

Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum

Strasbourg also houses several museums and visiting one is one of the best things to do in Strasbourg. Traveling with a dog normally means skipping the museums in many countries (not that I am all that sad about it), but next to the cathedral is a museum I would have loved visiting: 

It contains one of the finest collections of medieval art in France, spanning seven centuries and is one of the best museums to visit in Strasbourg.


Hopefully, above-mentioned tips have given you an idea how to spend a day in Strasbourg (or two) and here are some more essential travel tips.

How to Get to Strasbourg

Strasbourg has an international airport – Strasbourg-Entzheim International Airport. It is about 10km from the city center (you could then rent a car, take a taxi, or take a train shuttle to the city center).

Train station – There is a main train station (Gare) that is close to the city center. From Paris, it takes less than 2 hours via the high-speed train (TGV).

By car – I arrived by car. I drove most of the time on German highways and only crossed borders close to Karlsruhe to avoid possible tolls in France. Parking is a bit tricky, though there is paid parking. I think that getting here by car is not the best idea (unless you do a Alsace Wine Route tour) because you will not need it often, so you will probably be better off arriving by train.

How to Get Around Strasbourg in One Day

Strasbourg is very walkable and most sights are located at Grand Ile (old part) and Petite France. Tip: For around 5€, you can rent audio guides and get information on each main attraction.

If you’re visiting other parts of Strasbourg (if you want to see the institutions of the European Union or if you prefer less walking), you can buy a ticket with unlimited tram and bus trips, valid for 24 hours (€4.30).

I did not use public transportation, but to my knowledge, it is good, on time, and definitely not expensive by European standards.

You can also rent bikes for only $5 per day (you will see a lot of rental bikes in Strasbourg, so it is definitely a good way to get around).

There are also segways to rent, and boat tours (batorama) are a popular means of seeing Strasbourg from the water. There is a mini sightseeing train that shows you some parts of the old town (it costs around 7€, with reduced prices for groups and people under 15 years of age; free for kids under 6). It takes about 40 minutes.

Best Time to Visit One Day Strasbourg

Since I have visited Strasbourg only once, I cannot give tips for each month of the year, but what I know for sure is that visiting at the end of March is a good time.

Strasbourg in spring is charming and absolutely gorgeous, with magnolias and blossoms everywhere you look. I think that April would have been even better though because it is probably even greener. So, my tip is to visit Strasbourg in the spring – we can be sure with the weather, but spring is magical in Europe. It gets busy, but not crowded.

You do not have to fight your way through all the other visitors (and believe me, Europe in the summer can be crazy). Also, prices for accommodations are lower and it does not get as hot and sticky in spring.

Strasbourg is also known for its Christmas Markets – so the first few weeks in December would also be a good time to visit.

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

If you are looking for a 5-star hotel in the old town of Strasbourg, right in Petite France, then this hotel might be the perfect choice for your stay in Strasbourg – check out rates for Hotel Regent Petite France & Spa here.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly hotel close to the old town, check out this Ibis Style hotel (and find out more about rates).



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Hopefully, this guide with tips about the best things to do in one day in Strasbourg helps you planning your perfect Strasbourg itinerary! This city is surely worth a trip! 


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