Are you planning your 5-day Slovenia itinerary? Then read on as I share my tips on creating an epic itinerary with some fantastic places to visit in 5 days in Slovenia. Actually, I share tips with you on how to spend up to 2 weeks in Slovenia plus many travel tips for an epic 5-day Slovenia trip.

Slovenia surely is not a hidden gem anymore. Its beauty is well known by many travelers. However, compared to other countries in Europe, it still doesn’t get all the credit it deserves. I guarantee you, this country is absolutely amazing! 

This Slovenia itinerary will help you plan your trip – and if you need arguments on why to visit this stunning country, you will also find more than enough reasons to add Slovenia to your bucket list! Whether you are 5 days in Slovenia, one week, 10 days or two weeks – this itinerary is perfect for you.

Whether you love breathtaking scenery or cute towns and cities, Slovenia has it all. On top of that, some of the nicest people in Europe live in Slovenia. 

There are actually more reasons to visit. It is quite safe in terms of crime and driving (and if you don’t want to drive yourself, you can rely on its reliable public transportation). 

And if that isn’t enough, it is also quite affordable compared to its neighbors, Austria or even Croatia.

Tips for Your Slovenia Itinerary

Before talking about the best places to visit in 5 days in Slovenia, here are some travel tips that will help you plan your trip.

How to get Around Slovenia For 5 Days +

I road tripped Slovenia. But you can do this Slovenia itinerary as a road trip or by using public transportation/guided tours.

  • Driving in Slovenia is pleasant. The streets are in good condition and not overly crowded. Many places mentioned here are in the mountains – so if you are not used to driving narrow mountain roads, it might be challenging. But in general, you should be fine. The Vršič Pass is probably the most challenging pass in the country, but even that should be fine if you drive slowly. Buy a 10-day toll sticker for the motorway.
  • Public transportation in Slovenia is pretty good. Though I used the bus only once, the places listed here can be reached by bus/train and I met quite a few travelers who were pretty happy with the public transportation.

When to visit Slovenia for 5-14 Days

While Slovenia is great to visit at any time of the year, I highly suggest visiting during warmer months. The summer months can be quite busy – it can get crowded, and hotel prices rise. Most of the time, I suggest visiting Europe in late spring or early fall. The weather might be less predictable, the crowds are gone, hotel prices drop, and it is more pleasant. That said, I actually visited Slovenia in summer myself. It was jam-packed – very jam-packed. Winter is also a popular season to visit, but many outdoor adventures cannot be done as listed on this Slovenia itinerary. However, as an alternative, you could do some winter sports in Slovenia.

People in Slovenia

I have to say that I was surprised to find out that Slovenians were some of the friendliest people in Europe. The Slovenians are very, very friendly people and many speak (good) English. If you should encounter problems, I am sure you will find friendly locals helping you.

Is Slovenia expensive?

Slovenia is a mid-budget European destination. It is much more affordable than Austria or Switzerland but more expensive than many other Eastern (Balkan) countries. You will get quite a lot for your money – especially because the scenery and towns can compete with the beauty of Austria and Switzerland.

Safety in Slovenia

Slovenia is an overall very safe country. The crime rate is quite low, and I´d say driving here is also quite safe. Either way, as a solo female traveler, I never had to worry about my safety as I just exercise common sense.

5 Days in Slovenia Itinerary

Here is an outline of how to spend 5 days in Slovenia. As you can see, the total days do not equal 5 days, just because I have left a bit of time for driving.

If you stay longer, check out my other itinerary suggestions.

  • Ljubljana – 0,5 day
  • Piran – 1 day
  • Bovec – 1,5 days
  • Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj – 1,5 days


Ljubljana is a beautiful, cozy capital that is a great starting point for your Slovenia itinerary. With only 5 days in Slovenia, I would only do a quick sightseeing tour and have lunch/dinner in one of the numerous cute restaurants before continuing on your journey.

Though it is a capital, it is rather small and actually very cozy and friendly. It feels like a beautiful, laid-back big town with some attractions, but not too many, which could overwhelm you.


You can visit most places on foot and will not need a car or even public transportation.

Things to do in Ljubljana

  • City Center
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Triple Bridge
  • Cankarjevo Nabrežje
  • Ljublijana Castle
  • Sky Tower
  • Preseren Square
  • Butcher´s Bridge
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  • River Cruise

From the capital, it is time to visit a smaller town – small, but stunning.


One of the cutest and prettiest coastal towns I have been to is Piran. It is such a gorgeous place and really picture perfect. However, it can be busy during peak season.


Piran is the best example of Slovenia – it is small and yet full of charm and stunning pastel-colored buildings. And since it is located on the Adria, between Italian and Croatian, you can clearly tell it is a perfect mix of these countries.

Because of its cuteness, it can be busy during peak season.

Besides being gorgeous, it is also hilly, so wear comfy shoes and bring your camera because these buildings want to be photographed.


So, even with 5 days in Slovenia, I´d say that this is a must-visit place.

Things to do in Piran

  • City walls (they are very short though)
  • Climb on top of the Bell Tower
  • Market Square 
  • Beach 
  • Moon Bay (hike)

Bovec and Socca River

For this beautiful part, I have reserved 2 days on a 5-day itinerary. If you stay in the country 10 days, add another day here.


Some of the activities and places mentioned here are in the Triglav National Park, which comprises 880 square kilometers. It is probably one of the most beautiful areas and absolutely breathtaking. As you probably know, I adore Switzerland, and for the first time, I was reminded of that beautiful country. The Julian Alps here are as beautiful as the Swiss Alps. Seriously!


And then there is the Soca River, which is drop-dead gorgeous. That is the time to hike, explore, and be struck speechless. I know, I will be back and spend another week here at least.

Things to do in Bovec

  • Velika Korita (speechless)
  • Wildwater Rafting
  • Hiking (Soca Trail)
  • Source of the Soča River (wear proper hiking shoes)

With 5 days in Slovenia, you do not have that much time to travel slowly – there are just too many great places to visit, so from Bovec continue your journey to Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a lesser-visited lake area since it is more difficult to reach from Ljublijana. It is often considered the gem of the country because of its beauty and authenticity.

Though I stayed in Slovenia for more than 10 days, I had to pass here as weather got very bad and so I focused on other places when it did not rain.

It is also located in the Triglav National Park and embraced by the Julian Alps – and is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. 

Things to do around Lake Bohinj

  • Water sports
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Relaxing

Then it is time to head to one of the most famous places in the country.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is probably the most famous tourist spot in Slovenia – and I admit I was afraid that I would be disappointed. But visiting this place was a highlight (I visited in summer 2020, so at that time and not on a Sunday definitely helped me avoid the crowds).


The lake is so picture perfect because of the castle in the middle of the lake, which you can see from all different perspectives as you can easily walk around the whole lake within a few hours.


No Slovenia itinerary would be complete without visiting Lake Bled.

Things to do around Lake Bled

  • Bled Castle
  • Swim 
  • Row a boat
  • SUP 
  • Ring the Wishing Bell
  • Ride a Polenta (traditional gondola)
  • Hike  

From Lake Bled, you can quickly get back to Ljubljana. 

5 days in Slovenia is not enough to discover the main attractions of the country at a slow pace. But it is a good amount to see at least some of the highlights of Slovenia. If you can stay longer, I suggest to do so. So, what if you stay longer than 5 days in the country? Read on to find out how to spend 7 or 10 days in Slovenia.

7 Days in Slovenia 

With one week in Slovenia, I suggest following itinerary (again, there is some time for driving etc.)

  • Ljubljana – 1 day
  • Piran – 1 day
  • Bovec – 2,5  days
  • Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj – 2 days

So, I did not add any new places for 7 days in Slovenia, as I suggest enjoying the time at each place a bit more and take it a bit more slowly. However, if you stay longer, I have added a few more places for your 7-day Slovenia itinerary.

10 Days in Slovenia Itinerary 

So, with 10 days in Slovenia you can take your time and enjoy Ljubljana for two days, but I have added a few new destinations that you can add to your itinerary.

  • Ljubljana – 2 days
  • Piran + Izola – 2 day
  • Bovec – 2,5 days
  • Kranjska Gora – 1 day
  • Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj – 2 days

Here are some quick information on the new destinations if you stay in Slovenia for 10 days.

Piran and Izola

10 days in Slovenia will allow you to stop at Izola – a small seaside town that grew on a former island. It is a cute, more off-the-beaten-path town that is colorful and pretty but has fewer attractions and cannot compete with Piran. However, it is one of the cutest towns/villages in the country so take a few hours to stroll Izola.


Then you could head to Piran, explore the town in the afternoon and evening.

And with 2 days in Piran and Izola, you can do the hike to the Moon Bay which takes almost a full day.

Kranjska Gora

With 10 days in Slovenia, you could also add Kranjska Gora to your itinerary. After visiting Bovec, it would be your next stop for a day, where you will spend some more time outdoors in amazing nature.


While there are many places to hike in Slovenia, this area is particularly popular among hikers. But even if you are not into daylong hikes, it is a paradise and there are many things to do and see. 

Things to do in Kranjska Gora

  • Lake Jasna
  • Slovenian Alpine Museum
  • Hiking and many more outdoor activities

Your 10-day Slovenia itinerary has most “typical attractions” covered. You can enjoy a lot of time outdoors, explore the towns and villages and more. But if you have two weeks in Slovenia, you are realllly lucky.

14 Days in Slovenia 

If you have 14 days in Slovenia, you are very lucky because there is much more to see. With 2 weeks, I would adjust my Slovenia itinerary so it looks like this.

  • Ljubljana – 2 days
  • Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle – 1 day
  • Piran + Izola – 2 day
  • Kobarid – 1 day
  • Bovec – 2,5 / 3 days
  • Kranjska Gora – 2 day
  • Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj  + Vintgar Gorge – 2,5 days 

As you can see, there is still some space, and it is not jam-packed, so you have time to stop along the way and admit the beauty of Slovenia. So, what about the new places I added to your 2-week Slovenia itinerary?


Though there is no shortage of beautiful outdoor places, Kobarid is probably one of the top locations to visit in Slovenia and with 10 days or more in the country, you can visit this area for a day or so.


From Kobarid, you can visit the Kozjak Waterfalls, which is probably the most beautiful waterfall in the country. Though swimming in front of the waterfall is no longer allowed, it is still worth a visit.

Things to do in Kobarid:

  • Kozjak Waterfalls
  • Napoleon Bridge
  • Historical Trail

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

These two attractions can also be on your itinerary: Postojna Cave was discovered 200 years ago. It is one of the largest and most beautiful underground caves in Europe and is a rare example of karst formations, which have been formed over millions of years.

To get a tour, you have to take an underground train (something I had never seen in any other cave before).

The Predjama Castle is close by, a medieval castle that has been perched in the middle of a 123-meter-high cliff for more than 800 years.


You can get a ticket and find out about a network of secret tunnels, from which the knight Erazem of Predjama would set out on his plundering expeditions. 

Vintgar Gorge

If you have about 14 days in Slovenia, then make sure to visit Vintgar Gorge, which is just next to Lake Bled.


The 1.6-kilometer-long gorge is a popular place in Slovenia, and for an entrance fee, you can walk along the gorge and see another side of Slovenia.

Since it was not one of the highlights of my trip, I would not necessarily recommend visiting during a trip of 5 or 7 days, but if you have some spare time and are at Lake Bled, it is surely worth a visit.


Slovenia has so much to offer, and 5 or 7 days in Slovenia is surely not enough to see the best of the country. If there is any chance, try to plan in 10 or even 14 days for exploring Slovenia. You surely will not regret it!

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