Epic 3-Day Los Angeles Itinerary For 2024


From Hollywood, where almost all American movies originate, to Venice Beach, to nearby Disneyland, LA has something for everyone which makes i one of the best cities to visit in the US. There are many, many choices when it comes to how to spend 3 days in Los Angeles. In this 3-day Los Angeles itinerary, I will try to narrow it down to the must-see destinations.

After New York and Washington D.C., Los Angeles might be the third most famous city in the country. Located in Southern California, this huge sprawling city has almost 4 million people living in it along the Pacific Ocean. But it is also packed with exciting attractions!

The post was written by Rebecca

Los Angeles, California, USA downtown cityscape at sunset_


Before talking about the best things to do in Los Angeles in 3 days, here are some travel tips.


Are 3 Days in Los Angeles Enough?

Three days in Los Angeles can be a good amount of time to explore some of the city’s top attractions and neighborhoods, but it ultimately depends on the individual’s interests and travel style.

With only three days, you can still see iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory, enjoy some of the city’s diverse food and cultural offerings, and spend time on the beach. Some planning is important so you do make the most of your 3-day LA trip.

How to Get to Los Angeles 

Because Los Angeles is so spread out, there are multiple airports that you may fly into. Here’s the list.

✈️ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the most popular airport, and it is centrally located.

✈️ Ontario International Airport (ONT)

✈️ John Wayne Airport (SNA)

✈️ Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)

✈️ Long Beach Airport (LGB)

How to Get to Your Hotel From the Airport

🚐 Once you arrive at the airport, you can usually take a free airport shuttle from there to your hotel (most major hotels offer this service as a courtesy).

🚕 Avoid an Uber or taxi – it is quite expensive!

Ⓜ️ If you want to travel budget-friendly, take the metro to your hotel downtown. Take the free Green Line G airport shuttle to the Aviation/LAX Metro station. There you pick up the Green Line train to Willowbrook and then change to the Blue Line, and finally, on to your hotel. The total cost is around $1.50 and takes an hour.

🚌 Or take the bus – the FlyAway bus runs 24/7 and costs just under $10 each way. It takes about 30 minutes to get downtown.  

🚘 However, if you rent a car, check out this site which finds great deals for you.

Weather in Los Angeles

The weather in LA is really quite nice, with a Mediterranean climate that gets almost no rain in the summer.

  • If you are coming for the summer months, the temperature usually doesn’t get much higher than 85ºF and no lower than 66ºF.
  • If you visit LA in winter, you can enjoy more moderate temperatures than in many other American cities: from 49ºF to 66ºF. Most of the city’s rain comes in February.

What to Pack for a 3-Day Los Angeles Trip

Since the weather in Los Angeles is on the mild side, you can pack lighter clothes for your trip.

In summer, shorts and tank tops or T-shirts are fine, with a bathing suit if you plan on swimming or just laying out at the beach. Check out my packing list for a day at the beach.

For winter, a light jacket and a few long-sleeved shirts and pants will be fine. You might also want to bring an umbrella since winter is the rainy season.

Of course, always bring good walking shoes because there is a lot to explore and you don’t want to have sore feet by the end of your 3 days in Los Angeles.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles For 3 Days

As you can imagine, there are plenty of accommodations in Los Angeles for you to choose from. Here are a couple of suggestions:

🛏️ For a luxury hotel, pick Hotel Bel-Air – Dorchester Collection, an icon in the city that boasts amenities like an on-site restaurant, pools, etc.

🛏️ A more mid-range option is Level DTLA, which is still a nice hotel and has a great location for getting to some popular attractions.

🛏️ A budget hotel with clean rooms, a good location, and even a restaurant is the New Seoul Hotel.

How to Get Around LA


Okay, I am going honest – I do not like driving in Los Angeles. It can be a little crazy on the roads of Los Angeles, so consider yourself warned. I am from New York, which is known for its own aggressive drivers, and I still feel this way about LA!

ℹ️ There is almost always traffic. The freeways are constantly intersecting each other (which can be confusing for visitors).

ℹ️ The drivers are, well, a little crazy. They drive very fast, tailgate, and cut each other off without using any turn signals.

ℹ️ If you are driving, you can use HOV/Carpool lanes if you have 2 or 3 (or more) people in your car.

ℹ️ Just cross into and out of these lanes when the double yellow line breaks. You can recognize these lanes by the diamond painted on them, and they can save you time in traffic.

ℹ️ If you are in the carpool lane and you are coming to a toll, make sure the lane isn’t only for Fastrack holders (a transponder for quick payment that some locals have). You may need to move over a lane to pay cash.

ℹ️ Parking is expensive and hard to come by in Los Angeles. There is metered parking on the streets, but be aware of the signs that state hours and days when it’s ok to park there. You can use many private lots, and depending on the area and any events, it could cost $8-$25.

ℹ️ Valet parking is an option, too, which is pricey but not always much more than the lots – and you don’t have to drive around searching for space.

ℹ️ That being said, it is easiest and most convenient to drive in LA because of how large and spread out everything is.


If you prefer to use public transportation, you can. The metro lines go to most major areas where your itinerary destinations will be located (e.g., the Red Line will take you downtown from Hollywood pretty quickly). 

And the bus is a good option as well, just plan for the extra travel time. Find more tips on how to use public transportation in LA. If you want to use hop-on and hop-off buses, check out the prices here.

More Travel Tips For Your LA Itinerary

ℹ️ Smoking is not allowed in most indoor places, especially ones with food. California has some of the strictest anti-smoking laws in the country, so be aware before you light up. BTW, it is also illegal here to smoke in the car if there is a minor – child under 18 – in there, too.

ℹ️ It can be easy to get lost in LA, not just because of the size, but because the street names can change abruptly and then change back later down the road. When navigating, it’s a good idea to use GPS or a map app to keep you going in the right direction.

ℹ️ Pick-pocketing isn’t uncommon in a place with this many tourists, so be careful in crowds and even while stopping to watch street performers, like at Venice Beach. This is an easy place to make a grab, so keep your belongings in front of you and hold them firmly.

ℹ️ There are some bad areas in Los Angeles, but most of the places you will visit will not be among them. There are parts of downtown that are a little run-down, and you will surely notice the homeless people that live on the side streets of the city, but for the most part, it is as safe as any other US city you visit. But to name names, you should probably avoid Compton, Inglewood, South Central, and Central City East (aka Skid Row).

3-day LA itinerary, Arzo Travels


Day 1 will be busy – you might not be able to visit all the places mentioned here. Since we all have different tastes, feel free to skip those activities you are not interested in. You might be able to visit 3 or 4 places mentioned here.

Los Angeles is a must-see place for any California itinerary – so let’s start.


It’s day 1, and we are going to start with beautiful and artsy Venice Beach. There are some parking spaces within walking distance (the cost is about $3-$10), or you can look around on the side streets near the beach for a spot.

  • Venice Beach
  • Watts Towers Art Center
  • LA Fashion District
  • Chinatown
  • Echo Park Lake
  • Griffith Observatory

Venice Beach

You’ve probably seen Venice Beach depicted in numerous TV shows and movies. It’s usually very quirky with sidewalk shops, surfers, and bodybuilders. Venice is very eclectic and fun, and people are laid back.

Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach one of the most beautiful places to see in LA

✔️ You can do some souvenir shopping when the stands open for the day or grab a bite to eat at a food stall.

✔️ Head to the beach to enjoy the early sunrise and see the surfers catching the waves.

✔️ Wander over to the outdoor gyms, where the very fit like to show off their muscles.

✔️ And do not miss the Venice Beach Canals, which are historic landmarks. Reminiscent of the canals in Italy, but with a California vibe, strolling these lovely canals will be a highlight of your trip.

✔️ If you want to try out surfing, you can book a group session, which you can check out here.


You could spend hours wandering the Venice Beach boardwalk, but I would advise only spending 2-3 hours there and continuing your journey.

Our next stop is about 30 minutes away by car (1.5 hours by train).

Watts Towers Art Center

Watt Towers Art Center is located just south of the city’s center, near the artist’s original home, Simon Rodia.

Watts Towers in the USA

It is not an art exhibit like many others, but rather a collection of sculptures and other art pieces that you can tour. The art center comprises 17 interconnected sculptural towers, individual sculptures and mosaics, and different architectural structures. The entire thing is awe-inspiring and a great stop for visitors who like architecture, art, and sculpture in particular. That said, you can skip it if you are not into art.


You will probably only spend about an hour here, so then let’s head to our next stop.

It is about a 20-minute drive due north. 

LA Fashion District

Whether you like shopping or not, it would be a shame to miss this fashion hub. This area is chock full of warehouses and shops where you can get clothing, accessories, and fabric – it’s actually the fashion hotspot for the US’s entire west coast. Check out the stores in Santee Alley.

This area is also the place to go if you are looking for decent knock-offs of your favorite designers at a fraction of the price.


This stop should just take 1-3 hours (depending on how much shopping you do).

It takes about 10 minutes to drive to the next destination. If you like walking, you could reach it in about an hour by taking San Pedro Street north.


Chinatown is a very popular destination for those visiting Los Angeles. So, stop by this area that houses many temples, eateries, and shops. Pagoda-style buildings are everywhere when you enter this part of the city, and it is a great place to grab a meal. If you like dim sum or Asian fusion, this is where you want to go.

You can also do some shopping, have tea, or just explore the various side streets while you’re here. Take pictures with the pretty red Chinese lanterns that are hung everywhere. 


After an hour or two, you can head over to the next destination.

It’s only a couple of minutes by car.

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake is a beautiful place to stop and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Located in the center of the city, it is a secret gem that doesn’t get as much traffic or attention as nearby Silver Lake, so add it to your Los Angeles itinerary.

Los Angeles - Echo Park a must-see in LA

✔️ Take a walk around the lake, which is roughly one mile.

✔️ You can’t swim here, but the clear blue water makes a nice backdrop to sit and soak in the sun.

✔️ If you really want to get out on the water, then rent a swan paddle boat for a great activity and a different perspective on the city (lots of fun for couples). Check out prices for a swan paddle boat here.

✔️ There are vendors to get a snack.


This stop can last from 1-3 hours. Then it is time to head to the last attraction on day 1 in LA.

It is about a 15-minute ride away. The Red Line metro also goes this way but takes about 30-40 minutes.

Griffith Observatory

For our last stop of the day, check out Griffith Observatory. It is open until 10 pm, and you can see the beauty of Los Angeles all lit up from this vantage point.

Griffith Park in 3 days in LA

The observatory sits on Mount Hollywood’s slope and gives you some of the best views of downtown, Hollywood, the Los Angeles Basin, and the Pacific Ocean – and it is completely free to enjoy. There is also a planetarium inside, and for a small fee, you can enjoy one of their programs. Find out more about the planetarium here.

✔️ If you prefer a guided tour, check out the prices here.

✔️ Alternatively, you can check out this guided hike to Griffith Observatory.

And that’s the end of day 1 in Los Angeles.


It’s Day 2 in LA, and we are going to start our morning at the pretty Shakespeare Bridge.

  • Shakespeare Bridge
  • Hollywood Sign Trail
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Mulholland Scenic Overlook
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Santa Monica Pier

Shakespeare Bridge

The Shakespeare Bridge is located in Franklin Hills, just north of the city center. It was built in 1926 with Gothic architecture. It’s a pretty little bridge that looks great in the early morning light – you may want to wake up early and take a few pictures. 

The bridge is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument and was named – you guessed it – after famous playwright William Shakespeare.


This is just a short stop, but worth making an effort since it is a landmark in the city and is really cute.

The next stop is an iconic sign you have probably seen a million times, just not this close. The drive is about 10-15 minutes.

Hollywood Sign Trail

Hiking up to the Hollywood sign is a must for any Los Angeles itinerary for 3 days.

Hollywood, California a must-do in 3 days

There are several trails, some longer than others, some easier or harder.

Depending on your skill level, I would probably choose the Brush Canyon Trail (moderate) or maybe the Mt. Hollywood Trail (easy). 

These hiking trails bring you right up to the sign and a little above and behind it. You can look straight out over the entire city, and it is absolutely breathtaking. It’s an amazing perspective and worth the time and energy to get up here.

Once you’re done, let’s head to another favorite destination and maybe grab something to eat (hiking is hard work!).

✔️ Wear boots or sneakers because snakes live up here. And bring plenty of water, especially in the summer. 

✔️ If you enjoy hiking in a group, check out this guided tour.


Most hikes will take about 2-3 hours roundtrip, so keep that in mind.

So, if you want to do longer hikes or plan longer breaks to enjoy the views, do not put too much on your Los Angeles itinerary for that day.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dating back to 1960, stars with actors and other celebrities’ names have been emblazoned on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street’s sidewalks.

Walk of Fame at sunset on Hollywood Boulevard where to go in 3 days

There are over 2600 stars today on Hollywood Boulevard, so if you want to find your favorite star, visit their website to find its exact location.

✔️ Wander the street, seeing what stars you find along the way – it surely is one of the best things to do in Los Angeles in 3 days.

✔️ You will also see the famous TCL Chinese Theater (which has regular movie showtimes) in this area.

✔️ You will also find tours that will take you around Hollywood, even to see celebrities’ homes. If you love all things Hollywood, this is the place to be.

✔️ Grab some lunch at one of the cafes in the area, or do a little shopping at the quirky vintage shops.


This should take you 1-3 hours.

The next stop is a 15-minute drive north.

Mulholland Scenic Overlook

Then you’ll find yourself at Mulholland Drive Overlook. This is a great place to get views of the city and its surrounding area.

Los Angeles itinerary for 3 days

The street name may sound familiar as it’s been the setting of more than a few movies, including one named Mulholland Drive. Head up here to enjoy more Los Angeles scenery and a less crowded area of the city before we do a little (window) shopping.


You can bring some snacks and rest here for an hour or two.

Drive 15 minutes south to the heart of Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive – pronounced Roh-DAY-oh Drive, in Beverly Hills is one of the most famous streets in the world.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. California, USA one of the top things to do in LA in 3 days

Like New York’s 5th Avenue, it’s comprised of some of the most exclusive boutiques, hotels, and restaurants around. It’s actually the connection of three streets, known as the Golden Triangle – however, in this case, the name is synonymous with high class.

Depending on your budget, you may or may not want to buy anything here, but it’s still fun to explore this luxurious area where wealthy Los Angelenos shop and relax. Even if you aren’t into luxury, I think it is one of the must-see places.


When you’ve had your fill of haute couture – maybe for an hour or two – let’s head to our last stop of the day. 

Santa Monica Pier is about 30 minutes away by car, but it is worth the drive.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is a coastal city west of downtown Los Angeles – known for several things.

Santa Monica pier at Sunset one of the best places to visit in LA in 3 days

Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, you will find shops, eateries, bars, and a Ferris wheel that will give you some great views, especially as the sun sets. Spend the rest of your evening wandering the pier, having dinner or drinks, and getting your feet wet in the surf (unless it’s winter, in which case the water will feel really cold!).

✔️ If you want to check out Hollywood stars’ houses, you can do a tour from Santa Monica.

This is a great way to cap off the night of Day 2 on this itinerary.


Day 3 in LA offers two options. There are a few more sights in LA to see if you would like to continue exploring Los Angeles. Another option is to spend the day at one of the popular theme parks in the area.

So, if you decide to go with the sights, here are my suggestions:

  • White Point Park
  • The Getty
  • Orchard Hills Shopping Center
  • Huntington Beach

White Point Park

Start with this great beach park for the morning of Day 3 – White Point Park. Known among locals for all the sea creatures you can see here, this is especially great for families. The beach area also has a children’s playground and picnic tables. So, take your breakfast to go and head here for a beach sunrise.


Relaxing at the beach can take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours, depending on how much fun you’re having.

Then, head to The Getty Center – the ride takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

The Getty

The Getty Center is actually a campus set up by the Getty Trust that includes a free museum, beautiful gardens, and interesting architecture.

The Central Garden at the Getty Center in a 3-day itinerary LA

You also get really nice views of LA if you haven’t gotten enough of those yet. But seriously, this center is great for art lovers or really anyone. The gardens are nice to stroll through, and there is plenty of space, so couples, families, and solo travelers should be able to enjoy what it has to offer. The villa is done in the Roman style, and the art in the museum is of Greek and Roman origin for the most part.


This stop takes about 2-3 hours. 

Then you can visit a popular shopping center which is about an hour heading south along the coast.

Orchard Hills Shopping Center

For the second half of Day 3, I would suggest going to the Orchard Hills Shopping Center. This would be the last stop of the day because there is a lot to do here. It’s a favorite among locals and located in Irvine, so a bit of a trek from The Getty. Here you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants, and other services. You can get a spa treatment, buy some souvenirs, and have a glass of California wine while enjoying dinner – all in one place.


You can spend here almost a full day – but after 2-3 hours here, you might want to move on.

If you find you still have time for one more stop, then head to the beach – it is just a 30-minute drive.

Huntington Beach

How about spending your last evening at the coast? If this sounds good, head to scenic Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach, California add to LA itinerary

California is famous for its beautiful beaches, and this one is a nice sandy beach to lay out a towel or enjoy some water sports. Or just sit back and watch the sunset. Depending on how much time you have, you can decide the best way to close out Day 3 of your Los Angeles trip here at the beach.



Here are some day trip ideas that are great alternatives if you rather spend time outside of LA.


This is “the happiest place on Earth,” or at least on the US’s West Coast. Disneyland is an iconic landmark and a favorite among pretty much everyone, not just little kids.

Tickets go for about $97-$135, depending on how busy it is, and it’s located outside of LA, in neighboring Anaheim. If you plan to visit Disneyland, plan a full day – it is not a place to rush through.

Universal Studios

Half movie studio, half theme park – Universal Studios is a great destination for adults and families with older children.

Universal Studios in Hollywood a must see in 3 days in LA

Tickets cost about $115 per person, so get here early to make the most of your money. It’s located within both Universal City and Los Angeles County. Check out ticket prices here.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Located in Buena Park, this is a more moderately-priced theme park at $67 per ticket. But it’s still a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and adults, too. You’ll find exciting and thrilling rollercoasters, rides, and eateries here. 


A 3-day itinerary in Los Angeles can be an exciting and diverse experience. From exploring iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Universal Studios Hollywood to soaking up the sun on Santa Monica Beach, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Indulge in the city’s diverse culinary scene and immerse themselves in the cultural richness of neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little Tokyo. With careful planning and a sense of adventure, a 3-day trip to Los Angeles can be a memorable and fulfilling experience.

I hope this 3-day Los Angeles itinerary has shown you all the best things to do. While it’s hard to see everything in such a sprawling metropolis, 3 days in Los Angeles should be enough to see the highlights – both the famous and the local favorites.

About the Author:

This post was written by Rebecca, who runs her own blog at The Journey at Home – where she writes about her life as a mother of 5 with everything that comes along with it. She lived in New York for a long time before she moved to Las Vegas. She also works as a freelancer for Arzo Travels.

Safe Travels, Arzo

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