Best Places to Stay in Lake Como – Hotels and Places for all Budgets


Planning a trip to Lake Como and wondering about where to stay in Lake Como? Well, picking the perfect accommodation (and area) can be overwhelming – so, this post helps you to pick the best places to stay in Lake Como.

Lake Como, located in Northern Italy (Lombardy) and close to the Swiss border, is a popular travel destination and a nice place to visit almost any time of year.

Its location makes it easy to do day trips to Milan, Switzerland, Austria, or even Germany, but, of course, there is a lot to see and do in the region itself, too. While Como’s town is nice, you should consider staying in one of the other towns and villages in Lake Como, as they might be a better option.

Lake Como surely is not the most budget-friendly place to stay – regardless of where you stay in Lake Como, accommodation is quite expensive if you stay directly at the shores of Lake Como. However, there are towns and villages to stay in and around Lake Como that are a bit more affordable than others.

So, this post should help you find the best area and a perfect place for your Lake Como trip.

Also, if you have to watch your budget closely, you might want to plan the time of your trip carefully. The summer months – especially July and August – are costly (and it gets hot as crazy). So, you might want to visit in the shoulder months like spring or fall.

Though Lake Como is not as crowded as Lake Garda – another lake area in Northern Italy – it is also nice to visit Lake Como when there are fewer people around – and hotel prices drop.

So, enough talking, here are the best towns to stay in Lake Como.



Find out where to stay in Lake Como – the best towns and hotels for all budgets.

Where to stay in Lake Como


Como is the biggest and probably most famous city in the region, and it’s located on the southwest shore of the lake and one of the best places to stay in Lake Como.

It has a lovely, old medieval town, so stroll Piazza Vittoria, see the Basilica of San Fedele, and visit the Como Cathedral.

You can visit the uphill village of Brunate (my personal top tip here). Get up to Brunate by cable car and enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Como.

Best places to stay in Lake Como
 Of course, there is the lovely water promenade, which is perfect for a nice stroll. If you stay in Como for only a short time but would like to see more of the cute villages, you can do a boat tour to get an impression of the towns and villages on the lake’s shores.

Though there are several restaurants on the promenade, at times, it can be really quiet, and in my opinion, Como is overpriced (as someone who spends a lot of time in pricey Switzerland, this says something).

While accommodation in Como is quite expensive, you do not find the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Where to Stay in Como

One of Como’s most luxurious hotels is this 4-star property: Click here to find the best rates for Villa Flori.

If you decide to stay in Como, then why not check out one affordable but very well-rated B&B like the Fontana Rooms or La Rondine, where you get good value for money.


Bellagio is another town on Lake Como’s shores, and if you ask me, it is lovelier, nicer, and prettier. It is smaller but one of the very best places to stay in Lake Como.

Best neighborhoods in Lake Como
 It is located halfway between the two southernmost branches of the lake.

The cobblestone staircase has made it onto many Instagram pictures, and the colorful houses and little alleys are extremely picturesque. Strolling the village gives you a nice Italian feeling.

If you would like to see Bellagio from above, head to the mountains – the views from there are fantastic.

You can also visit Villa Serbolloni and its fantastic garden, though it is only open to hotel guests.

However, the Villa Melzi gardens are a place to visit and stroll, admiring the villa built at the beginning of the 19th century.

You have the option to stay close to the water promenade or book a room and get more value for your money.

Where to Stay in Bellagio

One of the most luxurious hotels in the area is this 5-star property: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – click here to get the best rates for your stay at Hotel Grand Villa Serbelloni.

For a more budget-friendly accommodation in Bellagio, check out Il Perlo Panorama in Bellagio – the 2-star hotel is simple but comes with fantastic views. Click here to get the best rates for Il Perlo Panorama.


A bit cheaper than the above-mentioned areas, but no less charming and pretty, is Varenna. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Como – this village is pretty picturesque and still very traditional and a top place to stay in Lake Como.

Where to stay in Varenna Lake Como

Visit the Piazza San Giorgio, the town center, and the Church of San Giorgio.

Head to Villa Monastero, which used to be a monastery and is now an international conference center and a magnet for tourists who enjoy the botanical garden and an amazing view of Lake Como.

Another place to visit in Varenna is Villa Cypress, which is also a hotel. So, if you stay there overnight, you can enjoy the place extensively; but even as a non-guest, you can visit.

Varenna is also a great place to stay if you plan to go hiking and enjoy more outdoor sports.

Where to Stay in Varenna

As mentioned above, the Villa Cypress is a luxurious hotel that comes with a lot of perks. Click here to find out the best rates.

This B&B is not the cheapest option but a good choice if you appreciate great views. Find the best rates for Villa Varenna here.

If you prefer an Airbnb apartment, you can check out rooms in the region – if you are a first-time user, you can even save money with this link.


Tremezzina, located close to Bellagio, is another good area to stay in Lake Como. It was formed in 2014 from the communes of Lenno, Mezzegra, Ossuccio, and Tremezzo.

Lake Como TREMEZZINA best areas to stay

One of the best hotels in the area, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, and a filming location for Star Wars.

Speaking of movies: You can also visit Villa del Balbianello, where some parts of the James Bond movie, “Casino Royale,” were filmed.

Make sure to visit Villa Carlotta as well. It is one of the most prominent villas on Lake Como and is now a museum with a large botanical garden.

Where to Stay in Tremezzo

If you are looking for a beautiful luxury hotel, you will most likely find it here in Tremezzina – you´ll have the option to choose between several 5-star hotels close by, while the Grand Hotel Tremezzo probably is the most outstanding. Click here to find out more about this gorgeous property and get the best rates.

A beautiful 4-star property is the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, a stone throw from Tramezzo (find the best rates here).

Click here to find out about this lovely 3-star hotel in Tremezzo.


Lake Como is not my most favorite place in Italy, but it is surely a must-see. There are so many beautiful places and towns to visit, and thus it might not be easy to find the best places to stay in Lake Como. A trip often depends on where you stay – the area and the hotel can make your trip!

Have you found the best places to stay in Lake Como? Hopefully, this post has helped you find the perfect hotel and the best area to stay in Lake Como! For more Italy travel tips, click here.

Safe Travels, Arzo

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