Where to Stay in Helsinki – Best Places and Best Hotels

If you plan to visit Finland´s capital and are wondering about “where to stay in Helsinki,” the answer is quite simple: If you visit Helsinki, stay in the city center and close to the harbor. BUT there are some exceptions and before it gets too complicated, there are a few alternatives that I have listed for you, but most of the sights and tourist attractions are actually in the center, so it makes the most sense to stay there.

Why visit Helsinki?

Compared to other Scandinavian destinations, accommodations are quite affordable. Helsinki´s proximity to other cool destinations, like Tallinn, Espoo, and Porvoo, make it a good base from which to travel around.

But, of course, there are also enough interesting places in Helsinki itself to visit, so booking an accommodation here does not mean that it is only a gateway to other destinations.

Some of my favorite attractions include: Soumelina Fortress (I absolutely love this island, which served as a fortress and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be visited by tourists), The Helsinki Cathedral, the Uspensky Cathedral, the Senate Square, and the Market Square next to the harbor.

Admittedly, the number of sights, as you might know from other cities, is a bit limited, but you´ll also find cool restaurants and cafes, nightclubs, saunas, and shops.

Most of these, and other interesting places for visitors, are located in the center of the city, so it is a good idea to book your hotel there.

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However, as is the rule (almost always), you´ll find cheaper places to stay in Helsinki if you stay a bit farther from the city.

Since the city is quite small, it is easy to get around, and it does not take long to get from one place to another.

This is why I have also added a few hotels that are not directly in the heart of Helsinki.

Helsinki skyline

What to Pack for Helsinki

As one of the most nordic cities, it is not – surprise, surprise – as warm and sunny as other European destinations, so make sure to pack accordingly. 

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Luxury Hotels in Helsinki

Hotel Kämp

Hotel Kämp is the most luxurious hotel in the city. Located close to the central station, the Presidential Palace, and a few other sights, this place is great for those who enjoy beginning and ending their day in opulence.

Of course, this hotel has a gym, a sauna (which you will also find throughout Finland), restaurants, and spa services.

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Hilton Helsinki

Hilton Helsinki is not directly located in the city center, but you can reach it within 15 minutes (it’s a 6 km drive). You´ll find other tourist attractions close by, like the Sibelius Park.

This hotel has all the amenities and facilities you´ll need – including a pool, gym, business center, and restaurant.

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Mid-Range Hotels in Helsinki

Scandic Passi

This lovely four-star hotel is close to the main Helsinki sights, and its modern design has been influenced by the people who shaped the area.

Whether your want to hit the gym, the library (yes, you read that right), or have a drink at the hotel bar (in summer, the terrace is also open), there are worse ways to end your day than in this hotel.

As a bonus, you can also rent a bike from the hotel and discover the city while riding.

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Hellsten Helsinki Parliament

At Hellsten Helsinki Parliament, you can book an apartment (great for long-term travelers, but also good for a short stay) and prepare your own meals in the kitchen, while still enjoying the benefits of a hotel (including a 24/7 reception desk). 

It is a good choice for those who enjoy being in close proximity to the city center – its name says it all! The Parliament is just a stone’s throw away, and so are other points of interest.

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Budget Hotels in Helsinki


Eurohostel is not directly in the city center, but rather on Katajanokka.

It is close to the ferry terminal, which makes it perfect if you are also planning a trip to Tallinn, etc. 

Room prices start at 19€ for a triple room, which comes with shared showers and bathrooms.

The reception is open 24/7, the restaurants serve breakfast, snacks, and food until 11pm, but you can use the self-service kitchen as well. For backpackers and budget travelers, the Eurohostel might be a good choice.

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Hostel Soumenlinna

If you ask me about my favorite place in Helsinki, my answer is easy: Soumenlinna and so Hostel Soumenlinna

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Must see Place in Helsinki

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

This beautiful, lush island has become one of the most visited places in Helsinki, so it is no surprise that I would love staying here. I recommend this hostel to anyone who is on a budget, a backpacker, or who wants to spend more time on the island.

Suomenlinna is an island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get there, hop on a boat at Helsinki Harbor and you´ll arrive after a 15-minute ride.

The hostel itself has 39 beds in 8 rooms (you can get a private room as well), a small kitchen, and a lounge area.

You get complimentary coffee and tea and even free Wi-Fi on the island.

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Rastila Camping Helsinki

This camping site is located a bit farther out and is great for those who like to spend more time in nature.

Within 20 minutes, you are in the center of Helsinki, so you are not out in the middle of nowhere.

Choose between a cabin, a cottage, a caravan, or a tent pitch. You are provided with all the necessities at the cottages and cabins, so it does not feel like you’re roughing it.

Though it is not close to the hotspots, it is a great choice if you are on a budget – especially if you have a few people with you.

It also comes with a few extras, including five saunas (for a charge), free Wi-Fi (I know, it does not sound fancy, but after all, this is a camping site), a lounge with TV, and a children´s playground.

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I hope, this post has helped you to find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Helsinki. Safe travels and a wonderful time!

Safe Travels, Arzo