Things to do in Murten, Switzerland in 2023


Looking for something stunningly gorgeous? Look no further than Murten! This medieval town perches atop Lake Murten and is one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland.  I have seen my seen fair share of gorgeous towns in Switzerland and yet, Murten stood out.

This post has some fun tips on what to do while visiting Murten – even though there aren’t too many attractions or sights up close. Still worth a trip though if only just to bask in its enchanting beauty! Oh, plus it’s got travel tips too 😉

Wall of Murten
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Here are some quick travel tips for your trip.
Murten is located in the west of Switzerland – on the language border between French and German, in the canton of Fribourg. This is also why it is known as Morat in French – while Murten is the German name. However, German is the main language (76%) and so I will keep calling it Murten.

Murten is easily accessible via car or train. It takes only about 30 minutes by train or car to get there from Bern and less than 2 hours from Zurich or Lucerne. Thus, it is also a perfect day trip from any one of these cities.

From the Murten train station, it is a five-minute walk to the old town. To see the main sights you will need comfy shoes. Medieval towns often come with cobbled-stoned streets  – and so does Murten. With the right shoes, you can explore the town on foot. The town center is small and even if you walk along the shores of Lake Murten you will not need a bus/car.

To see the places/activities mentioned here, you will need about half a day – if you do a boat cruise (especially the 3-lake cruise) you should plan for a full day in Murten.


If you get around via public transportation, you should check out the Swiss Travel Pass. I visit Switzerland often, and most of the time I get one – even if it’s a road trip. It is for sale for non-Swiss residents and allows you to use trains and buses without any extra costs.

You can also cruise Lake Murten without any extra costs (boat cruises on most other lakes in Switzerland are also included). There are also more perks that come with the Swiss Travel Pass – the initial prices for a Swiss Travel Pass are quite high but it pays for itself if you get around via public transportation and are active in Switzerland for more than three or four days. So, check out prices for boats and trains and then calculate if it is a good option for you.

For me, it usually makes sense as I am very active and use public transportation/mountain rides often (even if I road trip Switzerland).  I also love boat rides – which means many, many boat cruises for me whenever I have a Swiss Travel Pass.

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If you want to stay overnight in Murten (though I have never done so, I hope to do so myself soon) you might want to check out the following accommodations in Murten.

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Okay, let´s start with what to do in Murten.

Rampart Walls

The very best thing to do in Murten is to walk the town’s rampart walls.  
Did you know that the charming rampart walls of Murten town were crafted through various stages using an exciting mix of materials like gravel, tuff, and sandstone? Interestingly, the bottom 15 layers of stone take us way back to before the town was even built – right to the 12th century!
Did you know that King Conrad IV actually asked his citizens to build a wall around their city? What’s more, he sweetened the deal by offering everyone a 4-year tax break! Pretty cool, huh?

Murten Tower views

Murten views when walking wall
Murten city walls
Imagine witnessing breathtaking views of Lake Murten and the charming old town, just by climbing a few easy steps! Trust me, the spectacular scenery waiting for you at the top is definitely worth the little effort.
  • Free to visit
  • Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Closed during the carnival season (3 days in March/April) and during Youth Festival “Solennität“ in June

Murten Castle + Tower / Schloss Murten / Château de Morat

Guess what? Murten has a hidden gem – a captivating castle with roots in the 13th century! This fascinating fortress was given a fresh look in the 18th century, and it hosted chic Bernese and Fribourg bigwigs who knew a lakeside address was the ultimate in living the dream. Make sure to drop by this must-see piece of history!
Step into a world filled with enchanting history as you exit the train station and head straight to the Canton of Fribourg’s Prefecture at Lake District! This magical location has donned many hats, serving as a hospital, prison, and even barracks.

Murten Castle and tower
Be prepared to be whisked away on an unforgettable historical adventure at this fairytale-like sightseeing gem!
  • Opening hours: The tower castle is open from late June to the end of October, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Old Town

Discover the charming ancient town of Murten, a feast for the eyes with its picturesque, vibrant architecture reminiscent of the city of Biel. The delightful flower pots adorning the buildings add the perfect finishing touch to this enchanting locale!

Founded in the 1200s by some noble Dukes and full of picture-perfect venues like Hauptgasse / Grand Rue and arcades? What more could you ask for?! Plus cute cafes, and boutique shops around every corner…it’s worth a visit if ever there was one!

Murten in one day
Pretty houses in Murten in Switzerland
Buildings in Hauptgasse in Murten
Murten old town and Hauptgasse, main street
Murten fountain and building

As you stroll through the charming town, keep an eye out for the beautiful fountains adorning the streets. Not only do they add an artistic touch, but they’re also perfect for replenishing your water bottles with crisp, fresh water.

Fountains and flower pots in Murten
Historic buildings in Murten
Murten houses

Murten is soo pretty, that even the police station is entering the competition, and – isn’t this police station (Polizeiposten) quite a sight to behold?

Police station in Murten

Town Hall Murten, Rathaus

You won’t want to miss the stunning Rathaus, a magnificent town hall with a fascinating history! Ravaged by fire in the 15th century, this beauty has been lovingly revamped with exquisite baroque adornments.

Today, it’s a lively event spot where traditional German charm still thrives, delightfully free from the distractions of bright neon signs.

Bern Gate / Berntor

Head on over to the Berntor, a centuries-old attraction with quite a colorful history! After its first mention in 13th-century records and complete destruction by 15th-century wars, it was rebuilt several times until Niklaus Hebler’s 18th design we know today.

Berntor in Murten
In fact, if you’ve been to Bern before then you’ll instantly recognize this structure as none other than that city’s iconic Zytglogge Tower – the same architect after all! And don’t forget about the clock perched high atop what is otherwise known as The Bern Gate – still ticking though 200-year-old gears courtesy of three ancient cannonballs from Murten desperately trying their best to keep up every 24 hours through some good old fashioned hand-cranking action.
Hauptgasse in Murten

Lake Murten / Murtensee / Lac de Morat

Looking for a picturesque lake to explore? Murten has your back! Located on the southeastern shores of Lake Murten (also known as Murtensee in German or Lac de Morat in French), this little slice of paradise offers stunning views, perfect for any avid lake chaser.

You may not find it quite as grandiose as Lac Geneva or with an alluring color like Lake Brienz – but that only makes its charm even more special and worth seeing. Get ready to be amazed by Switzerland’s many incredible lakes… starting with Lake Murten!

Lake Murten

Lake Murten is the perfect summertime spot for anyone who loves to take a dip in some sun-warmed waters. Why not hop on one of their boat cruises and explore? You can get up close and personal with Lake Murten itself or venture through the Broye canal all the way to Neuchatel – just under two hours away!

Swiss Travel Pass holders even enjoy free boat cruises, so don’t forget your pass when you go adventuring around this picturesque lake. But if exploring’s not your thing then fear not: simply grab a seat at the lakeside or find yourself an idyllic meadow next door where you can relax and marvel at mother nature’s stunning creation!

Murten Museum

Take a journey through time at the historic Murten Museum! From ancient artifacts and art to rotating exhibitions, you’ll get an incredible glimpse into 6,000 years of history in Fribourg. Get ready for some serious exploration when you step inside this former mill outside of old-town walls – discover something new around every corner!

Museum Murten free with Swiss Travel Pass

  • Free with your Swiss Travel Pass
  • Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm, Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm

Churches in Murten

Murten is home to some pretty churches, so don’t miss out! While they’re not the main attractions of Murten, it’s worth checking them out since you’ll most likely stumble upon one just by walking around in the old town.

Start off with a trip down memory lane and take a look at German Church – this bad boy has been standing for centuries; records as far back as the 14th century show that there was already an existing chapel here which later got rebuilt in 18th-century Baroque style.

And, if Gothic-style architecture turns your crank then French Church should be up on top of your list too – built during the 15th Century replacing an earlier chapel dedicated to St Catherine… 

German church in Murten

French Church in Murten


So, if you need a change of scenery and wanna get away from the hustle and bustle for some wholesome outdoor activities – Murten is DEFINITELY your go-to destination. It’s not just pretty – it is super mega pretty and it has all sorts of fun things to do!

All that plus breathtaking mountains close by?  You’ve got yourself an unforgettable experience right there! Pack your bags because this place is worth checking out!

Check out some of my favorite mountain peaks in Switzerland here.


Safe Travels, Arzo

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