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Are you thinking about traveling to Jordan as a solo female traveler? Well, some might think it is scary to go to Jordan alone but believe me, there is nothing scary about it. Jordan is amazing – even or especially as a solo female traveler.

And if you are wondering about “solo female travel in Jordan” this post can help you plan your trip – find out about the best things to do, the main things to keep in mind when traveling to Jordan alone, and more tips.

Things to do in Jordan alone, solo travel tips

I believe that women should travel (solo) and also visit countries different from their own country. Yes, Jordan is a conservative, Muslim country, and this alone might scare some people away, especially solo female travelers. But I personally think that Jordan is a great country to travel to by yourself.

In general, I love a lot of places in the Middle East as a solo female traveler because, despite the perception we have, I feel safe in most of these countries

No, I do not recommend visiting all countries in the Middle East alone but Jordan, in particular, is great!

Petra, Treasury_

Solo Female Travel Tips for Jordan

If you are wondering about security & safety, what to wear as a solo female, things to know, and dos and don’ts, here are my tips

Is Jordan Safe for Solo Travelers?

Jordan is a safe country – it is actually one of the safest in the Middle East.

  • This region is problematic, but Jordan doesn’t face any war in the near future (not that I am aware of).
  • Crime toward tourists is quite low. 
  • Of course, there are some tourist scams, but much less than in other countries that I have visited. And none of them felt scary or frightening.
  • Just be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are in Amman or more conservative places.
  • Don’t walk out at night in dodgy places.
  • People might look at you more if you travel solo, but I never felt unsafe.

Jordan, Wadi Rum solo travel

Welcome to Jordan!

“Welcome to Jordan!” This is probably the thing you will hear the most when locals realize you are a foreigner. From the airport and hotel staff, from restaurant workers and shop owners – you will often be greeted friendly!

Locals will ask where you are from and then welcome you to Jordan. I found that Jordanians were friendlier but also more reserved, and not as loud or pushy as people in other Arabian countries, especially when you go to the shops, which felt totally pleasant (some exceptions in busy Amman Downtown)

Taxi drivers are known for trying to charge more for shorter rides, but I had some great experiences with the drivers in Jordan. 

However, one thing you might notice – especially if you are a female – is the lack of other women. You will not see many women in the streets – except for Amman. But the ones you do see will smile at you and were in general very friendly.

Children will wave at you as you drive by when they realize that you are a foreigner – this is probably one of the sweetest memories I have from Jordan. The cute and friendly kids. Okay, there were a few boys who threw stones at my car as I passed them, but apart from that, even the children are overly friendly.

What to Wear as a Solo Female Traveler in Jordan

Jordan is quite conservative. Outside of Amman, you will not see many women (if you see any at all) who are not wearing scarves. But you don’t have to wear one, you can wear shorts and tank tops. You don’t have to cover your arms, legs, or head.

At the beach at the Dead Sea, you can wear a bikini, as well as at the hotel pools. But keep in mind that you will stand out, negatively, if you show too much skin, though.

So, dress moderately and be respectful.


In general, I advise wearing comfortable shoes because Jordan is a mountainous country and Amman is hilly. You will likely do a lot of walking. For Amman, dress more for comfort than fashion – you can save your fancier clothes for when you go out.

Bring a scarf with you in case you want to visit a mosque, or in case you wanted to cover up your bare arms in certain situations.

Things not to do in Jordan When Traveling Alone

  • It’s always nice to learn a few words when going to a new place, like “shukraan,” which means “thank you,” and other Arabic words.
  • Familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions.
  • You will be offered tea a lot and people will talk to you. If you do not want that, decline politely.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on the streets.
  • Don’t curse loudly.
  • And if you road trip, don’t drive too fast because there will be a lot of speed bumps!

Where to Stay When You Travel Solo

In Jordan, you can choose from a variety of accommodations – hotels, hostels, Bedouin camps, guesthouses, and more. It is up to you what you prefer – if you want to socialize,  staying at Bedouin camps in Wadi Rum and Dana Nature Reserve or staying in a hostel in Amman might be the best choices.

Overall, I cannot recall a negative experience and I enjoyed staying at each of the different accommodations.

Bedouin camps are amazing because you get to talk/sit more with locals and get to know more about the culture. In the desert, I had a wonderful Arabic night – with traditional music, good food, and tea. What a lovely experience – especially as there were also some other international visitors. Staying in two different Bedouin camps was actually some of my highlights in Jordan.

Dana Nature Reserve at sunset

As a solo female traveler, I had felt a little uncomfortable about staying in the Bedouin camps before I arrived because I wasn’t sure if they would be safe enough. I booked the “fancier”, but still basic, accommodation and, once there, I realized, there was no locker to properly lock my door. You could also more or less see through the window, which made me a little uncomfortable. However, it was fine and after a few moments, I felt safe.

Alternatively, I recommend staying in hostels. Female and male dorms are normally separate and I stayed in a hostel in Amman. There are some in Petra and Wadi Musa, too and if you want to meet people, this is a great place to do it. 


How to Get Around as a Solo Traveler

Whenever possible, I use buses/trains but public transportation is far away from being perfect in Jordan and not ideal if you want to see a lot of places.


  • If you stay in Amman and want to do a few day trips, public transportation is fine.
  • Public transportation is, in general, very cheap. It brings you to many main attractions, but it doesn’t run very often. But you can feel safe when you travel alone using it.


  • If you are by yourself, I would definitely advise getting around by car.  It is the most comfortable and easiest way.
  • Renting a car alone can be expensive but petrol is very cheap in Jordan and thus road-tripping Jordan alone is also possible if you have a tighter budget.


  • If you do not want to drive but do not want to rely on public transportation you could always get a shared taxi. You can ask other people to join you or ask the taxi to pick up other people. 
  • Uber also works in Amman and can help female travelers to get around and feel safer (because the driver´s information is saved).
  • If you are alone in the taxi/Uber, sitting in the back might help you feel safer.

Things to Do in Jordan Alone

I have a more comprehensive post on things to do in Jordan, but if you are wondering about the best things to do alone in Jordan solo, you can pretty much do everything.

I went to Jordan alone and “made some friends” but I was only with them for one or two nights or days, depending on when I met them, and then continued my journey alone. 


In Amman, you can definitely explore the downtown area by yourself. The capital of Jordan is a modern city with numerous ancient ruins which makes it a fun and interesting place to discover. 


It feels quite safe to go out to this crazy place by yourself and explore the ancient sights and busy downtown.

If you are looking to make friends, then Amman is also a good place. There are a lot of international people if you want to connect with them – if you stay in a hostel it will be even easier to meet other people and explore the city with others.

But many locals are also quite chatty – I realized that I talk more to locals when I am by myself. 

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan, the setting for many movies thanks to its spectacular scenery.  Wadi Rum is also a place where you will most likely meet people – if you want to even though it is a desert. 

I met some really cute Dutch girls at a Bedouin Camp who I got along with very well. We had dinner together the first night in the Bedouin camp and spent some time together on the desert safari. This was so much fun. While I enjoy my solo travels, I most likely would not have enjoyed the trip so much if it had been only the tour guide and me.

Most likely, unless you want to have a private tour, you will meet people. It is really difficult to explore Wadi Rum on your own – not impossible, but hard. So you will most likely end up booking a tour but whether you do Wadi Rum by yourself or with others in a group – this is a fun activity not to miss out.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. The lake’s surface is 430 meters below sea level – which makes it the lowest land-based elevation on Earth.

The Dead Sea is another fun place you can do it by yourself. The hotels are full of international visitors but I enjoyed the time by myself and did not feel the need to make friends. 

Mud at the Dead Sea, Jordan
If you prefer some time to relax and chill, then a beach/pool day at the Dead Sea is a good idea.

Only downside: The Dead Sea is about beauty treatments and rubbing mud all over your body (your skin will thank you). So, there was a moment I wished, I had not been alone and someone had helped me with putting mud on my back since that can get tricky. But other than that: another fun solo activity.


Petra is a famous archaeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert. Dating to around 300 B.C. Petra is an amazing place to go by yourself and the main tourist attraction and so people from all over the world flock here. This makes it easy to meet people and I met solo travelers, and I also had chats with the Bedouins, so I never felt alone. 

Treasury view from above
I actually wish I had had time by myself because you can enjoy this magical place even better when you are alone. 


I am an experienced driver but am a chicken sometimes and have avoided driving in Lebanon – but driving in Jordan is quite easy and safe. The roads are often in a good condition and there are not many cars around which makes driving in Jordan quite stress-free (except for Amman). 

Jordan Road Trip
And if you are alone in Jordan, you can also road trip by yourself. It is easy, safe, and secure, so you do not have to worry or have somebody by your side to explore the beauty of the country. Check out my guide on road-tripping Jordan.


Jerash is a city north of Amman and has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. It’s known for the ruins of the walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa just outside the modern city and Jerash is an easy day trip (or half a day trip from Amman).  


Using public transportation alone is not scary at all – the buses are small and you pay the driver once you get onto the bus.  I met a Polish girl there and we shared a taxi ride back to Amman. So, there might be other solo travelers out there.

Just hop on a bus at the Northern Station and enjoy a cheap ride to Jerash – but it is also possible to drive there by car.

Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve is another great place to go to when traveling Jordan solo – you should stay overnight and once at the camp ask about hiking tours. 

Most camps offer hiking tours (ask via email in advance if you are unsure the camp offers some) and you will meet other travelers from around the world.

I met 2 more Dutch girls (apparently, Jordan is full of female Dutch travelers) and we did a guided hike with around 7-8 people.

This is something I would not recommend doing by yourself because (at least on the hike I did) the signage is not very good and it was not clear where we were headed. So, unless you have a good sense of direction or have a compass, I would advise taking a guided tour. 

Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a must – I am by no means overly sporty or adventurous, but that 3-hour trip was fun and one of the best things I did in Jordan. 

Wadi Mujib in Jordan is one of the fun places to go in Jordan

I did not really do it by myself though as I am not the sportiest person out there. And so I have to admit, that I would have sucked in doing the Wadi Mujib hike by myself.  I hired a private hike and he helped me with the hike – helped me paddling, floating, and climbing through the Wadi Mujib Gorge. 

However, I saw other solo travelers doing the hikes by themselves so it might be a fun thing to do alone. Check out opening hours though as it is closed in the winter months.

These are my tips for solo female travelers in Jordan. Just follow these and you should have a fun, safe, and amazing experience in Jordan.

Safe Travels, Arzo


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