Best Places to Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Europe

Every year it comes as a big surprise – New Year´s Eve.

At least this is how I feel. I was always one of the last persons to make my New Year´s Eve plans and then I got quite nervous since I had to make spontaneous plans.

If you like to be better organized and are currently planning your New Year´s Eve this post is for you.

Where to celebrate New Year´s Eve in Europe?

Find out about 10 great European places to celebrate New Year´s Eve – 10 travel bloggers have shared their favorite places to celebrate New Yera´s Eve.


top places to spend new years even in europe

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Prague, Czech Republic

by Viktor from Traveling Lifestyle

Prague celebrates New Years Eveshutterstock_216299497

Prague celebrates New Years Eve shutterstock_216299497

Prague is definitely the place you want to be for New Year’s Eve. Everything is full from the river cruises, bars, clubs, and restaurants.

The atmosphere is incomparable to anything you have ever seen. As midnight fireworks are about to light the sky the travelers and locals gather by the river, Wenceslas Square, and Old Town Square. There is a myriad of entertainment options you can choose from for every type of traveler’s taste.

Have an all-inclusive night in a restaurant full of food, dancing, and drinks. Bar hop around Prague’s best pubs or simply enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Clubs are full of New Year parties and there are the always awesome river cruises you can attend. Restaurants and river cruises usually time their entertainment programmes in a way so you can watch the fireworks and they provide you with Champagne to celebrate with.

You can visit the churches to hear choirs singing on that day and take a stroll around the Christmas market on the Old Town Square. Prague on New Years Eve is absolutely amazing.

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland

by Nicola from FunkyEllas Travel

Edinburgh New Year´s Eve shutterstock_732397669

Edinburgh New Year´s Eve @shutterstock

Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capital, is the place to be for New Year or “Hogmanay’ as we call it.

The city goes all out and the tickets sell like hot cakes.The Christmas markets, fair and rides are still there until after New Year as well which is a bonus. Celebrations begin on the 30th with a torchlight procession through the streets accompanied by pipers and drums.

On the eve itself there is loads on including a “Baby does Disco Hogmanay” for the kids, a candlelit concert held in the stunning St Giles Cathedral and a concert in the gardens which is always has a fantastic headline act.

This year it’s Rag’n’Bone Man. There is a massive Street Party if your aim is to drink yourself into the New Year and a slightly more dignified Ceilidh under the Castle for those who fancy something more traditionally Scottish.

At midnight the clock chimes and a huge fireworks display lights up the sky over Edinburgh Castle.

The celebrations culminate in a “Loony Dook’ in the freezing cold Firth of Forth on New Years Day, where crazy participants dress up and run into the water. It certainly helps clear the head!

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Ischgl, Austria

by Tom from Travel Tom Tom

For a unique way to celebrate New Year´s Eve you gotta head into the Austrian Alps and join the skiing crowd.

All day long there will be pre-parties on the slopes and when it is time to ski back to the base you will mingle with the crowd in one of the many après ski bars waiting for the day to come to an end. When it is countdown time there will be fireworks from a couple places around town and a big fire show at the Pardatschgratbahn.

Ischgl is one of the most popular (après) ski resorts in Europe and a place that attracts young people, international DJs and a crowd that knows how to party.

With its more than 200 kilometers of groomed track you won’t get bored here and with its unique location, it is possible to cross the border into Switzerland on your skis.

On the first day of the new year there are several parties on the slopes and when it is a beautiful day find yourself a bean bag, get some drinks and chill in the sun listening to funky tunes from worlds best DJs while dealing with your hangover!

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Sofia, Bulgaria

by Hayley and Scott from International Hotdish

Sofia New Years Ece - A Great place to celebrate NYE

Sofia New Years Ece – A Great place to celebrate NYE @International Hotdish

New Years in Sofia is truly a night to remember.

During the day you can visit all kinds of shops in the city center, get coffee at any of the numerous cafes, and take some great photos while exploring the city on one of the free city tours.

The area is easy to walk and meet up with friends.

Rumor even has it public transportation is free all night.  Or you can wait for the evening’s fireworks by skiing and snowshoeing and in the nearby hills. Amazing views from up there, by the way.

Stop by the Batenberg Square for live music and entertainment.

Later they’ll shoot off loads of fireworks, but really the whole town celebrates by shooting off their own fireworks.

A word to the wise. Locals often stock up on fireworks and shoot them out their windows or roof at midnight.

Because of this, it can be dangerous to roam the streets in certain places, lest fireworks explode too close to you. Be cautious and keep a lookout for rogue fireworks.

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Tallinn, Estonia

by Mindi from 2 Food Trippers

Tallinn New Year´s Eve Credit @Igor shutterstock_123236599

Tallinn New Year´s Eve,  Credit @Igor /

Tallinn is festive all year but especially during the holiday season when Estonia’s capital city sparkles for crowds who come to shop at one of Europe’s best Christmas markets.

Most visitors just stay for a day, but the smart visitors linger for the city’s New Year celebration.

On New Year’s Eve, Tallinn’s historic Old Town fills with revelers who celebrate at pubs and on the street while waiting and anticipating the big event – an epic fireworks display in Freedom Square.

We were lucky enough to bring in the new year in Tallinn last year by attending a Soviet/Vegas style cabaret show that featured a buffet of classic Estonian dishes along with a parade of talented performers. For us, the unique experience was the perfect way to ring in the new year in Tallinn.

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NYE Tallinn @2foodtrippers

NYE Tallinn @2foodtrippers

Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Lisbon, Portugal

by Sonja from Migrating Miss

Lisbon Fireworks at New Years Eve / Near Belem Tower shutterstock_11297761

Lisbon Fireworks at New Years Eve / Near Belem Tower @shutterstock

Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in Europe, which actually makes it a great place to spend New Year’s Eve!

Spend the day seeing the sights of Lisbon and riding on the famous yellow trams, before watching the sunset from one of the many viewpoints around the hilly city.

Then head down to the main plaza or the waterfront for spectacular fireworks against the clear night sky!

There are usually bands playing in Praça do Comércio and entrance is free, or go down to the Belém district for fireworks displays next to the tower at midnight.

If you like to party there are plenty of bars open late into the night and the parties often spill over into the street, or find somewhere playing traditional fado music and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful city.

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in London, England

by Heather from Wanderlust Wayfarer

Big Ben Fireworks shutterstock_520644403

Big Ben Fireworks @shutterstock

Imagine standing along the banks of London’s River Thames as the entire sky comes alive in a stunning display of light and sound.

Each year as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, Big Ben’s chimes ring out a lively tune accompanied by an unrivaled fireworks display across the water at the London Eye. London is an amazing choice to celebrate New Year´ s Eve!

Millions of people make their way to Victoria Embankment and South Bank to take in the spectacular sight, which is synchronized to popular songs. Presented by the mayor of London, it’s the largest annual fireworks show in the United Kingdom. 

Events start at 8 p.m. on December 31 and last until about 12:15 a.m. on January 1.

In order to get the best view of the show, be sure to purchase tickets in advance. At just £10 each, they tend to sell out quickly. To see the show from a different vantage point, consider taking a dinner cruise along the Thames or having drinks at the Shard.

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Best places to celeberate New Years Eve in Europe shutterstock_540151606

Best places to celeberate New Years Eve in Europe @shutterstock

Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Berlin, Germany

by Clemens from the Travellers Archive

Berlin at New Year´s Eve shutterstock_161135267

Berlin at New Year´s Eve @shutterstock

Berlin is said to be the best place to be in Europe recently – and for New Years it definitely is the best city.

The biggest party is celebrated at the Brandenburg Gate with thousands waiting for midnight to come, famous bands playing all night with live broadcasting on German TV.

But this one is crowded and the rather unpopular option for real Berliners.

They used to celebrate into the next year at home parties, often on rooftops where they defy the cold weather conditions. But the best part of New Years in Berlin is definitely the German taste for big fireworks.

It’s a tradition to buy New Year rockets already weeks before New Years and get it started right at midnight.

At this very moment, the whole city is full of the most colorful fireworks. And just imagine that you experience this from the rooftop of a five story building with a glass of champagne in your hand and the eyes on the horizon.

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Barcelona, Spain

by Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

Barcelona New Year´s Eve shutterstock_684510691

Barcelona New Year´s Eve @shutterstock

Barcelona is a city that loves to party, and New Year’s Eve is no exception!  As well as fireworks and parties, Barcelona also practices a Catalan tradition of eating twelve grapes – one at each chime of the clock at midnight.  This is considerably harder if your grapes have seeds in, so if you want to join in then consider splashing out on seedless grapes!

The main fireworks display for the city takes place around Plaça Espanya and the Magic Fountain on Avinguda Reina Maria Christina, where thousands of people gather to watch.  It is quite a sight, but obviously gets very busy – so for a different view you could head up to one of the hundreds of terraces in Barcelona to watch the display – the restaurants on the top floor of Las Arenas shopping

It is quite a sight, but obviously gets very busy – so for a different view you could head up to one of the hundreds of terraces in Barcelona to watch the display – the restaurants on the top floor of Las Arenas shopping center have a spectacular view.

Alternatively, you could join a roof top party at a hotel, head to the beach or up to Tibidabo mountain to watch the whole city light up.

After the fireworks, all the clubs in town will have special parties all night long – but buy your ticket in advance as they often sell out.

The good news is that wherever you decide to go, the metro runs all night long on New Year’s Eve, and although it will be filled with revellers (especially after the fireworks display), it is a cheap and safe way to head home when you’re partied out.

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Naples, Italy

by Cameron from The World Pursuit

Naples, Italy has to be one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe.

The city is a worthy travel destination that often gets skipped over for the Mediterranean or the rich cities of Northern Italy.

The gritty city is long known for its ties to the Italian Mafia and it often gets a bad wrap. However, any street smart traveler is unlikely to run into any problems. It’s filled with hospitable locals who are known for the loud personalities.

This is the Italy you dream of, its filled with crumbling buildings, laundry airing from high buildings, and colorful locals yelling in the streets. It’s loud and it’s vibrant.

A city primed for a New Year’s Eve celebration. As night beings it feels as if the city explodes, literally, as locals light fireworks off in crowded streets and narrow alleyways. It all culminates with a concert and massive firework show atop the city’s famous castle to ring in the New Year.

Before you depart from the city it is an absolute must to try the best pizza in the world from Gino Sorbillos and enjoy a morning cappuccino in one the cities numerous cafe bars. 

Wherever you celebrate New Year´ Eve – enjoy!


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