Best Jordan Travel Tips


If the thought of a trip to Jordan sparks your wanderlust and you plan your Jordan itinerary, do not worry – I’ve got all the advice you need!

People go crazy for this country and it’s easy to see whyThe people are warm and hospitable; plus there’re incredible sights & attractions, delicious food, AND an overall sense of security. Don’t know where or how to start? Let me help with these ultimate travel tips straight from my experiences in Jordan – guaranteed awesome fun ahead!


Jordan Visa

If you’re from the EU or US you can relax! You get an automatic visa-on-arrival. For everyone else though, don’t fret! It’s still pretty easy: most nationalities can just pick one up at the airport border when they arrive.

There is a cost attached ($56) for all people, but it’ll grant you entry into this amazing country for 30 days straight and make your trip that much more enjoyable… plus if bought with a Jordan Pass (which includes other awesome benefits!) it gets even better value wise 😉

Jordan Pass

Jordan is an amazing place to visit – and with the right research, you can make it a fairly affordable one. Grabbing yourself the Jordan Pass will save you time AND money! Priced at just $100, this pass gets not only your entrance visa upon arrival covered but also gives access to major attractions like Petra (usually around $70 for day passes) and Jerash. 

It is worth to buy the pass in advance. The only downside is that you have to think about how many days you want to stay in Petra because the price depends on whether you need a 1, 2, or 3-day pass to Petra.


Best Time to Visit Jordan

Think twice before taking a trip to Jordan between June and September – you wouldn’t want your vacation ruined by unbearable heat! If you do not want to melt, March through May might be perfect for you.

October or November can also be great options if you’d rather avoid extreme hotness but still have pleasant visits. Don’t forget that December and January will have colder temps though!

If you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure, Wadi Mujib should be top of your list! During winter time, it’s closed off to visitors and is reserved as an exclusive oasis just waiting to be discovered in spring.

Wadi Mujib is a must in Jordan in 7 days

Getting Around Jordan

Not sure how to get around while in Jordan? Well, let me tell you – public transportation works but it’s not the most reliable. The real key is getting yourself a tour guide or taxi; just be sure to discuss prices beforehand!

Another option could be renting a car (which I highly recommend). Need more tips and advice on that? Check out my road trip itinerary for everything else you need when exploring this beautiful country.

Driving in Jordan

Jordan Road Trip

In Jordan, you can drive without fear! You’ll find that there aren’t many cars on the roads and they’re usually in great condition. Plus, fuel costs less than a dollar per liter – now that’s cheap! Just keep an eye out for construction sites or new streets as your GPS might not always have up-to-date information.

Oh, and don’t forget to watch out for all those pesky speed bumps too… 😉

How Long to Stay in Jordan

If you want to really experience all the beauty a place has to offer, then seven days is actually the ideal amount of time needed. Anything less and it’s like sampling dessert without dinner – sure, your sweet tooth might be satisfied for awhile but that feeling won’t last!

Security in Jordan

Wadi Rum on Jordan itinerary

Jordan is a beacon of safety in the Middle East! Despite being surrounded by oftentimes volatile countries, Jordan stands out with its low crime rate and overall peaceful vibe. If you’re looking for an exotic adventure without too much risk involved, this country should be right up your alley – just watch where you go when night falls.

What to Wear in Jordan

Ready for a trip to an old-fashioned country? Swap out your teeny tiny frock and opt for some shorts instead. You’ll be alright in terms of length, but just make sure you don’t go overboard with the shoulder-baring tank tops! Respect local customs when it comes to swimwear – leave those barely there bikini bottoms beachside 😅.

Jordan is the perfect destination to explore and get active! Pack some trainers, sports clothes, and a hat or scarf if you don’t want your hair getting too much of that Jordanian sunshine. Dressing modestly is always appreciated in this part of the world – but no need for scarves as 90% of local women we’ve met in Jordan were without them!


Solo Female Travel in Jordan
Petra, Treasury_

Exploring Jordan solo, I was surprised to find out there weren’t many women walking around or working in the tourism sector outside of Amman. But even though it seemed like a male-dominated world, everyone—including female locals—was super friendly and chatty!

Is solo female traveling to Jordan a good idea? Yes, it is! Check out my travel tips for solo female travelers.

People in Jordan

If you ever plan to go on an adventure, add Jordan to your list! The locals there will be nothing but smiles and hospitality – they’ll make sure that no matter where you’re from, a hearty “Welcome” is the first thing out of their mouths. 

Language in Jordan

Arabic is the native tongue but communication was a breeze thanks to English! If you’re worried about getting around, rest assured that most folks have at least some grasp of it – and best yet, many signs are in both languages so there’s nothing stopping any traveler from reaching their destination.

Costs / Money in Jordan

Jordan is great value for your money if you’re looking to explore somewhere sans passport stamps. Dinars are the official currency, but many places will take euros and dollars just as easily.

Just don’t forget some cold hard cash! Not everywhere accepts credit cards – like hotels – so having physical notes on hand can save future frustration (and they may even offer discounts). Budget travelers rejoice; hostels start at around $10 while more luxe Dead Sea digs average out at roughly 200 bucks per night- breeze through customs then plunge into the sea of savings!

Dead Sea, Mövenpick pool with a view
If you’re in search of a delicious, budget-friendly lunch while out and about in Amman, the Dead Sea, or Petra – look no further than some scrumptious falafel sandwiches! For just one dollar they’ll have it to go. If dining inside seems more your speed that could cost up to fifteen bucks… but if you really wanna break the bank be sure to head for those fancy restaurants where price tags abound!

You can zoom around town in taxi rides or an Uber for less than $3 – thanks to cheap petrol from the area! Hop on public transportation – it’s just pennies compared to what we’re used to. Just make sure that visa is taken care off, because entrance fees into Petra won’t be cheap. But no worries if you have your handy-dandy Jordan Pass… then enjoy exploring all those gorgeous cultural sites without having to shell out more money!

Accommodation in Jordan

Get your Jordan adventure off to the right start by choosing where ya wanna stay! There’s something for everyone – basic Bedouin camp vibes, hostel rooms that are easy on yer wallet (especially in Amman and Petra), mid-range accommodations, or luxury hotels around all those glorious spots. 

Dana Nature Reserve at sunset

Food in Jordan

If you’re looking for great food, Jordan is your destination! Whether you eat meat or not (vegetarian/ vegan), there’s always something to try. The falafel was especially delicious! I probably could survive on Joran falafels only! Of course, they have plenty of meats too, and lots of hummus, salads, and other delights. But if it’s juicy fruits that make your mouth water – don’t be expecting the same abundance as elsewhere: this one isn’t known for its fruit selection… Oh well… a sandwich can still hit the spot any day!

Smoking in Jordan

Smoking seems to be a popular pastime in Arabia – you’ll find it happening everywhere from cafes to parks!

Alcohol in Jordan

Well, there’s no need to leave the hooch at home! Just remember that while alcohol is allowed, it may not be served everywhere – and if visiting conservative areas, it might be wise lay off drinking in public.

Electricity in Jordan

They use the C, D, F, G, and J plaques in Jordan. The standard frequency is 50 Hz, and it is 230 volts. 

Bidets in Jordan

If you’re visiting Jordan, there’s a secret all the locals know—no throwing toilet paper in the bin! Yes, just put it in the bin that should find next to the toilet. Also, in Jordan, they have bidets – water pipes that provide an even more efficient way to freshen up. So if your hotel is lacking these wonders of modern hygiene technology, be careful not to make any bathroom faux pas and throw that toilet paper where it doesn’t belong!

Water in Jordan

While visiting Jordan, be sure to keep water usage in check. After all – the country has some of the least amounts of water around and must conserve every drop! So don’t go overboard with your showers or other activities – help make a positive contribution towards conserving this precious resource.

Attractions in Jordan

Jordan, Wadi Rum solo travel

Jordan – the desired destination of the adventurous. From floating in the Dead Sea to visiting Petra, Jordan has it all! Make sure you add this incredible land to your travel bucket list and follow my post for great tips on where & what to explore during your time there. But don’t stay too long or else we’ll have one less hippie around… And if you are looking for a Jordan itinerary, check out my post on how to spend 7 days in Jordan.

Enjoy Jordan


A trip to Jordan really is something special and unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and the memories will be cherished for years to come! From learning about Jordan’s unique culture, trying delicious traditional dishes, visiting historical sites, and seeing incredible landscapes, there’s something special for everyone – no matter who you are and what you like to do.

All in all, if given the chance, a trip to this Middle Eastern country is well worth it!

Safe Travels, Arzo

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