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Altea is an extremely beautiful town in Alicante, Spain that should be on your list when visiting Costa Blanca.

When I booked my trip to Alicante, I had no idea what or where Altea was. But after some research, I found out about this gem, and after seeing the pictures, I immediately added it to my Costa Blanca itinerary. All I can say is that I am so glad that I did.

Itinerary Altea in Costa Blanca


Altea is a city and municipality located north of Alicante.

Whitewashed houses, colorful flowers against white walls, and pretty ocean views – yes, Altea has a touch of Greece in it.

While the old town, located on a small hill, is tiny and there are not many attractions per se, it is a great place to visit and makes a wonderful day trip from Alicante (or Benidorm).

I will keep this post short and sweet (because there is not too much to talk about). Along with all the images, you will also find out how to get to Altea and what to expect when you are there.

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When to Visit Altea

We visited in November – the streets were mostly empty (apart from a big group if seniors) and the weather was nice. However, I guess the best time to visit is between March -June and from September to early October. Apparently, Altea is that that overrun by tourists – not even in the summer. So, it is a great place to visit even in high-season.

How to Get to Altea

The best way to get to Altea is by tram.

Altea has a train station, so whether you get to Altea from Benidorm or Alicante, it is the easiest and most convenient mode of transport. (A return ticket from Alicante is only about 10€, less from Benidorm.) 

It takes about one hour from Alicante, but the train ride (actually, it is a tram ride) is lovely, with great views of the beaches and towns included.

Once you are out of the tram, you will see the blue dome, so just head toward the hills and you are there. 

Where to Stay in Altea

We did not stay in Altea but in Alicante. However, personally, I would have loved staying here. Watching the sunrise in the mornings must be great – also you are close to other places at Costa Blanca – like Benidorm, Alicante or Valencia.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Altea, then check out SH Villa Gadea, which is a luxury accommodation close to the town center. The views look great and the overall ratings make it look like a great place to stay near/in Altea.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly place in Altea, then check out FH Altea Centro Historico – it seems like a wonderful place if you don’t need luxury and just need a clean place to stay, then this could be the place to stay.

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Fun things to do in Altea, Costa Blanca

What to Do in Altea?

What to do in Altea? Where to go and what to see?

While there is no real to-do list, and thus, this is not a typical Altea itinerary, I recommend not rushing through the village. There are many small and narrow streets you could easily overlook, so take your time when strolling the area. 

How to get to Altea from Alicante, Costa Blanca

Cutest towns in Costa Blanca

Best places to visit in Altea, Costa Blanca

The market square is also home to the Church of Our Lady of Consolation (this is such a small town, but the church is large and ornate as in much bigger cities).

At the market square, you will also find restaurants and cafes (which are even open during the slow season).

Church in Altea, Costa Blanca

Altea best things to see, Costa Blanca

We were lucky as we had some musicians who played music -behind the market square. A big tourist group of seniors, like us, listened to the music – and some ladies danced Flamingo.

Even though we visited in November this felt like a busy and fun Mediterranean travel destination.

What to see in Altea in Costa Blanca

Where to go in Altea in Costa Blanca

Also, plan in some time to enjoy the views. There are many places that allow you to overlook the streets, the ocean, and the mountains.

One day in Altea, Costa Blanca

Instagrammability Altea, Costa Blanca

Altea, points of interest, Costa Blanca

Altea best things to do, Costa Blanca

Altea in Costa Blanca

Instagrammworthy Altea, Costa Blanca

Top places to see in Altea, Costa Blanca

If you walk down and pass the train station you will also find a little cute beach.

On a warm day, I suggest spending more time here (there are also restaurants and cafes) as you will be “done” within a few hours in Altea.

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Best things to do in Valencia  

Altea is – without a question – very unique but here is another very unique destination at Costs Blanca.

Small, but extremely cute – this is Altea, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Blanca.

Altea Beach, Costa Blanca


Best places to visit and see in Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain._

Safe Travels, Arzo

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