20 Most Useful Travel Phrases in German

20 Most Useful Travel Phrases in German

Is there anything better than traveling? Well, maybe but I think traveling around the world is one of the best things I enjoy the most. Getting to know new people, discovering new (awesome) places, learning about new cultures, trying out new dishes, and hearing and speaking new languages….

Well, I assume that at least the last point, new languages, is not something everybody loves… And to be honest, I get it. I am also not fluent in many languages. Luckily, English is widely spoken and many people all over the world can communicate – at least on a basic level – in English, but there are many places where English is not spoken.

As a German, I apparently have no problems in Germany, but when I am in France I often need to really think hard to remember my French language skills to be able to communicate (as many people in France actually do not speak English or at least refuse to speak any other language than French).

So I stammer some French phrases I can remember and to be honest…I know my French sucks and my accent is probably terrible but I feel amazing when I can get some French words out of my mouth.

Have you tried speaking the language of the country you are visiting?

Learning new languages can be super fun and if you are able to communicate in another language it will give you a super cool feeling. If you want to learn new languages you can either go to a country and start from scratch or you can learn, at least basic, language skills beforehand (learning languages online has become very popular.)

Overcoming language barriers is not easy but possible!

Here are 20 very useful phrases for your Germany or Switzerland trip (did you know that German is the main language in many parts of Switzerland?).

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The beautiful Brandenburger Tor in Berlin - a must-see place in Berlin
The beautiful Brandenburger Tor in Berlin @shutterstock Now you are well prepared with 20 important travel phrases.


I am from…(the USA/Canada/Australia/UK) –  Ich komme aus…(den USA/Kanada/Australien/Großbritannien)


Do you have free wifi? 🙂 – Gibt es hier kostenloses W-Lan? 🙂


Could I have the wifi password, please? – Könnte ich bitte das WiFi Passwort haben?


Excuse me, where is…(the train station, the airport/ the city center)? – Entschuldigung, wo ist… (der Bahnhof/ der Flughafen/die Innenstadt)?


Where are the best shops? – Wo sind die besten Geschäfte?


Do you have souvenirs? – Haben Sie Souvenirs/Andenken?


Where can I exchange my money? – Wo kann ich Geld wechseln?

Could I pay with a credit card? – Kann ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?


Where can I find the best (vegetarian/vegan) restaurant? – Wo gibt es das beste (vegetarische/vegane) Restaurant?


Do you have vegetarian food?  – Haben Sie vegetarisches Essen?


I am intolarant/allergic to (lactose/gluten…). – Ich bin intolerant/allergisch (Laktose/Gluten…).


The check, please.  – Die Rechnung, bitte.


What are the most interesting sights to see here? – Welche Sehenswürdigkeiten sind besonders interessant?


Could you please bring me to this address? – Können sie mich bitte zu dieser Adresse bringen? 


Do you have a free room? – Haben Sie ein Zimmer frei?


Is breakfast included? – Ist das Frühstück inklusive?


How much does it cost? –Wie teuer ist es?


I’ve lost (my bag/my wallet/mobile). – Ich habe (meine Tasche/mein Portemonnaie, mein Handy) verloren.


Could you please take a picture of us? –Könnten sie bitte ein Foto von uns machen?

And in case you are stuck with your German you can still ask…


Do you speak English? – Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Want to learn how to say thank you in more languages? Then read this fun post and learn the most important travel word :).


20 useful travel phrases in German-2
20 useful travel phrases in German

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